Malik Henry Named Nevada STARTING QB! How the XFL Draft Works! Bad News from IMV Gaming!


Malik henry was named the starting quaterback for Nevada's Football Team. The XFL draft is a little complicated.

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  • FlemLo Raps
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    Wale always showed luv to the channel. So if you need some new music his album drops tonight.

  • rubboy 25

    rubboy 25

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    FlemLo Raps Cam you do a video about Steven Jackson for the Rams

  • Cyberpunks Witcher

    Cyberpunks Witcher

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    FlemLo Raps why are you still fucking with Imv gaming? They’re shady and fake as fuck.big time scammers

  • James Rutledge

    James Rutledge

    Vit më parë

    Video idea: what happened to connor cook (former msu qb)

  • Corey Barr

    Corey Barr

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    Flemlo love your channel, Lsu plays Florida tonight play ncaa football 14 to see who wins

  • Viper


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    Cincinnati is an awesome place to live. Blinkers steak was so good... I didn't get to get any Graeters ice cream though, I'm upset about that. I got on the BB river boat and walked across the bridge also. The people in Covington, Ky and Cincinnati was very nice. (I didn't know Wale was from Cincinnati...)

  • Bey_ Savage
    Bey_ Savage11 muaj më parë

    Johnny 5 from LCU got drafted to the Dallas Renegades btw

  • Christian Hall
    Christian HallVit më parë

    Another excuse for IMV gaming typical glad I didnt support that scam

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo BlancoVit më parë

    Wow that was an amazing idea from Wale. Cool stuff

  • Jacabo Blanco
    Jacabo BlancoVit më parë

    Bro just admit it was a scam and you fucked up by supporting it. It's getting pretty dang obvious at this point.

  • Vonnie Mac
    Vonnie MacVit më parë

    Imv gaming can keep that game facts !

  • latif sanders
    latif sandersVit më parë

    What happened to jay Ajayi ? He disappeared out of nowhere

  • saucyjohnny
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    Queue the Wayne!

  • Bruce Rutherford
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    Despite you having just south of a half-million subscribers, if you were to stop clipping your "g's" and start pronouncing "THis and THat" as opposed to "Dis and Dat" you would be a much stronger communicator, thereby attracting even more subscribers.

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    14 Shots

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    Shut the fuck up old man

  • D Childress
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    T.O. is in the 4th or 5th round

  • Hos J
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    When you hear “cue the wayne” 😍😍😍

  • Rezzy & Babiiee
    Rezzy & BabiieeVit më parë

    Aye flem idk if you knew this but Milko is the starting QB for my college now and his balling out he came with the old coach from Rice

  • steve ole
    steve oleVit më parë

    Jabar Gaffney and Tommy Maddox

  • steve ole
    steve oleVit më parë

    Tommy maddox

  • steve ole
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    Tommy Maddox.__........___.____._

  • Frank Castle 44
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    Flemo you deserve to be on the big screen. You have more talent and personality than any sports broadcaster on tv. For real. Keep up the good work

  • steve ole
    steve oleVit më parë

    Jabar Gaffney __ ___ __ ____ __ __

  • steve ole
    steve oleVit më parë

    Jabar Gaffney.__............___.__...

  • steve ole
    steve oleVit më parë

    Jabar Gaffney.__........___.__........____.__.__....__.....

  • Darien Richardson
    Darien RichardsonVit më parë

    Bro, I've been following you for a while and watched most of your content. Just wanted to say that there's nowhere near enough chatter about your improvement. The quality of content was always there - I love that you approach sports videos from an individualist perspective, it's not something you can find anywhere else. But the editing and setup improvement? Dude, so huge. Hope you are aware that it is noticed. I appreciate the videos, keep em coming!

  • Ian Johnson
    Ian JohnsonVit më parë

    Do: what happened to Vontaze Burfict

  • Rob Vollat

    Rob Vollat

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    Marvin Lewis let him play in the NFL. That's the big untold story

  • Enigmalake


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    Ian Johnson he played in the wrong decade

  • Daniel Cadenas
    Daniel CadenasVit më parë

    Can you do a video for aj Johnson line backer for Denver Broncos dudes balling out! Love your videos man!

  • Anna Straka
    Anna StrakaVit më parë

    IMV sounds shady. The people that funded them deserve to get updated with what's going on.

  • BrainiacBeard
    BrainiacBeardVit më parë

    The only issue I had was when Malik said, "this team really needs a win" not our team. Made me wonder if he still have that old Malik way of thinking about himself first. Could of been just a slip of the tongue but didn't sound right.

  • carson enderle
    carson enderleVit më parë

    Do kam Chancellor please, he kinda disappeared since his retirement/ injury. Has an incredible story.

    INFERNO PICKSVit më parë

    Do you live in cinci?

  • Tyler Holman
    Tyler HolmanVit më parë

    Bro you’ve gotta stop saying Nevada like that

  • Lukas Hensley
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    Finally another bengals fan to cry with😓😓😥

    JSGX XIXVit më parë

    What’s the intro song called

  • Jeremy Lovett
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    What happened to priest holmes

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    Can we get some NCAA football 14 vids every now and then

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  • BdogO1
    BdogO1Vit më parë

    Won a State Championship with Kamara in highschool hmu if you're making the series and wanna know about the journey.

  • BeardedBandit
    BeardedBanditVit më parë

    It’s Oklahoma-Texas. Not Texas-Oklahoma.

  • ChazSeamus28
    ChazSeamus28Vit më parë

    looking forward to an XFL fantasy team.. thats gonna be dope

  • shaheed09LMW
    shaheed09LMWVit më parë

    Malik Henry: 22-37, 352yds, 1Td, 2Ints

  • Tyler Biggs
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    Im confused bout this malik henry

  • Alfred Hamilton
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    i thought you aint have legs till i seen them in that clip i tend to think that about youtubers and ppl who only wear pants

  • n9ne 7
    n9ne 7Vit më parë

    malik henry just showed out in his first start FYI 22/38 362 Yards

  • Cj DaBoss
    Cj DaBossVit më parë

    Who’s here after he threw his first td

  • wizard0196
    wizard0196Vit më parë

    Do a what happened to Patrick Mahomes. Dude was a beast in college, but what’s he doin now?

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    Flemo = Lil Wayne ! Great content bro

  • TTP x Cxrtel
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    Please start up Rutgers again bro

  • Bo Bernhagen
    Bo BernhagenVit më parë

    As an alum of Nevada I struggle to trust Malik Henry! It sounds like he still isn’t fully invested into the responsibilities of being a starting qb. We shall see today if he can rise to the occasion. I hope he does because the kid is super talented!

  • J H

    J H

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    so far so good

  • Johnny Prince
    Johnny PrinceVit më parë

    IMV scammed folks cut those ties. NCAAA will be back soon

  • Steven Weisenborn
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    Waiting on flemlo to drop an album 😴

  • YouraverageKJ
    YouraverageKJVit më parë

    florida and lsu

  • YouraverageKJ
    YouraverageKJVit më parë

    florida and lsu

  • K T
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    Y'all got scammed by IMG

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    Yo Flem bro.. your forehead look 8 months pregnant my G 🤣🤣... aye great video tho bro.. you be having solid content 🤞🏾💯

  • ODD1019
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    First draft?!?!? Cool that give a lot of more people a chance at there dreams while making money doing something you have love & passion for maybe even get a shot at the NFL if you feel you’re on that level but after awhile I think a draft would make XFL players just as good

  • Team three
    Team threeVit më parë

    Yo I’m friends with the San Jose state kicker

  • DeMi Tacticz
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    Terrel owens came out of retirement to play in the xfl

  • RBG Payne
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    Damn Flemlo your Bengals 0-5 I figured they would have a better record so far but it's still alot of games left... Love Your channel Brotha Peace BANG BANG NINER GANG

  • Designer Boiz
    Designer BoizVit më parë

    Like I said in my previous comment haha, everything was gonna work it self out he just needed to focus on what he can control! He is a damn good qb that just needs a chance but the most important thing college athletes forget is you're a student before an athlete, meaning your degree should be your main focus not getting drafted and if and when that comes embrace, enjoy, and live in that moment other than that stay focus on the main goal obtaining a degree and living a successful adult life! Sorry for being long winded somebody said I was wrong last time and I felt some type of way cause I have a 9th grader and this is the advice he receives and will always recieve from me! Thank you if you read this.

  • Black Male 1st Media
    Black Male 1st MediaVit më parë

    But does Lil Wayne have any ideas...

  • Timebox gaming
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    Malik henry played for Independence Kansas right???

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    Buck we both from Tx! Where yall at I'll donate a beer to u if you wanna get together

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    Can you do a video on Michael dyer

  • dharve0280
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    Yo that qb looks like zero from holes imo

  • Darius Kelley
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    Can you do a what happened to Matt forte?

  • Kodak 1911
    Kodak 1911Vit më parë

    I am so sick of IMV gaming they seem to be one big SCAM artist...

  • Dan Bell
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    Stop saying Nevada wrong

  • uc95nu51
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    Word life.

  • woodsider
    woodsiderVit më parë

    Henry's first start is against my Spartans. Oh shiiiiii hahaha. Worst of luck to him!

  • JP3
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    I thought mans cut his hair at first

  • ryan potochnik
    ryan potochnikVit më parë

    Hopefully Maliks attitude has changed dude is kinda a punk

  • Viper
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    Cincinnati/ Covington was awesome. Blinkers steak was so good and the people there was very nice.

  • 3v3 Baller
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    Malik tanks and gets benched he will quit the team.

  • reg brogdon
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    FlemLo Raps, you GOTTA do a vid on Amobi Okoye and his story...PLEASE BRUH!!!

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    I'm excited for the XFL Draft, can't wait!

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    Wale #1

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    Johnny football??

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    *Oklahoma- Texas

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    Floyd Allen gonna go to work in the xfl

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    Malik was on last u chance wasn’t he

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    So you gon just make a video about Nevada and not even pronounce Nevada correctly?

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    Do a video on Christian Okoye (Nigerian nightmare)

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    Femlo keep doing your thing man love the channel and honestly happy to see the success of it growing

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    You need an agent... try to get on Sports Center

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    49ers 4-0

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    Yeah. Flem has the best football content on the Tube. Probably the best sports content.

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    Bangles are so ass ravens about to beat they ass lol trash

  • Classy S-Chassis
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    So is imv evem making a game anymore they gonna be so late ncaa football will return before gridiron champions drops

  • Wiley Coleman
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    You too real for always keeping the bloopers in 😂 shit be havin me weak

  • Austin Lockwood
    Austin LockwoodVit më parë

    If IMV would actually talk to people not tied to them we would have answers a lot sooner. Flemlo is far from an unbiased source and pretty much no other source would just hold information because the source asked. If NONE of the interview can be shown, then it only covers the retarded lawsuit which isn't actually relevant to the game development anyways

  • Bryce T Sawyer
    Bryce T SawyerVit më parë

    Malik Henry vs Josh Love... Aka Nevada vs SJSU Aka THE BATTLE OF LONG BEACH POLY QBs!!

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    Ismomehiphop what's good son?

  • Jordan Scott
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    What’s the Beat playing at the beginning of the video called

  • Guy Code
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    Once all are named, it'd be cool if you did a video that summarized each XFL starting QB.

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    Please do What happened to Dorian Green Beckham

  • busyrand
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    That Wale idea is fantastic! I wish Malik Henry and his team the absolute best.

  • Sean Odonnell
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    And you dont mention Notre Dame verse USC on primetime Saturday night? That hurts.

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    Sounds goofy

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    You should try To interview wale about his football days.

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    Im not a fella. I'm a lady that's a huge fan.

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    it's your content, you can release that interview! that BS! why get us hype about getting these answers if you ain't gonna release it.... ion lik bs like that! be your own boss! why would they do the interview and then tell u not to release it.... why u ain't tell them well let's just do the interview later! I know BS when I hear it flemlo and that my friend is bs!

  • BadassBankAngler 315
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    Yoooo FlemLo , you have the best, most unique ! Football related content on ALthe! Just wanted to show love! Anddd can you please maybe do a video on a current or ex Jacksonville Jags player or coach or anything related to my fav jags haha ( maybe Matt Jones)

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