A Look Back at Week 1 in the XFL! Game Recaps, Stand Out Players, Tv Ratings, and More! (XFL News)


Week 1 of the XFL has come and gone. The lague has aready sold more tickets than the AAF. Will that be enough to compete with the NFL.

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  • Cman Blair
    Cman BlairMuaj më parë

    Been watching you since before I graduated in 2018, about once a day now I watch all day at work or I don’t think I’d be able to make it through the work day haha. Thank you for the dedication you put into this, I’ve learned plenty about dedication, and also the ball players past and present

  • Raymond Jacobs
    Raymond Jacobs8 muaj më parë

    Pj walker is the real life anquan davis

  • freelanceryuu
    freelanceryuu8 muaj më parë

    It’s funny cause Pat Mcafee was a punter for Indy

  • BigTimeClips Washington
    BigTimeClips Washington8 muaj më parë

    Dude that was so funny the way flemlo said BrUh 8:30. Love the video keep good work up!

  • Arhok21
    Arhok218 muaj më parë

    Been here 3 days, but prolly watched about 50-60 vids just over the weekend. Ima OG. QUE DA WAYNE!!

  • nZo TV
    nZo TV8 muaj më parë

    Liking this video! You did a good job man! Hope you keep it going through the whole season!

  • Kauila Punua
    Kauila Punua8 muaj më parë

    0:19 heineken chugs bud light

  • M B
    M B8 muaj më parë

    I was about to say Flemlo. (Marquette King)

  • EzDubz
    EzDubz8 muaj më parë

    You know it’s a banger every time u hear “q da wane”

  • Georgia Doll 88
    Georgia Doll 888 muaj më parë

    Why is Cardell not in the NFL? What is his story?

  • Kerry Coley
    Kerry Coley8 muaj më parë

    Flem lo were you got that hat from I want to but one please bro

  • Manny Tech
    Manny Tech8 muaj më parë

    I actually like the XFL more than the NFL. There are too much politics in the NFL!

  • James Sweezey
    James Sweezey8 muaj më parë

    I hope the league survives. Will the talent ever be as good as the NFL? Not likely. But I'm not mad at more competitive football of a bunch of guys just on the cusp of making it and you know eventually you'll start seeing some of these guys in the league.

  • rich patrick
    rich patrick8 muaj më parë

    The best thing that ever happened for NFL players was the USFL!! Just look at the pay scale for players before the USFL.

  • Moe Helu
    Moe Helu8 muaj më parë

    It’s best all the NFL prospects in free agency join the XFL. Would definitely grab more attention to see former NFL stars in the XFL if the seasons continue.

  • Ronan Blais
    Ronan Blais8 muaj më parë

    Rip Kobe Bryant and his cap

  • William Broach
    William Broach8 muaj më parë

    I think Austin Proehl could be a Danny woodhead in the nfl.... mainly receiving running back. His size just limits him as a receiver IMO

  • Storm Kwan
    Storm Kwan8 muaj më parë

    And Jhonny manzel talking about the xfl he fuck up in the NFL and he talking shit if be susscessful the xfl he gone asking for a contract but they gone say no because what he said have in Canada cause ur career ain't shit he rich anyway

  • VpY22
    VpY228 muaj më parë

    Why is Marquette King not in the NFL????

  • Cortland Collins
    Cortland Collins8 muaj më parë

    I went to JSU with Dan. He is a baller 4sho

  • TB RC
    TB RC8 muaj më parë

    As an OSU fan, guess I'm with whatever the team is CJ is on.

  • J V
    J V8 muaj më parë

    I don't have a cable subscription, just use Hulu and the internet, where can I watch games

  • Kyle Badeaux
    Kyle Badeaux8 muaj më parë

    Pat McAfee sounded like he died a little inside while covering that nearly perfect punt

  • ASAP_Zonk
    ASAP_Zonk8 muaj më parë

    I'm a guardians season ticket holder. If they moved it to Red Bull stadium (MLS) in Harrison NJ maybe 15 minutes away from Metlife it would look full, it has 20K seats or so.

  • YQu're being TrQlled
    YQu're being TrQlled8 muaj më parë

    There's definite potential. If I was in there board room my first suggestion would be, if the checkbook looks healthy at the end of the season, expand into areas that DO NOT have NFL teams. There are tons of areas that have a high football demand that don't have a pro team(think SEC territory like Alabama or Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, Oregon... etc) that regularly pack college football stadiums with 75k-100k+ fans every game. If they can last 3 seasons and see sustainable growth, I could definitely see it being a regular part of my summer sports viewing. EVERY football fan should be rooting for this league to succeed. If it does it will force the NFL to put forth a better product and that is good for us, the fans.

  • Matthew Nguyen
    Matthew Nguyen8 muaj më parë

    I hope the AAF teams join the XFL. Those team logos and uniforms were low key dope! Also it expands the XFL teams from 8 to 16

  • Sosa Rodriguez
    Sosa Rodriguez8 muaj më parë

    Terrel Owens be nice to see there

  • Bryan Reese
    Bryan Reese8 muaj më parë

    Bro only stadium left is high school 😂😭😂

  • Fred Alexander
    Fred Alexander8 muaj më parë

    Dude on the sideline wanted to sleep with Troy Aikman

  • young grasshopper
    young grasshopper8 muaj më parë

    Where u get that hat from bro?

  • MrAIMright
    MrAIMright8 muaj më parë

    Usually I'm very Skeptical and against any other league that isn't the NFL but I'm liking the XFL though I was 11 I think when it originally came out in 2001 and I remember what a cluster fuck it was so vividly but this seems to be a turn around to the 10th degree though.I am scared that the NFL will come and take alot of the good XFL players and of the league dying that way.

  • Brian Ritchie
    Brian Ritchie8 muaj më parë

    Great video. I like how you didn't cuss and carry on. You remained professional and non-bias.

  • You're A Robot
    You're A Robot8 muaj më parë

    Found myself bored 90% of the time lol. The skill gap and intensity is crazy. Cool concept but mediocre content at best.

  • The Lion Lettuce
    The Lion Lettuce8 muaj më parë

    Hey y’all let’s get dis dude to 1mil

  • jjducci
    jjducci8 muaj më parë

    After watching the XFL I feel like it’s just a real life version of NFL Street. Shits dope.

  • Diego Ortiz
    Diego Ortiz8 muaj më parë

    Loved the recap of week 1!! Keep doing your thing homie!! You got a new subscriber from me.

  • Joey Gula
    Joey Gula8 muaj më parë

    I am done with the brown I am sick off the same crap new team two teams have come up with Cincinnati Bengals for the Chicago Bears wat do u guys think I should

  • OffialGooni- MBK
    OffialGooni- MBK8 muaj më parë

    Roughnecks and Guardians best 2Teams

  • AJ Williams
    AJ Williams8 muaj më parë

    Cuz been in the weight room

  • Terry Jordan
    Terry Jordan8 muaj më parë

    Arkansas boy tim cook playing RB for guardians thats my team

  • Ian Wilkerson
    Ian Wilkerson8 muaj më parë

    Jordan Ta’amu’s name is pronounced with both a’s as lower case not upper case. Half of us at Ole Miss didn’t even pronounce it right while in school with the guy. Hope he goes off in the XFL and lands a shot at the NFL! Love your videos though man 👊

  • PrinceTigerBeatz Industy Kits
    PrinceTigerBeatz Industy Kits8 muaj më parë

    garbage too slow!

  • davis
    davis8 muaj më parë

    I’m taking the Houston Roughnecks all the way if the league stays around

  • Andres Reyes
    Andres Reyes8 muaj më parë

    You went to southern I am going to high school right next to southern and I’m trying to make it to the NFL and prove all wrong

  • Oceansy Yt
    Oceansy Yt8 muaj më parë

    There is no way your 32

  • leerollins
    leerollins8 muaj më parë

    Quite enjoyed your analysis and thoughts on the opening weekend. I didn't get to watch all the games so it was interesting to hear someone else's take on the ones I missed plus the potential stand out players. I thought on the whole the football was good and the pace of the games I did see were fantastic. I also enjoyed the camera in the official's review booth letting us see and hear how the replays are decided.

  • Dame Tyme09
    Dame Tyme098 muaj më parë

    Hey man really appreciate you showing Oakman love! He actually played for the wheeling roughryders arena league last year towards the end of the season. They won an arena league championship too

  • Michael Luczak
    Michael Luczak8 muaj më parë

    FlemLo keep up the great work. Two Ohio State Buckeye senior defensive backs and room mates arrest arrested on rape charges. For Coach jailed with 180 days for breaking restriction order. Things not so grand in Columbus. Two players and a coach getting jailed doesn't happen alot. Been awhile since Ohio State got some dirt under thier.fingernails

  • Adam Aizenberg
    Adam Aizenberg8 muaj më parë

    Hopefully they get a weeknight game soon

  • cooper Bange
    cooper Bange8 muaj më parë

    I say maximum football at the game stop but did not get it

  • Christopher Chambers
    Christopher Chambers8 muaj më parë

    Southern?!?! BR REPRESENT!!

  • TJ Buz
    TJ Buz8 muaj më parë


  • Red Jxnes
    Red Jxnes8 muaj më parë

    BattleHawks!!!!!!!!! So happy my city finally has a football team again

  • SaySo TheGent
    SaySo TheGent8 muaj më parë

    2k should get an exclusive license and let the 2 leagues go head to head. Madden NFL and 2K XFL.

  • spider
    spider8 muaj më parë

    If the XFL allows hits like the NFL did in the 90's then ill like it more

    DJNUMA8 muaj më parë

    Metlife was great atmosphere wise until security showed up and started fucking it all up. They came out in force halfway through the 2nd quarter and it ruined the atmosphere

  • Jamario Houston
    Jamario Houston8 muaj më parë

    @flemlo raps say bro can you do a video on Shaun King former quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and a video for former Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback Danny Woodsen

  • Lastevie Howard
    Lastevie Howard8 muaj më parë

    Yo @FlemLo Raps.......I fuck wit the hat, where you find it????

  • Astonshing Experiences
    Astonshing Experiences8 muaj më parë

    Got to get that hat

  • chris grays
    chris grays8 muaj më parë

    Man I love that hat.

  • diamond skys
    diamond skys8 muaj më parë

    LoVe LoVe LoVe 💖

  • Firebat13
    Firebat138 muaj më parë

    I honestly think it will have more views week 2, word of mouth. I enjoyed it and it was good football.

  • Cleveland BCI
    Cleveland BCI8 muaj më parë

    I KNEW that "Proehl" sounded familiar. Ish was killing me.

  • Less Alex
    Less Alex8 muaj më parë

    Why is everyone sleeping on Jordan Ta’amu? Analytically had the best QB play of the week.

  • Freeman Media Services
    Freeman Media Services8 muaj më parë

    I'm trying to avoid getting overly excited because we have these come up where we get excited about a new football league just for it to fall on it's face but dare I say....this feels different.

  • Angel Orozco
    Angel Orozco8 muaj më parë

    I want Oakman to shine. So I guess I'm team Wildcats

  • J's Life and Wellness
    J's Life and Wellness8 muaj më parë

    What ever happen to Jerome Simpson? The Bengal who leaped over and flipped into the end zone!

  • Jared Rose
    Jared Rose8 muaj më parë

    Yo Jonny Manziel can't say anything lol

  • EllVee entertainment
    EllVee entertainment8 muaj më parë

    Drop off 40%2nd week

  • Peyton Wisdom
    Peyton Wisdom8 muaj më parë

    Qb hurries not an important stat to reference

  • AnTmAn’s TighT Line’s
    AnTmAn’s TighT Line’s8 muaj më parë

    Could have been 5 TD's for Walker if Lewis ran right on the reception in the 4th quarter instead of cutting left.

  • LastRider 27
    LastRider 278 muaj më parë

    As soon as Quinton Flowers starts it’s he’s the MVP

  • Stephen Schaefer
    Stephen Schaefer8 muaj më parë

    0:28 Thanks for the update, Johnny Football. We were all waiting with bated breath to see if the XFL got your seal of approval. Guess we're just going to miss out on seeing you play in four different leagues in five years.

  • The_Lonely_Winner
    The_Lonely_Winner8 muaj më parë

    The real reason Sunday wasn’t as exciting as Saturday because you were just hyped to see some football again Saturday by Sunday you didn’t care as much anymore. XFL also needs to have their games on Friday & Saturday only. Hopefully this league will last, I watched the first two games on Saturday. Didn’t look bad, I didn’t like the kickoff or that you can’t just kick a FG for the extra point. What if your QB gets hurt by attempting a 1 point play? Not worth it. Didn’t like them interviewing during the sidelines either, or hearing the coach mic’d up. Why would you want your plays on the air? I did like the referees mic’d up. You get to hear the process. I didn’t see the double forward pass yet I gotta see how it looks.

  • Dustin Kunick
    Dustin Kunick8 muaj më parë

    Bra you know your shit good channel

  • Rob Lena
    Rob Lena8 muaj më parë

    What I like about the xfl is Flemlo's stories are going to start having a happy ending.

  • Seahawks4Life3008
    Seahawks4Life30088 muaj më parë

    If these guys are so great and an NFL team offers them a contract do you think they would bail on the XFL to join the NFL just asking.

  • David Hayes
    David Hayes8 muaj më parë

    Bruh, tell me why LA gave their DC the axe after *ONE* game!!!!!

  • Racer Z
    Racer Z8 muaj më parë

    @FlemLo I COMPLETELY agree with the stadium capacity. ALSO, a few sell out games will build anticipation. Especially if people are struggling to find tickets because they're all gone. DC's atmosphere looked awesome! Don't underestimate the ability to chest bump a stranger!

  • Tekanatoken Delaronde
    Tekanatoken Delaronde8 muaj më parë

    Excited to see where this goes!

  • 836 Studios
    836 Studios8 muaj më parë

    Hey FlemLo! I love your videos. Subbed because I enjoy the level of research and detail you put into your production. I dunno where would I put this, but I have a request for a video. I’m a big baseball fan. But I’m trying to learn more about the Negro Leagues. I know Satchel Paige and Jackie played there before breaking into the MLB, but I want to know more about other mega stars from the Negro Leagues. Even if they never played in MLB. I’m curious about a man named Josh Gibson. An elderly black american man I know told me that this man was amazing. Wondering if you’d make a video about the Negro leagues. I want to expand my baseball knowledge, and spread the info to other fans who might know about the players that excelled in this league. Thanks.

  • Joey Gula
    Joey Gula8 muaj më parë

    Hey flem lo what's your xfl team I going with the viper like the colors

  • Mr. Mosby
    Mr. Mosby8 muaj më parë

    Never better then the NFL but definitely cool and fresh

  • malachi sery
    malachi sery8 muaj më parë

    More XFL coverage as the season goes on. Have loved your channel forever now

  • Adham Smith
    Adham Smith8 muaj më parë

    I don't want to sound like the snobby NFL fan but will the XFL be able to fill that gap between the end of the postseason and beginning of the preseason?

  • Strtfghtr88
    Strtfghtr888 muaj më parë

    I think St Louis is really gonna pack their stadium due to the lack of pro football since the Rams left

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen8 muaj më parë

    Calling him a two time SB champ is kinda weak. He didn't get a ring for 2006. However he did appear in 3 Super Bowls and win 1 as a player on the field. Still impressive,

  • SunsetSheen
    SunsetSheen8 muaj më parë

    Off to a great start. They needa bring some bigger names in like Dez Bryant, Manziel, and other big name players that are 1-2 yrs out of the league and are obtainable. I feel like if this season keeps going well then they can legitimately attract those names in Season 2.

  • Johnny5889
    Johnny58898 muaj më parë

    Nice video! Subscribed!

  • TheHuskyK9
    TheHuskyK98 muaj më parë

    As for the stadium capacity thing, LA Wildcats are scheduled to have their home opener at Dignity Health Sports Park (formerly known as StubHub Center and Home Depot Center) and I think it's the perfect stadium to have their game at since it only seats around 27,000 people, but a good chunk of that number is bleacher seats, so the stadium will look full. That most certainly the case when the Chargers used to play there and the away teams' fans filled it up lol

  • Dustin Hardy
    Dustin Hardy8 muaj më parë

    I am stoked to see Oakman playing the dude is dominant soon no doubt.

  • Mark Herron
    Mark Herron8 muaj më parë

    Will players get top notch medical care....the hits are hard enough to cause problems.

  • Tron Magnum
    Tron Magnum8 muaj më parë

    I was impressed enough to watch again. Interested to see where things go. I think as the weeks go on the play gets better and better.

  • Michael Ingram
    Michael Ingram8 muaj më parë

    pj walker - bona fide - handled his biz!!

  • BBEDrummerAK
    BBEDrummerAK8 muaj më parë

    Dude, you seriously have some of THE best content and breakdowns on YT. You definitely have a fan here in Alaska! Keep it up!

  • drawingablankesq
    drawingablankesq8 muaj më parë

    Sweet tree shoutout. I'm excited for this week in sportsball.

  • Rae Bonafide
    Rae Bonafide8 muaj më parë

    Im happy these guys can play Pro FOOTBALL for the masses man

  • Steven Valenzuela
    Steven Valenzuela8 muaj më parë

    You really need to do more of these🔥🔥🔥. I mean damn, the XFL should go ahead and hire you full time as an analyst

  • DaeDae Odinson
    DaeDae Odinson8 muaj më parë

    yooo cordell jones lowkey look like Tyler Perry

  • KingKai 7725
    KingKai 77258 muaj më parë

    Johny manziel asked the Xfl if he could join the league, but he was denied because he had a criminal record. They didn’t want him. His tweet is just so salty

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