2 Last Chance U Players GOING OFF In College Football! Malik Henry & Rakeem Boyd


Malik henry and rakeem boyd are eating this college football season!

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  • Harris Kart
    Harris Kart29 ditë më parë

    I go to the same middle school and later high school as Rakeem Boyd

  • Jared The Savage
    Jared The Savage3 muaj më parë

    Bro my cousin went to hs with Rakeem and they used to smoke everyday lmao now he finna be drafted

  • iHOGZ
    iHOGZ3 muaj më parë

    I wouldn’t say San Jose forced 5 INTs... Starkel just sucks

  • Guerrin Rogers
    Guerrin Rogers3 muaj më parë

    Malik not at Nevada no more, kicked off the team.

  • King Luci
    King Luci5 muaj më parë

    Starkel so bad bruh😂

  • President 4K
    President 4K10 muaj më parë

    Rakeems a top back in the ncaa. Next year he will be top 3-5 rb draft pick

  • dmon
    dmon11 muaj më parë

    I been keeping my eye on Arkansas just for Boyd. he eatin.. hes ready for the league

  • John Titor
    John TitorVit më parë

    You look like one of those nerds I used to bully back in high school bruh.

  • Nino Brown
    Nino BrownVit më parë

    Aye i can tell you pay attention to yo fans cause boi i can watch full videos now they aint too long dayum you need youtuber of the year got my vote bro

  • Ty Foster
    Ty FosterVit më parë

    Henry has bee terrible. Not sure what u mean by going off lol

  • Andrew Pugh
    Andrew PughVit më parë

    I'm a Nevada Alum and watched Malik play against SJSU. Hes not bad but I cant see the hype. He missed a lot of "easy" throws and couldnt read a lot of defensive schemes. Also, its NEV-AH-DUH not Nev-vah-duh

  • Jabari
    JabariVit më parë

    What that beat bro

  • Kweisi B
    Kweisi BVit më parë

    Yea Malik Henry looks like a new Kaepernick

  • Hugh
    HughVit më parë

    Keem been going off

  • Caméron Jàmes
    Caméron JàmesVit më parë

    Good shit Malik! How do you get around the wanye song not getting flagged on every video?.

  • Doug Millsaps
    Doug MillsapsVit më parë


  • Damian Henry
    Damian HenryVit më parë

    Hey FlemLo you should do a what happened to Kadeem Carey. That was my boy I played against in AZ and he went on to play at the UofA then got drafted by the bears. Hope you see this a do it ✌🏽

  • ltravail
    ltravailVit më parë

    How about a video on Rolando McClain, the former Raiders linebacker 1st round pick whose career ended with the Cowboys. He was having a stellar season with Dallas in 2014, but towards the end of the season seemed to decide he didn't want to play football anymore, and had a bunch of life issues afterwards.

  • MoneyMakinGoon Gaming t.v.
    MoneyMakinGoon Gaming t.v.Vit më parë

    Boy suppose to be starting for FSU 😒

  • JoJo Beast
    JoJo BeastVit më parë

    Malik henrys meh

  • Ralph Yznaga
    Ralph YznagaVit më parë

    FlemLo, I love you. Will you please do a story about Austin Westlake HS, which produces many pro football stars, such as Drew Brees, Nick Foles, Justin Tucker and more? Sam Ehlinger also attended, as did Wisconsin's future star RB, Nakia Watson. Our stadium is featured in this video in the Coca Cola ad at 2:25. Thanks for everything that you do.

  • Lucas Cruikshank
    Lucas CruikshankVit më parë

    San Jose State only reflects how bad arkansas can play if the Arkansas team that played texas a&m or Kentucky turned up to play San Jose State it wouldnt have been the game. Also whoever's is calling the plays probably wont give the ball to Rakeem as much as they should because we cant ever go okay yeah this back that is averaging 6 yards a carry let's give him the ball on first down and see what he can do we just rely on inconsistency at the QBs to lose us games. Which ever one starts tends to not be playing as well as they can then when the game is all but lost we stick the other in and they do well. Makes me just want to say fuck it and stick the freshman QB in and let him get experience, but coach wont do that.

  • Tweet
    TweetVit më parë

    U remember when Arkansas had peyton hillis mcfadden and someone else they were a 3 headed monster at rb

  • Lucas Cruikshank

    Lucas Cruikshank

    Vit më parë

    We have a pretty nice rb core if coach would trust them. Rakeem, Whaley, and now Hammonds is back. I think he is to worried about trying to show off that be has QBs who can throw when he should not care and just do what wins the game.

  • J_urbro
    J_urbroVit më parë

    It’s ne-va- DUH 🙄 SAY IT RIGHT

  • Brett Barker
    Brett BarkerVit më parë

    Do a video on Alex Collins.. mom stole his college letter of intent when on to set sec and Arkansas records are running back. Had a good run at Baltimore but got arrested and then had an injury. He an awesome guy deserves a video

  • Theodore McMaster
    Theodore McMasterVit më parë

    Your logic comparing San Jos State’s games against these Nevada and Arkansas teams makes absolutely no sense... but nonetheless, you gotta piggy back off the LCU and get them VIEWS! Cheap. Gotta call it like I see it.

  • crxoncrack
    crxoncrackVit më parë

    Aye! That’s dope! Go Henry! I watched that season.

  • Target Zeal
    Target ZealVit më parë

    I live in Arkansas it’s sad

  • B Foster
    B FosterVit më parë

    Do a video over that Hoover football team that was on MTV awhile ago

  • Ben Watson
    Ben WatsonVit më parë

    Get off my Razorbacks bro 😂😭

  • bo jiden
    bo jidenVit më parë

    Tank for malik

  • Robert Sterling
    Robert SterlingVit më parë

    You sure the bengals are gonna do better then 3-13 😆

  • Ray Ray Dewitt
    Ray Ray DewittVit më parë

    Good Video

  • TreyDa Goat
    TreyDa GoatVit më parë

    Let’s go Malik

  • robertssmasonn
    robertssmasonnVit më parë

    The Dislikes are from salty razorback fans...

  • Ralph Wesson
    Ralph WessonVit më parë

    Flem Lo did you know they are going to make a Last Chance U in Basketball

  • Hector Estrada
    Hector EstradaVit më parë

    That first highlight of rakeem boyd in highschool was when he was playing against my high school Temple, Tx in the Playoffs, I was there and remember that game real well, We won ( Temple) but it was a real close defensive game.. we could not stop rakeem boyd not until a decesive 4th down when it mattered that basically ended the game..but rakeem had hurt his ankle earlier in that game got helped off the field and got taken out and a few plays later almost a quarter.. came back into the game on fire, this guy sure is a warrior and a beast I knew from that night that he was going to go into the next level and do great things and maybe even in the NFL.. no reason he shouldnt

  • Big Muly
    Big MulyVit më parë

    So Malik finally got his start? Bout time, Kaepernick 2.0... his game was really exceptional for his first D1 START... could’ve threw another TD, but again first game

  • Lukas Schiesser
    Lukas SchiesserVit më parë

    How is the Intro Song called?

  • Game Review
    Game ReviewVit më parë

    Can you do what happened to deandre Francois, his story is kinda similar to Shawn oakmans but, he can get drafted hopefully his ex was a complete liar

  • Thatkiddadreamer 3528
    Thatkiddadreamer 3528Vit më parë

    What ever happened to Jay Ajayi?

  • Jonathan Rosser
    Jonathan RosserVit më parë

    Boyd actually gave BAMA problems last year ...

  • Super Sports Plays
    Super Sports PlaysVit më parë

    Ayyy I go to Arkansas we suck but but Boyd has been balling.

  • BJ Worrell
    BJ WorrellVit më parë

    Yooooo flemlo can you please do what happened to Jeremy Maclin

  • StaTiC MaJoR 20/20
    StaTiC MaJoR 20/20Vit më parë

    That a boy Malik .. keep pushing my dude!

  • 3v3 Baller
    3v3 BallerVit më parë

    Arkansas is garbage. Arkansas has NOT won a SEC game in 2 seasons. Boyd is the real deal, no doubt.

  • Brice Morgan
    Brice MorganVit më parë

    What team do you rep for College and NFL?

  • Mighty Eye
    Mighty EyeVit më parë

    im so happy for this dude man....had me on Kodi watching buffering ass Nevada football lmao.

  • Kerry Perry
    Kerry PerryVit më parë

    Flem killing my Razorbacks 🐗😩

  • SWRve
    SWRveVit më parë

    This is unrelated, but did EA officially take down the Teambuilder website?

  • Tanner Woods
    Tanner WoodsVit më parë

    Arkansas stinks and Henry had 2 picks and 1 TD against fucking San Jose State. Very few if any Last Chance U players that are actually worth a damn.

  • Mr Brad
    Mr BradVit më parë

    Malik Henry doesn't even belong in the same sentence and Rakeem Boyd.

  • nnevelo
    nneveloVit më parë

    Boyd has been great for my Hogs..... He's getting banged up behind this average/bad OL.... HAd to bring up SJSU..... Thanks FlemLo

  • Sam Frank
    Sam FrankVit më parë

    the Mountain West has been pretty decent this year. Makes me happy to see that my guy.

    GUIGUI35 GAMINGVit më parë

    Do you think malik can go in nfl

  • Dylan
    DylanVit më parë

    I wouldn’t say Malik was going off when he threw 352 yards with only 1TD and 2INTs. That’s a trash ass stat line

  • Justin Warwick
    Justin WarwickVit më parë

    Say Nevada right my guy

  • Danny Todd
    Danny ToddVit më parë

    Malik is hella good

  • Gary C
    Gary CVit më parë

    Fresno State will beat them. Boise will demolish them.

  • Janzel's Aquatic
    Janzel's AquaticVit më parë

    Malik should be in the nfl , he has the talent I just hope he keeps his head straight

  • Yo Jomma
    Yo JommaVit më parë

    Did no one else think Malik was narcissistic and annoying? Still happy for him nonetheless

  • Con10der Regime Boxing
    Con10der Regime BoxingVit më parë

    Idk about Malik Henry but Rakeem Boyd is SURELY an NFL talent, he will be heavily looked at when he enters the draft

  • Cowboy Slow
    Cowboy SlowVit më parë

    Well razorbacks are down this year I hope we keep him another year but who knows

  • TheSharkiesha35
    TheSharkiesha35Vit më parë

    I was at the UK game vs Arkansas and let me tell you I was conflicted when his first touchdown happened. But it was still pretty damn cool to see!

  • Drew Peshoff
    Drew PeshoffVit më parë

    you forgetting my boy kuony deng

  • Carter Huff
    Carter HuffVit më parë

    Rakeem the only bright spot on my hogs...

  • taco BS
    taco BSVit më parë

    My cat does too.

  • taco BS
    taco BSVit më parë

    Them cats lol. YOU MAKE me love that word.

  • C
    CVit më parë

    Flemlo lamar

  • Cactus Jake
    Cactus JakeVit më parë

    Still waiting for the day I see Malik on campus

  • Gettintodatmoney Ant

    Gettintodatmoney Ant

    Vit më parë

    Cactus Jake probably don’t even go to class

  • Koi Matai
    Koi MataiVit më parë

    Boyd getting drafted man flemlo can u get my lil brother jaytee tiuli some shine he signed with the Seahawks but got cut after the third preseason game Packers worked him out nothing though he was the big sky defensive player of the year u think he got action with the xfl day 2?

  • Koi Matai
    Koi MataiVit më parë

    Should've started him from day one he's a fuckin baller they'd probably only have one L

  • Ethan Richards
    Ethan RichardsVit më parë

    Damn those are legit bomb throws

  • A idiocractic Mind
    A idiocractic MindVit më parë

    Flemlo was excited to give us this video he was rushing through all the early stuff lol

  • Moss Coln
    Moss ColnVit më parë

    That 75 yard touchdown throw by malik Henry was a legit NFL throw I'ma just say it first

  • kingryan69
    kingryan69Vit më parë

    Now the most important thing is how does Malik respond. does he implode again? does he start acting like he is untouchable and mouth off? or does he bear down work hard and keep balling out? given his history, I know whats likely but I hope he keeps balling out and keeps displaying the elite arm talent everyone knows he has

  • rip tibbs
    rip tibbsVit më parë

    I put a $100 that rakeem doesnt put up more that 75 yards on Auburn

  • rip tibbs

    rip tibbs

    Vit më parë

    @Moussa Ka my cash app is $CamariTibbs

  • Moussa Ka

    Moussa Ka

    Vit më parë


  • Myn4 Uss
    Myn4 UssVit më parë

    It was NEVER about football for Malik

  • Ctex
    CtexVit më parë

    Malik is a talented qb, but everyone knows his attitude was detrimental to him having a successful career

  • Nicolas Horton
    Nicolas HortonVit më parë

    I played against Devonte Lee twice(in high school )mans is a dog Fr

  • Fletcher Cowden
    Fletcher CowdenVit më parë

    Too bad Arkansas is a dumpster fire rn.

  • Retro BoomN
    Retro BoomNVit më parë

    Flem they gone kill our boy Rakeem when he tries to get into the league. They'll say too many carries smh

  • Ryan Brown
    Ryan BrownVit më parë

    Henry's picks came off broken plays where he simply tried to force the ball into impossible windows. In the pocket, though, dude was dropping straight DIMES all game. IF he cleans up his mistakes (he also had a pretty bad fumble in the game) dude has a chance to be special because he definitely has arm talent

  • Ronnie & Dalton Vlogs
    Ronnie & Dalton VlogsVit më parë

    I was at the Kentucky vs Arkansas game

  • Jose Rico
    Jose RicoVit më parë

    Do y’all know how old Rakeem Boyd is? Btw great video man

  • I'm Old Greg
    I'm Old GregVit më parë

    Damn. This is awesome to see. Kid really showed us how to bounce back. It also looks like he's made a huge transformation spiritually and mentally. I hope Malique keeps kicking ass. Love it

  • Joseph Rios
    Joseph RiosVit më parë

    Malik is a baller just get looked at wrong cause his personality but he gonna do good little by little

  • PenguinoUno
    PenguinoUnoVit më parë

    Rakeem might be my favorite player from the whole series. Mans a dawg.

  • robertorolfo


    8 muaj më parë

    Yeah, Rakeem seemed like a good kid and a great player.

  • Tom Walet

    Tom Walet

    Vit më parë

    Straight up facts. Love his attitude too.

  • Daniel Hensley
    Daniel HensleyVit më parë

    Love your vid bro but just gotta say you're killing me with the way you say Nevada

  • lookup72509
    lookup72509Vit më parë

    So you just gonna act like my Alma mater and the biggest test on their schedule don't exist. Go Tops

  • Highlight Greatness
    Highlight GreatnessVit më parë

    What happened to Jake Coker 2015 Alabama QB

  • Cristobal Ybarra
    Cristobal YbarraVit më parë

    Imagine Malik in a Washington state offense

  • Team SL
    Team SLVit më parë

    Lets go Arkansas

  • King Rodney
    King RodneyVit më parë

    My cousin doing his thing🙌🏾

  • Samuel Brott
    Samuel BrottVit më parë

    good video, know what you're saying

  • Connor Leach
    Connor LeachVit më parë

    Me as a prior college o-lineman watching a running back run for a big run on turf is like heroin for me

  • JustJC
    JustJCVit më parë

    As a die hard Razorbacks fan I feel bad for Boyd

  • xxmp26xx
    xxmp26xxVit më parë

    GO CATS!

  • A
    AVit më parë

    He going to cry if they lose ?

  • Ov Issa ツ
    Ov Issa ツVit më parë

    How do you feel that the bengals are 0-6 new Cleveland browns?

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