NFL Reinstates Myles Garret! Senator Walks Out on NCAA Hearing! Taysom Hill Franchise QB? & More!


Lots of news in the NFL and NCAA today. Lets Discuss!
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  • Joseph Mouton
    Joseph Mouton23 ditë më parë

    Maybe he will end up in Houston, because damn it.

  • James Wimes
    James Wimes2 muaj më parë

    Really in love with your work young man keep up the good work

  • Aaron McCarthy
    Aaron McCarthy3 muaj më parë

    When he said Colorado i thot he meant the Broncos and im like he works fo the chifes he cant go to Denver

  • ordered More
    ordered More3 muaj më parë

    Quoted one of my favorite weezy line. 🐐

  • Max Nikolenko
    Max Nikolenko7 muaj më parë

    Bro, you lost weight? Looking good

  • Ricardo Lopez
    Ricardo Lopez8 muaj më parë

    1:38 best part 😎

  • Person Reanimation
    Person Reanimation8 muaj më parë

    EB would be smart to take the reigns from Reid when he retires in the next 2-3 seasons. Stay with Mahomes and keep winning Super Bowls.

  • Jonathan Gonzales
    Jonathan Gonzales8 muaj më parë

    70 dislikes came from Colorado Buffalos fans!

  • Leslie Putnam
    Leslie Putnam8 muaj më parë

    Flemlo is GOLD ! Another great video.

  • heartfulenergy
    heartfulenergy8 muaj më parë

    Hey miles ♥️...glad to see him back.

    CHALUPACABRA8 muaj më parë

    Can you do "What Happened To" Bam Morris? Also. Garret should have got a full year (no practice), for real.

  • torry thomas
    torry thomas8 muaj më parë

    glad i stumbled on Flem great content

  • Thatprettyboyrugger TV
    Thatprettyboyrugger TV8 muaj më parë

    Wait you're a bangles fan

  • Silence TM
    Silence TM8 muaj më parë

    It’ll be funny if the Bengals don’t draft Joe Burrow.

  • Kevonte Daniels
    Kevonte Daniels8 muaj më parë

    Damn the NCAA was arrogant af! "Have some class" NCAA🤣

  • Grimace
    Grimace8 muaj më parë

    Myles is a very talented player and I’ve been a fan since I’ve first seen him play he’s a legit beast. I really hope this guy isn’t lying tbh but it seems sketchy tbh. But I feel like lying and ruining people reputation gotta be fixed. I hate how nowadays you can claim somebody is racist it’s automatically true. A guy fucks some girl and ghosts her and she claims rape it’s automatically true. People are so fucked up nowadays it’s so sad. We need more decent people in this world

  • Darryl Crane
    Darryl Crane8 muaj më parë

    Do he know that Eric Bienemy was a star running back at you got it COLORADO

  • BeastOfMetal1989
    BeastOfMetal19898 muaj më parë

    I'm going to say there's roughly a 1 in 4 chance that Burrow holds out to force a trade rather than die alive for Mike Brown. Sorry, bro...

  • TG5455
    TG54558 muaj më parë

    I know that the Bears, the Bucs, the Chargers, the Colts, and the Lions should consider about getting Taysom Hill if they have the guts to go all-in.

  • n ge
    n ge8 muaj më parë

    Keep Taysom Hill as QB/WR on Draftkings... I'll keep starting him at QB for $4600 salary.

  • Blixx
    Blixx8 muaj më parë

    Can u do what happens to Marquette King

  • Kc4l_1519
    Kc4l_15198 muaj më parë

    I love bienemy and he really deserves a head coach job

  • Tey Ross
    Tey Ross8 muaj më parë

    I had to hit the subscribe🙏🏾💪🏾💯. I finally found my own person football analyst. Keep grinding bro!!👌🏾

  • L Pad
    L Pad8 muaj më parë

    lol Colorado. Doug Pederson got the Eagles job after being an OC for Reid... But Eric got to settle for Colorado...

  • Brayden Bledsoe
    Brayden Bledsoe8 muaj më parë

    Myles wanted to play with the cowboys

  • John McGlasson
    John McGlasson8 muaj më parë

    “Tan-Zania” it’s Tan-Zuh-Nee-Uh

  • John McGlasson

    John McGlasson

    8 muaj më parë

    Dontever touchmyhat He isn’t from the UK, UK English is different than the USA English

  • Dontever touchmyhat

    Dontever touchmyhat

    8 muaj më parë

    People from the U.K pronounce it the first way.

  • Diaab muhammad
    Diaab muhammad8 muaj më parë

    T.Hill is a 30 year old cat with 4 knee procedures was not a good thrower in college and yet still is a very good athlete/ Gadget player. But lets be real there is "no way in hell" anyone should give him money to be a starting quarterback. When Brees got hurt Teddy Bridgewater "clearly" was the best option & who went 5-0 as a starter and has an actual "starting" quarterback experience in the NFL who's actually won with the team i.e. Minnesota Vikings.

  • Mattdakilla
    Mattdakilla8 muaj më parë

    flemlo what abt imv gaming

  • Mikhael
    Mikhael8 muaj më parë

    "Eric got Bieniemy's, got lotta Bieniemy's, got a lotta people trying to drain him of his energy."

    SRANKINS8 muaj më parë

    Will you do a Brandon Jacobs video

  • Brian Douglas Banks Senior
    Brian Douglas Banks Senior8 muaj më parë

    Eric Bieniemy is Colorado alum. Look him up bruh.

  • Brian Douglas Banks Senior

    Brian Douglas Banks Senior

    8 muaj më parë

    I know it's ancient history. E. Bieniemy was THE TB before R. Salaam, the Heisman winner. A huge part of both of Colorado's Natty appearances in the early 90's. Played in the 1st one with a fractured fibula and was a Heisman runner up that season. Probably a good story for you to tackle. 👍👍👍👍

  • fuck it
    fuck it8 muaj më parë

    I got a 6 minute ad and watched it just so flem could get his bread

  • Kerorofan
    Kerorofan8 muaj më parë

    Someone wanna tell him that's not how Tanzania is pronounced?

  • michael blair
    michael blair8 muaj më parë

    The Lion's will need a new head coach

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith8 muaj më parë

    Don’t start on any political issues. You’ll only piss people off, man.

  • Rebecca Smith
    Rebecca Smith8 muaj më parë

    Not trying to hear a GD thing out of Blumenthal’s lying mouth. You may continue....

  • Bill Burns
    Bill Burns8 muaj më parë

    Another Damn Good Video Brother! I Gotta say Of ALL the Content Creators I Listen to, YOU BY FAR & AWAY ARE THE BEST!. The Depth of Content, The Tone, Rhythm & Tempo of Your Voice + The Pace of which it All comes together! & Well Yessir!- Flemlo Ya Gotta Damn Fine Channel Brother🍻👊😎❗.

  • Burnell Brown
    Burnell Brown8 muaj më parë

    Flemlo, y we aint get more koverage on our Bukkeyes Bruh??

  • culture dat
    culture dat8 muaj më parë

    Forgot to put in the Myles Garrett story, he doubled down on his statement that QB Rudolph called him a stupid nigga to Mia Kimes for ESPN..... Taysom Hill story is just a cover up for the Saints scandal with the archodices and molestation lawsuit. Keep it real FlemLo!!!! Good job boss

  • Palace Of Wisdom
    Palace Of Wisdom8 muaj më parë

    Let's not forget that Myles Garret told a really obvious lie about Mason Rudolph using a racial slur to justify his own outrageous behavior. Garret is a scumbag.

  • BKreacts
    BKreacts8 muaj më parë

    So happy we get an extra version of the Flemlo five for this week. Can’t help only having one. Great series

  • Sumner Fife
    Sumner Fife8 muaj më parë

    The NFL is so full of shit, Aldom Smith is still suspended for doing things to himself but use a helmet as a weapon almost killing someone is back in the league, just bullshit period

  • Robby Lushae
    Robby Lushae8 muaj më parë

    can you make a video explaining how you became a bengals fan? being that you were born in mississippi, I'm just saying the new orleans saints were right next door.

  • Nate Cook
    Nate Cook8 muaj më parë

    FlemoRaps your videos are dope bro keep up the good work I've been watching since 2016

  • Greg Hill
    Greg Hill8 muaj më parë

    I'm glad that the Rooney's came up with this rule but these white billionaire team owners do not even think about that rule, it's hard to believe that 95% of the NFL is black but just 2% are coaches, and coaching is just an overrated overpaid job

  • Greg Hill
    Greg Hill8 muaj më parë

    Who in the fook wants to live in New Orleans

  • Greg Hill
    Greg Hill8 muaj më parë

    Six games the NFL just gave him a vacation, them African kids better watch out for flying buckets

  • Jordan Stewart
    Jordan Stewart8 muaj më parë

    Screw the Rooney rule we don't need a white person help ok we know they don't want us with those jobs so screw it don't beg just prove

  • Rackchaser 10k
    Rackchaser 10k8 muaj më parë

    Taysom looks like a utility tool but I feel he can be the next Russell Wilson honestly

    SFCAUSTIN19958 muaj më parë

    I don’t think flemlo knows/knew that Eric was a star HB for Colorado

  • Joe Dallas
    Joe Dallas8 muaj më parë

    Flemlo "more on that in a second" raps

  • John Nix
    John Nix8 muaj më parë

    The big schools get the talent.

  • John Nix
    John Nix8 muaj më parë

    Yes it is unfair when school makes millions from student athletes and they can get a pair of shoes or a meal from anyone.

  • 7thSirjamz frazier
    7thSirjamz frazier8 muaj më parë

    Flem Lo, been a fan for a minute. Love the info you give and your point of view. I completely agree with you on Eric Bienienmy. Hope he gets the NFL moneys. But, has a CU Buffs fan, too! Man!?! How dope would it be for him to coach at his alma mater?!

  • barry funk
    barry funk8 muaj më parë

    Watch the ratings fall even further.

  • Mitchell DeMoss
    Mitchell DeMoss8 muaj më parë

    Over thepast 10 years or so the same schools are in the top 10. Alabama OSU LSU Georgia Clemson Oklahoma Texas Florida Penn State Ichigan so the NCAA is stupid there is already a huge power in balance in College sports. Kentucky Duke UNC are always competing for the top recruits. in NCAAM. in NCAAW its been Uconn for the past 100 years.

  • wimplo22
    wimplo228 muaj më parë

    You committed felony assault...welcome to the NFL. Yay Garret, beautiful and brave! It's BS and one of the reasons I don't watch anymore.

  • jpelasky01
    jpelasky018 muaj më parë

    When you said you was a Bengals fan. That is all it took to get a thumbs done. Sorry but Bengals suck and so you do.

  • James Thomas
    James Thomas8 muaj më parë

    You know he's a Buffs legend, correct? Might be a good stop.

  • Mitchell McConnell
    Mitchell McConnell8 muaj më parë

    Another racist piece of s*** NFL millionaire

  • Tagline Jaws
    Tagline Jaws8 muaj më parë

    Can you link the ESPN article referred to in this video? Im in the process of writing a paper in regards to the argument over paying student athletes, and could possibly using it as a source. Thanks

  • Jordan Dillon
    Jordan Dillon8 muaj më parë

    Love ur videos bro

    FAMO TV8 muaj më parë

    Eric will be staying with the Chiefs

  • inhumanjoey310
    inhumanjoey3108 muaj më parë

    Pay them college players. Alabama played 60 million for upper row seating just so trump bitch ass can go to one game but the money makers dont get anything??? Fuck the ncaa

  • inhumanjoey310
    inhumanjoey3108 muaj më parë

    These mfs wit bringing water to Africa which is the shit. But Flint still has dorty water

  • Ty Chaney
    Ty Chaney8 muaj më parë

    I can see EB taking over for Andy. That’s a dream job for him imo

  • BuhbuhJay Champagne
    BuhbuhJay Champagne8 muaj më parë

    The whole “Bienemy to Colorado” thing is b/c Colorado is his Alma Mater. I believe he could be a solid coach, and he was robbed of the Heisman his Senior year!!!!!

  • Schneider Peralte
    Schneider Peralte8 muaj më parë

    What happened to Stacy Coley???

  • D World
    D World8 muaj më parë

    Giants gonna be looking for a new head coach in two years, Eric. Hold on bruh, 😂

  • Juan Direction
    Juan Direction8 muaj më parë

    Haven't followed the ncaa thing but cool to see it seems bipartisan. They need to get that shit sorted

  • Arjan Deol
    Arjan Deol8 muaj më parë

    nice vid flemlo you are very entertaining and know a lot about football keep up the good work man

  • MrBlueD3V1L
    MrBlueD3V1L8 muaj më parë

    I almost wonder if its character concerns with bieniemy. No fuckin idea why but his credentials SCREEEEEAM nfl head coach

  • Sean Ringer
    Sean Ringer8 muaj më parë

    Ion even watch football but i found your videos today and been hooked on em great content fr💯

  • Doug Drew
    Doug Drew8 muaj më parë

    Always a great take. Great video!

  • Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness
    Jae Stan'zel/Full Clip Fitness8 muaj më parë

    F college...if I'm 18,I'm go,en to the XFL

  • last Call
    last Call8 muaj më parë

    Flemlo, love your content, help it up,

  • Aryan Sharma
    Aryan Sharma8 muaj më parë

    I don’t always agree with you but for real I live your videos man! Love from the UK.... “cue the Wayne”

  • Kappa Boi
    Kappa Boi8 muaj më parë

    well said flemlo

  • VenomousStare
    VenomousStare8 muaj më parë

    Femlo with more BS at the beginning of his videos than SMACK URL. 🤣

  • accent77
    accent778 muaj më parë

    Bring back my damned game. Freaking NCAA.

  • Sam Thompson
    Sam Thompson8 muaj më parë

    You really the goat mane. HMU if you want me to market you. I’m a marketing major

  • Tom White
    Tom White8 muaj më parë

    ‘Tan-zane-ia’? Never heard it like that before 😂 ‘tann-zinn-ee-ah’

  • I’m on YouTube
    I’m on YouTube8 muaj më parë

    Guess what if you aren’t top five in rankings your irrelevant in college so no fuck the NCAA It NeEdS To Be BaLaNcEd. I hate humans some people need to be shot no cap

  • Glenn Melvin
    Glenn Melvin8 muaj më parë

    Colorado is Bieniemy's alma mater, which is the link to why he'd be perfect for them. I feel like not mentioning it lessens the impact of your reasoning on that part. Granted, since you care a lot more about the NFL than college saying, "Hey man, I know it's your alma mater, but stay in the NFL" would've been sufficient. Otherwise, great content as always, keep up the good work!

  • I’m on YouTube
    I’m on YouTube8 muaj më parë

    I hate mason Rudolph after that. It’s sad that Myles was the Grown up in that situation. Masons bitch ass when up and there and said that was bush league don’t get me started I hate that guy

  • worken360
    worken3608 muaj më parë

    NFL ---- Never Feels Legit

  • King T
    King T8 muaj më parë

    Bro, put yo hands down!! 🤨🙄🤨

  • Benjamin Correa jr
    Benjamin Correa jr8 muaj më parë

    Imagine! They do this system where the low prospect or walk ons get a certain amount. While top recruits get a little more. Sounds unfair by just know they gonna want that money after high school. Meaning more competition

  • carl name
    carl name8 muaj më parë

    hope he stays as racist as was

  • Daniel Skrivan
    Daniel Skrivan8 muaj më parë

    Mason picked the fight, lost the fight, and kept trying to fight. He was pushing and clawing at Myles when Myles struck back. I don't blame Myles Garrett at all for what happened.

  • J-Wil
    J-Wil8 muaj më parë

    All I want is NCAA 21. PLEASE!!!!!

  • ks images
    ks images8 muaj më parë

    Tan zah knee yah Flemlo u gotta do better lol

  • J Gentry
    J Gentry8 muaj më parë

    I am so ready for you to get with ESPN, no jacket - no tie, just you and your knowledge base. All the best.

  • Ethan S
    Ethan S8 muaj më parë

    Deflates a ball 4 games Smokes weed entire season Attempted Murder 6 games

  • proper pickels
    proper pickels8 muaj më parë

    Lions fans have to be the most committed people in the world

  • JETSTEEL TheRealDeal
    JETSTEEL TheRealDeal8 muaj më parë

    Miles garret is a racist POS,that should be kicked outa the NFL,I mean isn't that what everyone is trying to do,get rid of racism because it has no place in society? Oh I forgot miles is black and talking about white people and hating white people is accepted now,supported and ok'ed gottcha,because he's so oppressed and done wrong and treated like a slave in this country,poor pitaful miles garret...F him

  • Derris Lee
    Derris Lee8 muaj më parë

    The best orator straight up 💯

  • Willy Nilly
    Willy Nilly8 muaj më parë

    I don't like Myles Garrett after what he did, but this is the NFL, not college. This is a league where players get a second chance after shit that's far worse. In spite of my negative personal feelings of Garrett and as an NFL fan, I'm happy he's reinstated. However, if he messes up bad again, no more chances. At least, that's what I believe is right.

  • Kyle Slama
    Kyle Slama8 muaj më parë

    Any thoughts on Michael Harris arrest video?

  • Future Society Of Gentlemen
    Future Society Of Gentlemen8 muaj më parë

    All Bienemy has to do is wait on one of these other 20 bums to be fired. He could possibly be the Falcons next coach (Matt Ryan and Julio Jones), so why pass on that.