Joe Burrow DOMINATES! Jalen Hurts Draft Stock Down? Justin Fields vs Trevor Lawrence! (CFB Playoff)


Joe Burrow, Jalen Hurts, Trevor Lawrence, and Justin Fields faced off in the College Football Playoff!

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  • swag lord
    swag lord3 muaj më parë

    Refa ruined the Clemson vs ohio game

  • Jamaica Joe
    Jamaica Joe5 muaj më parë

    5:39 Justin Jeffries?

  • P. UNIT
    P. UNIT6 muaj më parë

    LSU would of beat the Bengals the night they we're on point.

  • Connor McCrory
    Connor McCrory6 muaj më parë

    2:44 you would have the complete right to be pissed

  • TK VimSavage
    TK VimSavage9 muaj më parë

    Longtime die hard volunteers fan.. So yall know.. But I'm a huge jalen hurts fan... Not only is he a beast of a player he a decent human too.. Wish him the best he gonna be around a long time somewhere..

  • Brandon Darce
    Brandon Darce9 muaj më parë

    definitely need to do a video about the Ohio State Qb room that had Joe burrow, Cardale Jones, Braxton miller and JT Barrett

  • ruben27lozano
    ruben27lozano9 muaj më parë

    Flems would you be happy to have Joe Burrow in your Bengals team?

  • James Nielsen
    James Nielsen9 muaj më parë

    Justin Jefferson not Jeffries

  • BeastOfMetal1989
    BeastOfMetal19899 muaj më parë

    What would you do if Burrow pulls an Elway, and the Bungles do what the Colts did with Elway?...

  • a a
    a a9 muaj më parë

    ima put my money on the cat who’s undefeated his entire college career

  • a a
    a a9 muaj më parë

    personal opinion on the targeting, trevor is gonna curl up, as a defender, in today’s game, you gotta know the quarterback will curl up, it’s better to bear hug him instead of tackling just to avoid the flag.

  • Drake
    Drake9 muaj më parë

    Ceedee is better than Jerfferson cause he went against better dbs Oklahoma's dbs could use improvement

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White9 muaj më parë

    Hahaha.....I've got sunshine, on a cloudy day. Remember, always put ya money on Sunshine.

  • Letrai White
    Letrai White9 muaj më parë

    Jalen not going make it in the nfl in my opinion i dont think he going be fully recovered from his injury and get hurt bad and end up like Robert Griffin.

  • Luke S
    Luke S9 muaj më parë

    FlemLo: "if the Bengals do not draft Joe Burrow, you will likely see....." Cincinnati Bengals Fans: " *THE CITY OF CINCINNATI (AND SURROUNDING AREAS) BURNED TO THE GROUND* "

  • CowboysJB318
    CowboysJB3189 muaj më parë


  • Christopher Stevens
    Christopher Stevens9 muaj më parë

    Jalen hurts sucks😅😂😂

  • jjack flash
    jjack flash9 muaj më parë

    Take Jefferson out, Chase and other receivers eat your lunch. Too many weapons for Burrow.

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey9 muaj më parë

    LSU o line

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey9 muaj më parë

    Trevor Lawrence is

  • Mandel Harvey
    Mandel Harvey9 muaj më parë

    Burrow a quarterback throwing to open receivers from square feet impressed me less than how hurts handled pressure. Burrow might be better but his o line was the star.

  • Logan Bartlett
    Logan Bartlett9 muaj më parë

    Flemlo! Fellow Bengal fan here and longtime subscriber... I love your content b...My man though you cant be serious about the excitement of getting Burrow? His nfl comparison is Andy Dalton. Take Young. Were gonna be at the bottom next year because one draft nor one qb or DE is gonna change our overall success. We also the Bengals do nothing but lose talent in free agency so the draft will be the only influx of talent. So if we take Young we have generational defensive talent and then next year we grab Lawrence or Fields. Both of those guys have a much higher ceiling. I am so over having an average arm strength QB who can't push the ball deep or outside the numbers.

  • Richard Lester
    Richard Lester9 muaj më parë

    Whodey Burrows to Cincinnati Bengals

  • Roman
    Roman9 muaj më parë

    Im from Oklahoma and I'll be honest and admit that Oklahoma was never gonna win that game, but the blowout happened because they didnt have 3 (and then 4) of their starters. Lots of people seem to be forgetting that.

  • flyguyQ
    flyguyQ9 muaj më parë

    Hey flem we gotta remember his receivers could not get open LSU playedan press coverage all night cuz they knew they didn't like being physical so he really had no one to throw to

  • Stefon Oliver
    Stefon Oliver9 muaj më parë

    Who is Justin Jeffries 🧐? Justin Jefferson brother. 😄 Hope that if y’all draft Burrow the staff can do well with making use of his talents and do well in the North. 💯⚜️

  • Umgumby Damnit
    Umgumby Damnit9 muaj më parë

    I’m a BAMA fan. I hate LSU and Clemson soooooo yeah

  • 3331Kevin
    3331Kevin9 muaj më parë

    CALL ME CRAZY!!! i call Clemson by 2 touchdowns.. remember i wrote this 7 days in advance .

    HUSTLING HARD9 muaj më parë

    My money is on the REAL Tigers from the REAL Death Valley. TL is not gonna roll over and let JB do his thing. TL & co will absolutely keep it interesting and close and it will be a "who scores last" game. Go Tigers!

  • IcY_YT
    IcY_YT9 muaj më parë

    Yo the Steelers need this dude

  • Steven Rondina
    Steven Rondina9 muaj më parë

    If Burrow busts out, would you burn your Bengals gear? Idk, man...if Urban Meyer started 2 different QBs over him, I’d be concerned long term...

  • Pamela Smith
    Pamela Smith9 muaj më parë

    Jalen Hurts 🤗😍🤩 I love you. You are the Best. Keep pushing baby. Mama love you. That's my baby. I'm behind you always. You got this. No worries. 🙏😇🌞🌜💯🤙💪✌️

  • JemhidiahSSJ4
    JemhidiahSSJ49 muaj më parë

    The Bengals need a QB yes but they also need protection for him, Yall better pick up some Offensive linemen or somehow fix that mess or Joe Burrow is gonna have a rough start.

  • Ken_Ken 20
    Ken_Ken 209 muaj më parë

    poor joe going to that pit of mediocrity, that abyss of gross waste of talents that is the Cincinnati bengals ball club, at least he'll get paid.

  • Gary Smith
    Gary Smith9 muaj më parë

    My favorite sports sub on ALthe keep it up

  • B T
    B T9 muaj më parë

    Let's not forget what happen last year. If the Clemson wins, this will be the third time they beat a team with a heisman trophy winner.

  • Austin Brown
    Austin Brown9 muaj më parë

    Hurts to the Saints to replace Taysom Hill (Hill is 29)

  • Boss
    Boss9 muaj më parë

    Jalen is a special type of athlete... he may not be a hall of fame QB in the NFL but I bet he makes a good living playing football... he's so tough and he's fast, athletic and works his ass off. First class young man. He'll be successful.. And when it comes to Lamb, Jefferson, Jeudy, D.Smith and Ruggs.. you can't really go wrong. Hahaha. All those WR's are beasts!!

  • Mad Ashell
    Mad Ashell9 muaj më parë

    burrow is a fucking beast....cue da wayne mofos.

  • JaBurd Mclovin
    JaBurd Mclovin9 muaj më parë

    I love this man channel

  • Elliott Lenhardt
    Elliott Lenhardt9 muaj më parë

    Who’s gonna win the college playoffs? Tigers or Tigers

  • Benji Clay
    Benji Clay9 muaj më parë

    I just bought that shirt lol

  • Kingly Beatz
    Kingly Beatz9 muaj më parë

    You cant go WRONG with Justin Herbert though?!!

  • Andrew Rich
    Andrew Rich9 muaj më parë

    While you’re on the Subject of LSU, you should do a video on what would have happened if Nick Sabin never left LSU

  • Abdi Saed
    Abdi Saed9 muaj më parë


  • Freddie Davis
    Freddie Davis9 muaj më parë

    When the smoke is cleared, we'll see who standing triumphantly in the football world among the young horses coming out this year! Yea I agree that Burrows totally out performed Hurt against a defence that's been suspected all season long! It showed big-time! Adversity is Hurt's middle name, Yet he never faltered! He will be overlooked in the draft, the writing is on the wall! like Lamar!....Russell! Dak! But I see a total winner in that man! And let me be the first to congratulate the team that draft HURTS no matter the round, cause their fortune is sure to change for the better! The boy's a WINNER and not a WHINNER! and that's what I like about him! Cincinnati like Cleveland has the stench of bad luck with them, and Burrows and all his skills won't change that!

  • Jbtuck 82
    Jbtuck 829 muaj më parë

    You compared lamb to LSU's second best receivers numbers lmao! Not to mention a slot to a wide out. Not to mention there season numbers count the current game which puts justin at 18 tds and more yards which tie him with his teammate chase who ACTUALLY is the best receiver in the nation who won the award for it? Lol

  • Jbtuck 82
    Jbtuck 829 muaj më parë

    You compared lamb to LSU's second best receivers numbers lmao! Not to mention a slot to a wide out. Not to mention there season numbers count the current game which puts justin at 18 tds and more yards which tie him with his teammate chase who ACTUALLY is the best receiver in the nation who won the award for it? Lol

  • D H
    D H9 muaj më parë

    What about Mike Glass? Did his stock fall? Hope not

  • Tetiana D
    Tetiana D9 muaj më parë

    You was right about Joe Burrow (teach me ) will be a great Bengal signing, still think Lawrence is the man BUT he aint coming this year, will be a great final, be nice to hear who else you (Bengals) would be able to get

  • javeon mason
    javeon mason9 muaj më parë


  • R.C.
    R.C.9 muaj më parë

    LSU looks like a team of destiny but I have my money on Clemson

  • ianmik6
    ianmik69 muaj më parë

    realest dude on youtube for sure. from one bengals fan to another, WHO DEY!!

  • Cederion Moody
    Cederion Moody9 muaj më parë

    His draft stock down seems pretty good tbh. Less chance of going to an awful or terrible team

  • I like food
    I like food9 muaj më parë

    What happened to EJ Manuel

  • Dustin Lowery
    Dustin Lowery9 muaj më parë

    Justin Jefferson*

  • Landon Ohle
    Landon Ohle9 muaj më parë

    “Justin Jeffries” Like who df is that u mean Justin Jefferson)

  • Stefon Oliver

    Stefon Oliver

    9 muaj më parë

    Landon Ohle 😄 Indeed

  • Ronald Williams
    Ronald Williams9 muaj më parë

    If Trevor goes pro, I think he'll be a charger 💯

  • not the one
    not the one9 muaj më parë

    I know that you might shy away from this topic seeing how sensitive the caucasian race is, can you do a video about the blatant racism in the league? It's time.

  • Greatness81
    Greatness819 muaj më parë

    Jaylen Hurts reminds of former OSU QB Troy Smith.

  • Kim Chi
    Kim Chi9 muaj më parë

    Burrow is legit however Oklahoma should have never been in the playoffs.

  • thomassin58
    thomassin589 muaj më parë

    That good it for Ohio state now the can actually see what it like to be cheated like the had did against miami on 2003 national championship game

  • Dragan76
    Dragan769 muaj më parë

    OSU was robbed. NCAA got what they wanted, two white quarterbacks in championship. Bullsh**!!!

  • Bruce Dalaguerre
    Bruce Dalaguerre9 muaj më parë

    Flemlo your videos are just getting better and better, nice job man!

  • Robert Weeks
    Robert Weeks9 muaj më parë

    Love ❤️ the Flemlo 5!!!!

  • Unkle Joe
    Unkle Joe9 muaj më parë

    Cincinnati Bengals always getting quarterbacks in the first round, y'all got a pretty good team maybe some blockers for your running back and quarterback

  • W K
    W K9 muaj më parë

    What us that background music?

  • samuel conwright II
    samuel conwright II9 muaj më parë

    I love LSU, but can't disrespect the champs

  • Timothy Madden
    Timothy Madden9 muaj më parë

    Hurts will be a solid Qb at the next level! His combine measurements will be off the charts! Just needs to study more flim and mechanics will get better!

  • Jamari Baker
    Jamari Baker9 muaj më parë

    I'm putting my money on Clemson

  • Buddah Theepoet
    Buddah Theepoet9 muaj më parë

    As a Tide fan we battle against each other but we'll forever root for our own. # Geaux tigers avenge the S.E.C.

  • just some minced garlic
    just some minced garlic9 muaj më parë

    Man. I graduated from Clemson and live in upstate SC but my dad who passed away in 2017 went to LSU so this is gonna be a hell of a Natty either way for me.

  • Ethan Capps
    Ethan Capps9 muaj më parë

    LSU is going to DOG on Clemson in the Nati

  • Ebola Boi69
    Ebola Boi699 muaj më parë

    What happened to the nfl

    TRIPLEDOUBLE9 muaj më parë

    Ohio state was rigged by the refs

  • Viper


    9 muaj më parë


  • Doug Hebert
    Doug Hebert9 muaj më parë

    My $$$$ on LSU as well bro, they fought their way here like a true championship team and they seem to be getting better each game, Geaux LSU, Geaux Jeaux

  • Roger caviness
    Roger caviness9 muaj më parë

    Make a video about Tony romo

  • Keon Jackson
    Keon Jackson9 muaj më parë

    Yessir LSU natty baby

  • Russ Claeyborn
    Russ Claeyborn9 muaj më parë

    I think, Jalen Hurts is really 6' 1", not 6' 2", and I think that will hurt his draft stock a little. College players are always lying about their height.

  • Danny Todd
    Danny Todd9 muaj më parë

    i got Clemson by 3 in the Natty

  • {feitan}
    {feitan}9 muaj më parë

    Anquan Davis > Joe burrow ;}

  • Realest 100%
    Realest 100%9 muaj më parë

    The refs definitely gift wrapped that game for Clemson. It's very fishy how there wasn't a flag at all on the play initially, then, all of a sudden, a player gets kicked out of the game for a personal foul. I get it, helmet to helmet is helmet to helmet, but I don't think they should've kicked Wade out of the game for that. I mean, he didn't have bad intentions. Now, the reverse fumble, on the other hand, should've never been reversed. Football fans are not upset about that play as they should be. A key rule in reviewing a play is that you're never supposed to overturn a call unless there's clear cut evidence to do so, and it was not. Not only did that call take 6 points away from OSU, it also gave Clemson's high powered offense, who had a ton of momentum at the time, a second chance.

    TAXI CUB3R9 muaj më parë

    I’m putting all my money on the Tigers winning 😃

  • Trevell Archie
    Trevell Archie9 muaj më parë

    Clemson all day baby.

  • dreamteam j
    dreamteam j9 muaj më parë

    do what happened to ifo ekpre olomu

  • AE Schneider
    AE Schneider9 muaj më parë

    Like OSU, LSU suffers from 'no one can beat us' syndrome. Clemson is now battle tested & will defy the odds again bc they aren't full of themselves & they can deal with setbacks in the BIG game. Lawrence was amazing under pressure; when has Borrow done this?

  • Tom Adams
    Tom Adams9 muaj më parë

    Targeting call was B/S. He absolutely ducked into the sack

  • Luke Wainscott
    Luke Wainscott9 muaj më parë

    Everyone was wearing joe burrow jerseys at the bengals game on Sunday! WhoDey!

  • Big Base
    Big Base9 muaj më parë

    I miss TD🥺

  • James Jameis
    James Jameis9 muaj më parë

    And if the Cowboys don't fire Jason Garret I'm going to burn my cowboys gear

  • Sckjm Tv2
    Sckjm Tv29 muaj më parë

    Justin Jeffiess?!?!?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ali Williams
    Ali Williams9 muaj më parë

    This nigga said sunshine 😂

  • Matthew Schiraldi
    Matthew Schiraldi9 muaj më parë

    Clemson wins

  • Michael King
    Michael King9 muaj më parë

    If it don't Quit, it must go Get.

  • Warrior fifty two
    Warrior fifty two9 muaj më parë

    Do one on CJ Spiller

    SCRAPPY KILMORE9 muaj më parë

    Comparing Lamb to Jefferson is a good comparison. But Jefferson was LSU's #2 receiver. Ja'Marr Chase had better numbers on the season.

  • Jeffrey Weston
    Jeffrey Weston9 muaj më parë

    How i wish there was a way the Saints could get burrow...maybe trade the entire draft lol

  • Charles Adams
    Charles Adams9 muaj më parë

    The jalen hurts experiment At Oklahoma should have ended after week6 they should have put in the freshman in to start the Texas tech game, he is a better passer than Jalen hurts could even pretend to be. Kid has a faster drop faster progression and can fire the football like a bullet with accuracy like mayfield kyler and burrows By 2022/23 he will be going to new York city to get a heisman, unless they finally give it to a running back like Taylor that deserves one after his amazing career

  • Charles Adams

    Charles Adams

    9 muaj më parë

    Viper Hurts had ceedee lamb who has been a starter for 3 years and a better receiver hurts is a runner and thrower not a passer,as for who would block for the freshman the oline, is more than capable at pass blocking and protecting a passing QB they never knew if hurts was dropping back or taking off he’ll half the time he was supposed to hand off the football he took off or dropped back to throw it, to run it the line will know with rattler bc he is a passer not a thrower

  • Viper


    9 muaj më parë

    Who was going to block for your Freshman quarterback? The offensive line Baker and Kyler had or was Hollywood Brown and other receivers coming back? Oklahoma is rebuilding. They wasn't going to make it far. You should be lucky Jalen came there.

  • Terrence Jermey
    Terrence Jermey9 muaj më parë

    Justin Jefferson,... just saying 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Justin
    Justin9 muaj më parë

    Hated to see Jalen struggle in another “big game” but still one of my fav player I’ve enjoyed watching through his time at bama and then OU, as for the National Championship game imma have to go with LSU hands down

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