(Untold Juco Football Story) From Prison to State Champion! What Happened to Andrew Martinez!


Andrew Martinez, a JUCO Football player has an amazing story of the last 10 years.
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    Modesto is the dirtiest town in california

  • BigPapaDave
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    He actually went to mjc Modesto junior college where I go lol

  • Adam Hayden
    Adam Hayden14 ditë më parë

    It’s true, I was suspended in middle school, put into foster care and ran away and was put in juvie detention.

  • RapWasInvented inTheSuburbs
    RapWasInvented inTheSuburbs17 ditë më parë

    And you read the statistic on crime rate wrong. It’s crime rate is higher then 75% of US cities not 75% higher then US cities if that makes any sense

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    This is dope Story

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    Flemlo has helped me through a dark ass time...not only am i getting entertaining info...i feel like i have a cool fuckin homie fillin me in on the nfl players i ain't seen in a minute

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    Manteca is pronounced manteeka. Modesto is pronounced Molesto.

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    And we pronounce it manteeka

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    God forgives awesome story

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    Best story told so far for sure!!! Very inspiring!!!

  • Joe Harvey

    Joe Harvey

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    Also not the first time happend Steve Geekus 94 high school star Ripon high drunk driving got evolutionary manslaughter went to prison i think 7 yrs came at and played guard for us

  • Joe Harvey

    Joe Harvey

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    Whoop we got pirate pride MJC 94 95

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    Always so impressed by your videos. Good flow, great detail and information. Shout out for Canada bro 🤜

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    I live by Modesto that’s crazy.

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    I’m from Modesto I work out at the pirates home field 😂

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    I’m only 10

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    Thank you for spreading inspiration, Flemlo. You're a great story teller and clearly have a huge heart.

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    You pronounced Menteca, CA wrong

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    Manteca (Man-Tee-Kuh) California

  • Rickie Edwards
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    Bullshit you can't get a job in junior high. I mowed lawns from the 2nd grade till high school. By the way, the color of that hat fits the person it represents. Blackened Mamba.

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    Damn bro you can tell a good story

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    Damn, I wonder how COVID messed with this man's plans.

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    Great video

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    You little rapping intro sucks and the seat geek is old now get a new damn sponsor

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    Rather watch flem than bs espn n all those these better than 30 for 30

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    Hey can you do a story about about Frank tanuvasa he was a giant man with a giant heart who tried going juco to make it and got gunned down by police in 2012.

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    What happened to Brandon Browner.!!!?

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    Thats awesome congrats to him !!!

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    Please do a video on Francis Bemiy Southern Utah University DE

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    I'm a fairly new subscriber! You should do a video about WR Roy Williams. What happened to him?

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    you really the goat flemlo

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    Fuck Modesto go SJDC mustangs, played against this guy last, glad he made it out bless up!!!

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    Get Femlo a ESPN Job!

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    Curious how this guy is doing, this was uploaded 5 months ago.

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    I watch ya vids everyday keep it going

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    Wait so this dude was actually in one of the games Last Chance U season 5 covered?

  • D. Morales
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    Congrats to this young Man!!!!!! This is not a nice neighborhood and tough to make it out.

  • 412Fewch
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    Good and true story for the ppl on the other side of America 💪🏾💯💯💯

  • Mikel Higal
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    Manteca Is not be any means a ruff or ghetto town

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    Intellect without a high school education isn’t shit

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    Thank U for da positive message at da beginning my brother✊🏾

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    Flemlo it's pronounced Man Tee Ca

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    Yo that’s inspiring. I went there in 2000

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    Manteca is herion dog food human killer

  • Ky Rascoe
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    It is pronounced "MAN-TEEKA" It's a small heavily hispanic populated city. Lots of gang activity there...

  • Sage
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    Idk about every state but at 18 you CANT buy tobacco here in Virginia. It's 21 now.

    XXXTARNATION ?????6 muaj më parë

    I live in Modesto 😂

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    great story... thank you for bringing this story to light. you are awesome.

  • KangHersh510
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    That's crazy I can look out my window and see that Prison he was at. I live that close

  • The Struggle
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    “Andrew kinda Lucked out” lmaoo

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    I needed this whole video. Much love

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    you are a great storyteller. i’m not the biggest football fan tbh, but you make good videos. keep it up man!

  • thejamaican67
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    iPhone! 20 years are we in Mississippi 1932? Shout out Andrew Martinez for turning it around God Bless get that social work degree bruv each child you catch will be your Super Bowl ring.

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    Flemlo, that town is pronounced "man-tee-cuh" lol. It's between Modesto and Stockton. Stockton is WAY worse, but I Never heard someone make fuckin' Manteca sound so...not shitty, lmao!

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    Can I got a great story for you if you would want to hear it out I’ll be indebted to you

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    I got expelled from 2 school in middle school. Im about to be 23 on the 29th of this month. Im going to college in the fall and im going to try and play college football. I just dont know how im gonna make it on a team considering i never played football.

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    If something is dreadful it's not good..This natural hair style was always called locks..Someone outside of the culture started calling them dreads.

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    I live just north of Manteca and I've heard it spoken since before I could read, so I know that it is pronounced Man-TEE-ca. Recently there was a 20/20 story about a town (and county kinda) close by called Placerville. They referred to it as Place-er-ville; it's actually Pl-ASS-erville. I thought, if I didn't know, I'd pronounce it the same way they did - and I feel the same way about this one. It looks like it should be Man-TECK-a. Just sayin' - keep up the good work!

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  • Isaac Chandra
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    This story is actually very inspiring. I'm from Modesto. I understand how it is out here. I grew up just like he did. An man it ain't easy. It's cool to see a dude from where I'm from doin it. Good for him man I love seeing this. Ima have to go to some games this year this got me pumped man. I been thinking about walking on myself. I hope Andrew nothing but the best. Loves seeing people from the 209 make it cause it ain't easy. AT ALL

  • Dylan Shaw
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    I know I’m late and idk if anyone has corrected you but i live in Modesto and actually go to MJC and it’s pronounced man-TEE-ca 😂😂 no disrespect tho love the vids man

  • offthe grid
    offthe grid8 muaj më parë

    This is a good story and I glad he turned his life around inspiring. That being said. I would like to hear more about kids who were in similar situation at a young age. Instead of going down the wrong path and eventually turning it around. Let's hear about the kid who faced adversity daily. Who was surrounded by gangs, crime and the per-pressure to join constantly and did the uncool thing. These kids do the right thing get good grades, helped their families and respect authority. These kids are out there I have worked with them. Many have a strong family with both parents, but there are plenty who don't. I feel like these kids stories get overlooked because they did it the right way. Even when doing the wrong thing and going down a path leading to prison. Which is what many of the so-called cool kids are doing. This environment literally smothering them. I have seen kids like this heckled, threatened, beat and outcast, but they still stay focused. With their hand clinched to the iron rod determined to do it the right way. Many times these kids do it quietly. They are humble but have the strength and ferocity ancient gladiator. Working and working waiting for their opportunity to shine and improve their families situation in life. Don't get me wrong I am glad to see anyway change their lot in life.

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