He Lied His Way Into the NFL...Now He'll Play In the XFL!!! (Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi Former Browns WR)


Damon Sheehy-Guiseppi isnt back in the nfl but he's back playing football.

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  • Don Mac-ee
    Don Mac-ee2 muaj më parë

    Major inspiration right here

  • IV Elmendorf
    IV Elmendorf3 muaj më parë

    mad respect for him. how many times I've been homeless chasing my dreams. Like this man is inspiring

  • Chris Sinclair
    Chris Sinclair4 muaj më parë

    I hope he saves every dime he gets until his career is over

  • Jay Muise
    Jay Muise7 muaj më parë

    Endorcements...show this cat the money

  • Visfor Vegan
    Visfor Vegan8 muaj më parë

    I couldn't find him on the roster, or any updates. Then I found him on the IR list. No info. If anyone's got an update please let me know how the kid's doing.

  • momo penguins

    momo penguins

    6 muaj më parë

    hes out

  • TheLastChickenNugget
    TheLastChickenNugget8 muaj më parë

    and hes on the Guardians LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • Bianca Moore
    Bianca Moore8 muaj më parë

    Awesome story man! Has anyone told you, you look like a younger much healthier Lil Wayne???

  • Big Bubba
    Big Bubba9 muaj më parë

    His just showing up at junior college football camp with something straight out of a Seinfeld episode.

  • Robert Meshew
    Robert Meshew9 muaj më parë

    Lion heart!

  • Ramone DeCurta
    Ramone DeCurta9 muaj më parë

    I want the Seahawks to sign him. Our return game sucked. He’s a better returner (but not a better receiver) than Tyler Lockett.

  • Don Mac-ee
    Don Mac-ee9 muaj më parë

    Glad you did a vid on him....routing for him big time! That Redskins TD was INSANE

    ROBERT DUFAULT9 muaj më parë

    Has he tried the CFL (Canadian Football League)?

  • Bruce Bellamy
    Bruce Bellamy10 muaj më parë

    Need that t-shirt. You play guitar?

  • Henry Mims
    Henry Mims10 muaj më parë

    Plenty of NFL teams are stupid for not giving this guy a chance... Looking at this year so far he could have help a lot of teams...

  • Hai Trinh
    Hai Trinh10 muaj më parë

    Antonio Brown & Kaepernick going to join the XFL

  • Todd Webb
    Todd Webb11 muaj më parë

    You do a really good job with your channel. Very well done bro !!!!

  • Duke Fan for life
    Duke Fan for life11 muaj më parë

    My Tampa bay vipers should have signed him

  • Jakie FrEsH
    Jakie FrEsH11 muaj më parë

    He came to my high school because my football team brings Elite U LCHS all the way

  • Nate_the_Great83
    Nate_the_Great8311 muaj më parë

    At first glance, I thought you made a video about Colin Kaepernick.

  • Josh Klinger
    Josh Klinger11 muaj më parë

    BILLS MAFIA!!! as a bills fan bro i feel ya on your teams standing right now... Stay loyal bengals will rise

  • 1256 8488
    1256 848811 muaj më parë

    Can’t believe you never did a vid on Charles Rogers

  • mac b paccin
    mac b paccin11 muaj më parë

    take down the bengals thing

  • Matthew Pretula
    Matthew Pretula11 muaj më parë

    No way! I was literally just thinking about this guy lol I'm hyped for to see him play!

  • Burger Qing
    Burger Qing11 muaj më parë


  • Tigliz12
    Tigliz1211 muaj më parë

    He will do amazingly well in the XFL! Mark and remember.

  • Country Boy T
    Country Boy T11 muaj më parë

    Shawn Oakman is in the XFL too bro!

  • Ethan Ochoa
    Ethan Ochoa11 muaj më parë

    Should do a video on Taylor Heinicke. Dude is best backup who never stood a chance

  • 9TH Wardsoulja
    9TH Wardsoulja11 muaj më parë

    I see why i keep my business to myself

  • Ben
    Ben11 muaj më parë

    Do "what happened to Josh Norman"

  • Jay Smoove
    Jay Smoove11 muaj më parë

    Aye flem do the story of Matthew Slater

  • Shredpostings
    Shredpostings11 muaj më parë

    Please do 'What happened to Marquette King

  • Cayden 1k
    Cayden 1k11 muaj më parë

    U should o a what happened to Jacoby Jones!

  • Jack Ryan
    Jack Ryan11 muaj më parë

    The return game is going to be extremely important in the XFL with their return rules. That’s why the Defenders took a return specialist first overall in the draft.

  • Amazing Pathway
    Amazing Pathway11 muaj më parë

    IF he got the skills let him play. He is the ultimate fake it to you make it guy. I'm 100% behind the dude .

  • Leon M
    Leon M11 muaj më parë

    Can’t wait to see the XFL games weekly on ABC, Fox and ESPN starting on February 8th

  • AEW sMark
    AEW sMark11 muaj më parë

    He won't stop...

  • Joey Olvera
    Joey Olvera11 muaj më parë

    FlemLo Raps your story telling is awesome move over William Shakespeare.

  • Mason Starkey
    Mason Starkey11 muaj më parë

    0-11 bengals

  • Raishaun Tanner
    Raishaun Tanner11 muaj më parë

    How do you not have a million subs?!

  • 2flyry
    2flyry11 muaj më parë

    You should do a video on what happened to Josh cribbs

  • Michael Sachau
    Michael Sachau11 muaj më parë

    Do whatever happened to Andre Woodson

  • Corey Brantley
    Corey Brantley11 muaj më parë

    Do a Vid on how you became a Bengals fan all the way down in Mississippi

  • Terrell Rosè
    Terrell Rosè11 muaj më parë

    Do a video on Lawrence Phillips

  • Stephen Taylor
    Stephen Taylor11 muaj më parë

    I think the Dolphins should give him a shot. He has the personality and work ethic they are looking for. Hope he kills it in the XFL and maybe gets another shot at the NFL.

  • Stephan Williams
    Stephan Williams11 muaj më parë

    Thank you for not making me skip through that cancer of an intro

  • Eric Kelske
    Eric Kelske11 muaj më parë

    I'm sure he can help the Dallas cowboys on Special teams right now

  • word1ist
    word1ist11 muaj më parë

    Do a what happened to major applewhite Of Texas longhorns

  • shade_ dank
    shade_ dank11 muaj më parë

    Do what happened to micheal floyd

  • Chris Loshark
    Chris Loshark11 muaj më parë

    Any info on IMV

  • Bruce Robson
    Bruce Robson11 muaj më parë

    Think you could do a video on brandon banks if his story is interesting enough?

  • Frank Castle 44
    Frank Castle 4411 muaj më parë

    Flemlo what happened to the Bengals yesterday?? 😤😤😤

  • Ruben Perez
    Ruben Perez11 muaj më parë

    Do mark Barron plz

  • Ali Eljamal
    Ali Eljamal11 muaj më parë


  • RogeMan
    RogeMan11 muaj më parë

    Lying makes him a real one folks??

  • Brian Hunt
    Brian Hunt11 muaj më parë

    Thanks for being so positive. So much negativity out in the world-I love FlemLo vids due to the overall positivity!

  • Sirradal
    Sirradal11 muaj më parë

    Whats up flem. New subscriber. Been watching your vids since last week. Mad love and respect bro. Do you do requests? If so please make a vid for the '06 um vs fiu brawl. (Since so many people are surprised at the garret fight)

  • Sirradal


    11 muaj më parë

    P.S. what happened to Anthony Reddick? (The helmet swinger). All I found was a CFL clip from back in 2013.

  • Barry Smith
    Barry Smith11 muaj më parë

    Do a story on Charles Rodgers

  • Acting on Morals not Orders
    Acting on Morals not Orders11 muaj më parë

    Hes the opposite of flemlo, he never quit

  • Terrence Jones
    Terrence Jones11 muaj më parë

    What happened to Willis mcgahee

  • Ghost of Malcolm hex
    Ghost of Malcolm hex11 muaj më parë

    Why the fuck cant we get a manziel or tebow or even kap signing? Nobody cares about these no name mfs

  • A_M_P
    A_M_P11 muaj më parë

    I left a comment on you should make it I hope I inspired u haha

  • Corey Annan
    Corey Annan11 muaj më parë

    What the music background in the beginning

  • Robert Ingram
    Robert Ingram11 muaj më parë

    Can You Do One On Charles Rogers ?

  • Robert R
    Robert R11 muaj më parë

    God bless him put it out in the universe and got will try to HELP WHEN HE GETS TO U

  • M1 Garand Guy
    M1 Garand Guy11 muaj më parë

    So pumped for the XFL...this dude will shine

  • greg
    greg11 muaj më parë

    I’m happy to hear that!

  • Jesse Handel
    Jesse Handel11 muaj më parë

    0-11, and we were crazy for thinking they would go 3-13

  • Savage Jojo
    Savage Jojo11 muaj më parë

    Flemlo: we aren’t going 3-13

  • Rob G's Gaming
    Rob G's Gaming11 muaj më parë

    I bet the Browns wish they kept him now smh

    NG WOMBAT11 muaj më parë

    Why tf does he look like Collin Kapernick

  • Alex Righi
    Alex Righi11 muaj më parë

    Can you do what happened to Willie Parker and or what happened to Ryan Leaf?

  • Christian Hall
    Christian Hall11 muaj më parë

    Breaking news gridiron champions will be releasing oh wait my bad that shit never coming out hahahaha.

  • Major
    Major11 muaj më parë

    Flemlo any videos coming on Major League Football (MLFB). ?????? It was recently announced that they have purchased the equipment from AAF.

  • nathan hensn
    nathan hensn11 muaj më parë

    He's the type of guy that would've actually gently put Rudolphs helmet back on.

  • dj manning
    dj manning11 muaj më parë

    So glad to hear this will be rooting for him

  • Robin Abernathy
    Robin Abernathy11 muaj më parë

    This dude better get a book deal and a made for TV movie about him for sure.

  • Mr Dubb
    Mr Dubb11 muaj më parë

    Can u do my boi Ron Brooks LSU Buffalo Bills Eagles....... What happened to my boi just asking n thanks

  • craig covington jr.
    craig covington jr.11 muaj më parë

    Can u do one on Marion Barber

  • Tyler Slep
    Tyler Slep11 muaj më parë

    You should do ‘what happened to Marquette King’

  • thepirateman493_YT


    11 muaj më parë

    Tyler Slep He is in the XFL as well

  • lil Kb
    lil Kb11 muaj më parë

    I still can’t believe this mans any playin in the nfl o well at least he ant playin for the brown is trash

  • Payperheirplain
    Payperheirplain11 muaj më parë

    I don't even watch NFL, I just like listening to these stories you tell. This one was one of the first stories I saw from this channel and I'm glad you keep updating on him. This is a fascinating channel that I have no idea how I managed to find.

  • Tony Alston
    Tony Alston11 muaj më parë

    Flemlo I'm a BIG fan... Give me a Shout out 💯💯

  • F#%k Being Fat
    F#%k Being Fat11 muaj më parë

    XFL will be just like every other league. It will get choked out by the NFL. At some point your brain gotta over power your heart. Go to the CFL. Its already established. These little bs American leagues will not last

  • Israel Nogueira
    Israel Nogueira11 muaj më parë

    Hey!! Do a video on the LFA. That's the pro football league in Mexico. They drafting CFL free agents and all that!!!! Do it!!!!

  • JabarikJay
    JabarikJay11 muaj më parë

    I truly want this man to make it!

  • Alan Yee
    Alan Yee11 muaj më parë

    This guy would make a great business person. I mean he lied so he needs to stop that. But his tenacity and doing all of the research.

  • sonnythirteen
    sonnythirteen11 muaj më parë

    Thank you, this story is amazing. I wish this young man the best.

  • Joe Jones
    Joe Jones11 muaj më parë

    That dude is so ugly. He needs a new haircut.

  • Nick Naska
    Nick Naska11 muaj më parë

    I luv ur videos but that bengals video cracks me up

  • Jelly 14
    Jelly 1411 muaj më parë

    @FlemLo Raps u should do a video about what happened to Justin Gilbert. 👍🏻👍🏻

    TARKATAN WARKAMP11 muaj më parë

    who fucking cares get off this guy

  • Tim A
    Tim A11 muaj më parë

    If he's that good. He should be a Raider. Ohio can't field a team beyond college level.

  • MR.WILLIE 95
    MR.WILLIE 9511 muaj më parë

    I am so happy that he made it somewhere

  • Ruben Rivera
    Ruben Rivera11 muaj më parë

    Browns are still a mess even with them super stars talk about overhype they should of cut thier coaches for the horrible play calling

  • Bob Smith
    Bob Smith11 muaj më parë

    How did he lie?

  • Henry Wimberly
    Henry Wimberly11 muaj më parë

    Nice !

  • Nathan Bain
    Nathan Bain11 muaj më parë

    “I “THINK” it went over a million views” Too cool too act like he knows how many views it has You god damn well know exactly how many that did bc you get paid off it.



    11 muaj më parë

    He cares about this comment just as much as he does about those views

  • Brandon Muse
    Brandon Muse11 muaj më parë

    Its like a movie

  • Brandon Muse
    Brandon Muse11 muaj më parë

    This Story Keeps getting Better