Why Malik Henry's Not Playing! Kingston Davis Emerges! Deandre Johnson Balling! Last Chance u News


Malik henry's coach gave some insight into why malik isnt playing at Nevada. Deandre johnson is eating and more last chance u football news.

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  • FlemLo Raps
    FlemLo RapsVit më parë

    check out yesterday video: College Athletes ARE FINALLY Getting PAID!!! (NCAA Will Never Be The Same) althe.info/number/3aXVmH9paZJ3dro/video

  • Travis Reed

    Travis Reed

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    Can you cover Joshua Brown the key witness in the Dallas case who recently passed away...he alluded to a stint of football career, but not in depth... I know it's kind of soon after his passing, but would love to know more about his playing days

  • Grimace


    Vit më parë

    What happened to scooby Wright?

  • Caleb Jackson

    Caleb Jackson

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    Bengals r 0-5 that prediction might be right

  • Yoo Yoo

    Yoo Yoo

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    FlemLo Raps can you do what happened to Tyrod Taylor

  • Anthony Moore

    Anthony Moore

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    FlemLo Raps who played for in the swac big dog go hornets!!!

  • CM Perkins
    CM PerkinsVit më parë

    Jimbo Fischer taught me everything that I needed to know about Malik. He was scared to work hard and compete. I wish Deande Johnson was still in Tally. Especially, with the offensive line that we have.

  • Mad Ashell
    Mad AshellVit më parë

    malik is super immature and has zero humility.....sucks. never takes ownership for his mistakes ever.

  • Straight outta Comic Book
    Straight outta Comic BookVit më parë

    Hey bro good video, but it Nevada not novada 😂

  • Glockspecific
    GlockspecificVit më parë

    Seems he hasn’t learned anything

  • K Pax
    K PaxVit më parë

    I thought that was el debarge 😂😂. He probably is too cocky he needs to humble himself

  • Walter Ward
    Walter WardVit më parë

    Malik Henry is a garbage qb and his ego is WAY out of check

  • Walter Ward

    Walter Ward

    Vit më parë

    Don't become*

  • Walter Ward

    Walter Ward

    Vit më parë

    I hope so for his sake. He needs to be a true student of the game. He has a lot of catching up to do to get where he wants. Hope he become the next kapernick

  • J H

    J H

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    ​@Walter Ward You are looking at the past. He has improved his attitude a lot at Nevada and seems healthier than he was at FSU & ICC (no more drugs/xanax). And his skill is not even a question.

  • Walter Ward

    Walter Ward

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    Not a chance. He is a team wrecker and the tape is out there on that

  • J H

    J H

    Vit më parë

    He going to the nfl

  • Rick Clark
    Rick ClarkVit më parë

    That coach is waisting Maliks talents

  • A B
    A BVit më parë

    Malik Henry playing this week!

  • Corey Miller
    Corey MillerVit më parë

    Where did you play at?

  • Keon Goree
    Keon GoreeVit më parë

    Ahh finally Nebraska getting some love. Btw @Flemlo Raps you should do a story on Randy Gregory and what all went wrong with such a promising draft pick.

  • Brady Davis
    Brady DavisVit më parë

    You should make a video about Connor Cook

  • Kyle Saldaña
    Kyle SaldañaVit më parë

    Ay Flem just wanted to throw this out there but I did not know that Minshew was the Northwest Miss. QB that won the National championship in season 1 of Last Chance U...that's crazy.

  • Osbaldo Tejeda
    Osbaldo TejedaVit më parë

    Do what happened to Brent grimes

  • Marshall Hamilton II
    Marshall Hamilton IIVit më parë

    Malik Henry starting vs San Jose State

  • bigsoup
    bigsoupVit më parë

    Malik might as well go back to baseball 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • bigsoup


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    @Captain Boomeran ok that's great. ✊

  • Captain Boomeran

    Captain Boomeran

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    Malik Henry starting vs San Jose State

  • logan Thompkins
    logan ThompkinsVit më parë

    jus got a notification and malik henry was named the starter

  • casimiro cervantesherrera
    casimiro cervantesherreraVit më parë

    breaking news. 🚨🚨 @FlemLo Raps Malik Henry is finally going to start this week vs San Jose St. At Home (Nevada) 🚨🚨

  • Jan Nix
    Jan NixVit më parë

    Man you make so many excuses for so many of these punks. You blame the HC for being old....no it's because Malik is a pos with no leadership qualities

  • rocktauber
    rocktauberVit më parë

    You seriously need to do video about The Bengals and their Failed History as an NFL Club. I am a Bengals Fan for 40 Years. I would love to see You do it in the same style as the rest of your Videos. Keep up the Great Work!

  • jake spala
    jake spalaVit më parë

    you should do a “ what happened to” video on thomas rawls

  • Grimace
    GrimaceVit më parë

    Can you do a what happened to Scooby Wright? He had one of the best defensive seasons for a college player ever at Arizona than never did anything after

  • Nick Pearce
    Nick PearceVit më parë

    Flem you should do a rtg and then bring it onto madden 20

  • Mike C.
    Mike C.Vit më parë

    Do what happened to the Cincinnati Bengals....0-5 start

  • James Hanks
    James HanksVit më parë

    Has a bad attitude

  • Jon Cole
    Jon ColeVit më parë

    Shit looks like Malik is still just a “fucking fuckstick”..lol kid will never learn

  • Sam Stocks
    Sam StocksVit më parë

    Why aint tate seeing the field dude played pretty sweet last few chnaces at OU maybe he is just a game day dude not a practice guy and its killing him

  • Jose Alonso
    Jose AlonsoVit më parë

    What about Coach Brown?

  • Jose Alonso
    Jose AlonsoVit më parë

    What's up with your Bengals man?

  • 3ric
    3ricVit më parë

    Anal anyone?😂

  • Brandon Atkins
    Brandon AtkinsVit më parë

    Hey flemlo, you should do a video on spencer paysinger (the guy the Netflix show “All-American” is based on

  • Fondle Matittie
    Fondle MatittieVit më parë

    Play some dynasty mode

  • Jan Nix
    Jan NixVit më parë

    Paying college players is the dumbest thing. Then again it's California.....librard USA

  • maud killo
    maud killoVit më parë

    I've never seen someone fool so many people into believing that he actually knows shit about football. This guy is an absolute clown. Leave the analyst to the pros, not some moron on ALthe. ALthers are some of the dumbest people on the planet. Just look at the bigger ones. They are all fucking morons. Also, I'm sorry, but anyone who loses ownership of their kid is not someone I am going to take serious. Obviously has many short comings for that to happen. Cue the Eminem!

  • jm7284
    jm7284Vit më parë

    Do you have a video on Kurt Warner? That dude literally went from the arena league to nfl hof

  • maud killo

    maud killo

    Vit më parë

    This site has a really cool search feature dummy.

  • rings 4
    rings 4Vit më parë

    No intro?

  • maud killo

    maud killo

    Vit më parë

    "Cue the thug music"....." Yea!!! I'm a chicken eater, a small dick beater"

  • Vizzle Maaane
    Vizzle MaaaneVit më parë

    Bruh your in Nevada you dnt get 4 & 5 star players coming your way all the time 🤦🏾‍♂️, sounds like he doesn’t want his job 🤣

  • Vicarious Johnson
    Vicarious JohnsonVit më parë

    Leadership and trustworthiness are not old school or new school. They just are and you either have it or you don't.

  • Buck Rogers
    Buck RogersVit më parë

    Basically he saying he's the best but he off the chain😂😂😂😂💯

  • ASAP Donkey
    ASAP DonkeyVit më parë

    Jalen hurd😞

  • Unknown Faith
    Unknown FaithVit më parë

    Jason brown need a D1 coaching job

  • flexibleskedule
    flexibleskeduleVit më parë

    Always trying to keep track of the Last Chance U dudes. Thanks bro, keep doing this.

  • secesh 1861
    secesh 1861Vit më parë

    Please look into Jevan Snead i think itll be good content

  • ZSPN Digital Archive
    ZSPN Digital ArchiveVit më parë

    It’s trash folks are judging his (Malik’s) character while stopping him from starting like at what point do we ask what’s wrong w these folks in power he’s just tryna play ball if he’s (Better) politics n emotions shouldn’t keep him from playing esp when he’s better

  • Tyler Saint
    Tyler SaintVit më parë

    He's wasted talent! Continues to block his own success!!

  • Jay Smith
    Jay SmithVit më parë

    Malik - still not behaving like a responsible adult or not to the degree to be trusted. Are we shocked?

  • CY
    CYVit më parë

    Malika has issues it's clear hes been baby and dont even care himself about playing ...that coach dont trust him and it's the same issues he has always had I bet since hes not playing hes in the others ear talking negative hes not a leader and not going to be one his career is over hopefully he can go help the youth on what not to do this happens and it is what it is

  • Carolyn Arceneaux
    Carolyn ArceneauxVit më parë

    When will my favorite player kailon Davis get playing time

  • carl nerney
    carl nerneyVit më parë

    So much for Cincinnati not going 3 an 13 lmao hahahahahahahaha

  • Adrian Wallace
    Adrian WallaceVit më parë

    Malik needs therapy not football everyone is quick to jump on him for his antics and actions but no one has recommended he go get his mental health evaluated I bet you there's some serious damage there and mental health has never been high on the priority list for athletes

  • Chad McFly
    Chad McFlyVit më parë

    Malik will never learn. Such a wasted talent.

  • LaB x Slipknots
    LaB x SlipknotsVit më parë

    What ever happened to the guy that balled out when Kingston and boyd were doing garbage on Indi?

  • LIL TY G
    LIL TY GVit më parë

    Henry is jus to immature and cries like a little baby when things dont go his way. GARBAGE

  • Runningbull
    RunningbullVit më parë

    Why tf does Malik have to be responsible for motivating the other players why is one human responsible for everything the nigga is who he is maybe nurture him rather then bash him and watch him flourish kinda like kawhi and coach pop it wasn’t a good fit some coaches will never understand they are the problem a great coach is a great people person and can manipulate any kind of ego and or personality to fit his system look at the patriots

  • K.T. Harmon
    K.T. HarmonVit më parë

    Face it y’all Malik has a fucked up attitude period and will never play quarterback because of that

  • eli browne
    eli browneVit më parë

    I still think he should play baseball

  • Keiran Wilson
    Keiran WilsonVit më parë

    As someone who lives in Nevada please stop saying “Nevoda”

  • Raja Rao

    Raja Rao

    Vit më parë

    @Darren Kastl okay, darren.

  • Darren Kastl

    Darren Kastl

    Vit më parë

    Don't ever step in my state with out checking in before you ask me how to pronounce it! Got that pal!

  • Raja Rao

    Raja Rao

    Vit më parë


  • Berserker5150
    Berserker5150Vit më parë

    If Dakota Allen gets to suit up as a raider I'm buying that jersey

  • Sck Bih
    Sck BihVit më parë

    Hey @Flemlo Raps I think you should do a what happened to Ian Johnson from Boise State. Just a suggestion. Was the first football player I really gravitated to. Prolly won’t see this but just a suggestion

  • soodshrey
    soodshreyVit më parë

    I was at the Nevada Hawaii game and me and my friends went behind the Nevada bench screaming "MALIK" and he finally gave us a peace sign lol it was cool

    KING KALOVit më parë

    Lmao what I dont get is that they say on and off the field bro this man is not that bad that you letting these shitty Quarterbacks play over him lmao these coaches do they job too much off of they're feelings their jobs are to coach you so they can get the best results in the W column stop stunting people's growth because of your feelings.

  • Max Meeker
    Max MeekerVit më parë

    chauncey rivers been balling too

  • Dishon Brathwaite
    Dishon BrathwaiteVit më parë

    Nevada must not have strong leaders or Malik has to of messed up. You don’t bench someone who gives you the best chance to win over leadership unless your team relies on the 2 QBs ahead of him and no one else on offense

  • Derryl Green
    Derryl GreenVit më parë

    That's a dumb ass coach more ints then TDs get outta here

  • duane jessup
    duane jessupVit më parë

    Da Bungels tho. 😂😂😂

  • Retro Glory
    Retro GloryVit më parë

    flemlo, can you do a video on what happened to darrelle revis?

  • lorries babydaddy
    lorries babydaddyVit më parë

    Basically Malik attitude still an issue. N this day and age tho, wins vs losses and Malik prob the best qb on team.....

  • Yoo Yoo
    Yoo YooVit më parë

    Can you did what happened to Tyrod Taylor

  • albert jr

    albert jr

    Vit më parë

    He on the chargers

  • Dizcinger
    DizcingerVit më parë

    Rakeem Boyd I immediately felt he was NFL quality. Overall has a great attitude and skills on the field. I wish him all the best.

  • arric14
    arric14Vit më parë

    Malik's new coach sounds just like the juco coach but more professional, on why he's not playing. That kid has talent but my guess is his heart isn't in it.

  • Justin Santos
    Justin SantosVit më parë

    Malik Henry has been a headcase since he was in hs, having problems at EVERY school he has been at. It shouldn't be surprising to why he isn't playing.

  • ImSizo
    ImSizoVit më parë

    Malik a brat. Stop covering him

  • Hustlen
    HustlenVit më parë

    It would be cool to do a video on what happened to Dorial green Beckham. I remember he was a rising star and everything for the eagles then he just disappeared. Didn’t he have like crazy combine stats also? Like so he can see it!

  • Jose Dior
    Jose DiorVit më parë

    Rakeem Boyd just sounds like a nfl running back name

  • Paxton Waugh
    Paxton WaughVit më parë

    If Malik plays ima have to start watching Nevada games 👍🏻

  • Branden Northern
    Branden NorthernVit më parë

    That me playing MLB against Davis on his high school highlights lol

  • Sportsgod34 -_-
    Sportsgod34 -_-Vit më parë

    It’s a coach that knows he can’t win so he is trying to keep his job by building a classy program pathetic put the talent on the field

  • DeShonda Dede Washington
    DeShonda Dede WashingtonVit më parë

    Thank you as always the Malik situation I think the teammates will be the way to get the coach to put him in as yea he wants him to be like old school but we all know that's not malik... good luck to Carlos .. always happy about Dakota. Good to see Vijay back at it with football as I noticed he was playing baseball... Boyd was doing his thang I actually worked that game and consistently heard his name.. thanks again for these quick updates

  • Soggy
    SoggyVit më parë

    Just give the man a chance

  • Dylan Hayward
    Dylan HaywardVit më parë

    Great vid bro

  • Kalifland Kalifland
    Kalifland KaliflandVit më parë

    They need to put Malik in Nevada got blown out by Hawaii

  • Grace Horton
    Grace HortonVit më parë

    what ever happened to Kerry Buckmaster?

  • CxTyler
    CxTylerVit më parë

    Malik should play in the XFL

  • Lil Deno
    Lil DenoVit më parë

    Kingston Davis play for Lane college where I'm at

  • vanderbotsch regal
    vanderbotsch regalVit më parë

    Coaches be full of crap

  • danyo rumblz
    danyo rumblzVit më parë

    It’s nev-ad-a not nev-ah-da!

  • Jesse Handel
    Jesse HandelVit më parë

    How's that 8-8 season for the Bengals coming? Lol

  • Tyler Stewart
    Tyler StewartVit më parë

    Aye man, your Bangles just signed my dude Stanley Morgan Jr from the practice squad. He could be a beast in the slot for y'all 💪💪💪

  • squisher420
    squisher420Vit më parë

    malik isnt playing because he is a drug addict with a horrible attitude and worse teammate

  • J H

    J H

    Vit më parë

    @squisher420 well hopefully he can overcome it

  • squisher420


    Vit më parë

    @J H it wasnt a secret around fsu when he was their and watch his behavior on last chance u especially the first season he was on dude was addicted to benzos

  • J H

    J H

    Vit më parë

    How do you know? (about the drug thing)

  • Zay !
    Zay !Vit më parë

    Lane college the dragons in Jackson TN?

  • D A
    D AVit më parë

    John Ross on IR as of today, FlemLo my man I applaud you for sticking with the Bengals

  • Timothy McJury
    Timothy McJuryVit më parë

    If you watch the show Malik Henry is the most spoiled kid in college sports. He acts like an only child and then his father is too scared to discipline Malik because he just came back into his life. Sad situation because he is smart and if he buckled down and got his ass beat a few times he might be great. His ego is way to big and no one around him punched him in the face when he needed it. I wouldn’t put an ounce of effort into helping him until I saw him helping him self.

  • Cory Karhoff
    Cory KarhoffVit më parë

    Idk how I feel about Rakeem wearing DMac's uni though.

  • Boose
    BooseVit më parë

    I'm a simple man, I see a FlemLo video, I click play.

  • You mad Bro
    You mad BroVit më parë

    Nigga is a bum, riding the bench at Nevada 😂😂😂

  • Cory Karhoff

    Cory Karhoff

    Vit më parë

    Obv they not doing something right though. The just got pantsed 54-3.

  • SouthSide Khi
    SouthSide KhiVit më parë

    I play at Southern University and we play Deandre Johnson and Texas Southern in a couple weeks

  • Jalen 2.0

    Jalen 2.0

    Vit më parë

    Yk Kendall Collins?

  • Designer Boiz
    Designer BoizVit më parë

    At this point Malik Henry needs to focus on his degrees and his future outside of football. Every thing else will work it self out

  • Cuckhead McGee

    Cuckhead McGee

    Vit më parë

    Designer Boiz wrong

  • juliqnn
    juliqnnVit më parë

    he didnt que the Wayne

  • Ty Givan
    Ty GivanVit më parë

    The thing is Malik "knows" he better than those other 2 bums. NCAA football is all politics .

  • Tae Lew
    Tae LewVit më parë

    So he’s not playing due to issues off the field! So they rather lose with a sorry ass QB instead of playing Malik who would actually give them a better chance to win 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Darren Kastl

    Darren Kastl

    Vit më parë

    Yep! Thats it! Head cases need not apply! Would you take financial advice from someone you heard that lost millions on a electric airplane?