What Happened to Bob Sanders? (5'8 SUPER Strong Safety Who's Being Forgotten)


Bob Sanders was GREAT NFL Player who was barely healthy, but still accomplished a ton in the league
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  • John Doll
    John Doll3 orë më parë

    Bob is always in my Best Strong Safety conversations.

  • 1king
    1king2 ditë më parë

    Bul was a straight dog

  • Ronin Kraut
    Ronin Kraut2 ditë më parë

    When I think of safeties, I think of two of the greatest but possibly the most underrated in Steve Atwater and Dennis Smith...

  • Brian Wolf
    Brian Wolf3 ditë më parë

    Katt Williams on steriods ... haha, kidding ... great player when he was on the field ... Colts really missed him ...

  • Brian Wolf
    Brian Wolf3 ditë më parë

    Bob Sanders and Kelvin Hayden, two great "what if " players ...

  • Mr Alexx
    Mr Alexx4 ditë më parë

    U know this man when it comes to football!!! "on point"

  • metalgate1979
    metalgate19794 ditë më parë

    Once a Hawkeye, always a Hawkeye

  • ContactDigest
    ContactDigest5 ditë më parë

    My favorite football player of all time.

  • Mike Sullivan
    Mike Sullivan5 ditë më parë

    Finally, arguably the greatest safety ever. The proof is in the pudding.

  • PhotonBread


    4 ditë më parë

    Hit so hard he knocked himself out

  • Scatpack ARose
    Scatpack ARose5 ditë më parë

    The GOAT!

  • Walking Bomb
    Walking Bomb6 ditë më parë

    Short prime

  • Minnesotan Man
    Minnesotan Man6 ditë më parë

    I feel like Harrison Smith is more like Bob Danders than Earl Thomas

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day Gamer7 ditë më parë

    I remember bob dude was a beast. And honestly would be a HOFer if he was healthy for even 5 or 6 years

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day Gamer7 ditë më parë

    At my high school we weren’t allowed to let freshman be on varsity. It was just called freshman. At that point they put a 5’11” 15 year old who weighed less than 180 pounds on the D line. Wouldn’t let me play linebacker, or RB just DE

  • Spring Heeled Jack
    Spring Heeled Jack7 ditë më parë

    Bob Sanders, won Peyton a ring, it was no miracle that the Colts D became dominate when Bob came back.

  • Ezra Berry
    Ezra Berry8 ditë më parë

    Also, that RCA dome footage is so damn nostalgic. Saw monster jam there as a kid 😂

  • Ezra Berry
    Ezra Berry8 ditë më parë

    As someone who’s grown up in the Hoosier state, Sanders, Wayne, Addai, Freeney, and of course Peyton were seen as gods and household names. Never forgotten here. Not a Colts fan, but they did have some great seasons with that core.

  • Ezra Berry

    Ezra Berry

    8 ditë më parë

    Didn’t mean to disrespect Marvin lol

  • Axel Jimenez
    Axel Jimenez8 ditë më parë

    Wait What Is That Quavo. MIGOS lol im Jist Playing RIP SANDERS

  • Bob Geis
    Bob Geis8 ditë më parë

    Great player for my Colts. I'm thankful I got to see him play. Thanks for putting this together.

  • jjohnson3469
    jjohnson34699 ditë më parë

    Sanders and Antoine Bethea were a great tandem in Indy

  • AllDaSmk 904
    AllDaSmk 9049 ditë më parë

    The colts D was sick back then

  • Ammata Pierron
    Ammata Pierron10 ditë më parë

    Legendary hawkeye!! If he had stayed healthy he would've been of the greatest safety in the nfl

  • Dwight Love
    Dwight Love10 ditë më parë

    Bob Sanders was Darrell Greene with a extra 20 lbs

  • Fabian Moye
    Fabian Moye11 ditë më parë

    Isn't this the dude who got stabbed by his spouse. And got tackled by rothlisberger on the famous betis fumble in the playoffs?

  • The World is a Stage
    The World is a Stage12 ditë më parë

    Dammnnn i forgot about sanders! and that was like yesterday lol (dude was mean)- it’s probably because of his short career

  • Patriots Football Breakdown
    Patriots Football Breakdown12 ditë më parë

    James Sanders > Bob Sanders

  • Roas Runna
    Roas Runna13 ditë më parë

    Never forgotten "Big Bob" showed up to the field and was the NFL dmvp

  • Sand
    Sand13 ditë më parë

    I’ve been watching NFL for thirty years. I haven’t forgotten Bob Sanders.

  • Motizzie95
    Motizzie9514 ditë më parë

    Bob retired, but he still "working" 😂😂😂

  • Michael Gower
    Michael Gower14 ditë më parë

    My best friends a colts fan and I got to appreciate bobs career, I think he deserves to be remembered, dude was a bulldog

  • mrL
    mrL14 ditë më parë

    Bob still one of my favorite players of all time (colts fan)

  • Mike Runyon
    Mike Runyon14 ditë më parë

    Kept getting hurt but you always knew Sanders made the tackle when you seen someone's legs in the air after contact lol always made me laugh he played to big and hard for his size.

  • Hiro Klyph
    Hiro Klyph14 ditë më parë

    Hell ya man! I LOVED watching this guy. He was beast in Madden too 😂

  • Noah Tav
    Noah Tav14 ditë më parë

    Bob sanders was born and raised in my city !

  • matt matt
    matt matt15 ditë më parë

    As a colt fan probably my favorite player behind peyton dude was a monster people that didn't watch football in that era dont even know how great he was if he was hurt you could figure on at least 2 tds more and about 50 rushing yards more for the opposition nobody was more more vital to the colts defense than bob sanders

  • Aaron Dontworryboutit
    Aaron Dontworryboutit15 ditë më parë

    Still have my sanders super bowl jersey. Won't ever get rid of it even though it doesn't fit anymore

  • mike cain
    mike cain15 ditë më parë

    Neverrr forget Bob sanders next to Sean Taylor my fav safety 🙌🏾💯

  • ROBERT Whatley
    ROBERT Whatley16 ditë më parë

    I'm glad I got to see him play, that dude was the truth.

  • Roddy Federer
    Roddy Federer18 ditë më parë

    Bob Sanders is the reason I wore #21 In High-School 😭 I'm so glad he hasn't been forgotten by the true fans. He was like a shooting star. I'm so glad I got to witness him play 🤩 *I also made him 99 on Madden* 😜

  • John Janowiecki
    John Janowiecki19 ditë më parë

    Was one of my favorites.

  • Enrique Martinez
    Enrique Martinez19 ditë më parë

    I use to trade for him on franchise

  • Truth be told
    Truth be told22 ditë më parë

    My favorite Colt of all time behind Peyton Manning

  • Will Andrews
    Will Andrews23 ditë më parë

    I don’t get how someone can look at a guy who did very well with 2 positions & a major preference for 1, how do u look @ him & say “no you’re on defense” & be right about that to the point that you practically look like a genius. Oh & I really enjoy your channel bro! A lot. It’s a how to do youtube extremely well with tons of polish & make it look like you have been doing it for 20 years. I mean you could make a video on the modern methods of basket weaving vs how they did it prior to the industrial revolution & if you kept this exact same methodology, I assure you it would get views.

  • Slim Slide
    Slim Slide23 ditë më parë

    Remind me of Jonathan Abram in today’s game

  • Chris Starks
    Chris Starks23 ditë më parë

    I been waitin for somebody to do hi glad it was you favorite safety of all time 🐐🐐🐐

  • E
    E23 ditë më parë

    I love the amount of thought and research go into these videos. I have been watching them for the fast few months and I’m hooked.

  • greasedog
    greasedog23 ditë më parë

    He didn’t have the most prolific career put he was extremely IMPACTFUL when he was out there

  • Chris Dewayne
    Chris Dewayne23 ditë më parë

    Colts fans never forget bob Sanders he was elite

  • Caetano Lozano
    Caetano Lozano24 ditë më parë


    FUEGO24 ditë më parë

    Im bein recorded bro aint no way in hell yt recommended me this after i just rage sold his card in madden

  • Dan vitty
    Dan vitty24 ditë më parë

    Bro I never even heard the lil Wayne song in your intro buy that one line is just constantly stuck in my head lol

  • Nant Nyny
    Nant Nyny25 ditë më parë

    When it came to consistency impact reed, troy p, n Sanders was in a class of there own💪💯

  • Flu Game Records LLC’d
    Flu Game Records LLC’d25 ditë më parë

    5’8 206 😅Bob swole af

  • Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols
    Dennis The Comic Novel Monitor Nichols25 ditë më parë

    Living in indianapolis we LOVED Bob Sanders, but would get FRUSTRATED with him. He played HARD, but didn't play SMART. He would literally try and knock the other guy AND HIMSELF out with every hit. Which he usually did, putting him OUT all the time after our Superbowl run.

  • marianne prescott
    marianne prescott26 ditë më parë

    How about Barry Sanders.

  • Anthony Wilson
    Anthony Wilson26 ditë më parë

    Nah Bob was one of the best and hardest hitting safetys in the league I wish he would've signed with the patriots instead of the chargers

    ALLMONEYIN26 ditë më parë

    Do one on JJ Wilcox next.

  • Nintendad816 *
    Nintendad816 *26 ditë më parë

    A guy you def forget kinda like Bobby Wagner

  • Christopher McClain
    Christopher McClain26 ditë më parë

    Dominic Rhodes was the MVP of that game, it wasn't Manning or Sanders

  • Christopher McClain
    Christopher McClain26 ditë më parë

    There's no considered, he would have been the goat at the safety position if he could have stoped working out so damn much.

  • Chef Jims
    Chef Jims27 ditë më parë

    Game changer for sure

  • Jayden Fleurimond
    Jayden Fleurimond27 ditë më parë

    i’m only watching this video cuz of madden

  • Some Guy
    Some Guy28 ditë më parë

    I’ve been a colts fan my entire life and whenever I brought up Bob Sanders as a super good safety it was like almost everyone forgot who he was

  • X_savior
    X_savior28 ditë më parë

    Me being a smaller guy bob sanders is an inspiration

  • joseph mcdaniels
    joseph mcdaniels28 ditë më parë

    Flemlo you need to do a video on Robert Griffith strong safety for the Vikings

  • Robert West
    Robert West28 ditë më parë

    Hey I know Bob lol.

  • ElijahHeyokaNobody ?
    ElijahHeyokaNobody ?28 ditë më parë

    bob sanders and troy as ss and fs in madden franchise mode. what a combo

  • Michael Gardner
    Michael Gardner29 ditë më parë

    Someone needs to this him NATIONwide. This is fantastic. I loved Sanders. Hated/Hate Manning.

  • fish whistle
    fish whistle29 ditë më parë

    I’ll never forget this dude. He had the heart of a lion.

  • Eduardo Pena
    Eduardo PenaMuaj më parë

    Bob Sanders was an absolute maniac (in a good sense) at the safety position and was literally the entire Colts defense. His all out max effort play style was ultimately too much for his body to handle and what could have been one of the best careers for a safety was cut far too short. I won't forget this man.

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty ShacklefordMuaj më parë

    i never forgot him i loved the way he played amazing him and troy in their prime at the same damn time along with ed and dawkins

  • Vigilante Williamson
    Vigilante WilliamsonMuaj më parë

    If he would have had just 2 or 3 more 07 type seasons he would have been the defensive Gale Sayers. He was every bit Ed Reed and Polamalu's equal for that year.

  • Fredrick 2kj
    Fredrick 2kjMuaj më parë

    When you play in the same era/position as Ed Reed/Troy P. You tend to be forgotten . Two of the greatest ever at that position in the same time period .

  • Russell Coleman
    Russell ColemanMuaj më parë

    Bob Sanders was an all out player. He was incredible

  • TheGrapplingGamer
    TheGrapplingGamerMuaj më parë

    If Bob stayed healthy, colts would’ve had another Super Bowl or two

  • Draggline 77
    Draggline 77Muaj më parë

    Man him and Laron Landry was juicing .

  • Jazz Man
    Jazz ManMuaj më parë

    He was a Dynamo bears the same last name as our homeboy Barry Sanders .

  • Michael Condelli
    Michael CondelliMuaj më parë

    Bob Sanders wasn't a 'good' DB, not a 'good' safety, he was OUTSTANDING!! The things he could have accomplished had he not been so injured makes me wonder. For being 5'8 he hit like a 6'3 All Pro linebacker. He was the best 'small safety' I've ever seen in the NFL. Had he played even 13 games per season over his career his legend would be even bigger than it is now. Incredible player who controlled the defense.

  • Angry Sapien
    Angry SapienMuaj më parë

    I felt sorry for any back that was on the receiving end of a Bob Sanders run blitz. He hit Lawrence Maroney so hard in the 2007 afc championship game that he wasn't a factor in the rest of the game. Tore the Bears up pretty good too. Bob was a bad, bad man. Colts would have been wise to limit his game time during the regular season and leave him rested and healthy for the playoffs, when Indy really needed him the most. He definitely left his mark on the sport, and got a ring.. not too shabby I would say.

  • I Lee
    I LeeMuaj më parë

    intro sucks but great content otherwise

  • 7 Lee
    7 LeeMuaj më parë

    The colonel

  • Justin Ogle
    Justin OgleMuaj më parë

    Bob lead the way for players like Jamal Adams

  • Arnold Strickland
    Arnold StricklandMuaj më parë

    Yes Earl Thomas he stopped that big ass USC running back a 1/2 yard short that got Vince Young the ball to win the championship I've always been a Longhorns fan from NH crazy no New England teams are my favorite

  • XShadesX
    XShadesXMuaj më parë

    Lmfao he hit the starting running back so hard that he didn’t play the next 3 games and made bob sanders the starter I’m dead lmfao

  • A Human Being
    A Human BeingMuaj më parë

    Bam Bam always has been and always will be my favorite player, but i think I may have just found his equal lmao.

  • Dixson Lauofo
    Dixson LauofoMuaj më parë

    Neck of a red nose pit bull and forearms like Popeye!! Yikes 😂

  • Drip Skylark
    Drip SkylarkMuaj më parë

    I know you did not just snub Ronnie Lott like that. SMH

  • Brandon Ring
    Brandon RingMuaj më parë

    Sanders was a total stud

  • Think4yourself ForOnce
    Think4yourself ForOnceMuaj më parë

    For years you’ve been my favorite football ALthe channel.

  • Sean Duffy
    Sean DuffyMuaj më parë

    If anyone is in this comment section and hasn’t seen The Bob Emergency by SB Nation/Secret Base - please go check it out. It’s worth your time and Bob Sanders was possibly the last great Bob we’ll have in sports

  • Viper Player
    Viper PlayerMuaj më parë

    Y do you look like him lol

  • E J
    E JMuaj më parë

    He just looked so freaking badass in that colts uniform. I loved watching him play. Colts defense for years was always bad aside from Mathis and Dwight Freeney. He really was the heart and soul of that defense.

  • lou Nicks
    lou NicksMuaj më parë

    I was a fan since i watched him play for Iowa. I swear he couldve played middle linebacker if he wanted to. He was a heat seeking missle. That same style of play is what made his career so short. 1st ballot Hall of Famer if he had stayed healthy.

  • d1rtytango 1
    d1rtytango 1Muaj më parë

    I used to throw him on my madden teams

  • Virgil Johnson
    Virgil JohnsonMuaj më parë

    If u know football, he's never been forgotten

  • Big Balls
    Big BallsMuaj më parë

    Bob Sanders was a dawg!!!

  • Tka Ant
    Tka AntMuaj më parë

    1:49 got me dying cause it’s true 😂😂

  • D Porter
    D PorterMuaj më parë

    Loved watching Sanders play. I remember a Monday Night game where he drilled running back Steven Jackson a couple times and put him in check. Things got chippy and Jackson wanted no part of him lol

  • S Hnz
    S HnzMuaj më parë

    Bill Cower was asked one time if he liked Bob Sanders and his reply was, emphatically, “I love Bob Sanders!” I totally agree with coach, Bob Sanders made it fun to watch the Colts defense. He will never be forgotten in my eyes.

  • MrYorick271
    MrYorick271Muaj më parë

    Bob Sanders was not 5’8”, I met him and he was at least two inches shorter than me, and I’m 5’8” exactly.