New College Football Game! Dynasty Mode 1st Impressions!


Doug Fluties Maximum Football 19 is out. Here are my 1st impressions of the new college football game dynasty mode.

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  • Dyante daniels
    Dyante danielsMuaj më parë

    Hope you give maximum football 2020 a try

  • Wyatt Rohr
    Wyatt Rohr2 muaj më parë

    You got jamarcus Russell on your team

  • Patrick Robertson
    Patrick Robertson5 muaj më parë a video on Curtis Dickey from Texas A&M

  • Payton
    Payton6 muaj më parë

    Why do you do the graphics look slightly better on your video? I just bought maximum football 19 and when I look at the edges on players or other things its a kind of rough/jagged but on your players the edges are smooth and a little more defined do you have a setting turned up in the game? Great video keep them coming

    T.L.A._OFFICIAL6 muaj më parë

    You should review retro bowl as well. It's a great mobile game and it has that franchise experience many of us have been looking for.

    T.L.A._OFFICIAL6 muaj më parë

    They should partner with the team that works on the retro bowl mobile football game. The franchise experience on there is so crazy and in depth. I would love to see that happen for this game as well.

  • Brian Freeman
    Brian Freeman6 muaj më parë

    This is just like it was back when it was ps1 boarderline ps2 but still way less ppl. They just needed this next jump its happening for 2020

  • Eric S
    Eric S8 muaj më parë

    game looks like it's from the ps2 era, physics look like ps1 era

  • After Asteroid Survivor
    After Asteroid Survivor9 muaj më parë

    ESPN 2K5? 🤔

  • garret halkides
    garret halkides9 muaj më parë

    ive been asking around and haven't gotten any feedback. can you customize conferences and schedules?

  • Desrae P
    Desrae P9 muaj më parë

    Wat z team is ranked number 1

  • Chuck D
    Chuck D10 muaj më parë

    When you starting a dynasty mode with the NJ Medieval ?

  • Yamil Arbaje
    Yamil ArbajeVit më parë

    Someone needs to get that 2k football engine

    KING NOVAAKVit më parë

    This shit better than that IMV game tho 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jonathan Williams
    Jonathan WilliamsVit më parë

    Maybe in a couple years it can compete against Madden? Someone needs to because EA Madden is straight trash it's license needs to be taken seriously!

  • Larry Jackson
    Larry JacksonVit më parë

    Didn’t even know about these, you put me on bro. You should definitely do a review on the other game

  • garret halkides
    garret halkidesVit më parë

    Can you customize conferences and schedules?

  • James Pope

    James Pope

    8 muaj më parë


  • Ranman40 Landry
    Ranman40 LandryVit më parë

    SB is slot back. I was a slot back when my high school would run the old power i formation and the Veer formation. . Slot backs were used like Reggie Bush. versatile and speed

  • Cullen Diethron

    Cullen Diethron

    Vit më parë

    It’s a te in Canada football

  • zepsett
    zepsettVit më parë

    "If they could just copy and paste the NCAA system." Yeah....NCAA would love to see them try that...

  • hahaxdlol
    hahaxdlolVit më parë

    they did a patch and fixed some issues

  • Cory Stokes
    Cory StokesVit më parë

    what about a college basketball game with a story mode on ps4

  • Bill B
    Bill BVit më parë

    Slot back is a position in the NFL too. It is a way the RB is used.

  • Bill B

    Bill B

    Vit më parë

    @Cullen Diethron WTF are you talking about? Dipshyt doesmt know what hes talking about, doesnt make me upset. You are the vaginal one. Fk off

  • Cullen Diethron

    Cullen Diethron

    Vit më parë

    Whatever I don’t care that much in Canada there was no te in the game and no need to get your Panties in a bunch

  • Bill B

    Bill B

    Vit më parë

    @Cullen Diethron yes they do. Depends on the stylenof the playbook. It refers to the job they do. It is a term that applies. Like 3rd down back. They are listed as a RB. The coach decides to use them mostly on 3rd downs. If i want to run a play and it requires a player to do something, you just say, "I want you to...." It depends on the skills of the player and the requirements of the offense.

  • Cullen Diethron

    Cullen Diethron

    Vit më parë

    In football roster you just called them rb or te we you do called slot wr but mostly footballs teams in the USA don’t use the term slot back

  • Bill B

    Bill B

    Vit më parë

    @Cullen Diethron In all forms of football the scat back, slot back, whatever are the RB or TE lined up in a different posistion. It's just a term referring to the position on the field the player is lined up.

  • Bill B
    Bill BVit më parë

    Madden and NCAA pulls up the team too. Theyre in order by rating in the posistion,

  • Jan Nix
    Jan NixVit më parë

    I feel like many of you have been brainwashed to pander like this Flem guy. It's ok to be negative about something people. It's ok to not constantly blow smoke up people's asses like FlemLoogie does. The guy panders all the damn time. You dont have to do thos young people. The game is shit. It looks awful, it feels awful, and performs awful. This game is trash. Idc what the price is. Trash is trash.

  • sam mathis
    sam mathisVit më parë

    I enjoy this game it needs some fixes like I wish all the names were more like Tom ,Ron,ect like simple names not ridiculously long

  • Edgar Gomez
    Edgar GomezVit më parë

    Are you from El Paso? You had some UTEP hats in the background in another video...

  • javion buchanan
    javion buchananVit më parë

    How don’t you know what a slot back is ?

  • Cullen Diethron

    Cullen Diethron

    Vit më parë

    We don’t use them in the USA slot back in Canada is a te

  • Cordarius Sanders
    Cordarius SandersVit më parë

    Damn EA done pushed y’all to the point of just buying any damn thang, shit trash.

  • Lamont Dee
    Lamont DeeVit më parë

    Yeahhh ima stick with ncaa14 lmao

  • Johnathan Harris
    Johnathan HarrisVit më parë

    The receivers having to stop to catch the ball makes this unplayable to me.

  • Hero
    HeroVit më parë

    Three people put this whole game together 3! We need to all buy this game and fund them so they can get a studio and hire a staff! Madden is garbage they have tons of people and produce trash 3 freaking people made this Let’s support them

  • Mike41
    Mike41Vit më parë

    Just a heads up they're going to be rolling out the updates.

  • Whiteboy Arik
    Whiteboy ArikVit më parë

    Do axis football

  • DumaneAustin
    DumaneAustinVit më parë

    Please do a video on Axis.

  • Jamal Washington
    Jamal WashingtonVit më parë

    The controls are literally PS2 madden

  • Mykal Wagner
    Mykal WagnerVit më parë

    Don't know bro....the game play isn't to MY personal expectations. I'll just resign and sign with a new team in my 32nd season of NCAA 14. Sorry your Bengals suck, my Falcons do too!!

  • HHRML -HipHopRunsMyLife
    HHRML -HipHopRunsMyLifeVit më parë

    I’m bout to get me a ps3 oor Xbox 360 i love the college game I had let 30 dudes in the nfl

  • Taylor Herron
    Taylor HerronVit më parë

    this aint a fucking college football game LMAO

  • Harry Richard
    Harry RichardVit më parë

    Lmao this shit looks like madden 2007

  • Hunter Mullaly
    Hunter MullalyVit më parë

    Sorry about your Bengals lol

  • brad hoke
    brad hokeVit më parë

    Man this shit is trash. Don’t even try to pretend like it isn’t


    Yo sup flem lo . You out here looking like that auntie at the reunion that eat up all the sweet potato pie.

  • Tha BaldWookiee
    Tha BaldWookieeVit më parë

    Ok I've been trying to play the College Dynasty part and I can't get it to go past the Coin flip.

  • DKisBEAST k
    DKisBEAST kVit më parë

    Would love to see axis football

  • Dalton Robert Pepple
    Dalton Robert PeppleVit më parë

    Better than NCAA 14? *DOUBT*

  • beazyo6baby
    beazyo6babyVit më parë

    Meh I'll stick to ncaa14 for now

  • child of YAHAWAH
    child of YAHAWAHVit më parë

    madden EA scammers! come on i know you can do it! stop being lazy! and greedy! just give us one more! just one more good fucking game! with all the works! and then you can guys can quit! i dont care! just give us that one good fucking game and take it seriously! and bring the damm refs back! and blizzard weather. and i literally want to hear the wind whistling like in real life while im playing.

  • Roman Corona Martinez
    Roman Corona MartinezVit më parë

    We need a new ncaa game period!!!

  • Chris H
    Chris HVit më parë

    Not gonna waste my time on this game, patiently waiting on IMV

  • Brian Elliott
    Brian ElliottVit më parë

    Where can I buy this?

  • OMD OldManDuece
    OMD OldManDueceVit më parë

    I'm hoping 2k will do XFL game since they are already doing WWE game 2k should have been all over this...fake college would have been great

    SMOOVELIFECJVit më parë

    This shit look trash

    CUHJR BVCKETSVit më parë

    Should I buy this game I need a review from somebody that has played it

  • DomNikko Daddi

    DomNikko Daddi

    Vit më parë

    If you loved NCAA 14, absolutely DON'T BUY

  • Dr4gon 360
    Dr4gon 360Vit më parë

    I just can’t find this in the store on Xbox one in the US, anybody know what’s up?

  • XInSaNe ClAmPzz 6
    XInSaNe ClAmPzz 6Vit më parë

    Don’t even look like a next gen game

  • Azrael
    AzraelVit më parë

    Cali passed the pay for play act...looking forward to your video on that. 1

  • Lonnie hate
    Lonnie hateVit më parë

    I was looking to go back in history and play ncaa because I miss it so much. i can remember my favorite of all time was with Reggie Bush on the cover. what is the greatest ncaa football game of all time to have?

  • jondough7777777
    jondough7777777Vit më parë

    A part of me feels like I wasted 30$. I know they are a small dev team. It’s not something I want to throw a lot of time into. You addressed a lot of the reasons. I wish the font was larger in the menus. Clunky menus, the controls are very stiff. I don’t want to pile on the devs tho. It takes a lot to do half of what they did.

  • Bryan Tann
    Bryan TannVit më parë

    I picked up this game on Friday. I agree with you on the Depth Chart. Do you follow them on Twitter? They're pretty responsive to fans.

  • J. Rish
    J. RishVit më parë

    Wusup bruh. You taking too long to report on the NCAA rules that will allow players to be paid.

  • underscore Savage
    underscore SavageVit më parë

    Control layouts looks ok easy to maneuver hands if you hold controller right

  • Jeffrey Zeigler
    Jeffrey ZeiglerVit më parë

    Can you play dynasty mode online with friends?

  • Michael White
    Michael WhiteVit më parë

    At least it’s not vaporware....IMV comes to mind.

  • Sano
    SanoVit më parë

    Yo Flem how do I get the team from your Rutgers dynasty so I can do my own dynasty

  • Hanif Azad
    Hanif AzadVit më parë

    Yo the devs said they’ve fixed the depth chart they acting fast bruh

  • Jason DuVall
    Jason DuVallVit më parë

    Flem... Question... Why doesn't EA just make a college game that has the schoosl, the stadiums, the bowls, etc all the things that doesn't involve the likeness of the players? They could just make fake names and fake numbers and fake sizes of the players but keep everything else that was dope about NCAA 14. At the end of the day, when you are in dynasty mode your using fake players anyway. Why not just use fake players from the jump?

  • Dare2BeDifferent34
    Dare2BeDifferent34Vit më parë

    TRASH TRASH TRASH game...…..i'll buy it for my kids when its on sale for $5.99 by Black Friday. lol

  • S P
    S PVit më parë

    Potential is there... but only if things get worked on.

  • Fred Williams
    Fred WilliamsVit më parë

    This game broken

  • Kyle KyleSwae
    Kyle KyleSwaeVit më parë

    Are you from El Paso ?

  • Jason DetroitRockCity
    Jason DetroitRockCityVit më parë

    I agree with you about the customization and recruiting....Some of the BEST ive seen and its fun as hell. There are fixes that are needed but one of my biggest problems is the players vitals. Check out the video at 14:15....QB that is 6'5" 285 lbs that has 73 speed. I also had on my roster a 5'8" HB that was 300 lbs with 4.3 speed. If the graphics take a back seat to the customization and recruiting thats fine....but you better hit a home run with the realism of player vitals and bios at least.

  • Francisco Cazarez
    Francisco CazarezVit më parë

    I dont even play college football. But your videos are so good I watched this anyway lol.

  • Game videography
    Game videographyVit më parë

    This doesn’t look good at all... too bad

  • mustangs1140
    mustangs1140Vit më parë

    Go ahead and do the axis football review

  • Devin Howse
    Devin HowseVit më parë

    Yeah review axis please

  • Jake Findley
    Jake FindleyVit më parë

    Is this available on all consoles?

  • Kingjerpie
    KingjerpieVit më parë

    What happen to that other game that’s supposed to be a college football game that you talked about in the past

  • Darkwing_Dann
    Darkwing_DannVit më parë

    3 people made this game. Let that sink in

  • Jon Gib
    Jon GibVit më parë

    Us NBA 2k, and Madden players need to stop dumping our money into these titles and put it behind small companies that do it for the love/passion for gaming and sport. There's lots of those at EA and 2K with the same passion, but sadly somewhere up the ladder things have been steered in the wrong direction. Just like the WWE all they need is some real competition that hasn't lost it's way and they will go back to the titles we loved again.

    BIGGDADDYMARVit më parë

    Do a video on austin collie. Colts

  • Tha FuGeeLas Podcast
    Tha FuGeeLas PodcastVit më parë

    Having everyone in the depth chart could be useful if you wanna change a players position. Like qb transitioning to a Wr, etc if they let you gain skill through practice

  • Andrew Skeens
    Andrew SkeensVit më parë

    Ridin said on twitter that his roster edits didn't make it into the game because of the last minute changes/randomization that had to happen due to the complaints from the NCAA/IMG/Learfield about the fictional teams being too close to real teams

  • That 1 Dude 2020
    That 1 Dude 2020Vit më parë

    How much is it?

  • Luke Benjamin
    Luke BenjaminVit më parë

    make it for PC!

  • Mike Considine
    Mike ConsidineVit më parë

    When did they update madden 05 😂

  • Alex The Average
    Alex The AverageVit më parë

    I'm gonna be that guy. Can we stop excusing everything in this game because it was 3 people? There are games made by few people that look and play better than this mess and they usually dont charge $30. I applaud the attempt but the game is terrible and not worth $30.

    RONALD HAZLEYVit më parë

    This game isn't taken real football game players serious.. For that I'm not getting it

  • Wyatt Burton
    Wyatt BurtonVit më parë

    Hopefully in 5 years it’s gotten more popular and the graphics are like Xbox 360 good

  • Cmillthetrill
    CmillthetrillVit më parë

    Yo flemlo what's the beat in the background its fire bruh

  • Shuper Trooper
    Shuper TrooperVit më parë

    Game came straight out of 2005

  • Ryan Dyhrkopp
    Ryan DyhrkoppVit më parë

    How do you play this is it on PS4 ?

  • Chasen Cambron
    Chasen CambronVit më parë

    Yeah 285lbs runs a 3.5!?? He skipping college goin #1 overall

  • Caleb Goins
    Caleb GoinsVit më parë

    Hey Flem review Axis Football if you can in my pinion it is another up and coming game

  • Lunar
    LunarVit më parë

    Do a video on the other game that came out the same day please

  • Channel 51
    Channel 51Vit më parë

    I'm glad you made this video. I was kind of hyped for it, but the more review videos I watch, the less interested I am. That whole controller thing is pretty much a non-starter for me. How do you not mimic the same controls that pretty much every other football game has used?

  • Zach H
    Zach HVit më parë

    Slot back isn’t an only Canadian position. My high school uses slot backs

  • king kay boyy
    king kay boyyVit më parë

    You can change your depth chart

  • Luke Steinman
    Luke SteinmanVit më parë

    Aye flemo, I was watching the chargers game today and saw Patton from your Rutgers series playing. I thought it was him then the announcer went, Andre Patton from rutgers and jumped out of my seat lol

  • Man Man Guinn
    Man Man GuinnVit më parë

    Cop the other football game too

  • Jackie Robinson
    Jackie RobinsonVit më parë

    I remember sprinting with the a button playing madden 2003.