What Happened to Leonard Fournette? (Chapter 1) When He STOPPED Living Up to the Hype!


How Leonard Fournette landed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
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  • Nick Clarke
    Nick Clarke2 orë më parë

    Hey FlemLo does this code FLEMLO50 no longer work? I went to purchase the physical 2020 almanac and the code did not work for me. Would like to help your channel with any sort of affiliate stuff, but doesn't seem to be working. Thanks!

  • Michael Robb
    Michael Robb7 orë më parë

    He's younger than me god dang those nfl guys age so FAST!

  • Hugo Next Up
    Hugo Next Up16 orë më parë

    CMC only got payed to be the face of the franchise I believe I mean look at the panthers at the start of the season we had no leadership or anything really he is one of the best in the league but I believe that production can always be done by other backs without paying nearly as much Look at how mike Davis has been playing while CMC is out

  • Kyle Theune
    Kyle TheuneDitë më parë

    One thing to remember, these guys pegged as being insane with high expectations, the nfl is full of those guys on both sides of the ball.

  • JBaseball777
    JBaseball7773 ditë më parë

    Killer video as always man, keep it up!

  • Brendon
    Brendon5 ditë më parë

    Nothing funnier then videos of pros in high school. It’s literally a pro being a pro, straight destroying average, everyday kids for the most part.

  • Dontavious Payne
    Dontavious Payne6 ditë më parë

    Roll tide 🐘

  • e harris
    e harris8 ditë më parë

    Good vid not bad Just wouldn't mind if it was edited a little shorter Stop dragging out the video get to to punch lines and facts quicker I couldn't watch the whole thing Seem like to much beating around the bush

  • Tyaun Swanson
    Tyaun Swanson9 ditë më parë

    For some reason this brings me to Zion Williamson hopefully not tho.

  • Brice Farley
    Brice Farley9 ditë më parë

    Bro, this is premature, im not even gonna watch it. Just wanted to say that. Fournette is a monster. He needs to be the featured back getting 20-25 touches and he'll produce tremendously

  • Philip Farnan
    Philip Farnan10 ditë më parë

    I hope he gets a ring!

  • MP 81,16,18 CATS
    MP 81,16,18 CATS11 ditë më parë

    Lebron? Lebron is a bad person. I’d never want to be anything like him. I’d rather be like Mike.

  • Mutombo


    2 ditë më parë

    What makes him a bad person?

  • B.B. Rodriguez
    B.B. Rodriguez13 ditë më parë

    Wonder how the Jaguars felt after mixon ran for over 150 yards on them lol

  • Real Deal
    Real Deal13 ditë më parë

    Great show

  • Danny Eledge
    Danny Eledge14 ditë më parë

    Wow that rb class was insane.

  • Dewillie Smith
    Dewillie Smith15 ditë më parë

    Now he’s on the Bucs with Brady & it’s lookin pretty bright for him ‼️🧐

  • mssolo78
    mssolo7815 ditë më parë

    Im Baaaaaack😂...Been gone for awhile and im back to binge watch...been gone since May, come back and I see ya....new set, more cameras, i almost feel like I'm sitting right across from you so u KNOW ur cameras are on point....Yeah...ESPN tryna be like you when they grow up🤔..beautiful work.❤

  • D4Real
    D4Real15 ditë më parë

    im rooting for the guy, but im glad i didnt see this video before my fantasy draft or I might have reached to go get him

  • Supa CG
    Supa CG17 ditë më parë

    Really rooting for Leonard’s success and I’m a life long bama fan! I know what it’s like to be in his position in a way. I’ve always been the smartest kid in the room since I can remember. my parents expected For me to make nearly perfect grades and test scores...To the point that a b would result in me being disciplined but my siblings were praised for c’s when they could manage to get them. Expectations aren’t the same for everyone but I learned to quit allowing others to set expectations for me and only to worry about the expectations I set for myself. I hope he can find his way. Good luck Leonard!

  • nnn nnn
    nnn nnn17 ditë më parë

    Yo, this is the best football channel! keep working hard man you deserve all the success that comes your way

  • ryan Tran
    ryan Tran18 ditë më parë

    Been a subscriber for a long time Flemlo. Your production and videos has grown leaps and bounds. Congrats bro.

  • Benjamin Greene
    Benjamin Greene18 ditë më parë

    Love your work mane keep it up 💯🤞🏾 Random question doe how tf you become a bengals fan??? 🧐

  • Tyler James
    Tyler James18 ditë më parë

    Love your vids!

  • JC
    JC19 ditë më parë

    If they're super bowl potential and the Saints beat them, what does that say about DEM SAINTS?! WHO DAT!

  • PolishGator
    PolishGator20 ditë më parë

    He was also famous for being late to practice and not learning the playbook.

  • Yung Husk
    Yung Husk21 ditë më parë

    My dad is my biggest hater no cap😐

  • AlexShirley
    AlexShirley21 ditë më parë

    Difference between the 2 is one of them had the will to work the other has the the talent but doesn’t want to work

  • Isan Simpson
    Isan Simpson22 ditë më parë

    He was just completely bald in high school? I find that hard to believe

  • Motley Byron
    Motley Byron23 ditë më parë

    Don't cry for Fournette...he's about to get a Super Bowl ring... hooking up with Tom Brady was a SMART MOVE!

  • Brent Geiger
    Brent Geiger23 ditë më parë

    Looking good!! Love your content man!!! Keep it up!! Make that money doing what u love. We love to see it. Keep up the good work bro!!!

  • Sean O'Donnell
    Sean O'Donnell23 ditë më parë

    he’s such a damn clown

  • King Vibe
    King Vibe23 ditë më parë

    Shit go back! Why do they pick Ronald Jones over him especially week2 this dude killed it

  • Shaun Diz
    Shaun Diz23 ditë më parë

    i keep telling my comanager we can not start this fool. the one time he listens to me is week 2 and he gets 20 pts. lol of course

  • Willie Vickers
    Willie Vickers23 ditë më parë

    The next LeBron James? GTFO.....

  • vivek thakur
    vivek thakur24 ditë më parë

    This happens to most top running backs It’s a tough business

  • JustSomeSalt Boi
    JustSomeSalt Boi24 ditë më parë

    Well he went for 103 on only 12 carries soooo got damn he kind popped off

  • Michael Condelli
    Michael Condelli25 ditë më parë

    A new camera angle in this one? Awesome, another great vid. I hope Leonard dominates in Tampa for years to come.

  • Will mckee
    Will mckee26 ditë më parë

    I mean if there is any running back to pay it’s CMC. He carries Carolina, and is easily the best running back in the league

  • Sheldon Gray
    Sheldon Gray26 ditë më parë

    Funny how the narrative allows have a sad story. ENOUGH

  • David Cauldwell
    David Cauldwell27 ditë më parë

    Not a big fan of the different cam angles :/

  • Alexander Klimek
    Alexander Klimek27 ditë më parë

    He’s a first round version of L. Blount/M.Turner - not bad by any means, but he isn’t that “once and a lifetime” back weighing over 235 who can dust people in the 2nd level (like everyone thought he was at LSU)

  • TR4P/KEED #Youngking
    TR4P/KEED #Youngking27 ditë më parë

    Jack was very wrong lmao they super suck now

  • Olu Adichie
    Olu Adichie28 ditë më parë

    I'm pretty sure his jersey is on backwards @5:40... Now you cant unsee it either.

  • zachary ragsdale
    zachary ragsdale28 ditë më parë

    He’s not done yet though

  • Pancho Villa
    Pancho Villa28 ditë më parë

    He's a top 10 RB in the league. Arguably top 5. And if he had a scheme built around giving him the ball in space would be even better. You must be running out of stuff to make videos about. Get disliked.

  • thomas murphy
    thomas murphy29 ditë më parë

    you should do vids like what happend to teams, for example what happend to the 49ers after 2013 and how tghey regressed and which moves they masde after

  • Michael Tharpe
    Michael Tharpe29 ditë më parë

    Tampa Bay is appreciating him right now! Go Bucs!

  • E J
    E J29 ditë më parë

    I love how you put (chapter 1) I think halfway through this season we are going to see him be great.

  • John Lukach
    John LukachMuaj më parë

    Sure as shit looked good a few days ago

  • Tyrone Alcorn
    Tyrone AlcornMuaj më parë

    Bro, this one of the best IF not the BEST informative channels out here, Flemlo stay blessed young brother and keep putting in that work

  • Rob Hayden
    Rob HaydenMuaj më parë

    it was actually all Jags and him being immature w/ no leadership put around him.

  • Beau Abbott
    Beau AbbottMuaj më parë

    he said the SEC is the toughest conference 😭😭😭

  • Sam Tornatore
    Sam TornatoreMuaj më parë

    He has been one of my guys while picking a fantasy team. Now he is my "super top secret" pick.

  • Flucchetta97
    Flucchetta97Muaj më parë

    Wish I started hi m In my fantasy league 2nd week lmao his ass got me 35 points on my Bench

  • Todd Barber
    Todd BarberMuaj më parë

    As an LSU fan, he was a bust at LSU. He didn't do the one thing he needed to do. Overcome the Alabama defense

  • Mike Fedak
    Mike FedakMuaj më parë

    Fournette lit it up Week 2 in Tampa!

  • Ted's Tarantulas And Other Inverts
    Ted's Tarantulas And Other InvertsMuaj më parë

    Who’s here after he ran for 103 yds and 2 TDs on 12 carries vs. Carolina?

  • Steven Salcedo
    Steven SalcedoMuaj më parë

    Lol! What happened to Leonard? I just saw him....in the end zone! Is everyone in the NFL stupid? Not the BUCs!

  • Darryl Mcd
    Darryl McdMuaj më parë

    Wtf are you not on espn? Bro I been binge watching you for 4 hrs, just found you. Subscribed too....you put work into this!

  • Ethan Lampe
    Ethan LampeMuaj më parë

    Just binged some prime AP highlights and I can say with certainty that comparing fournette to him is super unfair, fournette doesn’t have the burst acceleration of AP and is much more of a north south back, I honestly think we’ve forgotten just how special prime AP was

  • Justin Time
    Justin TimeMuaj më parë

    As a jags fan im glad we let him go...Keep up the fire videos bro

  • Los Tunestalgia on ps4
    Los Tunestalgia on ps4Muaj më parë

    50 a month ayoooo

  • Jay Lew
    Jay LewMuaj më parë

    You're spot on when it comes to haters, but the person who's catching that heat needs to be headstrong, mature, humble, and confident in his abilities to be able to use the haters attacks and turn it into fuel to help ram all those insults right back down the throats of the people who dared say them. If you are weak minded in some ways though you're going to let that shit eat you up and you'll become fixated on it. Durant is lucky to be so talented and huge otherwise he'd be out the league by now. Look how he acts and reacts on twitter, people own his mind just by stupid trivial crap they throw his way. Can't be that weak and let your play do the talking, keeps you from looking petty like the haters

  • shawn C
    shawn CMuaj më parë

    I'm glad we have fournette..Go Bucs!

  • !RED!
    !RED!Muaj më parë

    I always thought he played well. Maybe not great but if he was a free agent. You know anyone would take him. Period

  • J
    JMuaj më parë

    Yeah man love the new setup. I've always like the way you think. You see both sides of every situation. Something I can really relate to. Thank you for your hard work and im glad to see its paying off. Keep it up my man

  • David Carnes
    David CarnesMuaj më parë

    Nice job

  • The Simpsons
    The SimpsonsMuaj më parë

    Do Marcus Mariota

  • dustin barlow
    dustin barlowMuaj më parë

    And i remember when I said this dude was a bust and people laughed, They laughed at me when i said Mccaffrey would be the better player, because he can also play as a satellite back as well. Its not so funny now is it?

  • Germaine WillFixIT
    Germaine WillFixITMuaj më parë

    He messed that ankle up and it ruined his senior year.

  • Xavier
    XavierMuaj më parë

    Cue the wayne is so iconic when he didnt have it in his old videos it hurts

  • Justin Nardine
    Justin NardineMuaj më parë

    Good content!

  • tricky92x
    tricky92xMuaj më parë

    Great documentary. Thank you.

  • Andrew Wagner
    Andrew WagnerMuaj më parë

    Great video. Thanks.

  • balls
    ballsMuaj më parë

    last year he had 1674 yards from scrimmage with a 4.3 Y/A he's definitely good

  • Olly Tropics
    Olly TropicsMuaj më parë

    Bro had a beard at 12 tf

  • FunSuperTime
    FunSuperTimeMuaj më parë

    Watching this after he rushed 5 times for 5 yards

  • Richard Benson
    Richard BensonMuaj më parë

    Watching Fournette run all over my old high school in this video brought back bad feelings lol

  • Tate Evans
    Tate EvansMuaj më parë

    What about Roy Williams

  • Smooth Ice
    Smooth IceMuaj më parë

    Do a story on Rae Carruth @flemloraps

  • Chris Hopkins
    Chris HopkinsMuaj më parë

    I'm literally one of them dudes that watch stuff on ALthe but I never subscribe 🤷🏿‍♂️ but I had subscribe to this channel I watch it so much my girl knows the intro lol keep doin ya thang 🙌🏿🙌🏿✊🏾✊🏾

  • Kris Cody
    Kris CodyMuaj më parë

    I always felt he was soooooooo similar to Trent Richardson....

  • dylan clancy
    dylan clancyMuaj më parë

    best rb class of all time

  • Randall Loftin
    Randall LoftinMuaj më parë

    Not even sure if you’ll see this, but what ever happened to Malik Jefferson? He was great his Junior year at Texas, then as soon as the Bengals picked him up in the draft, he vanished.

  • Macen Pettigrew
    Macen PettigrewMuaj më parë

    Fire fucking vids man. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Been watching for a long time. You out here grindin. Keep pushing. Some of the best original content on ALthe.

  • Avery Williams
    Avery WilliamsMuaj më parë

    Hindsight is 20/20. I believe if he wad went to Bama he would have a couple og championships and maybe a Heisman. IJS

  • Carlos
    CarlosMuaj më parë

    Kamara just got paid.

  • markanthony1004


    Muaj më parë

    Yeah Cook too. Didn't mean crap against the Packers lol

  • Justin Gullick
    Justin GullickMuaj më parë

    Do one on Adrian Peterson

  • 2Phaktor
    2PhaktorMuaj më parë

    Son looks like a young Sean Price in the thumbnail.

  • Jalen Diggs
    Jalen DiggsMuaj më parë

    & as I watch this both Kamara and Dalvin got they bread💰

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike HuntMuaj më parë

    Sorry FlemLo, but Fournette only had 1 GOOD season. Only 1 year over 4YPC, he just gets so much damn volume which is why he even put up over 1k yards in year 1.

  • Jhon Ah nee
    Jhon Ah neeMuaj më parë

    I was thinking fournette was practicing terrible on purpose so the jags would let him go

  • Nba Youngboy38
    Nba Youngboy38Muaj më parë

    Yo flemlo do Todd Heaps

  • Darkness Kingdom
    Darkness KingdomMuaj më parë

    Hey flem quick question are you ever going to do more gaming videos?

  • Ryan White
    Ryan WhiteMuaj më parë

    Man I was very happy we signed CMC but boy.......I can not say that I wasn't upset when the jags took Leonard. I knew in my heart we won't gonna get him but damn I was wishing.

  • JesusIsTheOnlyWay
    JesusIsTheOnlyWayMuaj më parë

    He told Mitchell #23 to come on and still ran over him! I’m a Ohio St and Cleveland Browns’ fan, but we have to respect this man’s talent to run (and catch) the football. I hope he has a great season in Tampa Bay (but I hope TB12 and Gronk have a horrible season 😂👍🏻. I’m tired of seeing Brady and Gronk on a winning team.).

    KiNG DiNGALiNGMuaj më parë

    People don’t peep how the leagues are set up. The don’t completely go out and rig the scores but they have turd teams make moves that make no dang sense unless you look @ it the obvious way of just like Brady leaving for no reason after 20years and then Gronk coming back after retiring for a yr. ish is planned out mahn. The Black Panther ✊🏿 QB ( literally The Panthers logo is a Black Panther ) signs with The Patriots 🇺🇸 Setting it up the yr prior like Cams done & all the other BS like Brady leaving for no apparent reason after 20seasons of the best Football we’ve ever seen. Makes no dang sense. Then they come out with silly stories to try & explain away the narrative. So stupid. Brady was beloved there by everyone from the Owner , to the coached , teammates, fans & even the rivals. Give me a break mahn. It’s all set up.

  • Da Silent Few
    Da Silent FewMuaj më parë

    Only problem I have with this video, that’s there no mention of how jacked up the Jacksonville Jaguars franchise. Tom Coughlin coming in with old school/military bravado, got fired. The Head Coach will be gone this year. The front office is a mess. So it’s not all on Fournette. I just hope Bucs Bruce Arians knows what he has and is willing to use Fournette. If he does 1500 plus in rushing alone.

  • Alex Pope
    Alex PopeMuaj më parë

    That dandruff tho bro.... 🌬🗻

  • Jacob Moulton
    Jacob MoultonMuaj më parë

    Lenard fell victim to bamas defense as most do, their defense is why I'm a fan, it is always outstanding

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