New CFB Video Game THIS MONTH! CFB Players getting Paid! Rakeem Boyd EATIN! CFB/Last Chance U News


College football video game and last chance u news.
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  • Dozha Deville
    Dozha DevilleVit më parë

    NCAA Compensations = Giving Black Kids Money Simple as that!

  • Jan Nix
    Jan NixVit më parë

    I'm so glad NCAA is taking a stand they make a shit ton in the for of a college scholarship.

  • Brian Kelley
    Brian KelleyVit më parë

    Everyone going to California for college if recruited like UCLA usc cal Berkley and more

  • Tristen Scurlock
    Tristen ScurlockVit më parë

    I mean I'll buy it but it does not look good.

  • Ricky Isaac
    Ricky IsaacVit më parë

    100 percent miss ncaa football games, but words spoken for Tim Tebow himself, college football is about the team. Thsts why we care so much for college over let's say the NFL... once the college players who alot have full ride to a very high university just to play a sport in the first place. Once you pay these kids it's going to ruin college football as we know it. Because now any decent player is going to worry more and more about himself vs the team. I mean why do you want to make it in the NFL... the dead honest truth to make money right, that's what people care about more then anything once you allow that in college football say goodbye to the team and hello to the individual...

  • B B
    B BVit më parë

    Tomorrow Flem!

  • Todd Enlow
    Todd EnlowVit më parë

    My boy plays for Indy and he be telling me the whole culture at Indy is different because of coach Harris

  • Reggie Hills
    Reggie HillsVit më parë

    I played for coach Harris at Chaffey college in Cali we ain’t have the best relationship but I’m happy for him

  • True Journey
    True JourneyVit më parë

    This game look terrible

  • Swine-Flew
    Swine-FlewVit më parë

    I don’t think players should get paid if they have a full ride, but I think they should be able to make a living. They can’t even have a job.

  • PT Official
    PT OfficialVit më parë

    Forget player likness... I just want ncaa teams jerseys and stadiums and like a my career

  • Dr Jimmy and Jim
    Dr Jimmy and JimVit më parë

    No real schools, no commentary and graphics from the year 1999-2000. Hell yea it sounds amazing !

  • Brock Busa
    Brock BusaVit më parë

    To be honest the worst part by far in this game is the zoom in when you throw it

  • Justin Mix
    Justin MixVit më parë

    Bengals suck

  • Dutch Van Der Linde
    Dutch Van Der LindeVit më parë

    i just think that paying collegiate athletes is a slippery slope, i really hope it doesn’t lead to actual universities paying athletes, it would put smaller school at a ridiculous disadvantage, however if it just means that private companies can pay college athletes for promoting a product, or just selling autographs i’m 1000000% for it

  • Dylan Heigelmann
    Dylan HeigelmannVit më parë

    Flemlo do what happened to antonio brown

  • Alex Deezie
    Alex DeezieVit më parë

    That hit remind me of Clowney’s hit against Michigan 😂😂😂 @ 5:29

  • Thomas Neale
    Thomas NealeVit më parë

    Your channel is awesome, you are so insightful and you really do your research man. I know you are a sports fan you should check out rugby union and rugby league, the rugby union world cup is on right now, and the USA now has a pro league, and you also beat us, Samoa us not the All blacks us this year. I think you would like learning about the game. Anyway a thumbs up from the south pacific uso.

  • BardockThaRawest
    BardockThaRawestVit më parë

    I'm glad something is gonna maybe compete with madden and make madden step its game up

  • Baseballjar10
    Baseballjar10Vit më parë

    Yes my guy Rakeem is eating rn but as an Arkansas fan we need to feed him more

  • Baseballjar10


    Vit më parë

    Alex Devault aye that’s tuff, I like him too but rn Rakeem is beasting, if Rakeem gets drafted he’ll definitely get the start next year

  • Alex Deezie

    Alex Deezie

    Vit më parë

    Baseballjar10 I went to high school with Devau Whaley here in Beaumont Tx 🤘

  • Kerri Williams
    Kerri WilliamsVit më parë

    Flemlo plz make a Arkansas dynasty

  • Ricardo Navarro
    Ricardo NavarroVit më parë

    Raiders picked up Dakota Allen

  • Jemaine Trotter
    Jemaine TrotterVit më parë

    Look I want my NCAA back let’s hear them say it I’m tired of playing 14 over and over again let’s get new ones.

  • Picasso Tray
    Picasso TrayVit më parë

    👀 drop the IMV interview flem

  • Sasschon Henderson
    Sasschon HendersonVit më parë

    Someone tell me why he doesn't have a million subscribers already???

  • Kavika
    KavikaVit më parë

    Do California fair bill to play act

  • Beto
    BetoVit më parë


  • Francisco Cazarez
    Francisco CazarezVit më parë

    Millionaire college coaches don't want to pay the kids, look.

  • jm1bulldogfan1
    jm1bulldogfan1Vit më parë

    Them receiving scholarships is them getting paid. They shouldn’t be paid

  • Nick Esposito
    Nick EspositoVit më parë

    you should do a "What happened to Antonio Brown video?" soon!!

  • Jacob Goodrich
    Jacob GoodrichVit më parë

    No vids about ab?

  • Psycho Creep
    Psycho CreepVit më parë

    How can you possibly say this bill is good for the future of NCAA football video games. I think it's the exact opposite. Now if they tried to make a game all the players would want to get paid for their likeness to be in the game. No way EA or anyone could afford paying every single college player on top of all the other costs involved in making a game.

  • Zack 1085
    Zack 1085Vit më parë

    You should do a AB story!

  • Evan Coultas
    Evan CoultasVit më parë

    you should do what happened to bo wallace

  • R Yas
    R YasVit më parë

    Can you do a video on AB

  • Michael Avril
    Michael AvrilVit më parë

    (NCAA 2022 game disc).............🖐🏾 stretched out

  • Kevin Hoffman
    Kevin HoffmanVit më parë

    the graphics on that game look so fucking terrible lol. no one on earth is going to buy that

  • Jesse
    JesseVit më parë

    You're bengals aint it they'll be lucky to win 3.. At least they might have a decent draft pick.

  • Wayne Cox
    Wayne CoxVit më parë

    Mann fuckk all this bullshit. Why u made a nigga give IMV gaming my money for some fuckin newsletters🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️

  • Richard Ashton
    Richard AshtonVit më parë

    We need that Antonio Brown video he can’t play on a team for more than 1 game now after doing 7 years with the Steelers

  • LarryLegend 333
    LarryLegend 333Vit më parë

    Flem ben rocking with you since the utep uab days Bring back Adam Sanders for Maxiuam football

  • Brian Hernandez
    Brian HernandezVit më parë

    What’s flemlos intro song called??

  • tyler munday
    tyler mundayVit më parë


  • UC Steven
    UC StevenVit më parë

    Being that in from California, I wouldn’t be surprised if our shitty governor didn’t pass it.

  • Jay mere
    Jay mereVit më parë

    im passing on the new college football game

  • Rob Trousdale
    Rob TrousdaleVit më parë

    End of college football we all love. Thank you Lebron James you pretentious asshole! FYI your a shitty producer for HBO. All because of your money brother. Keep your big nose out of college football.

  • Justin
    JustinVit më parë

    Cmon ncaa!

  • Donald Royal
    Donald RoyalVit më parë

    Im buying that game the moment it drops if only to thumb my nose at ea.

  • Todd Barrett
    Todd BarrettVit më parë

    Totally off topic. I commented this on a video from a year ago. Didn’t check description until after the video. But can u do a a video on the great Mike A-Train Alstott please and thank you

  • Tony Smith
    Tony SmithVit më parë

    Flemlo or Anyone that may know.... Why did you throw your NCAA Football 14 dynasty followers away? Are you completely done with making those videos?

  • snowboots
    snowbootsVit më parë

    What does Q da Wayne mean?

  • Jacob Bear
    Jacob BearVit më parë

    Ok college players should be compensated for their likeness but only the players the ncaa profits off and on top of the only the ncaa should be able to pay them so their is not advantage or disadvantage to certain schools with more or less school

  • Big Mac
    Big MacVit më parë

    Cali football 20 😂

  • Vdub Productions
    Vdub ProductionsVit më parë

    If this bill indeed does pass in California, this is only the first domino to fall. Other states will soon follow suit and NCAA will eventually fold under pressure

  • Forever 2k
    Forever 2kVit më parë

    Rakeem is a beast

  • D BY D EL Meech
    D BY D EL MeechVit më parë

    Aye flemlo do a what happened to soso jamabo he was a big star who signed to UCLA but it's almost like he disappeared after that

  • Jtog
    JtogVit më parë

    I agree in principle with guys being able to make money off their likeness but then we get to the problem of schools having bidding wars for all the recruits. And how many players on a team like Bama could actually profit? Like 10 maybe? And if thats the case then how many at Western Kentucky can? And thats way over the level of a d2 or d3 school. You're talking about potentially the end of CFB with bribing recruits and for the benefit of a small fraction of a percent of college athletes. So I dont know how to fix that but thats the major problem with the bill. And dont even get me started on New York saying every college athlete on a team at a school needs to get an equal cut of the money because then every athletic department is cutting 15 sports. I see the need for changing the system but these things really need to be looked at first.

  • Maja Wei
    Maja WeiVit më parë

    The bill will pass regardless, Its veto proof...

  • Brad Salluom
    Brad SalluomVit më parë

    Remember when IMV gaming was going to actually make a College Football game.

  • Michael Parrish
    Michael ParrishVit më parë

    I'd like to see you breakdown NFL weeks or games.

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew MooreVit më parë

    Who remeber the AD TD days?

  • Bryce Evans
    Bryce EvansVit më parë

    Saw anquan and it brought me back 🙌🏻

  • Josh Leffel
    Josh LeffelVit më parë

    That game looks like the definition of shit

  • Dylan Bieu
    Dylan BieuVit më parë

    I respect maximum football for coming out with a cfb game but it looks really bootleg.

  • Treshod Lewis
    Treshod LewisVit më parë


  • David Bentacu
    David BentacuVit më parë

    Hey Flemo I know this isn't relevant to this video but when do you think you'll be dropping a video over this Antonio Brown bullshit. And do you think he'll get another team with the allegations against him?

  • The Voice Of Lakers Nation TV
    The Voice Of Lakers Nation TVVit më parë

    Stop saying a new college football game , it's no real NCAA teams on the game and the graphics and gameplay is trash

    DEMMERY11Vit më parë

    It is absolutely ridiculous that a college athlete can not sell their likeness. An athlete has ever right to sell their name no matter how they made it. If a local car dealership wants to pay an athlete to do an add the should be able too. The NCAA restricting this is an absolute joke. Every college athlete should take a stand and hold out until sometime is done. At the end of the day the only thing anyone really possesses is their name and anyone should be able to do what they wish with their name. These plays deserve what is owed to them.

  • saucey numba4
    saucey numba4Vit më parë

    But the real question is will you start series with maximum football 👀

  • Ty2x


    Vit më parë

    Brian N on god lol

  • Brian N

    Brian N

    Vit më parë

    saucey numba4 u know he will but that shit looks terrible, lets be real

  • saucey numba4
    saucey numba4Vit më parë

    In all honesty none of our schools are winning lol at least let them get paid to lose like this 😂

  • Cartoonz Oz
    Cartoonz OzVit më parë

    I’m not against paying college athletes but I believe there should be a mandatory class teaching how to manage themselves for those players who are paid. A 18-23 yr old player with that kind of money will buy the dumbest & outrageous things. Players in the Major sports still struggle with managing money so I don’t expect a kid to do any better.

  • Marc
    MarcVit më parë

    As a fellow athlete I personally disagree with that bill. Most of think it’s good but it’s deeper than that trust me ... I don’t wanna argue

  • Tyrell Bailey
    Tyrell BaileyVit më parë

    This new pay college athletes bill is like free states vs slave states 😂😭

  • Willis Mercer

    Willis Mercer

    Vit më parë


  • greg
    gregVit më parë

    Hopefully i can get the game, not sure if i can cos im outside the US

  • Im Velez
    Im VelezVit më parë

    Realistically of course maximum football isn’t triple a quality BUT, the jump of quality they made from the previous one is INSANE. They can do nothing but get better.

  • Brantley Woodruff
    Brantley WoodruffVit më parë

    He already passed the bill

  • shadowmenace 16
    shadowmenace 16Vit më parë

    I think that the college athletes should be given the opportunity to get paid while in school, not getting payed because they play a sport they love. They should be treated like every other student that goes to the school. If they want to do work study or get a side hustle or something like that allow them. Considering how many people are going to school and can barely afford it i think the scholarship is already a lot

  • Tine Kustec
    Tine KustecVit më parë

    DJ just got out of jail😁

  • Timmy Jones
    Timmy JonesVit më parë

    It ain’t like California is gonna win a national championship anyways 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • FiFi


    Vit më parë

    Timmy Jones not in football but UCLA is dominating baseball and softball rn.

  • Lockdown spinning
    Lockdown spinningVit më parë

    Subscribe to my shit for free rigs n bongs lol it helps listen to this fooo fsho

  • craxii1k
    craxii1kVit më parë

    can you do a what happened to ray rice

  • John Mack’s highlights
    John Mack’s highlightsVit më parë

    knock on wood ea don’t ruin NCAA

  • John Mack’s highlights
    John Mack’s highlightsVit më parë

    Bama should not pay Tua straight up How ever tua can sell tua fir hiesman he get that bread

  • TheBigRedNation
    TheBigRedNationVit më parë

    Can't wait for Flem to drop What Happened to Antonio Brown.

  • Maddengod 109
    Maddengod 109Vit më parë

    Keep doing your thing flo

  • Milton Zarzuela
    Milton ZarzuelaVit më parë

    Ngl, that cfb game looks pretty ass for a new gen game

  • Asserting Word
    Asserting WordVit më parë

    Flem great vid as usual. Man what's going on with freaking Cincy. We had sooo damn many chances to keep the score close. Geez our secondary is garbage as always. And damn I swear we the only ones out here missing tackles like it's our culture. Wtf. But its ok nee HC I'm expecting this to be the year the HC evaluates the team and changes the needs based on what he sees. So this is a throw away season basically. Next season should be the rebuilding of Cincy. Dont worry Flem we about to come up on a SB.

  • Aaron Allen
    Aaron AllenVit më parë

    I love your vids

  • Iraxks 23
    Iraxks 23Vit më parë

    Throwback to TD 2 😓

  • Responding
    RespondingVit më parë

    Flemo what's good bro. I'm big subscriber of your channel. I know it's new and fresh but could you do a rise and fall of Antonio Brown. Your work is genius so I'm sure you already thought of it. All the best PEACE

  • Bryan Baise
    Bryan BaiseVit më parë

    Maximum football looks like a potato... I don’t understand why they literally can’t take the graphics from ncaa 14(it’s 6 years old now and looks better than their crap) and just update some of the buggy A.I gameplay in ncaa 14 and then implement their own dynasty modes. Now I would buy that game!

  • Nathan Carhuff
    Nathan CarhuffVit më parë

    Finally!!! Get it bro keep it up man

  • PHat Pat
    PHat PatVit më parë

    It shows you how the world is. They can make money off all the players but they cnt make money .... Bunch of bullshiiiiiittt !!!

  • Louis Harrison
    Louis HarrisonVit më parë

    My thing with playing college athletes is what will it do for team.. the team aspect and dynamic is going to be different with some players getting paid and the others not.. especially in football.. what happend when the o line says well the qb is getting paid let him do all the work then..we wont block unless we get paid too..that's an extreme example probably but there will no doubt be animosity amongst teammates now

  • Slim Marley615
    Slim Marley615Vit më parë

    2:49 *January 2023

  • Juan Delavega
    Juan DelavegaVit më parë

    Yea we dont need divas at college level ..

  • Xavier Barr
    Xavier BarrVit më parë

    I heard my home state South Carolina was thinking about passing a similar bill and that would be interesting because if S.C. schools get banned does that mean Clemson gets banned I hope it does cause Clemson doesn’t really recruit S.C. players any more so if I start playing I at best am looking at a nice bowl game and I’ll take making money or as a track and field guy being able to market myself as a d1 shotputer on yt would be cool

  • Brian Glaze
    Brian GlazeVit më parë

    If we care about the players, passing this bill is the right way to go.

  • Holy Moly Donut Shop
    Holy Moly Donut ShopVit më parë

    😂 IMV workin workin in the background, pockets was full now they gone.

  • Andeezy
    AndeezyVit më parë

    Should've got a recent pic of Rakeem for the thumbnail. Arkansas new unis are 🔥

  • shadowmenace 16

    shadowmenace 16

    Vit më parë

    Nah. Those unis are overrated.

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