What Will Happen to Isaiah Wilson? (Will He Save His NFL Career?)


Can NFL Rookie Isaiah Wilson save his Career?
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    Over 20k now bro

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    Yo you should make a video on kavontae turpin he was hard

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    André Roberson needs a hot take

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    Congrats on the new pod cast aswell hope u do avid on my idea

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    Yo flem u need to do a what happened to video about the reciever from the 2015 superbowl seahawks name is chris matthews he put up over 100 yrds and a td or two hes undrafted and came outta nowhere was working at footlocker b4 week 8 that season and looked like a dez bryant durning that game made some huge plays

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    This is the coldest channel on the tube!!! Keep it up lil brother!!!

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    Well reported

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    He’s giving NYC football players a bad look . Bad enough we’re already not a football state and not a lot of Elite players come from here

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    Just a theory. He's a 21 year old with no real authority clamping down on him for maybe the first time in his life .

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    It’s easy to say how can he not be happy. The stress from the high expectations and constant pressure I’m sure is harder than we can imagine.

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    I love Your Videos dude! Everything is polished and look professional. U seem to be a smart guy too. Keep grinding!🤙👍

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    With money a lot of problems come from friends , family , etc. I imagine it can be more unhappy than happy times if u allow it in your head. Hopefully this guy gets good people around him and moves on you can tell he’s a beast of a lineman solid.

  • Keyser Soze
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    College football is the babysitter not the NFL. That's just the truth. Better grow up fast! No one is trying to hold your hand when they need your job. It's all about money, get it together. Also the women understand that better then athletes do. Be careful young blood.

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    I know I'm late but seat geek 😂

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    🤣🤣🤣 Ooooh, I remember that. Mama yanked her big as* up out of there.

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    Bro I would love to sit and talk sports with this man. He was in strong sports opinion and my god he’s so chill and knowledgeable. I’ve seen all of his what ever happened to videos but seeing him interact with someone else and talk sports you can just tell he knows what he’s talking about. Even tho he’s a bengals fan lmao 🤣

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    Yeah he’s in serious need of some therapy and possibly medications

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    A young Soccer star in Mexico, crashed into a recently married couple and killed both of them while being drunk. This type of shit makes no Danm sense. Do they feel invincible? Do they feel like no consequences are going to happen? It’s really sad that these young stars fuck their life’s up partying and fucking around with drugs

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    Sophomore (SOFFF) not Soufmore bro lol

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    Dont just read the comments leave a comment $$ good job flemlo

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    Hang in there Isaiah, Go Dawgs.

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    This video seems more interesting now that the titans have caught covid

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    His problem is the leeches that attached themselves to him. Already draining him.

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    Cue da wayyynneee

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    As a titans fan thank you for posting this in a fair manner I understand him better now

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    Shout out to Sports Therapy channel great podcasts bruh. Really excited to see that grow and be with yall from ep. 2. (just heard sorry for showin' up late)

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    Man I’m hoping he is getting through learning curve

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    They need to keep helping this young man no matter. Move on. But keep helping him. Being 21 rough. Hell most of us were straight dumbasses at 21.

  • Curron Williams
    Curron WilliamsMuaj më parë

    Somebody help this young man. Either way this man needs a mentor.

  • Hunter Hulsey
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    D baker and wilson both from Ga 😂 and getting in trouble

    DIAMONDGAMEMuaj më parë

    You said he was 300 but hes 350 hes a panser tank

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    what happened to nate washington?

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    Can you do a what happened to kevin dodd?

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    Can I get what happen to Petter Warrick

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    Flem doesn’t just have football iq dude is mad wise about life

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    You gotta do a video on tyrod Taylor

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    He may just be signaling for help and support, his homelife seems stressful

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    Does anyone know the running instrumental in the background of FlemLo videos? It's perfect for the videos

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    Tj who’s your mama

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    He's 21! Relax! He's under a microscope. If I was living underneath a microscope at 21 people would have disowned my ass. Somebody staple his ass to Jeffrey Simmons and give him some time. He is a good kid trying to have some fun and made 1 bad choice. I don't even care about the tsu thing, that's more about covid.

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    Hey FlemLo, you should do a video on TE Darren Waller, he has a great story

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    You gotta do a vid on Darren Waller after he destroyed the saints last night

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    Have you ever done an episode on Albert Haynesworth? It'd be cool to see one

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    He is Black so yeah he will be ok .

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    Praying and pulling for ya Isaiah

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    Ayo flemlo what happened to tavon Austin

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    I would love to see an episode of "What Happened To" for Tyrone Prothro.

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    What happened to Joique Bell

  • Nicolas Horton
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    Maybe he can’t handle the people coming through the grapevine and asking him for benefits. For false debts

  • Millicent Cole
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    Seems like he’s going through the pressure to be great. That’s a lot to carry on your shoulders. I really hope he pulls through!

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    I would love to see you make a 2-part video on what happened to richie incognito and Jonathan Martin

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    Do a what happened to Cecil shorts

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    alot of these “what happened to ___” videos really gives insight on how you can avoid self destructive behavior as well as entertaining us. thank you for these

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    Flemlo what do you think about your teams new QB??

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    Hey just stumbled upon your channel a couple days ago. Been watching a lot of your stuff. Really great content, my man. Keep it up!

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    I feel for dude. I can sympathize with a player going through off field issues that's not related to domestic violence or assault

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    I got someone that would be a great story to do his name is Reggie Gilliam a good friend of mine his plays for the buffalo bills his went to Toledo but he was a walk on and was not rated any stars coming out of high school the school we went to was horrible at football so we was known for losing and getting beat badly the school was called Westland high school in Columbus Ohio so it was hard to get scouted going to that school Reggie went I drafted after having a decent career at Toledo he made good special team plays most blocked field goals in school history and good moves between running back full back and tight end also made team captain and earned a scholarship there didn’t get invited to NFL combine but he had a good pro day video and the bills saw Potential in him he was the very first undrafted free agent signed in the NFL and even with all of the convid 19 stuff going on he still impressed in camp and made the 53 man roster also he just scored his first NFL touchdown

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    Hey man not a big football guy but I stumbled across your videos. Your a good speaker and make it entertaining keep up the good work my man

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    Why does the nfl employ criminals?

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    Bengals might go to wildcard

  • Diana Garcia
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    To bad they don't have ex retired football players help these kids out like once a week being a mentor, along with his parents.

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    Man I love watching your videos, started back with ncaa and seeing your channel grow, is the best thing. Nothing but love and keep on grinding, next stop 1 milli

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    Man, FlemLo is like that older Brother/cousin/young uncle many of us never had, but desperately needed in life.

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    You should do a what happened to Toby gerhart

    TAHIRA BENTONMuaj më parë

    Good luck Isaiah such a good kid

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    I really wish you could do a video on some Southern Miss players like Derrick Nix who deff should’ve and prolly would’ve played in NFL if not for some kidney disease, Ito Smith, Jalen Richard, Kalan Reed, Mike Thomas, or Quez Watkins, who are/we’re in the NFL the last time I checked lol. Deandre Brown who was a legit like 4 or 5 star recruit who was a beast there while he was there and actually healthy, he had the sickest leg break I’ve seen in football. You’ve all prolly seen it, it was against Troy in a bowl game, but dude was amazing. Or even Austin Davis who was the QB while Brown was there and was drafted or picked up after draft by the rams, and has been on like 4 or 5 teams, but is better than he has gotten credit for or for the amount of opportunities he has had. Or maybe a guy you may have heard of like last season or season before actually, Nick Mullens who started for SF for a few games and actually did very well, and I feel should be a starter somewhere just like Davis, but just isn’t getting the chance :/! Sorry for such a long comment, I just been watching this channel forever and always wished there were more videos or one on some of the great overlooked talent to come from Southern Miss. But either way even if you don’t or can’t do it, I’ll always love your channel and will always continue to support your channel! Thanks for making so many videos that I’ve always loved, i been hooked since the NCAA 14 series’s you made forever ago but that’s my other 2 accounts I had to make a new one cause I forgot password haha but yeah, and another thing about your channel is no one makes better what happened to videos on football stars than you. Deandre Brown could be a good what happened to lol.

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    Awesome video as always man. Thoughts on a what happened to Montae Nicholson video?

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    Sounds like it might be bipolar disorder.

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    What happened to Thomas Rawls?

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    I dont even watch football but this channel does get me interested, i've binged these videos all day

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    What happened to Stephen Tulloch?

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    Drugs can trigger depression .... Stay off them!

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    These cats oughtta hand over the space to someone else! How could u get to this level and not realize where u at in this life? I don't get it! Why do Sport millionaires rush to throw it all away with dumb choices that ruin their careers!? Mane that's some ol bull....! Do they really hate life? I mean I know but what do u guys think?

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    You should do what happened to Michael Floyd

  • steve O
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    I thought the Titans reached for Isaiah Wilson in the Draft!!!! Hopefully he can straighten himself out!!!!

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    Southmore 😂 it’s sophomore my nigga

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    He’s peaceful tho!! Bet he didn’t even knigga kneel

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    my boy already using clydes highlights🤣🤣

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    Yo flem u need to do a what happened to video about the reciever from the 2015 superbowl seahawks name is chris matthews he put up over 100 yrds and a td or two hes undrafted and came outta nowhere was working at footlocker b4 week 8 that season and looked like a dez bryant durning that game made some huge plays

  • DJ Snupey
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    Correction: TSU Tennessee State University

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    Killing shit bro

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    bro just threw shade deandre swift

  • Frank Magnotto
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    Good on you for trying to get fans to show him some love. Honestly, in his situation, it’s seems like that would go a long way in helping him out. Like you said, without a history of this behavior, this clearly shows that something is up with him and I really hope he turns it around. Love the channel bro, been watching since before you tried to switch from the Wayne at the beginning and switched back lol I love how you really try to spread positivity, Lord knows we need WAY more of that on the internet these days.

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    DOOOO ERICCC BERRYYYY😭😭😭 i hope he plays another down

  • QT Rylo
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    I remember watching him play at Georgia 😪I’m georgia fan and he was one of me favorite players 😐

  • Bugnnn Scavello
    Bugnnn ScavelloMuaj më parë

    I just wanna say we all appreciate your craftsmanship, positive mindset, and character as a person, keep the great content rolling out. All love.

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    You should do a reaction to bronny smoking and all that

  • Chase Banks
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    That first rounder bonus check hits different for some people

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    Richie incognito

  • Calistro Llamas
    Calistro LlamasMuaj më parë

    Bro when speaking about the effects of being isolated you just spit flame

  • Ethan
    EthanMuaj më parë

    Hell of a video man. Also I’m a georgia fan and I’m super worried for him right now. Hope everything turns out okay and he can continue his career on a good path

  • platnum960
    platnum960Muaj më parë

    Im really praying for this dude. This situation makes me think about what happened to kevin dodd and why he decided to quit. I believe it's on the same situation. With the story you built it made me think if Isaiah felt he was obligated to go to the nfl. Hella prayers

  • Nick
    NickMuaj më parë

    I been binge watching all your videos ever since I found your channel. I know you get a lot of requests in the comments, but I think you should do one on Charles Rogers. It's a fascinating rise and fall from grace that brings attention to the serious opioid problem within the NFL. An issue that would eventually steer another Lions WR toward retirement years later. hella interesting

  • Michael
    MichaelMuaj më parë

    Bro you should counsel him. I don't even have mental problems, but I feel like turning my life around when I hear your videos. I'm not playing, everything you say is super reasonable. I hope you're a dad.

  • Nola FabuLust
    Nola FabuLustMuaj më parë

    Totally agree... great job portraying fairness and painting the nuances.

  • moodmuzik
    moodmuzikMuaj më parë

    Do an episode on Loren Wade. RB for Arizona State who murdered an alumni player over a girl in club parking lot. I live in Arizona and it be an interesting one. Nobody has covered it that I'm aware of.

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    Hey Flemlo. Been watching u since your ncaa 14 days. So awesome and happy to see how far you’ve come. Keep up your great work. All luv