What Happened to EVERY TEAM EVER Featured HBO's Hard Knocks?


A look back at every team ever feature in HBO's Hard knocks and how they did in that season.
Players featured in hard knocks playlist :
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  • Paul Sletten
    Paul Sletten3 ditë më parë

    Peak Larry Johnson, Jamaal Charles, and Priest Holmes would be probably top RB rotation ever.

  • James Russell
    James Russell3 ditë më parë

    Where is the Chris Henry video????

  • Nando Bandz
    Nando Bandz4 ditë më parë

    I went to the high school where Ishmael Nd even met him back in 2016

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner4 ditë më parë

    Nice concept and video flemlo

  • Avinash Mangar
    Avinash Mangar7 ditë më parë

    Maryland wuddup!

  • Parker Johnson
    Parker Johnson10 ditë më parë

    rookie of the year went to some dude named juli peppers, ...15 years later "number 5 in all time sacks

  • mattchew hadaway
    mattchew hadaway11 ditë më parë

    TO was a bad teammate only when the team sucked anyways, just like all receivers haha

  • mattchew hadaway
    mattchew hadaway13 ditë më parë

    There is a jags hard knock style show out there, I’m pretty sure it’s HBO also, but it was called something else. Pretty sure del rio was head coach, it was a great season....exactly like hard knocks

  • pecosROB
    pecosROB14 ditë më parë

    I'm glad you can afford (I'm assuming) HBO now flemlo

  • Robin Rodriguez
    Robin Rodriguez15 ditë më parë

    Damm !! This is a very good video !!! Big ups Flemlo 👍👍

  • AZ Hockey Gaming
    AZ Hockey Gaming15 ditë më parë

    My favorite was the one with the Raiders. Gruden is honestly fun to watch.

  • So4p
    So4p16 ditë më parë

    Hey man, gotta appreciate the effort that was put into the writing behind this video. Great stuff man. Keep it up

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan16 ditë më parë

    I turned Darren Waller into a TE in madden when he was still listed as a WR. Great minds think alike.

  • steve schmidt
    steve schmidt19 ditë më parë

    lol you said mark sanchez threw 17 interceptions and 13 picks lol. its nbd just a lil easter egg if you will.

  • E Sánchez
    E Sánchez19 ditë më parë

    Julius Peppers was the man

  • E Sánchez
    E Sánchez19 ditë më parë

    One of the best sports channels on ALthe keep it up bro

  • Im with Looser
    Im with Looser19 ditë më parë

    Dude said 17 interceptions and 13 picks

  • Jerromi Muckle
    Jerromi Muckle22 ditë më parë

    Sooooooo are we gonna get one on Cushing and mauluga? Just wondering cause I wanna know what happened to them since clay matthews the only one who had success

  • Coopstar Sports
    Coopstar Sports24 ditë më parë

    I met santonio Holmes it was so cool we ran some routes together

  • Jimmy Raynor
    Jimmy Raynor26 ditë më parë

    Can you imagine the comedy gold of watching Bill Belichek try and handle having a Hard Knocks season forced on NE?

  • Xavier Zattoni
    Xavier Zattoni27 ditë më parë

    Marvin Lewis or Marvin Jobes👀

  • Yeagle Bros
    Yeagle Bros29 ditë më parë

    Kenny Brett wow

  • Derrick Talbert
    Derrick Talbert29 ditë më parë

    I fkkd wit ... r.i.p. Chris Henry. But yo , he look like Avatar... Yea, we aint from here... Peace to da god

  • Nicholas Rivera
    Nicholas RiveraMuaj më parë

    You look like Beetlejuice

  • izzythedude
    izzythedudeMuaj më parë

    Flem you are a hero of mine, a true inspiration. Great vid keep it up! Much love from Oregon

  • prod. Young Drxppy
    prod. Young DrxppyMuaj më parë

    Shannon Sharpe too funny 🤣

  • Jim Hamilton
    Jim HamiltonMuaj më parë

    I found your Chanel on accident and after watching a good bit of your videos I’m hooked your really entertaining and thorough man really does his homework and it shows great work

  • OCT 31st 2019
    OCT 31st 2019Muaj më parë

    Love the channel bro & I watch every video ‼️ Big Falcons fan here & other than RW84 I haven't seen another Falcon I don't believe .. was gonna ask if we could please get a What Happened to Michael Turner ? Video ? Thanks bro & again I love your work ‼️

  • Dr Squishybelly
    Dr SquishybellyMuaj më parë

    I think we can see the buccaneers next year if they don’t win the Super Bowl

  • Justin Moss
    Justin MossMuaj më parë

    5:57 "Roy Williams-*background music stops*- the free safety. I know there's a lot of these cats." I don't know why I laughed so hard, but I did. 😂😂😂

  • Netssquad
    NetssquadMuaj më parë

    Nice Maryland shirt man. Fear the terps

  • Daniel Mcgreevy
    Daniel McgreevyMuaj më parë

    Elvis Grbac along with Brett Favre the dictionary definition of a "gunslinger." He was like that when I mainly watched him play for Michigan in college and he had a tendency to wing it no matter what to his best receivers which led to him being the single season passing record holder for most of every single season passing record but that came with the increase in interceptions.

  • Biggie BeeG
    Biggie BeeGMuaj më parë

    yo what flemlo kno bout manga 😂💯

  • Abdoulaye Kamara
    Abdoulaye KamaraMuaj më parë

    Imagine if those Jets managed to get a QB other than Mark Sanchez... They would've at least gotten to the Super Bowl

  • Adeep Marini
    Adeep MariniMuaj më parë

    All or nothing is 10x better

  • Setsotama
    SetsotamaMuaj më parë

    Looking back on the Browns hard knocks, at first we thought Hue was crazy thinking Baker was a backup... if Baker keeps this up, Hue might have a point

  • Schquita Goodwin
    Schquita GoodwinMuaj më parë

    Go Terps!!!! What a beautiful shirt my guy!!

  • cm Caution
    cm CautionMuaj më parë

    Fast forward one month and Baker's on his way out the NFL while Chubb is arguably the best RB in the league

  • double O
    double OMuaj më parë

    I died at the Roy Williams joke LMAO!!!!

  • Jared Jackson
    Jared JacksonMuaj më parë

    Damn Marvin Lewis was a reciever 😂😂

  • Professor 313
    Professor 313Muaj më parë

    Mark Sanchez threw 17 interceptions and 13 picks lol

  • jlawrence01
    jlawrence01Muaj më parë

    Since you are a Cincinnati fan, why don't you do something on Ken Anderson, one of the Bengals's best quarterbacks? Or a Cincinnati native, Roger Staubach, the former NFL player with the highest net worth??

  • My Honest Review
    My Honest ReviewMuaj më parë

    "Could take a wolf 1 on 1". Too funny

  • New king Of the north
    New king Of the northMuaj më parë

    This years hard knocks is awful ... full on SJW BS ... it’s sad .. I’ve never been this careless about football ... all sports now really .. I hear it all the time on the news sports is supposed to be the escape from politics and religion but not anymore... and it’s sad

  • Justin King
    Justin KingMuaj më parë

    Your channel is SO ENTERTAINING for NFL fans man! Thank you !

  • Patrick Weseman
    Patrick WesemanMuaj më parë

    And with the 2008 Dallas Cowboys, there was a rookie UFA wide receiver who made the practice squad and is still playing and has over 500 catches- Danny Amendola

  • Patrick Weseman
    Patrick WesemanMuaj më parë

    There was a 2004 version but they called Inside Training Camp and it featured the Jacksonville Jaguars. People always forget about it. I looked it on Wikipedia and this what they had to say about it: "In 2004, NFL Films produced a training camp documentary series, similar to Hard Knocks, that featured the Jacksonville Jaguars. Called Inside Training Camp: Jaguars Summer,[47] it aired on the NFL Network, not HBO, and was narrated by frequent NFL Films narrator Robb Webb"

  • xg05
    xg05Muaj më parë

    I’m glad you called them by their marvel names

  • greenbay3164
    greenbay3164Muaj më parë

    Yo Flemo these videos bruh.....They contagious bruh....Contagious 😂😂

  • WillySweet WonkaJoe
    WillySweet WonkaJoeMuaj më parë

    That 2008 Cowboys hard knocks was lit...and the dolphins hard knocks was the worst becuz after Ocho got cut it was like watching MARTIN without Martin Lawrence

  • caddy 050
    caddy 050Muaj më parë

    I know im 2 weeks late...but could i get a Jake "the snake" Plummer vid??!!

  • Uneverjack
    Uneverjack2 muaj më parë

    I just realized your wearing a Maryland shirt. Do you live here or go to college here???

  • Cristian Case
    Cristian Case2 muaj më parë

    Mile Evans the best receiver in the league

  • dimondrares aj
    dimondrares aj2 muaj më parë

    Flemlo, u forgot that in 04’ the Jaguars were on hard knocks... so it was 3 years of the show being absent!

  • Ken Cranston
    Ken Cranston2 muaj më parë

    @ 13:16 we found out what Sánchez' real talent was. Dude should have been playing slot.

  • Ken Cranston
    Ken Cranston2 muaj më parë

    Flem you made a butt fumble while talking about Sanchez. You said he threw 17 interceptions and 13 picks. 😆

  • James Xavier
    James Xavier2 muaj më parë

    Ghee-whiz! The Cowboys haven't done much since way back in the 20th century!!!!!!! I'll watch it on the History Channel!!!!

  • Ty Buck
    Ty Buck2 muaj më parë

    The reason AntMan did the chiefs hard knocks is because he is a huge kc fan, he's from here. He also owns a small portion of the royals chiefs with Rob riggle and Eric stonestreet

  • Zay Parham
    Zay Parham2 muaj më parë

    What happened to Jason Campbell?

  • Count Amadeus Productions
    Count Amadeus Productions2 muaj më parë

    You forgot the 2004 Jaguars

  • devi2691
    devi26912 muaj më parë

    Pittsburgh hasn't been in the playoffs the last 2 seasons. Pittsburgh hired their coach back in 2007. Pittsburgh have NEVER been on Hard Knocks. so.... why aren't Pittsburgh the Hard Knocks team of 2020?

  • Doodlebob 8964
    Doodlebob 89642 muaj më parë

    We gotta get this man to a million

  • Tyler Rehkopf
    Tyler Rehkopf2 muaj më parë

    You should really do a vid on Michael Irvin. I only really know him from tv shows and have hated him since he ranted about how easy linemen's jobs are

  • Tyler Rehkopf
    Tyler Rehkopf2 muaj më parë

    Nice work Flemlo! I can tell this was a lot of work but it turned out great

  • Chef FireStorm
    Chef FireStorm2 muaj më parë

    1st I like that Maryland Tee... way to show some love to the DMV spirts scene 2nd thanks for the vid... so many legends in 1 Episode

  • devan campbell
    devan campbell2 muaj më parë

    bruh hahaha you aint shit for that "how he got addicted" piece LOL buhhhhhhhht you the man leave flash alone

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D2 muaj më parë

    12:40 "17 interceptions AND 13 picks" 😂

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D2 muaj më parë

    "I WANT MY RESTITUTION" I know I'm biased because I'm a ravens fan but we had the best hard knocks

  • ZooWoo 556
    ZooWoo 5562 muaj më parë

    Plus rodney adams is coming back

  • ZooWoo 556
    ZooWoo 5562 muaj më parë

    What happened to jeff demps or chris rainey

  • ZooWoo 556
    ZooWoo 5562 muaj më parë

    Whst happened to edgerrin james

  • Supremekushhh
    Supremekushhh2 muaj më parë

    What happened to Jevon Kearse or what happened to Kyle Vanden Bosch

  • Kevin Young Jr
    Kevin Young Jr2 muaj më parë

    I kno u cincy fan but please please do a recent steeler player like lev bell or james harrison or somebody. Queue da wayne Flemlo

  • Mike Brown
    Mike Brown2 muaj më parë

    Not feeling the two team one. Nice shirt bruh.

  • Andrew Bmore
    Andrew Bmore2 muaj më parë

    Damn Flemlo, diggin the MD shirt since i'm born, raised and lived in Baltimore! Any connection to the school or just like the shirt? Keep up the good work brotha, love the videos!

  • Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen
    Smitty Werbenjagermanjensen2 muaj më parë

    Garbac? Grbac. Like Grr Back. Not Gar Back. Give respect to a man whom actually played in the NFL by saying his name right.

  • Michael Coleman
    Michael Coleman2 muaj më parë


  • skinnyg
    skinnyg2 muaj më parë

    Pretty sure caught a ghost on the browns part

  • Ethan Parsons
    Ethan Parsons2 muaj më parë

    You should do something like this for last chance u also I'll miss that show and keep up the great content

  • SN95 Mustang Garage
    SN95 Mustang Garage2 muaj më parë

    Hue “The Eagle has landed”. Josh McDaniels “Who?” Hue “Gordon is in the building.” Josh McDaniels (Odd look). The Antonio Brown Hard Knocks was the oddest few days. Dude showed up in an air balloon. How many receivers have lost their minds? Ocho Cinco, T.O., Kelvin Benjamin, Antonio Brown, Josh Gordon, the list is endless.

  • Nathan Levengood
    Nathan Levengood2 muaj më parë

    What about Carl Nassib's financial speech he gave during the Browns Hard Knocks? Definitely another top moment lmao

  • Vincent Tooles
    Vincent Tooles2 muaj më parë

    My fav part of that season of hard knocks was when Goose loacked Sharpe and some other guys in a training trailor lmao. He wedged a whole picnic table against the door, they were locked in there for hours and Shannon was big mad. He was marching around training camp screaming: WHERE THAT FAT MF GOOSE AT!? I KNOW IT WAS HIS FAT ASS, HIS FAT ASS GOTTA SEE ME!

  • Jeremiah Chacko
    Jeremiah Chacko2 muaj më parë

    TBH, Brian Cushing made himself more of a d-bag after that HBO series

  • IceMan
    IceMan2 muaj më parë

    2010 Jets....my kind of team. Power football on offense, elite defense. #3 defense in the NFL!

  • BHOP The Clean Rapper
    BHOP The Clean Rapper2 muaj më parë

    It was actually cool seeing people you already covered show up again in the clips. You feel like you understand the players better on a deeper level. I think thats one thing thats missing when we watch football is that we forget they are human beings with gifts and flaws. Great content as always. Been a fan for quite a while. Stay strong.

  • GoColts4
    GoColts42 muaj më parë

    Bruh Dhop didn't break hall the dude just tripped

  • Ginger Jay
    Ginger Jay2 muaj më parë

    You never done one on Felix Jones. That would be cool

  • Isaiah Nielsen
    Isaiah Nielsen2 muaj më parë

    Did he just say mark Sanchez threw 17 intercepts to 13 picks? That’s the same thing!!

  • Jayson stuart
    Jayson stuart2 muaj më parë

    You meant Marvin Jones #82 for Bengals, not Marvin Lewis. But I know, that you know. Great video Flemlo keep up the good work. 👍

  • Unapologetic
    Unapologetic2 muaj më parë

    Why didn’t they do the Steelers

  • Jiron Cummings
    Jiron Cummings2 muaj më parë

    bro... you forgot about the 2004 Jacksonville Jaguars, I know that it was not programmed for HBO but it should still count as a Hard knocks series. You cannot forget Big John Henderson getting his pregame slaps in the face. That's just quality entertainment that you can't miss.

  • Crunkbeast
    Crunkbeast2 muaj më parë

    You said Marvin Lewis instead of Marvin Jones @ 15:01

  • Jody Collier
    Jody Collier2 muaj më parë

    Don't run into my Steelers in the playoffs, it's only a matter of time till we back in the SB

  • Mike
    Mike2 muaj më parë

    😂😂 why he do that @ 21:20 dude didn’t do nothing to him

  • poop_sycle894
    poop_sycle8942 muaj më parë

    No lie bruh I really enjoy your videos.

  • Yo Ex
    Yo Ex2 muaj më parë

    That was Thomas Jones on the 2010 Jets not LT

  • cobi berkowitz

    cobi berkowitz

    2 muaj më parë

    No it was not

  • Shrooms Sadow
    Shrooms Sadow2 muaj më parë

    I peep the Maryland shirt!✊🏽✊🏽

  • Redskinsman10
    Redskinsman102 muaj më parë

    17:36 fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • swagking green
    swagking green2 muaj më parë

    Flemlo watch anime

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson2 muaj më parë

    Shoutout to Flemlo for reppin Maryland