Superbowl Predictions! Joe Burrow Leads LSU to National Championship! Lamar Jackson Hate! & More


Joe Burrow, Lsu, Super Bowl, Lamar Jackson & more in todays The Flemlo 5.
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  • Bryan H
    Bryan H5 muaj më parë

    Bruh you never have gave the Chiefs respect the deserve!

  • Gregg Lira
    Gregg Lira8 muaj më parë

    NFL VS XFL Video game

  • johndessoye
    johndessoye9 muaj më parë

    all of you need to to subscribe and click the bell. FlemLo...should be on ESPN!

  • Dirt Merchant
    Dirt Merchant9 muaj më parë

    Don't count out Konami doing that XFL game, they do some sort of FIFA soccer game and are looking to recoup the money the spent on Kojima's Fox Engine. Make the game add an online mode flood people with loot boxes, you know, Konami's new business structure. That Fox Engine dose look good though.

  • Ebon compton
    Ebon compton9 muaj më parë

    Bengals gonna somehow fuck themselves and not pick or keep him. Lol.

  • Diana Estrella
    Diana Estrella9 muaj më parë

    I like how smart you are. My two favorite channels are speak for yourself and you. Love how intelligent you are and how well you break things down.

  • Jay White II This Just In
    Jay White II This Just In9 muaj më parë

    I 🙏 The XFL Is A Success For A Long Time!!!

  • Jay White II This Just In
    Jay White II This Just In9 muaj më parë

    XFL Video Game Would Be Sic Tho

  • Samurai Morrison
    Samurai Morrison9 muaj më parë

    Tom Brady should go to the Tennessee titans, they need a veteran quarterback! They have everything except a quarterback that can impact the game! If Tom Brady was trying to go somewhere and not miss the patriots that will be the titans. They are the modern day Patriots

  • King Cornelius
    King Cornelius9 muaj më parë

    ThAt 🐖 pig skin wall decor is hard.🔥

  • #girldad !
    #girldad !9 muaj më parë

    Now Derrick Henry may not have had a great game but the 49s rb Molstor did. So do NFL teams still view rb position the same or do they see more value now that a second rb took the game into his own hands????

  • Jordan Fravel
    Jordan Fravel9 muaj më parë

    Agreed!!! If pass yards mattered Winston would be the mvp not gonna lie him and Tampa are fun to watch because of there offense but u can have tons of talent and it come down to coaching game management I mean look at the browns on paper we’re sweet and should have won more games but u have to blame play calling and lack of discipline

  • Marquese Norris
    Marquese Norris9 muaj më parë

    He was 2 of 2 for the super bowl

  • GoBucks86 19
    GoBucks86 199 muaj më parë

    Should have mentioned that peyton manning struggled in the beginning of his career.

  • Irene Adler
    Irene Adler9 muaj më parë

    Hey man, off topic, do you think that Cincy will draft 1st or trade it?

  • howardtheduc
    howardtheduc9 muaj më parë

    Derrick Henry will crush the chiefs d-line- is Chris Jones back for the conference finals?

  • T Ron

    T Ron

    9 muaj më parë


  • freelanceryuu
    freelanceryuu9 muaj më parë

    Is Drew Brees washed up? XFL game should be like NFL blitz.

  • Rick James
    Rick James9 muaj më parë

    2K XFL video game I'll buy it bro. I hope the XFL succeeds. As a Tennessee native I'd love to see the Titans bring it all home.

  • jdgilliam21
    jdgilliam219 muaj më parë

    How y’all feeling about the Aaron Hernandez documentary???

    TAPKING139 muaj më parë

    I Hope Patrick Maholmes Wins The Super Bowl. He Deserves It After How Well He's Done With The Chiefs. All Those Teams Passed On Him And Now They Regretting It. Patrick Maholmes Will Be The 3rd Black QB In NFL History To Win A Super Bowl...Mark My Words.

  • Schquita Goodwin
    Schquita Goodwin9 muaj më parë

    I think you said the word "defense" once... Ima go Packers vs. Titans for super bowl 54, Let's go LIV !!!!

  • T Ron

    T Ron

    9 muaj më parë


  • Xix1326
    Xix13269 muaj më parë

    Did you catch Pat McAfee's take the Bengals? It's pretty funny. 1/16/2020. I'd sympathize with Cincy fans, but I've been a Jets fan since the Heidi Bowl. I feel your pain, but it's been 51 years, and I'm not getting younger. O_O

  • Notellu
    Notellu9 muaj më parë

    Packers vs Chiefs. It will be a rematch of the very first Superbowl. And this is the 100th year of the NFL. What a better way to celebrate that

  • Grtt Pow
    Grtt Pow9 muaj më parë

    Do Vick

  • Sean Richards
    Sean Richards9 muaj më parë

    I wish some of y’all would stop making excuses for Lamar Jackson he played shitty and in week 17 he should have played so he wouldnt be rusty. He forced a lot of throws and did way too much

  • jacob kujaneck
    jacob kujaneck9 muaj më parë

    anything is better than madden. hope its like 2002 gameday!!!

  • Subject_ _12
    Subject_ _129 muaj më parë

    Lamar is the runaway MVP for the 2019 season. He had a bad game! It is what it is. He is a BEAST!!

  • wm stacey butts
    wm stacey butts9 muaj më parë

    Fake news

  • Gary Mccarroll
    Gary Mccarroll9 muaj më parë

    To me it doesn’t matter who wins in the nfl playoffs, it nice to have a different super bowl that doesn’t include the patriots.

  • Alan Van Lieu
    Alan Van Lieu9 muaj më parë

    flemlo 5 for life

  • dodgemichael
    dodgemichael9 muaj më parë

    Bruh Ryan tannehill is goated

  • howdy howdy
    howdy howdy9 muaj më parë

    Why is objs career going bad

  • Chad
    Chad9 muaj më parë

    Packers vs. Chiefs, a rematch of Super Bowl 1. Imagine the State Farm ads.

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza9 muaj më parë

    FlemLo u lookin slimmer out here my dude!

  • David Mendoza
    David Mendoza9 muaj më parë


  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 889 muaj më parë

    Would love to see my Packers vs Chiefs for the SB. Would be a great SB.

  • Naga Ward87
    Naga Ward879 muaj më parë

    Not a bangles guy, saints actually, but i cant wait to see how burrow does man. Alot of ppl i knkw are saying hes doomed in nati, but i think hes gonna be a real game changer over there. High hopes he isnt another russell from my bayou bangles...heres to yalls next season flemlo

    NOLA_RN9 muaj më parë

    Joey B headed to you and the Bengals, you're welcome.

  • Barry McCokiner
    Barry McCokiner9 muaj më parë

    Go Titans. Henry is the most dominant RB in awhile.

  • Gigglepoops85
    Gigglepoops859 muaj më parë

    You should do a video on CFL stars going to the NFL and that pathway to the NFL.

  • Paige _Judah
    Paige _Judah9 muaj më parë

    KC run defense is trash so Henry should have a field day but possibly lose

  • lol Monsta
    lol Monsta9 muaj më parë

    Dang luke kuechly retired 🔥 vid tho

  • Lance Johnston
    Lance Johnston9 muaj më parë

    I'd definitely cop a copy of an XFL video game

  • Jared Hunnicutt
    Jared Hunnicutt9 muaj më parë

    Joe Burrow (Burreaux!) is an absolute MONSTER at QB. His reads are like Mahomes, Brady, etc. The receivers would be smothered and Burrow would put the ball DOWNFIELD within a 3 inch spot. I’ve NEVER seen anything like that and grew up in the 90’s watching UF and FSWho go at it. Joe is sneaky FAST too (6’4, 220 lbs, solid size for the NFL as well).

  • Big Dick Nick
    Big Dick Nick9 muaj më parë

    Dude Lamar can’t throw to save his life

  • Brother King
    Brother King9 muaj më parë

    Titans vs SF in superbowl

  • Jmknoll90
    Jmknoll909 muaj më parë

    I like it better when they sleep on the titans

  • T Ron

    T Ron

    9 muaj më parë


  • Timmy's POV
    Timmy's POV9 muaj më parë

    I know this may be a little early but can we talk about the heart breaking decision Luke Kuechly made to retire and others like him actually leaving the NFL basically in their primes or with a lot more time to play. This seems like its about to be the new norm!! (I now know the pain of Colts fans )

  • richard seeger
    richard seeger9 muaj më parë

    who cares about the nfl, lsu vs Clemson was the best game of the year

  • Why Guy
    Why Guy9 muaj më parë

    Mane what happened to that college football game?

  • Anthony Grant
    Anthony Grant9 muaj më parë

    Yeah, That coach and coaching staff should be dismissed they are XBox & Playstation gamers pulling that bull fake punting on your 20-yard line and you up 24 to 7 who does that other than gamers?

  • George Warshington
    George Warshington9 muaj më parë

    who are these people defending andy dalton? i got some magic berries and essential oils to sell your brainless ass

  • Ryan Staiger
    Ryan Staiger9 muaj më parë

    The fact that Bengals fans think Andy Dalton is a franchise QB shows how blind the fans and the organization is as a whole. He hasn’t gotten them anywhere and obviously lacks that certain something that defines a good QB

  • Card Guy
    Card Guy9 muaj më parë

    Bungle for burrow

  • Mojo
    Mojo9 muaj më parë

    Late, but thanks for shouting out my tweet flem

  • MMU SportsGodzFTW
    MMU SportsGodzFTW9 muaj më parë


  • Joshua Ebanks
    Joshua Ebanks9 muaj më parë

    I don't blame it all on Lamar. Everytime the Ravens get behind in a game, they completely abandon the run and put all that pressure on Lamar. Their whole system revolves around running the ball, and we all know Lamar can pass, but he also needs the run game to open up the pass. He is not the able to sit back and throw it 50 times a game. And their coaches need to understand that. There was plenty of time left in the game to continue to run the ball.

  • Slicing Onions
    Slicing Onions9 muaj më parë

    Andy Dalton is a joke dog, especially in the playoffs his stats are laughable. Who defends this guy?!?

  • Cody Douglas
    Cody Douglas9 muaj më parë

    This is a cool channel!

  • VastBluepuppy 424
    VastBluepuppy 4249 muaj më parë

    Title: Super Bowl Predictions! Also Title: Joe Burrow Leads LSU to National Championship!

  • Joshua Wilkinson
    Joshua Wilkinson9 muaj më parë

    Whats the song in the background while he is talking?

  • Steven Conrad
    Steven Conrad9 muaj më parë

    Earl Thomas became a blocker😂😂

  • Depressed NY Sports Fan
    Depressed NY Sports Fan9 muaj më parë

    If the bengals pass on Joe Burrow it will be the biggest mistake in Bengals history.

  • Terrohn Jackson
    Terrohn Jackson9 muaj më parë

    The national championship literally showed us that burrow is nfl ready right now and Lawrence isn’t. Lawrence is really good but still needs to improve on some things

  • Dontaveon Love
    Dontaveon Love9 muaj më parë

    If see another picture of joe burrow smoking a cigar ima....

  • Scott Estep
    Scott Estep9 muaj më parë

    Andy dalton is not good I am a bengals fan

  • Michael Sokol
    Michael Sokol9 muaj më parë

    Fan Question: Are you worried about Lamar? FlemLo: Here is why Andy Dalton is ass...

  • B B
    B B9 muaj më parë

    Marvin Lewis was a terrible coach and never had a team ready to win a big game. He had 2 solid QB's and couldn't win with either one. He had stacked teams with both Dalton and Palmer.

  • NickJC
    NickJC9 muaj më parë

    I really wish I could see Joe Burrow be successful in the NFL but as a Steelers fan I hope to see him on his ass a lot. At least against us that is lol.

  • OffialGooni- MBK
    OffialGooni- MBK9 muaj më parë

    Titian’s slick go all the way

  • Tannermcboss
    Tannermcboss9 muaj më parë

    The titans can’t keep up with the chiefs

  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin9 muaj më parë

    7:16 I hope that EA doesn’t get the rights. I won’t play any more football games if they do.

  • Unknown Shredder
    Unknown Shredder9 muaj më parë

    Lamar will be fine.....great fun player too watch.

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall9 muaj më parë

    And I totally agree with flemlo Lamar Jackson is an absolute stud and he's not surrounded by absolute Superstars he's got a very good squad but he's doing a lot with a very mediocre team and the defense is not the Ray Lewis defense Lamar Jackson is a very good talent and seems like a very good kid I like him a lot and he's not a Showboat type of guy I really would love to have him on my squad Mahomes is good too but I just don't like him as much for some reason he has a lot more Talent on his team-- and no offense to anyone who likes Andy Dalton you can like who you like but he is very very very far from an elite quarterback

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall9 muaj më parë

    And bro Derrick Henry is not the average bid dude if you look at somebody like Brandon Jacobs they always have a couple good Seasons but the key is always like staying fit and in shape cuz as soon as a big dude gets too big and too slow he's done flemlo did one on another Titan running back Lendale White I think that's the correct spelling on the first name

  • El Domo
    El Domo9 muaj më parë

    Would not surprise me if the bungles trade their pick smh

  • Wesley Hall
    Wesley Hall9 muaj më parë

    Bruh them titans! Thats my team cuz we doin it better than Brady AND lamar with ravens?

  • Daniel Lungu
    Daniel Lungu9 muaj më parë

    Wilson won the superbowl in his second year

  • Dru Jackson
    Dru Jackson9 muaj më parë

    Yo Flemlo man do a what happened to Jarvis Jones bro. I’m a Steelers fan and I always wondered where he ended up.

  • Derion Sanders
    Derion Sanders9 muaj më parë

    How you feel about Andy Dalton is how I feel about Drew Lock

    EVURO INC9 muaj më parë

    Leave AB alone bruh

  • Dan 1031
    Dan 10319 muaj më parë

    You should time stamps for the topics like Strong Opinions Sports

  • Gilmore Slim
    Gilmore Slim9 muaj më parë

    TITAN UP!! 💪🏾👊🏾💯🔥🔥🔥

  • Therealmoesteppin Pacely
    Therealmoesteppin Pacely9 muaj më parë

    Let’s get that drop % because Lamar Jackson his receivers particularly the H backs and tights was dropping the ball quite frequently

  • Therealmoesteppin Pacely
    Therealmoesteppin Pacely9 muaj më parë

    Let’s get that drop % because Lamar Jackson his receivers particularly the H backs and tights was dropping the ball quite frequently

  • Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me
    Subbing To Everyone Who Subs To Me9 muaj më parë

    People like Stephen a smith couldn't wait tell lamar lost so they can dis credit him I don't get the hatw

  • Azrael
    Azrael9 muaj më parë

    Please blame Lamar please..let see said he was a runner then he took the qb1 spot from a superbowl mvp. That wasn't enough ok full season 14 and 2 and another playoff loss so please give him the BUSINESS...PLEASE it's all Lamar's fault. He's a bumb he can't lead under pressure can't throw.....

  • King Holmes
    King Holmes9 muaj më parë

    Colin Cowherd and Nick Wright say Joe is a more athletic Andy Dalton

  • John Chedsey
    John Chedsey9 muaj më parë

    You do realize the most Bengals thing ever would be to trade the #1 pick away for more draft capital...

  • Bigg Yoke
    Bigg Yoke9 muaj më parë


  • PropheSAY
    PropheSAY9 muaj më parë

    I'm new here. What is "cue the way", or whatever he says in his intro?

  • Ronald Rollins

    Ronald Rollins

    9 muaj më parë

    He is saying "Queue the Wayne!" I don't know what the the song is but its that No Quitta song Lil Wayne made. He says that before he gets into the subject matter of all his videos for about 2 years now.

  • Wander Lopez
    Wander Lopez9 muaj më parë

    I love your videos bro but your background music is kinda old and is kinda annoying. I think is time for a new background music.

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller9 muaj më parë

    If lsu would have came out going deep from the start he would have had 7 tds again but they tried to get the running game going but lsu passing opens the running game as you saw after going deep made the D play back

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller9 muaj më parë

    After Superbowl new Tom Brady face of the NFL garoppolo of the SF he sells tickets it's rigged

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller9 muaj më parë

    Just say the truth the NFL is rigged go to SF vs Seahawks where if Seahawks win gb gets home field all through the NFC playoffs halfyard line remember Superbowl but no plays ready delayed of game on Seahawk pro coach no play for that moment bullshit they wanted sf better weather bigger market to win it all so Superbowl SF vs Tenn winner sf

  • matt noah
    matt noah9 muaj më parë

    Love the videos Flemlo.

  • Charles Waples
    Charles Waples9 muaj më parë

    Don't forget Aaron Rodgers hates playing against Richard Sherman

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller9 muaj më parë

    It comes down to who has more talent around them on offense Andy or Lamar and if you think the bengels were stacked it proves your a bengels fan

  • Big Money Sonny
    Big Money Sonny9 muaj më parë

    Joe Burrow is the truth FlemLo. I personally think he’s a can’t miss pick. That being said as a redskins fan I’m excited to see how Chase Young translates in the NFL. I don’t see us trading down from him

  • Jason Baxter
    Jason Baxter9 muaj më parë

    Flemlo I know your busy if you could do a rewind rtg flashback td or a new rtg or dynasty rewind a short one that's cool just wondering nobody does like you flemlo love all your work and vids bro. God bless