What Happened to Roddy White? (From Too Small to Play, To Atlanta Falcons Legend)


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Roddy White is an Atlanta Falcons legend! Here is the story of his career.
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    Goddamn, what was that music during the Manscape part?

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    What happen to Peter Warrick

  • Tyrance Williams

    Tyrance Williams

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    What happen to Peter Warrick

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    Roddy White! Julio! Tony G! Harry Douglas and Turner! That was the Squad!! 💯

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    How do you feel about the 5 big college conference not being able to play this season it's a possibility ... Hope you make video on that .. bless up

  • John Kerwin
    John Kerwin8 orë më parë

    Roddy helped win me multiple fantasy football championships. He may still be my favorite fantasy player to own, of all time.

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    FlemLo with that usual 🔥 This is one ALther that deservedly garners the views and hopefully stacks those click/advertising dollars in return.

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    lmao sherman talking like he was traveling db. he need zone help

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    Skip to 4:48 for the begining of relevant content.

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    Damn, didn't know Roddy was that badass.

  • The World is a Stage
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    It was not hard to out shine both TO and OchoCinco in 2010 bro

  • The World is a Stage
    The World is a Stage4 ditë më parë

    This video just reminded me of Peerless Price , first time that man popped in my head in probably more than a decade (probably cuz he was another Vick receiver) - this is a random ass comment but I had to say it

  • The World is a Stage
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    Yooo this channel is reminding me of all these dudes lol! Third one in a row - I’m on a little marathon tight now

  • ddcs0s
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    You know something I'm just now realizing ... The value of the Horne trade ... Originally I hated that trade because it left us without a QB when Vick was gone but now that I'm looking back on it your right Horne taught Roddy how to be a NFL WR and Roddy later repaid the favor helping out Jones and even now Ridley is starting to look good this year and you have to believe Jones has had a role in that which goes back to Jones paying it forward there's a lineage there and it all begins with Horne

  • ddcs0s
    ddcs0s5 ditë më parë

    As a lifelong ATL fan Roddy has always been one of my favorite players he stuck it out in Atlanta when many guys were jumping ship when the Vick situation went down

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    Hey FlemLo ur videos are great they really help calm man down & chill just to binge watch

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    I have his jersey from my birthday 6 years ago

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    Best sports videos 💪

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    Saints' Joe Horn > Atlanta Joe Horn 😁😎 NO > ATL - STRAIGHT UP!

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    Roddy White= Qui Gon Jinn

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    Roddy White played college football in my city

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    Hellooooo can I get someone from the steelers? ANYONE?

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    This manscape promo is hard to watch.

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    I had a roddy white poster in my room in 2010

  • Jalen Williams
    Jalen Williams10 ditë më parë

    Roddy and Andre Johnson are so underrated. They paved the way for Hopkins and Julio

    LEOVEVO10 ditë më parë

    Afraid to put him in cause he’ll get hurt *puts him on kick return* 😭😭

  • Jeffrey Hutchins
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    "This is probably the greatest ball trimmer ever" Tops the list of things I never thought I'd hear in 2020. ;)

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    Que to Wayne?

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    FlemLo, didn't know you were a Bengals fan. I am too man that's what's up.

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    Brandon Jacobs

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    Roddy White in madden 10 was nice

  • Sebastian Terris
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    Roddy white cooked Richard Sherman lmao funny af to see him falling down then have him in a press conference talking about he’s trash

  • Trey Wilson
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    You look smack like roddy... he ya daddy?

  • Christopher Hernandez
    Christopher Hernandez17 ditë më parë

    11:31 So we aren’t even going to mention that Roddy white is Future Hendrix ?!?

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    Called him Rodney once but it’s all good lol

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    Roddy White...Being considered for the HoF this year...already ...

  • Rebel Fleur
    Rebel Fleur19 ditë më parë

    I’m from Birmingham... thanks for the reminder about this story

  • Brad Bennett
    Brad Bennett19 ditë më parë

    I remember him well. He was a good receiver with Vick, they were just a heavily run first team with Vick and well let's face it, Vick wasn't the best thrower of the football. I barely follow the Falcons if at all, but I will always remember Matt Ryan's first NFL pass was a long touchdown reception and run by Roddy White.

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    Ay Flem! You that dude!

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    I had the same type of growth spurt roddy had in high school, but I’m a lineman so it don’t matter 🤣🤣

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    Roddy is my cousin

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    do a segment on Taylor mays!!

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    This dude deserves more subscribers than he had c mon

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    Roddy was such a stud wrestler he wrestled up nearly 20lbs his senior year for a challenge

  • Chris Byrd
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    I remember Roddy White in madden, he was always so good with julio

  • Unpackaged Vinyl
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    I remember when Vick was QB and Roddy White was dropping everything. He improved his game overnight.

  • Chase Dutton_31
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    Future HOF rise up let’s get him in there this year ✊🏼

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    Roddy White the GOAT Atlanta Falcon PERIOD!!! Salute to the GAWD!

  • Curtis Fleshman
    Curtis Fleshman27 ditë më parë

    I think too often we are prisoners of the moment. If we are talking about underrated WR’S how could we not start with Ed Mccafferey( Christians dad) dude literally never dropped a pass. He was also a huge factor in the broncos winning back to back super bowls.

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    How yall dislike this man??

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    Had to cop that manscaped package! Youre a life saver flem!!!

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    Roddy was a beast after he settled down off the field and taught the young Julio how to be a better beast than he was

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    Manscape lmao , getting fresh b4 the club .No more zippin ballsack hair up in your zipper. With a straight face ,lmao

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    The NFL and more specifically each individual team needs to really learn the monetary value of signing late stage veterans to mentor the younger superstars...It would be Great to see the wise responsible and levelheaded late stage players get rewarded more than the super high risk/reward players in those situations

  • Ajay Whitfield
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    That’s my Alma Mater gettin punished at 5:47 😂

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    Don’t trip flemlo, the small facts are the best (pun intended)

  • E J
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    I would love to be there for one of the nights that prime Michael Vick and Roddy White went out on the town. I’d bet that shit would be wild.

  • Tate Van Cleve
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    Damn it's crazy to me when I hear of dudes growing another 3" to 9" inches in their 17's-19's or 20's. I mean I know I was on the earlier end of growth spurts (was 6'1" 14yrs & 9 months @ the end of my 8th grade year & already able to dunk a volley ball on the schools gym 10' rim.) I believe I was fully grown height wise by my 16th birthday in between my 9th & 10th grade year... shit or maybe I just quit growing then because that's when I started smoking massive amounts of weed on a daily basis. Hmmmm. Kids dont start smoking weed until you are 20 or 21 just in case. I never wouldve have thought this but another guy I know was 5'3" until his sophomore year. He started smoking weed in 6th grade and sold it from 8th grade to 10th grade. He started getting paranoid that it might have been the weed because both his sisters just older than him were 5'8" & 5'10". He decided to take a break and grew 11" in 9 months that same year right when he took that break. I though it was just a crazy coincidence. Honestly I have nothing against weed, it actually saved my life no exaggeration. I was plagued with daily suicidal thoughts from 13 to 16yrs old. They stopped the day I started smoking weed. I believe I was self medicating without even realizing it. So for me it was something absolutely necessary & def has medicinal benefits in some situations. But if you want to grow to absolute fullest height capacity. I cant say that there isn't a correlation between early m.j. use and growth in teenage boys. So if that may apply to you, you may want to consider just holding out until you are 20.

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    Flemlo doesn’t miss swear it

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    Richard Sherman has a bad word to say about pretty much every WR out there.

  • tricky92x
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    As my cousin used to call Roddy White in his day... GOD. 2010 was my favorite fantasy football season, winning the championship on top of Roddy White's consistently excellent production.

  • Cody J
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    3:19 video starts

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    Roddy White was always one of my favorites super humble

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    Yo i bet you all 77 people that hated this video played for Seattle. SMDH,HATTERS!

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    I don't think Roddy White gave himself the "Rowdy Roddy" nickname, it was Chris Berman of ESPN.

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    Watch your mouth about my blazers

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    Love the random facts and the effort into the back stories bro. Your videos downloaded on my phone helped get me through multiple deployments on the ocean during long nights 👌 never stop cueing the wayne

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    People get on Carroll for not running it. But Harbaugh had Gore. I don't remember many legacy making runs. Seems like Harbaugh DESPERATELY wanted to be part of Catch III. Think of the sports coverage. They didn't want to give that light to Gore or Lynch.They wanted to reward flash or perhaps they had been attracted to the shiny objects. I expect this nonsense from Carroll but Harbaugh's supposed to be the working man's man, man. He helped make Sherman. Man, what's THAT guy's deal?

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    Julio Jones has beautiful cheekbones and Roddy was FF God at one time

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    Hahaha Sherm a corner. You know he ain't gon give Rod the hype.

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    I love the random facts my guy!

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    Sherman was definitely $hit talkin.

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    He joined the NFL to chew bubble gum and kick ass... wasn't until a few years later that he was all outta bubble gum.

  • The squid Boss
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    Damn I thought is was pretty average but I’m actually the same height and 5 pounds lighter than Roddy as a high hook freshman

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    I feel like Roddy just got drafted lmao time flies mannnn

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    Awesome, just watch Romo vs Vick '06, and asked myself, what happen to Roddy White. Thanks FlemLo.

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    bro he’s a coach at my hs now! pretty chill dude

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    He now had a scholarship to University of Alabama...... had me dead

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    Best WR hands...much love for FlemLo for making this video💯👏🏾

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    Yo honestly (apart from just the terrific story telling and presentation and just general quality of content) those little facts about players is honestly one of the main things that set your videos off for me. Love it

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    His number was just a

  • Paul Winborne
    Paul WinborneMuaj më parë

    I watched Julio Jones play high school ball and college ball(Roll Tide) and for such a talented young man to say Roddy helped him and taught him about receiving then I will have a tremendous respect for Roddy.

  • The Chad
    The Chad2 muaj më parë

    I’ve been a huge bucs fans for the longest, twice a year I would always say to myself, keep roddy in check, keep Steve smith in check, and keep jimmy graham in check. We never did and it’s why we sucked from 2008-now but I def knew about white before the rest of the league caught on

  • blafiman
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    yea roddy was good but dude was notorious for doing sneaky offensive pass interference tactics,just look it up

  • Steve Butabi
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    Stop bringing up old sh*t..........LOL

  • Brandon Myles
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    I know the term “most underrated player” gets tossed around. Roddy was hands down the most underrated player of all time.

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    what’s the song you use in your intro?

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    Why is he rowdy?

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    "Too small" Shoulder to shoulder with Julio 🧐

  • TerrorArtist 404
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    That game vs the Bengals is still my favorite ..even tho Julio hit 300 yards vs Carolina it was the fact that Roddy outshined 2 great receivers

  • Dre Sted
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    Julio Jones happened to Roddy White.

  • Young F.L.Y.
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    No offense to Vick but it’s Vick fault Roddy was seen as a bust

  • mikeyy425
    mikeyy4252 muaj më parë

    Near his last days, when kyle shannashit tried to take him out the offense (for L Hankerson of all people). Us falcon fans demanded roddy be involved. Then roddy gives that work to undefeated panthers. Leaving them 15-1 for the season

  • Agent Venom
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    Out of curiosity can u do more Oakland raiders players like bruce Gronkowski ext

  • Robbie Burns
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    If they require class to be a requirement to play pro ball, then Roddy would still get in, Sherman would not.

  • Don L Bailey
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    Eddie Lacy or Trent Richardson

  • Darrick Harris
    Darrick Harris2 muaj më parë

    Roddy is and was one of my favorite Falcons. I really thought he had a lot more tread on the tires. I’m glad he and Julio had a great mentorship now we can continue to see greatness at the receiver position. This story shows how so much talent can be squandered but with the right tutelage you get great results. Imagine who/what Julio would be now without Roddy’s mentorship. He probably told him what he did wrong and more importantly what he did right which set him on the right path. Not taking anything from Julio.

  • Berserker5150
    Berserker51502 muaj më parë

    I grew up watching Roddy I fully believe without Joe horn Roddy wouldn't be a legend without Roddy Julio would have had a harder start and without Julio Ridley would have had a rougher start

  • Badd Newz
    Badd Newz2 muaj më parë

    Roddy had a career similar to Eric Moulds how they were considered busts but they stayed dedicated to their craft and to us it “came out of nowhere” that they exploded with production. I’m a Bills fan that grew up in Atlanta so I’m close to both franchises

  • $ecret$quirrel
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    Below the waist hygiene im sorry dirty guys but I can't c how u really need dat 😂I mean damn tho 🤦manscaped is doing what they suppose to tho!!!

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    its really to bad he left ATL in bad blood instead of just hanging up the cleats

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