How's The XFL Doing After Week 5? (The Half Way Point!)


The XFL is still going strong!
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  • David Buswa
    David Buswa6 muaj më parë

    Week 5 was the last we saw of the XFL. Vince pulled the plug because he was losing money. Vince wasn't making money from the networks. He didn't secure TV rights. The league was still a gate driven league. Then the COVID-19 came and his projections dropped, ending the newly formed league after 5 weeks. Now people are suing Vince for non-payment like the arenas, t-shirt companies, coaches & staff and the commish, Oliver Luck. Vince lost so much money in his foolish attempt to resurrect his expensive toy that he layed off wrestlers in his WWE company, Vince is Bizarro King Midas. meaning everything he touches turns to $h!t

  • Story Time
    Story Time7 muaj më parë

    I loved the XFL.. really fun to watch and I really liked all the 8 teams and their superstars..lots of talent.. liked the coaches and the live play calling.. their rules were interesting.. but its GONE NOW..some players went to nfl.. hope the XFL stays

  • Hockey419
    Hockey4197 muaj më parë

    Me being a sad hockey fan but at the same time happy the league is doing good 😂

  • Baldwin II
    Baldwin II7 muaj më parë

    I really enjoy watching it. I'm not near a stadium but watch every week. After it's been canceled due to media enflamed virus hype, I hope it comes back next year.Tampa is my closest team, but sadly they are like the old Tampa Bay Bucs of the NFL. But I'll try to catch a game there next year. Please come back!!!

  • Doctor Soggy
    Doctor Soggy7 muaj më parë


  • Christopher Wollard
    Christopher Wollard7 muaj më parë

    This video aged well lol

  • Dewayne White
    Dewayne White7 muaj më parë


  • nyxzus
    nyxzus7 muaj më parë

    How is the XFL doing after week 5?? *Canceled*

  • Thomas Randall
    Thomas Randall7 muaj më parë

    You have to do something about the hairdo my guy! If you didn't have facial hair, I would thing you are female! lol I still like your vids

  • Max
    Max7 muaj më parë


  • NewBluesBros
    NewBluesBros7 muaj më parë

    This is a shitty product and no matter how much sugar you spread on it , you can still taste the doo doo butter. If you enjoy this it just shows the low standards you have. It will have a second season but only because they can claim the Kung Flu cut the season short and not because they are losing viewers as fast as the Batwoman show. It will be canceled by the end of next season.

  • NewBluesBros


    6 muaj më parë

    @Sean Richards AWWW! I'm so hurt by such mean words. Go fuck off fruit loop

  • Sean Richards

    Sean Richards

    6 muaj më parë

    NewBluesBros wow this shows how self-centered and how lame you really are.

    SEAN BENTLER7 muaj më parë

    They’re sitting in their house watching tv because the f**king CoRoNaViRuS

  • Dallas Cowboys Highlights
    Dallas Cowboys Highlights7 muaj më parë

    And then it was over...... 🙁

  • MattrickBT
    MattrickBT7 muaj më parë

    This video didn't age well.

  • Tim Eaton
    Tim Eaton7 muaj më parë

    Not anymore since all the remaining games are cancelled due to the virus As sad wish wasn’t as found it interesting entertaining to watch Could ruin this franchise again as hope not

  • Harold Hall
    Harold Hall7 muaj më parë

    These cancellations are all bullshit to the highest level. With everything china was going through this last year they created a new biological weapon that the US is bending over backwards for

  • Harold Hall

    Harold Hall

    7 muaj më parë

    Were all going ti get it, 30% of the us population most likely already has it. Its just like any other sickness, if youre sick stay home!!! But this is chinas response to their civil unrest and worldwide "woke" of their bs. & the us is bending right over for it smh, my fiance in thailand thinks were going overboard and ive been there during the outbreaks initial outbreak and saw how crowded and ckose everybody is there. Even they arent shutting everything down like we are smh. This is bullshit and America is allowing china to win. This didnt come from bats or wetmarkets, this is a virus that was manipulated by chinese scientists. World war 3: america has the guns and fire, russia has the intelligence and powergrid/hackers, china has the biological weapons (virus) this entire thing is overblown bullshit

  • Thomas Protentis
    Thomas Protentis7 muaj më parë

    I watch the games on youtube. XFL LIVE STREAMING. Those numbers should count

  • sebastian kash
    sebastian kash7 muaj më parë

    as the league has been canceled. Man coronavirus gotta screw us up.

  • Ono
    Ono7 muaj më parë

    U mean the end of the season right???

  • Cody Daily
    Cody Daily7 muaj më parë

    Well.... about that

  • cookie 2118
    cookie 21187 muaj më parë

    man, the xfl just got cancelled because of a virus

  • Anthony Barton
    Anthony Barton7 muaj më parë

    Love your videos please keep up the great work you are amazing

  • strtngfrsh
    strtngfrsh7 muaj më parë

    Still going strong huh? Might want to check your facts before you post a video next time.

  • Austin A.

    Austin A.

    7 muaj më parë


  • Luken 11
    Luken 117 muaj më parë

    Now its over sad....

  • Brian Hagan
    Brian Hagan7 muaj më parë

    2 days later, season ends 😟

  • Harrison Crawford
    Harrison Crawford7 muaj më parë

    You jinxed it

  • J vP
    J vP7 muaj më parë

    I think they need to get it off of fs1 and espn. I just have the basic channels and the Saturday games are on that. I’d love to watch the Sunday games but can’t because it’s in those pay to watch channels.

  • WK28
    WK287 muaj më parë

    This video aged like fine wine, very quickly

  • Mark Lopez
    Mark Lopez7 muaj më parë

    Who is here after they cancelled the XFL?

  • christosvoskresye
    christosvoskresye7 muaj më parë

    For different reasons, this startup league is also only getting half a season. I don't think they can recover from this.

  • James Dean
    James Dean7 muaj më parë

    rip xfl

  • real estate conspiracy
    real estate conspiracy7 muaj më parë

    So... Every other sports team has cancelled or delayed their season... Xfl wont acknowledge coronavirus? What about WWE?

  • David Emme
    David Emme7 muaj më parë

    Are they going to cancel any games because of the Corona Virus and how will that affect attendance when other pro teams are holding games with no one in the arena? I hope the XFL survives this season and is not a one and done. Want to see it become a viable league. Not that I am a big fan of Vince McMahon but how many have failed at getting a league up and running, failed at i, and has now come back trying to make an alternative league happen again. He tried it one way and it did not work-to do a second league now-to me that is worthy of emulating to never give up on your dream. Plus I like good folotball and the one weakness would be better after one season-defenders looking like they are playing high school ball when a runner runs over two or three defenders or carrying one or two players with him to the end zone. What a interesting ideal. I would either say one series a game or one series per half where the offense can ad one player for the series. Do it for both teams so that way it is fair. Imagine the mayhem then?

  • Brian N
    Brian N7 muaj më parë

    Aaaaaaannnddd it’s gone.

  • Tony Crabtree
    Tony Crabtree7 muaj më parë

    This didn’t age well....

  • Greg Stringer
    Greg Stringer7 muaj më parë

    Raps you doing good 👍

  • Mike Martin
    Mike Martin7 muaj më parë

    Wonder if the xfl will suspend the season because of coronavirus

  • Ф Э

    Ф Э

    7 muaj më parë

    Mike Martin it has

  • RamblingBaba _
    RamblingBaba _7 muaj më parë

    EA Sports and NFL created the Cronovirus to take out the XFL.

  • Jaalen Mhoon
    Jaalen Mhoon7 muaj më parë

    do a video about the Nba suspension please

  • JOE40341
    JOE403417 muaj më parë

    annnnnnnndddddd itttttssssss goooonnnnneeeeee

  • Brian T
    Brian T7 muaj më parë

    Man survives Corona only to die from lack of sports.

  • Denver Boyd
    Denver Boyd7 muaj më parë

    How do I get your music?

  • J Fear
    J Fear7 muaj më parë

    Was going strong. Nice while it lasted

  • FPSLand
    FPSLand7 muaj më parë

    Little did we know

  • Neil Hatrick Harris
    Neil Hatrick Harris7 muaj më parë

    FivePointVids predicted what would kill the xfl. Nobody would have predicted a full on fucking global pandemic. I've heard that the championship game is still possible, I really hope that's true, but I highly doubt it after the news that all players are now eligible to sign nfl contracts effective immediately

  • Cajunomics
    Cajunomics7 muaj më parë

    Waiting on that flemlo raps about the day all sports cancelled.

  • Christopher Blair
    Christopher Blair7 muaj më parë

    And now just two days later, it's over. The world is screwed up right now.

  • Survivors Quest
    Survivors Quest7 muaj më parë

    Oof, this video hurts after today's news . . .

  • Ranger TCU
    Ranger TCU7 muaj më parë

    Well this didn’t go to well

  • forvsj
    forvsj7 muaj më parë

    Xfl cancelled

  • Tyler Borges
    Tyler Borges7 muaj më parë

    It’s pretty much done now

  • G Evans
    G Evans7 muaj më parë

    The XFL has been suspended. This has not aged well.

  • Gamer Pro123
    Gamer Pro1237 muaj më parë

    When the nfl comes back around I really hope it doesn’t shut down the season that’s like my main thing on sundays

  • Spectator Sport
    Spectator Sport7 muaj më parë

    Aaand it’s gone

  • J Fear

    J Fear

    7 muaj më parë

    Buh duh bump .... Sissss!

  • Kill Roy
    Kill Roy7 muaj më parë

    Going strong until corona virus shut it down ☹️

  • Trouba Ramirez
    Trouba Ramirez7 muaj më parë

    well fuck

  • Jaydos
    Jaydos7 muaj më parë

    bye for now xfl, it’s been real

  • taco_tim_
    taco_tim_7 muaj më parë

    Just wait till the corona virus hears about this one

  • J Fear

    J Fear

    7 muaj më parë

    I like his ad. You wanna go to an XFL game this season, go to seatgeek. Nope!

  • Au Jus
    Au Jus7 muaj më parë

    XFL shutdown smh

  • X MappleDee X Field
    X MappleDee X Field7 muaj më parë

    Leauge just got cancelled😂😂

  • dylan2nasty
    dylan2nasty7 muaj më parë


  • Andrew Wolfgang
    Andrew Wolfgang7 muaj më parë

    About that...

  • Josh Howell
    Josh Howell7 muaj më parë

    So still silent on gridiron champions

  • RollinBrownEye
    RollinBrownEye7 muaj më parë

    No we at the end of the XFL SEASON

  • Deciding Pit
    Deciding Pit7 muaj më parë

    And BOOM the rest of the season is cancelled

  • Poop Fart
    Poop Fart7 muaj më parë

    How’s it going the season just got canceled from coronavirus

  • Brandon Workman
    Brandon Workman7 muaj më parë

    Hate to put it on this video but I gotta hear your reaction to the cancelations around the sports world. No March Madness, no NBA, no NHL, no MLB. Would love to see a video with your thoughts.

  • John W
    John W7 muaj më parë

    I watch every weekend.

  • Danny Colón
    Danny Colón7 muaj më parë

    Let's pray they can survive this whole virus shit...

  • Dave M
    Dave M7 muaj më parë

    The Corona Virus is going to destroy the XFL to a point it likely will not recover.

  • JJ
    JJ7 muaj më parë

    XFL ratings going to get a huge bump this weekend

  • JJ


    7 muaj më parë

    @3DSuper They that after my last post

  • 3DSuper


    7 muaj më parë

    JJ they already did.....

  • JJ


    7 muaj më parë

    @Luis_xbot t I don't think so they might not have fans but McMahon see all basketball is cancelled and so there's nothing going on right now if he keeps XFL going then all sports fans will only have that to watch this is the type of opportunity XFL needs. It's more about ratings than attendance.

  • Hungry Panda Studios
    Hungry Panda Studios7 muaj më parë

    "My Houston Roughnecks" Just took him 5 weeks to pick a team

  • Hungry Panda Studios

    Hungry Panda Studios

    7 muaj më parë

    @Kalim idk I dont watch his videos lmao

  • Kalim


    7 muaj më parë

    Even tho he said they were his team weeks ago

  • Donovan Simmons
    Donovan Simmons7 muaj më parë

    You should do a replay on the North Carolina wake game where the running back stepped out with one sec left in the game

  • Ray Genius
    Ray Genius7 muaj më parë

    glad to see them still doing well

  • hopper1415
    hopper14157 muaj më parë

    No cable or satellite since 2011. Everything you need is on line... I miss AAF for its streeming rules

  • Nicnac Dayoungin
    Nicnac Dayoungin7 muaj më parë

    Would be nice to play this in a future NFL game.

  • Steve
    Steve7 muaj më parë

    The XFL is F'king awesome! I absolutely love it! And hope it continues to grow over the course of many, many seasons.

  • Med Smith
    Med Smith7 muaj më parë

    If you plan on attending an XFL game this season, you probably wont need seat geek to get a ticket

  • JahPoetix
    JahPoetix7 muaj më parë

    No lie brotha. XFL is rockin! Hoping this state of emergency doesn't shut it down yet seemingly it's inevitable.

  • Marshalisepic III
    Marshalisepic III7 muaj më parë


  • Marshalisepic III

    Marshalisepic III

    7 muaj më parë

    And they did

  • Spencer Garcia
    Spencer Garcia7 muaj më parë

    Whats gonna happen with Corona Virus?! XFL Cancelling their season too?! Will this hurt the chances of the league coming back next season?!

  • Wayne McFarlane
    Wayne McFarlane7 muaj më parë

    These TV rating look good, compare then to the CFL on ESPN which on a good week would get 1/2 million viewers for a game.

  • benss bencilio
    benss bencilio7 muaj më parë

    With the nfl lockout coming up... it could last the product is well presented

  • Nick Poverman
    Nick Poverman7 muaj më parë

    They have the worst QB's . i stopped watching the games l. This Is why the tv ratings are tanking. This league sucks.

  • Michelangelo
    Michelangelo7 muaj më parë

    Xfl is trash

  • B 49ers
    B 49ers7 muaj më parë

    Im not gonna lie i cant get behind it u can tell y these people never made to nfl and if anyone them start to b real good the nfl will snatch that player just saying

  • Mike Panick
    Mike Panick7 muaj më parë

    Let’s hope the virus 🦠 doesn’t kill the league, like it killed my Big Ten tournament...

  • Danny Stueland
    Danny Stueland7 muaj më parë

    XFL is awesome

  • Mike Panick
    Mike Panick7 muaj më parë

    Love those Gargoyles!!!!

  • TN Frank
    TN Frank7 muaj më parë

    Not everyone has FS1 or ESPN so when games are not on over the air TV channels many of us can't watch.

  • Patrick London
    Patrick London7 muaj më parë

    Wait till the Coronavirus Hoax shuts the XFL down.

  • Art AKA Mr. DaDaDa DaDaDa
    Art AKA Mr. DaDaDa DaDaDa7 muaj më parë

    Flemlo, can u do a "What happened to Tim Tebow" video? He was my dude & I heard he got arrogant in his decision in going to the Jets rather than the most obvious decision to go to the Jags when they had umm, number 11 at that time. I forgot his name. But hook a brother up when u have time. Love yo stuff btw bro. 1 love.

  • Lorenzo H
    Lorenzo H7 muaj më parë

    With NBA cancelled and other sports jumping on board. I wonder if this will be the RIP of the XFL

  • JJ C
    JJ C7 muaj më parë

    We may be looking at an early end to the season because of the CV. And if they handle it the wrong way, it’ll be the end of the league altogether.

  • Hdgjdjh Jgkfg
    Hdgjdjh Jgkfg7 muaj më parë

    I got to talk to him

  • Hdgjdjh Jgkfg
    Hdgjdjh Jgkfg7 muaj më parë

    My cousin is best friends with pj walker

  • Jon Jonas
    Jon Jonas7 muaj më parë

    Watch the XFL games give the XFL games tv ratings every week so that the NFL gets the message to expand the NFL season to 18 regular season games then watch the XFL !

  • andrew smith
    andrew smith7 muaj më parë

    shit product!!......

  • afterburner94
    afterburner947 muaj më parë

    I mean the TV numbers matter more to the XFL that the NFL because the league size and debut but let's not fool ourselves, the gas majority of people are watching the XFL live on ALthe. As we do here overseas for the NFL, all streaming. So, yeah, the viewership pool is way bigger than the TV numbers for sure.

  • Noelle Alexandria
    Noelle Alexandria7 muaj më parë

    Season-ticket-holder for the Dragons here. Our next two games are closed to fans. I'm pissed. Dragons keep getting fucked.