What Happened to NFL WR Anquan Boldin? (Way Better Than You Remember)


Anquan Boldin's one of the best NFL WRs from the 2000s
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  • warren ward
    warren wardDitë më parë

    I dont think anquan retired a raven because of animosity with the cardinals. There may have been some, but I think even without a super bowl win, he would've retired a raven, he constantly talked about how much he loved the team, atmosphere and city more than anywhere else he'd ever been. So again, there may have been some animosity between him and the cardinals organization, but I think his retirement decision was more influenced by love than it was hate. Baltimore loved him from day 1, and he will always be a raven

  • warren ward
    warren wardDitë më parë

    I'm just saying a may be a bit biased as I'm a ravens fan, but anquan boldin is my favorite all time reciever.

  • Niko Gardeakos
    Niko Gardeakos4 ditë më parë

    Didn’t he play for the lions too

  • spooky
    spooky5 ditë më parë

    I live pahokee

  • spooky
    spooky5 ditë më parë

    Pahokee Blue Devils

  • Smoke
    Smoke5 ditë më parë

    oh and imma need a What happened to Santonio Holmes.

  • Smoke
    Smoke5 ditë më parë

    It aint about the 40 time its about the FEET, you can be slow and be a good route runner.

  • Solo Road
    Solo Road5 ditë më parë

    If you don't have love for Anquan, you don't have love for football.

  • Gregory Gaskill
    Gregory Gaskill5 ditë më parë

    Best complimentary receiver duo ever

  • John Bussell
    John Bussell6 ditë më parë

    Dude should definitely be hall of fame no doubt.

  • S Des
    S Des6 ditë më parë

    Damn, just saw Tim Brown above Owens and Boldin. Talk about under the radar. I knew he had skills, but didn't know he finished that high. Really surprising....

  • S Des
    S Des6 ditë më parë

    It's tough to remember because Fitzgerald was a MONSTER. The only year I won my Fantasy Football league was when I got to pick him up along with a decent QB and they absolutely carried me every week. I love that guy.....wish the Bears would have gotten a game-changing WR like him once in their franchise history.

    MTN PEAK COMICS6 ditë më parë

    This dude is the reason I picked #81 in High School

  • Cliff Niiranen
    Cliff Niiranen7 ditë më parë

    Anquan was a great possession receiver. He and Hines Ward revived that role. Both great teammates as well. Great vid, I didn't know about his face. Holy S

  • Joseph McFarland
    Joseph McFarland7 ditë më parë

    He only played for The Ravens for 3 years, He is the man, Ray Ed and Him for me, The KID, is on his way. Anquans TD catch in New England, pointed at the. DB, and I went WILD !!! A MAN

  • Joseph McFarland

    Joseph McFarland

    7 ditë më parë

    Should have never been traded from the Ravens.

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day Gamer8 ditë më parë

    One of the best Possession receivers of all time. Throw him the ball he will catch it and he won’t be mad if you don’t throw it to him either.

  • SF Money
    SF Money8 ditë më parë

    This is my cousin I just felt like searching him up to see what comes I didn’t even know you made a vid on him

  • Mr Alexx
    Mr Alexx10 ditë më parë

    All I know he had mitts on him....like he had glue in his gloves....im here ready to debate it....

  • Madd 9467
    Madd 946712 ditë më parë


  • Harry Mills
    Harry Mills12 ditë më parë

    Cards didn't have much choice, I don't think. Fitz came in as a 1st-round pick under a collective bargaining agreement that paid a LOT of 1st-rounders more than a LOT of proven vets. It wasn't until 2011 that that all changed. But prior to 2011, you had to pay your rookie 1st-rounders ridiculous money, before they ever took a single snap in regulation. It wasn't that they were cheating Anquan so much as they were paying too much for Fitzgerald, which they couldn't even really control. For toughness and blue-collar temperament, I think the Ravens were a better fit for Anquan. I think it's cool that he decided to retire a Raven.

  • YungBoyTavi Gaming
    YungBoyTavi Gaming13 ditë më parë

    Ayee hometown guy! Me and Q from the same city

  • Rico D
    Rico D14 ditë më parë

    As a lifetime ravens fan I would have to say anquan is one of my top 5 ravens players of all time

  • Cockpit Lifestyle
    Cockpit Lifestyle14 ditë më parë

    Thanks for this this clip on Q I’m from Pahokee I won state at pahokee it’s nice that you mentioned our city good or bad 💯🤝

  • Michael Gower
    Michael Gower14 ditë më parë

    As a lifelong cardinals fan q was the best compliment to Larry we could have asked for. When he came back with his jaw broken was the most respect I ever had for a man in any league toughness wise

  • Sand
    Sand14 ditë më parë

    Broke his face and still had over 1,000 yards.

  • Tomas Mandujano
    Tomas Mandujano14 ditë më parë

    Bro stop doing that stupid “Q the way” I feel like slapping the shit outta my phone when I see it

  • Nept Tune
    Nept Tune14 ditë më parë

    He made it up outta pahokee. Good for him.

  • AZ Hockey Gaming
    AZ Hockey Gaming15 ditë më parë

    It was a pleasure to watch Larry Legend and Q together.

  • Ryan Gilligan
    Ryan Gilligan17 ditë më parë

    do a what happened to tavon austin

  • Delvenar Wingbane
    Delvenar Wingbane19 ditë më parë

    first thing i thought of was when he broke his face and played STUPID soon lol

  • trichome333
    trichome33319 ditë më parë

    Def HOF.

  • Robert Andrews
    Robert Andrews22 ditë më parë

    Larry is such a stand up guy. Love that guy. I really wish he'd leave AZ and get a SB, unless the cards win somehow this year

  • Brizim
    Brizim24 ditë më parë

    yo.... this is fire

  • Chiraq Stick Talkin
    Chiraq Stick Talkin24 ditë më parë

    Dude easily had 10 catches 100+ yards each week and 1 TOUGH catch where he gets the boom lowered on him but still makes it look easy. He was so big at receiver DBs bounced off the dude when they tried to whack em

  • Rey Haze
    Rey Haze25 ditë më parë

    Great topic. Boldin doesn't get nearly enough love

  • epic49ersfan
    epic49ersfan25 ditë më parë

    What happened to Anquan? Nothing. Dude balled out until he finally retired. The toughest son of a bitch I've ever seen catch a ball for a living!

  • Nick Ochoa
    Nick Ochoa25 ditë më parë

    As a cardinals fan, I gotta say, Anquan boldin was one of the baddest men ever to put a cardinal jersey on

  • Jon Kun
    Jon Kun26 ditë më parë

    tell me Anquan doesnt have the same dad as Darren Mcfadden??

  • Jon Kun
    Jon Kun26 ditë më parë

    Im a 30 year old white dude from the south and let me tell ya, I love it when you do the " q da way" or whatever you say, I always turn an say it to my dog as you say it! lmfao much love

  • TR4P/KEED #Youngking
    TR4P/KEED #Youngking27 ditë më parë

    Dudes a machine

  • Thomas Maher
    Thomas Maher28 ditë më parë

    Love the way you shoot your videos man!

  • GhostlyGhille
    GhostlyGhille28 ditë më parë

    Flemlo you went to SU ?

  • Alton Banks Jr
    Alton Banks Jr29 ditë më parë

    Never took any medication for his injury against the Jets 🏈 Walter Payton award winner

  • Kevin Harris
    Kevin Harris29 ditë më parë

    Just goes to show you, that unless you have elite 40-time or are just horrendously slow, its not the only thing to consider. AB was a BEAST receiver. If you were a corner trying to solo tackle him, good luck. 40 screws in his broken FACE??? Missed just two games??? GTFOH.

  • Camron Toney
    Camron Toney29 ditë më parë

    Was pissed when we let Boldin go, his YAC was amazing

  • Jovonte Maybin
    Jovonte Maybin29 ditë më parë

    Its not pahoke aint called muck city its belle Glades

  • Jacob Ramage
    Jacob Ramage29 ditë më parë

    Your intro is the only one on YT I dont skip

  • Nintendad816 *
    Nintendad816 *29 ditë më parë

    Bolden was a beast !!! Watch out for Laviska shinault maybe bolden 2.0

  • Jose Carrillo
    Jose Carrillo29 ditë më parë

    Man I miss boldin on the cardinals

  • Sixringsgaming
    Sixringsgaming29 ditë më parë

    Andre johnson was as tough as anquon

  • E J
    E J29 ditë më parë

    Man, it bums me out we didn’t get to see Carson, Larry and Anquan together.

  • E J
    E J29 ditë më parë

    I honestly have no idea who I would chose between Larry Fitz or Julio Jones

  • PainfullyAverageGaming
    PainfullyAverageGaming29 ditë më parë

    I’ve been watching FlemLo for years now how is this man not at 1m

  • JackDevils22
    JackDevils22Muaj më parë

    So happy when I saw this video show up. I always loved Boldin. I'll never forget watching that hit on him, was so happy to see him bounce back. I know Fitzgeralds a legend, but Boldin was always my favorite. I think he was rock solid, great at what he did and from what I saw willing to do what's best for the team. Also, dudes tough, damn hes fun to watch.

  • Wizard Kelly
    Wizard KellyMuaj më parë

    Should do Plaxico Burress he's one of my favorite WR. Discovered channel excellent work bro.

  • Sean Brunelle
    Sean BrunelleMuaj më parë

    Mushin Muhammad is another great receiver who gets forgotten about because he played with Steve smith jr. not as good as anquan but a slept out really good receiver none the less

  • Owen Smyth
    Owen SmythMuaj më parë

    Have is football card

  • DCabrera004
    DCabrera004Muaj më parë

    Is it safe to say Boldin rubbed off onto Fitzgerald???? Cause they look mad similar on film.

    YSN SMOKEYMuaj më parë

    yall probaly dont know that santonio and quan were from muck city

  • Jim Kimpton
    Jim KimptonMuaj më parë

    Q is the man! Jeff Blake said, he'd make Anquan a star and slung it his way 120 times? Blake and rookie Q were fun to watch.

  • Ky Rascoe
    Ky RascoeMuaj më parë

    That time at QB set him up perfectly to read defenses and coverages. He was a force.

  • Drama2323
    Drama2323Muaj më parë

    @FlemLo Raps my brotha i see the hand Hand gestures you're making in your videos. Now to much things is not a coincidence and you're pretty good at what you do I will give you all the credit but what you're doing your talent it came from God our Lord Jesus Christ and them devil horns your plastering in front of the screens that many eyes look at is not they way Stay woke stay bless stay true

  • Uncle Iroh
    Uncle IrohMuaj më parë

    Anquain And Steve Smith Sr. Both played for Ravens. Ravens got some cold ass recievers

  • 당신 자신사랑
    당신 자신사랑Muaj më parë

    Until now I had always thought Fitzgerald was drafted before Anquan Boldin.

  • Very Unknown
    Very UnknownMuaj më parë

    Cards also got Andy Isabella and Chistian Kirk

  • YohYamialwayzHIGH
    YohYamialwayzHIGHMuaj më parë

    I saw that hit live. I thought: "he'll never play again". Obviously wrong. Q is all time beast. Never forget that dude

  • Darral Laviene

    Darral Laviene

    29 ditë më parë

    Plays for Dallas

  • молния
    молнияMuaj më parë

    I'd love to see Anquan Boldin and Larry Fitzgerald go into the Hall of Fame together in the same class. That'd be pretty cool.

  • Jane Lane
    Jane LaneMuaj më parë

    Definitely deserves a bust in Canton!! I had him on my team for years. He was rock steady!

  • SilentMovement 305
    SilentMovement 305Muaj më parë

    Overtown The worst town in Florida

  • Mark Winterling
    Mark WinterlingMuaj më parë

    Can u do a what happened to Joe Flacco

  • ThunderHorse 555
    ThunderHorse 555Muaj më parë

    I wonder what kinda numbers bolden, fitz and breaston would have had if they had a consistent good qb throwing them the ball. Yeah they had a few years of warner but pretty much all bums after that.

  • Matthew Familia
    Matthew FamiliaMuaj më parë

    Stats get you into canton, he had his lowest stats winning the Super Bowl...I think that says a lot about the direction the stat obsessed league is heading

  • Dylan Slaughter
    Dylan SlaughterMuaj më parë

    Hey man glad I subbed you bro you put out good content constistly about my favorite sport ever love hearing about all this guys you really know your shit man!!! Hell ya keep it up man you probably my most watched sub

  • Troy Johnson
    Troy JohnsonMuaj më parë

    Da MUCK ain't NO Joke.. Muck bowl every year Pahokee vs Galdes Central We say down here "we are from the muck and we don't give a fuk".... Football factory.. look at ALL the pros that came from the muck... I will give you one from Galdes Central........ Fred Taylor several more . More than Pros from them muck schools (neighbors) than Any other high schools in the world

  • Wyman Young
    Wyman YoungMuaj më parë

    Hines Ward tougher tho lol

  • Bobdingle25
    Bobdingle25Muaj më parë

    I still hate thinking about how the Ravens traded Boldin for essentially pennies. Boldin and Torrey Smith was the golden age for Ravens relievers and it didn't last long. So glad Boldin retired a Ravens. We love you Q.

  • Tevin Shaw
    Tevin ShawMuaj më parë

    I honestly think bolden is a hall of famer look up his stats he basically top 10 in every statistical category for wr’s now to mention he played next to Larry fits

  • Umi
    UmiMuaj më parë

    I like the content but that intro music... it’s

  • Devin M
    Devin MMuaj më parë

    Not just a Superbowl Champion I felt like he could've earned the MVP that game

  • Jcore 09
    Jcore 09Muaj më parë

    Most people: "Man he makes great videos!" Me: He said Ra's Al Ghul correctly!

  • TickNation
    TickNationMuaj më parë

    I loved Anquan as a kid. Always thought it was weird he was NEVER talked about even when he was playing. Being a Detroit fan I was ecstatic when they signed him even though he was “over the hill” I went to my first NFL game when the Lions played Washington. Anquan caught the game winner in the end zone where I was sitting. Something I’ll never forget and Anquan will always remain one of my favorite players of all time 🙏

  • Pewdie Poo
    Pewdie PooMuaj më parë

    “There are still great wide receivers that haven’t made it to the Hall of Fame.” Two Rams receivers that were a part of the Greatest Show on Turf come to mind.

  • Tate Van Cleve
    Tate Van CleveMuaj më parë

    I wish I could like a hundred times. Subscribed

  • RJPD_Official
    RJPD_OfficialMuaj më parë

    Just wish Anquan didn’t stab Baltimore in the back. This hurt as a Ravens fan to watch your number 1 wide out leave to the team you beat in the super bowl even after coming out and saying he planned to stay in Baltimore. Just disappointed in the way he handled the situation. But not everyone can please us 100% of the time.

  • Sang Nguyen
    Sang NguyenMuaj më parë

    I remember him on my ravens he was a solid player we miss him.

  • Kyle Orazio
    Kyle OrazioMuaj më parë

    I used to do franchise mode and trade boldin to the ravens all the time and then it happened in real life I couldn't believe it

  • edward leas
    edward leasMuaj më parë

    Dude carried ravens offense every snap with ray rice

  • Morgan Jones
    Morgan JonesMuaj më parë

    Q was my favorite WR growing up!!!!

  • Yung Dad5
    Yung Dad5Muaj më parë

    Love the batman reference

  • 1WithTheFlow
    1WithTheFlowMuaj më parë

    As a Cardinals fan since they arrived in Arizona, I was so livid at them letting him go that I became a fan of him over the Cardinals, and glad I did because he got a SB ring and the Cardinals... well, maybe in the next few years depending upon Kyler staying healthy and Kingsbury orchestrating the talent into a championship caliber team. Time will tell.. but Boldin will always be my favorite WR.

  • Patrick Lawton
    Patrick LawtonMuaj më parë

    Chad was an ass but couldn't have been anything further from "uncoachable" your doing that man a disservice by saying that.

  • Claxton Johnson
    Claxton JohnsonMuaj më parë

    God has blessed u 2 be able to find your nack n life. Keep em comming

  • Claxton Johnson
    Claxton JohnsonMuaj më parë

    Because of u and videos u do I'm going back to college at 50 in law school ty

  • Claxton Johnson
    Claxton JohnsonMuaj më parë

    U r a legend up and coming plz do a trey williams

  • Claxton Johnson
    Claxton JohnsonMuaj më parë

    As a true freshman, he was the team’s fourth leading rusher with 376 yards on 65 carries and 5 rushing touchdowns. As a sophomore, he was used as an all-purpose running back, tallying 407 rushing yards (7-yard avg.), 6 rushing touchdowns, 10 receptions for 54 receiving yards and 706 kickoff return yards for 1,167 all-purpose yards. He averaged 25.2 yards per return, including a career-long return of 97 yards against Mississippi State University. He had 83 rushing yards against the University of Arkansas. He scored two touchdowns against the University of Mississippi As a junior, he led the team with 474 rushing yards and 6 touchdowns on 70 carries (6.8-yard avg.). He also made 14 receptions for 59 yards, 13 returns for 318 yards, including a 75-yard return against the University of Alabama. He was second on the team with 851 all-purpose yards. He rushed for 1,343 yards on 204 carries with 18 touchdowns during his college career

  • Trademark Strength
    Trademark Strength2 muaj më parë

    Do what happened to steven jackson!!!

  • Katrina Sears
    Katrina Sears2 muaj më parë

    He better get in....Flemlo pushin for ya ya gon be fine

  • Jake Viane
    Jake Viane2 muaj më parë

    Anquan’s first game in Detroit is one of my favorite all time

  • Jabari Kidd
    Jabari Kidd2 muaj më parë

    What happened? Anybody who watches football know how dope he was and he did play it seems like forever not to mention when he got his face broken when they played the jets

  • T C
    T C2 muaj më parë

    Good work on the channel man! Love seeing strong insight from true football fans. As a die hard Cardinals fan it was hard to see Anquan go. The back story was that Anquan and Todd Haley ( our Offensive coordinator at the time) didn't see eye-to-eye. Or most likely Todd Haley being the condescending jackass he is, ran out Anquan.