What Happened to The Guy Who Stole Someone's Identity Just to Play College Football?


Ron Weaver or Ron Mckelvey borrowed someone else's identity to play college ball for Texas at 30 years old!
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  • Yéćt Thêśtèćt
    Yéćt Thêśtèćt7 orë më parë

    The Stefon diggs before the stefon diggs

  • Go Gan
    Go Gan8 orë më parë

    He cheated someone out of the opportunity to play. Fawk him.

  • Myka Sosodef
    Myka Sosodef8 ditë më parë

    Joel was a real one 💯

  • Kyle Damron
    Kyle Damron18 ditë më parë

    I'm from Monterey I didn't know about this

  • E J
    E J18 ditë më parë

    This may be the only case of identity fraud that actually benefits the persons whose identity was taken. Lol.

  • Gabriel L
    Gabriel LMuaj më parë

    I REALLY dig this dude's energy. I mean yeah he broke the rules. But its a really small and insignificant rule that really didnt hurt anyone. 2ndly he behaved in a manner that just shows he really conducts himself well

  • H00DR1CH
    H00DR1CHMuaj më parë

    Me: Presses random video Random Video: FlemLo Raps Me: Hell Yeah

  • Nick Frank
    Nick FrankMuaj më parë

    Ain’t no 10,000 at sac state games bruh

  • John W.
    John W.Muaj më parë

    That's actually an awesome story!

  • Chuck Whitson
    Chuck WhitsonMuaj më parë

    Best flemlo story ever

  • Chuck Whitson
    Chuck WhitsonMuaj më parë

    Awesome story. Wanted it so bad, NFL should have been picked up on some NFL special teams unit.

  • Jozu Jozu
    Jozu JozuMuaj më parë

    Man fuck Richard and his blood line 🖕🏽😤🤬

  • Almond Rick
    Almond RickMuaj më parë

    The Great impostor ,if i was a movie producer a movie for sure .Flem keep doun what your doing ,solid job and awesome has always.

  • HarMageddo
    HarMageddoMuaj më parë

    His sister exposed him. I read about this a while back

  • Red Planet
    Red PlanetMuaj më parë

    Who keeps the degree?

  • Nicolas Cage
    Nicolas CageMuaj më parë

    Bit of a click bait title man he didn’t steal his identity

  • JaheimKing00
    JaheimKing00Muaj më parë

    I wish I had the balls to do half the stuff he did

  • Just me
    Just meMuaj më parë

    Wow amazing !!!! I feel like they should have let him keep playing yes he borrowed the identity of a 20 year old but it was under no false pretenses he didn't use the mans social to put him in debt witch he could have very easily what harm was it how many of us wanted to live out a dream and was told we are to old or not quite good enough and this man just pushed it all outside the box and paid his own way as a younger man

  • randy callis
    randy callisMuaj më parë

    Good video I love it man keep making them

  • Eric Schwager
    Eric Schwager2 muaj më parë

    I met this guy the day before it came out.

  • imbetterthan every1
    imbetterthan every12 muaj më parë

    Why didn't he just play for a semi-pro team. I live in San Francisco he was in my area and there are lots of semi-pro teams all over the state

  • Mike Whicker
    Mike Whicker2 muaj më parë

    You have a good show. It's obvious you do your research.

  • Phil Simpson
    Phil Simpson2 muaj më parë

    They should make a movie about this dude. AWESOME story!

  • richard reach
    richard reach2 muaj më parë

    Joel McKelvey is the realest dude on earth

  • KingJugganaut19
    KingJugganaut192 muaj më parë

    Who instrumental is that from the start of the video to 0:38???

  • Number 3 Stunner
    Number 3 Stunner2 muaj më parë

    What if the shock of Ron being an imposter threw the team off mentally in the bowl game? Damn reporters. He could've waited until after the game.

  • Number 3 Stunner
    Number 3 Stunner2 muaj më parë

    Uncle Rico: The College Years

  • 44 Pacino
    44 Pacino2 muaj më parë

    This happened at the college I went to it was a friend of mine and we all knew but he pulled it off. 👍🏾👍🏾🤣🤣

  • E Sánchez
    E Sánchez2 muaj më parë

    Cool story I'm not even mad at the guy he did what he had to do to pursue his dreams and he didn't hurt anybody

  • Mobiledust academy
    Mobiledust academy2 muaj më parë

    This was one of the most crazy but at the same time wholesome stories I’ve ever heard

  • Scuffed
    Scuffed2 muaj më parë

    My man looks like stephon diggs

  • Wet Soap McJagger
    Wet Soap McJagger2 muaj më parë

    "In my wor[hold]ld only you[hold]! Make me do for love, what I wou[hold]ld not dooooooo."

  • x24-Klipz-0x
    x24-Klipz-0x2 muaj më parë

    Please tell me I’m not the only one who thought the dude on the thumbnail was Myles Garret

  • Marcus Hicks
    Marcus Hicks2 muaj më parë

    BRUH!!! This has to be the funniest, sad story i have ever heard!!

  • ProgressiveG
    ProgressiveG2 muaj më parë


  • B. Herrera
    B. Herrera2 muaj më parë

    Crazy.. I currently go the Pierce College. I play JuCo Ball there. Its crazy knowing that one of the players did that.

  • Keenen Mayfield
    Keenen Mayfield2 muaj më parë

    The fact that the friend he made never lied about him using his identity is more of a story than him lying to play for the love of football again. Literally no crime was committed since the friend gave him the right to take his name, and then this man did right by him and not fuck over his life while doing it. Now that's the real story, that's a true friend for life bro.

  • Strait Jacket
    Strait Jacket2 muaj më parë

    How can you be mad at him ?He found a way to perpetuate his dream Most if us would also if we had the chance

  • nMv8
    nMv82 muaj më parë

    Brooo this is so relatable. I died laughing this whole video because I'd absolutely do this. Squandered my highschool years and love the game more than ever now at 22 lol

  • Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago
    Sour Patch Kid • 62 years ago2 muaj më parë

    I thought that dude was blue face tbh

  • Colin Mcrae
    Colin Mcrae2 muaj më parë

    Start doing what happened to NBA players

  • Gabriel Garcia
    Gabriel Garcia2 muaj më parë

    Another great one. Sam Hurd!!!!

  • Aaron Gomes
    Aaron Gomes2 muaj më parë

    I live in Salinas where he is from. Small world. I watch these videos all the time.

  • Derrick Bryson
    Derrick Bryson2 muaj më parë

    That writer is a true hater. He could have held the story until the next issue after the bowl game.

  • Shooter McGavin
    Shooter McGavin3 muaj më parë

    Love your channel. Great content.

  • Lee Hardin
    Lee Hardin3 muaj më parë

    This would make an awesome movie.

  • Kyle_
    Kyle_3 muaj më parë

    he was basically the original leon sandcastle

  • Ryan O'Bryant
    Ryan O'Bryant3 muaj më parë

    Flemlo, keep doing your thing bro! You are killing it! 👊🏾

  • Golden Pimpin
    Golden Pimpin3 muaj më parë

    I dont watch football at all not a fe an often sport but your content is awesome fam got me hooked

  • David V
    David V3 muaj më parë

    One of the best stories my dude

  • cole oneal
    cole oneal3 muaj më parë

    nah straight up i would've done that too

  • Chris Tesch
    Chris Tesch3 muaj më parë

    Wasn’t Manute Bol like 45 when he played at the University of Bridgeport and told people he was 18-19 years old? 😂😂

  • Chris Tesch

    Chris Tesch

    3 muaj më parë

    Not the same as stealing an identity, but this story reminded me of that for some reason

  • Nick Frank
    Nick Frank4 muaj më parë

    Sac State ain’t D2 bruh

  • Bill BanDoh
    Bill BanDoh4 muaj më parë

    The god damn Media !

  • Eric Belinc
    Eric Belinc4 muaj më parë

    Hey, ya got to give Ron his props. He didn’t steal the identity, the dudes identity Ron used knew about it and agreed to it. Dude was good 😂 Unfortunately some asshole writer trying to make a name for himself decided to come in and ruin it. Like Flemlo said, Ron wasn’t hurting absolutely no one.

  • The Grouch
    The Grouch4 muaj më parë

    Dang who snitched?

  • Sergio Alcantara
    Sergio Alcantara4 muaj më parë

    He wasn’t hurting anybody. They should’ve let him play the sugar bowl AT LEAST. He worked way harder than any dude there. Damn reporter. They’re the absolute worst. 👎🏼

  • George Arroyo
    George Arroyo4 muaj më parë

    Great story and make it a movie now!!🎬🏈📽️🎥🏉

  • Future President
    Future President4 muaj më parë

    Ron Weaver is my new hero!

  • Clay Rivers
    Clay Rivers4 muaj më parë

    He didn't hurt anyone they should have let him go for at least the end of the year

  • Doc Nasty
    Doc Nasty5 muaj më parë

    Best opening line ever! That was great.

  • Vontae Mac
    Vontae Mac5 muaj më parë

    This pisses me off cause when the white dudes do this same thing the coaches just say “I like his passion for the game come back and I’ll give you a coaching job.” This man should be sometime of coach for a college or even high school

  • Derek Claud
    Derek Claud5 muaj më parë

    You should do a revis video

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller5 muaj më parë

    See reporters really want to get famous for ruining someone's life was he hurting anyone no so this reporter was saving the world the reporter did nothing but stop a guy from living the dream so I hope that reporter is living his dream and have ripped away from him so they go oh that's how it feels and I bet the reporter never played a sport ever.

  • Joseph Miller
    Joseph Miller5 muaj më parë

    To help a friend live his dream why not how many times do you get a chance to help someone live a dream it's usually in a movie but this happen even though it ended he got to play

  • Jonathan Dee The One And Only
    Jonathan Dee The One And Only5 muaj më parë

    Shoutout to Sac State!🙌🏾🐝

  • Prod. K-bro
    Prod. K-bro5 muaj më parë


  • Not a Youtuber
    Not a Youtuber5 muaj më parë

    Journalist is a snitch

  • Crazy Cap Gaming
    Crazy Cap Gaming5 muaj më parë

    The owner: hey man don't call us, we'll call you Me: * waits for 2 weeks for a call* My friend: N*gga you damn well They ain't goin call you

  • Billy Madlener
    Billy Madlener5 muaj më parë

    Why write a story calling out a backup player. I get what he did was wrong but damm man.

  • Diandre Miller
    Diandre Miller5 muaj më parë

    Aye I thought you were quoting Pac lol

  • COWBOYS fan1980
    COWBOYS fan19805 muaj më parë

    This story is bananas!!!

  • straitsouthern8
    straitsouthern85 muaj më parë

    Can’t even be mad at ol boy! All he wanted to do was play football and even though he was deceptive in his overall scheme, he didn’t want to hurt anyone or take advantage of the organizations. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Bam Fam
    Bam Fam5 muaj më parë

    He would've been the Goat if he made it to the NFL! Lol

  • Wired for Understanding
    Wired for Understanding5 muaj më parë

    I think what was worse is the guy who exposed him. He could have went to the coaches and let them know. At least he made the best of it and it wasn’t in vain; doing drugs, drinking alcohol, getting in trouble with the law, being a lazy teammate, etc.

  • Andrew Nelson
    Andrew Nelson5 muaj më parë

    4:45 the sign is PEIRCE COLLEGE in Philadelphia

  • G u n n a
    G u n n a5 muaj më parë

    Bruh you know what you doing making these videos 10-15 minutes we ALWAYS want more so you FORCE us to watch the next episode and it’s ALWAYS FIRE🔥 salute bro !

  • VOTE TRUMP 2020
    VOTE TRUMP 20205 muaj më parë

    This is what college football is all about. Playing for the love of the game. He may have not been a starter, but the guy had impeccable character and a true love for the game of football. Hopefully UT goes to the Sugar Bowl again sometime soon and invites this guy for a halftime recognition for his dedication and love of the sport.

  • Jarvis Grazio
    Jarvis Grazio5 muaj më parë

    9:08 "A writer named Richard Martin" but the text says Richard Hoffer...... is Richard pulling something on us too?

  • I’m Lost
    I’m Lost5 muaj më parë

    Sounds like a dude who had a dream finally got real shot at it, and took it. Good for him

  • OldCavLT
    OldCavLT6 muaj më parë

    Great story!

  • A CHI
    A CHI6 muaj më parë

    So what you're saying is that this guy's name should've been Milli Ronilli? 🤔😅 Sorry for my lame joke...I'll show myself out 😂

  • Tjay Moore
    Tjay Moore6 muaj më parë

    I love your stufff I love it

  • hjjkj
    hjjkj6 muaj më parë

    Dude...where did you find all these stories???

  • Cortez Hannan
    Cortez Hannan6 muaj më parë

    Who worry about a none starter who wants to kill someone dreams

  • Ramiro 123
    Ramiro 1236 muaj më parë

    he look like stephon diggs

  • Izayah Oson
    Izayah Oson6 muaj më parë

    id take that unpaid coaching job I love football

  • Peter Molina
    Peter Molina6 muaj më parë

    Is Richard caucasian? Or is known to be an affiliate of the caucasian persuasion?

  • RayIsrael
    RayIsrael6 muaj më parë

    Flem lo this video stopped me from stealing your identity to become ALthe sports blogger glad i saw this video 😆

  • timmybmn
    timmybmn6 muaj më parë

    I gotta tell y'all...I respect this dude. Good for him for trying his best. He might have been "wrong" but is wasn't "bad" if that makes any sense.

  • Jeff Holland
    Jeff Holland6 muaj më parë

    This guy took a spot from a deserving kid! He shouldn’t be anybody’s hero....

  • Pogo JayJay
    Pogo JayJay6 muaj më parë

    He could have screwed the entire University football program. He is a criminal and a bad person.

  • Gravey Boat Ent.
    Gravey Boat Ent.7 muaj më parë

    Joel the real mvp

  • Tron Magnum
    Tron Magnum7 muaj më parë

    If I could go back to college to play sports hell yes I would.

  • El Hombre Negro
    El Hombre Negro7 muaj më parë

    i remember that story Texas lost that bowl game that day too, i believe the remaining Texas players got distracted by the Texas coaches asking each of them, were they actually who they say they were

  • Deacon Mack
    Deacon Mack7 muaj më parë

    For the love of the game man...

  • Daff Da'Mann
    Daff Da'Mann7 muaj më parë

    What happened to marvin harrison

  • Vincent Brooks
    Vincent Brooks7 muaj më parë

    Just subscribed I been bullshittin my bad

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith7 muaj më parë

    Gears in Ron's head🤯

  • M Cooper
    M Cooper7 muaj më parë

    Another great story! Thanks!

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