Neither Ronald Ollie or Trent Richardson Were Taken in the XFL Draft!!!


last chance u's ronlad ollie wasnt drafted into the xfl...neither was former nfl star Trent Richardson.

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  • FlemLo Raps
    FlemLo RapsVit më parë

    full draft recap list:

  • Sara Sullivan

    Sara Sullivan

    8 muaj më parë

    Saw on IG Ollie got signed to the Toronto Argos last month

  • johanser valdez

    johanser valdez

    11 muaj më parë

    @flemlo can u pls talk some QB1 i be writing this under all your video wassup bro i know u see my comment we need QB1 video and story just like u did with last chance u

  • Mooooohamsalad


    Vit më parë

    Feel free to do as much Bengal centric content as ya want.

  • Jarvin Driftwood

    Jarvin Driftwood

    Vit më parë

    Kenny Robinson Jr.'s story is an interesting one if you do a part 2 or else down the line. I believe he was the only player drafted who had college eligibility left.

  • MMG Only

    MMG Only

    Vit më parë

    Shawn Oakman to the wildcats xfl

  • Caleb Minthorn
    Caleb Minthorn8 muaj më parë

    I remember when everyone couldnt shut up about trent Richardson ...

  • Rknee Gordon
    Rknee Gordon8 muaj më parë

    Name Namington is a POS? That’s not right.

  • Darrean
    Darrean8 muaj më parë

    Trent is legally blind holes were wide open while he was in Cleveland and he count hit the whole I’ve seen this every game he was a brown

  • Frank RawDogg Mathews
    Frank RawDogg Mathews9 muaj më parë

    When does this start

  • Mr Brad
    Mr Brad9 muaj më parë

    Took a look at the draft listings not to many standout players there, more like run of the mill flash in the pan players like John Franklin III whereas he's the only one who things he's something special.

  • Bossblack13
    Bossblack139 muaj më parë

    How did Trent not get chosen?

  • Neo Rock
    Neo Rock10 muaj më parë

    "SAve Money?" If they had a big production, they couldve made some money with promotions, commercials, etc. People are always hungry for Football. Plus if you starting something new (well, second time), you need to promote and get people excited, get the word 2 cents, it was a horrible idea to make it this dry.

  • StreetShooter
    StreetShooter10 muaj më parë

    Tyree Jackson is about to ball out in that league

  • Claxton Johnson
    Claxton Johnson11 muaj më parë

    Trey Williams is going to be money

  • Mississippi damage report
    Mississippi damage report11 muaj më parë

    Name to be named in future

  • Mississippi damage report
    Mississippi damage report11 muaj më parë

    Dallas will win XFL Chip,

  • William Slade
    William Slade11 muaj më parë

    Lets be honest tho. Work ethic: garbage af Maturity: none Dude is lazy and it makes me mad when people waste that shot like that while players trying and taking different avenues such as AFL, IFL and doing things the right way and getting overlooked.

  • 33 All the way
    33 All the way11 muaj më parë

    God damn it Ollie always fucking ur self over

  • Miranda Summerset
    Miranda Summerset11 muaj më parë

    I really pray XFL does good I want something besides NFL to watch

  • Tommy Reed
    Tommy ReedVit më parë

    Ronald Ollie is lazy why do u stick up for this guy???

  • Jonathon Lang
    Jonathon LangVit më parë

    Watch JF3 be CB/QB

  • Jack Arnsick
    Jack ArnsickVit më parë

    Trent richardson goes down as top 10 bust ever who didnt get hurt! Just sucked! How can scouts be so wrong? I thought he was too jacked up! He looked slow but really muscular.

  • Smitrj19
    Smitrj19Vit më parë

    Ollie got a bad attitude and lazy Saw that on hard knocks training camp

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day GamerVit më parë

    If Tim Tebow and Johnny Manzel got drafted they would be a popular league easy bc people still love those guys or love to hate them

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day GamerVit më parë

    I use Tyree Jackson as my QB in franchise mode and my dude is leading the league in pass yards and touchdowns through 8 games and we got a winning record

  • Ray Brozzo
    Ray BrozzoVit më parë

    No one picked DEEstroying???

  • moncorp1 Inc
    moncorp1 IncVit më parë

    Ollie's got million dollar talent and a 10 cent brain.

  • Jax T
    Jax TVit më parë

    This guy reading off a list of names as if we are supposed to know who these people are...

  • Hassan Shabazz
    Hassan ShabazzVit më parë

    Cardelle Jones will be the best player in the XFL if he decides to play their.

  • Shannon Reeder
    Shannon ReederVit më parë

    Have you ever been hit real hard on the field? I have been and tasted like pennies. Still wake up sometimes to the flashback. I think if u don't know how it feels your opinion isn't as valuable. U ever play? New to channel

  • Shane Howard
    Shane HowardVit më parë

    No Johnny Football 👀 shooked

  • Buddy Barlow
    Buddy BarlowVit më parë

    Trent was great for the Iron though...not sure why

  • Chad Heroman
    Chad HeromanVit më parë

    I love his channel but HATE the way he pronounces certain words! "Jor ann" instead of Jordan. "Di nt" instead of Didnt ect.....

  • The RightStuff

    The RightStuff

    9 muaj më parë

    you don't speak ebonics?

  • WayPoet
    WayPoetVit më parë

    Do XFL players get paid ?

  • Robbin Tomich
    Robbin TomichVit më parë

    Do a what happened to Johnny manzel

  • Paul N.
    Paul N.Vit më parë

    Ronald Ollie has very great talent but his work ethic and attitude is complete garbage lol. Let’s call a spade a spade. He would skip all OTA’s sleep through film study, show up to practice 45 minutes late, and everything else that’s wrong 😄.

  • Drilla Boyz Ent.
    Drilla Boyz Ent.Vit më parë

    Ronald Ollie is lazeeeeeeeeee and everyone knows it.

  • Shawn Mohr
    Shawn MohrVit më parë

    @FlemLo Raps man, I really love your work you do and the stories you bring us! Keep it up, you do a great job sir! It bums me out too that Trent didn't make it, I was really hoping for it...I love the comeback/second chance story and I truly believe he deserves it, dude was a beast at Alabama! He seems like a humble down to earth guy and I respect that more than most players who think they're too good. Anyways, lovin' your videos, keep 'em up!

  • Kenneth Barnes
    Kenneth BarnesVit më parë

    Flem Lo where did you get that Bengals background from?

  • Xxx Ooo
    Xxx OooVit më parë

    Why doesn't Tennessee have a team they need a xfl sec type that would get my attention

  • jon rad
    jon radVit më parë

    Pumphrey was such a monster in college! His highlight tape is sick.

  • Nick Janushanis
    Nick JanushanisVit më parë

    Don’t forget about my dude ladainian Washington. Remember that name.

  • Keith Adams
    Keith AdamsVit më parë


  • axeattack100
    axeattack100Vit më parë

    "most technologically advanced league" anddd they use a stopwatch from a windows computer lol

  • Sir Mang
    Sir MangVit më parë

    Star is stretching the truth a bit, ok a whole lot, on T-Rich. The dude wouldn't be able to find a hole if you put him in front of the Grand Canyon. He has no vision, runs into the first person he sees and isn't dynamic, explosive or even average. I don't know which NFL team was worse, the Browns for drafting him in the first round or the Colts trading a first round pick for him.

  • D Mac
    D MacVit më parë

    I was hoping that Eric Dungey would end up on an XFL roster

  • FlameWingMan


    Vit më parë

    @D Mac true but idk with Manziel....both Texas teams have some good QBs that the NFL may end up taking next year like they did with Tommy Maddox

  • D Mac

    D Mac

    Vit më parë

    @FlameWingMan i hope so and would love to see Dungey on the Guardians. And if Manziel can get cleaned up he'd be cool to see on one of thr Texas teams. Between those two you'd have qbs w exciting playing styles who could turn into fan favorites

  • FlameWingMan


    Vit më parë

    D Mac he may the XFL will have a supplemental draft in the next couple of weeks

  • AlmightDee
    AlmightDeeVit më parë

    Trent is straight dookie 💩

  • bkstacker 247
    bkstacker 247Vit më parë

    What is the xfl this really another football league

  • FlameWingMan


    Vit më parë

    bkstacker 247 it’s a spring football league for players that either wants to go pro out of high school and skip eligibility or for former nfl players that’s trying to get back in the league

  • Ronny Fitness
    Ronny FitnessVit më parë

    They hate me!!!!

  • Terron Roberts
    Terron RobertsVit më parë

    Kaepernick should’ve entered in this draft the ratings would be high if he was in this league

  • FlameWingMan


    Vit më parë

    Terron Roberts kaepernick doesn’t want to play football anymore

  • John S
    John SVit më parë

    Man get off Ronald Ollie’s nuts. This dude is lazy and a quitter. No one wants that!

  • Street Disciple
    Street DiscipleVit më parë

    FlemLo can you do a video on why the NFL is so boring and reasons why they need to make a change of scenery (let people use celebrations,taunting,cap space,playoff expansion,adding more teams,starting the preseason near the end of July and go to the beginning of September with 2 breaks and a 8 week (6 games) in the preseason with a small playoff bracket which would be 2 wild card teams from each conference which 2 nfc teams in the wild card round and 2 afc teams in the wild card round have teams who don’t really play each other every year 1-3 years where it’s rare for them to play each other in the season also 3 conference game’s and 3 out of conference games in this preseason add more rounds to the draft atleast have 10 to shorten the amount of players going undrafted) or else they will be folding any time soon Atleast 5-8 years left of being enjoyable which it’s barely enjoyable now knowing who’s gonna win and you’d have more time to develop players with the longer preseason

  • David Wells
    David WellsVit më parë

    Smh that page can't spell oklshoma

  • BornDead61
    BornDead61Vit më parë

    The XFL really left alot of talent out there, Manziel, Richardson, Jacoby Ford, there are alot more solid pros out there that should have got calls. The XFL gave teams a list of 8-10 players they could draft at QB so they couldn't really scout all the players they wanted, Aaron Murray is trash. He didn't even start in the AAF, he was Matt Simms backup. Matt McGloin was only in the league 2 years then was on practice sqauds for 2 years, smh. The XFL could have gotten some better talent at QB. Brandon Silvers is tough tho

  • dre murrz
    dre murrzVit më parë

    I'm predicting 'Shawn Oakman' 2 b da 'Aaron Donald' of da XFL..... Then Vince gonna persuade him 2 b a wrestler...... But he won't do it😏

  • dre murrz
    dre murrzVit më parë

    'Name Namington' soundz like a college player on 'Key & Peele' skit w/ da college All-star game

  • Blunt
    BluntVit më parë

    Except for the draft the xfl is looking a little better than last time

  • Gary C
    Gary CVit më parë

    Name Namington is a POS.

  • Dmac 740
    Dmac 740Vit më parë

    Going to be a flop without nfl help.

  • Kyrial Perkins
    Kyrial PerkinsVit më parë

    This will be the first and last year of this XFL crap. Also, ollie may as well get his CDL and come drive trucks or sell dope!!!

  • Corey Ramsdell
    Corey RamsdellVit më parë

    In that highlight for Trent richardson it said he had 42 rushes for 99 yards! Lmao!! That’s why he wasn’t drafted, he’s terrible. Bro that’s like 2.3 yards per carry.

  • Marcus Green
    Marcus GreenVit më parë

    Dakota Allen?

  • Steven Rye
    Steven RyeVit më parë

    Ima say it again, no one cares about minor leagues. We act like we care but we don’t, only weirdos watch G-league, locals follow minor league baseball. Who’s gonna watch Landry Jones, Matt Mcgloin? These xfl guys are trying to emulate the USFL and their success early, but the difference is those guys had the money to pay stars, like Herschel Walker, got Jim Kelly to not go to Buffalo, had Steve Young. Those dudes are legends. XFL is going to fail. Sucks to say but I won’t be watching.

  • Kingwolf_713
    Kingwolf_713Vit më parë

    Ronald ollie needs to get a 9 to 5 that way when he oversleeps he can tell his boss he needs a sick day lmao

  • JETMAN80
    JETMAN80Vit më parë

    Any member of the 2014 Jets draft class except for Quincy would make a good video.

  • FeZe Jov
    FeZe JovVit më parë

    Name Namington..Piece of Shit

  • benss bencilio
    benss bencilioVit më parë

    might hav to go in the cfl

  • Bradley Greer
    Bradley GreerVit më parë

    They come out with a good video game it’s over😂🤣🤣

  • Eric Nelson
    Eric NelsonVit më parë

    Bro I just want to say ESPN needs to give u a show your page it topnotch much love

  • DannyWilliamH
    DannyWilliamHVit më parë

    Because they're not high-value players, of which there are so few anyway. Also, XFL does the draft a but different (at least in year 1) and it prioritized building an entire team as opposed to supplementing a team. In that way it was more a case of grabbing a player or two you feel is a game-changing talent and then building around them. Neither Ollie or Trent are those guys. I wouldn't be shocked to see either grabbed in FA though. Trent especially because all coaches have seen that he has it. They've seen the guy be a good HB. Nobody seems to know if it's The Yips or what but Saban was the last guy that got him to see a hole and hit it. Because of that, every coach thinks they can "fix" him. All coaches see a project and think they're the guy to change a player. It's kind of innate to coaching We'll see but this wasn't a surprise.

  • Gamer Bread
    Gamer BreadVit më parë

    When he had the first round that wasn’t in the 1st phase

  • The Rakai
    The RakaiVit më parë

    Name namington finna ball out... y'all will see

  • Delpriest Stokes
    Delpriest StokesVit më parë

    The NFL needs to start a d league just like the NBA

  • John Titor

    John Titor

    Vit më parë

    Delpriest Stokes The NFL could use a developmental system, but it doesn’t need one. The NCAA division 1 and a small number of division 2 schools is sort of their unofficial minor league. I don’t think it’s necessary, but the XFL for sure definitely needs one.

  • Hughie Curran
    Hughie CurranVit më parë

    If Connor Cook gets a chance he’s gonna shock some people

  • cuttyone70
    cuttyone70Vit më parë

    When I want to see insight full stories on football. Flemlo and kto are the best online.Keep up the good work.

  • Salvador Rodriguez
    Salvador RodriguezVit më parë

    Ok I understand why maybe Ollie didn’t make it in, but Richardson!? He is an amazing RB

  • ltravail
    ltravailVit më parë

    How about a video on Rolando McClain, the former Raiders linebacker 1st round pick whose career ended with the Cowboys. He was having a stellar season with Dallas, but towards the end of the season seemed to decide he didn't want to play football anymore, and had a bunch of life issues afterwards.

  • GravyCat
    GravyCatVit më parë

    You should do a video on CJ Collins QB out of Southwestern Assemblies of God University(NAIA Program), he’s the first guy out of his school to get a shot... got a tryout with the Packers, didn’t make it, then got invited to the XFL draft and didn’t get drafted... I think he’s really good and has a really good story!

  • FatWhite Guyy
    FatWhite GuyyVit më parë

    What happened to the first Heisman trophy winner? Jay Berwanger

  • Derrel Bowers
    Derrel BowersVit më parë

    I bet Ollie got blocked by gruden. Make a quick phone call🤔

  • Anthony Federico
    Anthony FedericoVit më parë

    MY GUY, just wanted to show love. your channel is constantly on for me. youre extremely talented and your vids entertain the shit out of me. keep it going boss man!

  • Don A
    Don AVit më parë

    Trent Richardson was the No. 1 RB coming out of high school too. Crazy.

  • Trey2006
    Trey2006Vit më parë

    Please do a video on RG3 bro!

  • Chris Deavers
    Chris DeaversVit më parë

    I had it on when I was play madden ! Very boring but with alot of no names but LETS GO

  • robert bogert
    robert bogertVit më parë

    Ollie is a dumb lazy fuck . He's where he belongs

  • RixBevo
    RixBevoVit më parë

    Sounds like the XFL has a sound plan selecting younger men with minimal baggage, that can be developed - the younger (adult) age, the better; might lead to talented high school kids being eligible in future drafts, in essence, nullifying that horse shit “college kids should be paid campaign”. I like the dynamics. Sifts out bad seeds like Trent Richardson, let the Canadians have him. He’s over the hill already.

  • bford98541
    bford98541Vit më parë

    Stop saying Shawn Oakman had his nfl chance taken, he wasn't found not guilty just didnt get charged, im from Waco everybody new what was happening with the players

  • Leafs Fan
    Leafs FanVit më parë

    Hey flemlo you are the best story teller on the internet man keep up the positive vibes bro

  • MMG Only
    MMG OnlyVit më parë

    Shawn Oakman to wildcats xfl

  • E B
    E BVit më parë

    Ollie need the pencil lady

  • T.K.
    T.K.Vit më parë

    Name Namington is a holding slot for the rights to a player that has not registered for draft eligibility.

  • Trucker Dan
    Trucker DanVit më parë

    Hey R. Ollie. I hear a small business is looking to hire you as a clown to stand on the corner of a street with a sign to advertise their business! Your their #1 pick. Job is yours!!!!!

  • gz
    gzVit më parë

    Name namington, piece of shit.

  • Trucker Dan
    Trucker DanVit më parë

    Ollie who?

  • Aaron Ibarra
    Aaron IbarraVit më parë

    You should do a Pumphrey video his story is kinda crazy

  • Brian Brian
    Brian BrianVit më parë

    Ronnie Ollie is piggy pig. By trash bag boy!

  • Brian Brian
    Brian BrianVit më parë

    I beat Trent Richardson in a foot race outside a night club in Cleveland.

  • will irv
    will irvVit më parë

    Damn they drafted a guy like name namington before Trent or anyone for that matter gotta suck 😂😂

  • Sharrieff Vincent
    Sharrieff VincentVit më parë

    Flem CUE THE WAYNE !

  • Jose Salinas
    Jose SalinasVit më parë

    Love the content man I’m a packer fan but your videos are legit

  • Jungle King
    Jungle KingVit më parë

    Ain’t no surprised

  • The Bear Minimum
    The Bear MinimumVit më parë

    Not surprised Ollie wasn't drafted and really I don't think anyone should be. Looks like last chance u...truly was.

  • brett rinne
    brett rinneVit më parë

    Name nameington sound like a alien tryin fit in

  • Loyalty Before Everything
    Loyalty Before EverythingVit më parë

    Do A “What Happened To Deanthony Thomas “ Video & A “What Happened To “Jacory Harris”