College Athletes ARE FINALLY Getting PAID!!! (NCAA Will Never Be The Same)


California just passed a bill changing the NCAA forever.

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  • Jeremy Brown
    Jeremy Brown5 muaj më parë

    They are only making money separately. NCAA and schools still keeping all the money. They are just allowing athletes to work extra, basically have a 3 jobs simultaneously to finally get some $$$. So the athletes can go to school, play the sport, and now do a 3rd thing which is work extra to make some money. This is still stupid. They should get a cut of the profits, period!

  • Willa Herrera
    Willa Herrera6 muaj më parë


  • Jessie Ray Keaton
    Jessie Ray Keaton6 muaj më parë

    Lol... Fukk all the marginalised athletes that make up thr other 99% of college atheletes. Pay the prospects... Raise tuition... Fukk it... Better to be racist in truth than racist on ESPN.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith8 muaj më parë

    Most players don't know how to manage there money until the 2nd contract but most don't make it to there 2nd Flem dropping 🧠

  • canton7180
    canton718010 muaj më parë

    Coming from politicians there has to be an angle that benefits them, I do not trust it, make a self regulated athletic union, keep it out of the hands of the professional parasites.

  • 405 25
    405 2510 muaj më parë

    Time to wait until 2023

    BUCKEYE_CT10 muaj më parë


  • H loyd
    H loyd11 muaj më parë

    They found out that these young athletes were making money on social media on their own. It's a new day now. These young people that are coming up now are pretty bright.

  • Eddriii
    Eddriii11 muaj më parë

    I feel like if Texas and Florida passes the bill the ncaa will completely change there rules

  • Tiffanie Summerlin
    Tiffanie SummerlinVit më parë

    Yo do you live in Cincinnati

  • vidsbfree4me
    vidsbfree4meVit më parë

    That Ass better pay those Taxes tho or go to jail and forfeit errr thing in including that Foreign joint parked in the driveway 🤔

  • Kript Dawg
    Kript DawgVit më parë

    I love the way people say college teams have been stealing from these kids for years?? GTFOH, a lot of these great athletes go to schools with impeccable training facilities, great university life(dorms, campus, degree) take easy classes(that’s stupid too)..but that’s not enough because I they need to be shining or flossin while on campus..ha, just give me my college football video game please and I’ll shut up

  • Kript Dawg
    Kript DawgVit më parë

    Cmon man!! This is dumb, his son can learn to use it as a business? Um, how about learn to play your sport better than everyone else and then you’ll get paid in the PROS!

  • Big Papi
    Big PapiVit më parë

    #1 the NCAA can kick out California. Good luck getting national TV games without the NCAA. #2 This will fuel envy and resentment. #3 This is great!! Kentucky basketball has the biggest fan base. You will sell far more merch at UK than other teams. #4 Come to my school, You will get 1 million for a camp.

  • Los Crimefighter
    Los CrimefighterVit më parë

    Slippery slope.

  • Dustin Wiggs
    Dustin WiggsVit më parë

    Ncaa votes to allow college athletes to make a profit off of their likeness

  • Women Are Stupid And I Dont Respect Them
    Women Are Stupid And I Dont Respect ThemVit më parë

    California is acting like they are slaying the NCAA giant, which this may help do, but i'm so jaded that the only thing I can reasonably consider is that the main goal here is that California wants to find a way to get more tax money off these athletes.

  • Steven Scummy
    Steven ScummyVit më parë

    Can't see how anybody can complain, it was like robbery and slavery to not let college athletes profit off their names and take away their scholarship and credentials for receiving some money.

  • akvalues
    akvaluesVit më parë


  • Stacy Rodenbaugh
    Stacy RodenbaughVit më parë

    This will kill the integrity and what was once great about college football! Yo uare seeing the beginning of the end right here! ANd my the way, recruited College football players do get paid! It's called a fucking education!

  • ChArLz In ChArGe
    ChArLz In ChArGeVit më parë

    Lebron never went to Collage. So nothing for him to do this.

  • BooMz N BladeZ
    BooMz N BladeZVit më parë

    straight up, about damn time... I mean what, you basically have to go to work(sports, practice, meetings etc) and school... so you get barely any time to yourself for all that effort, and all you get a scholarship for an education that's overpriced in the first place? Meanwhile the college/university/NCAA/etc to make millions off those players... not to mention the random photo ops they are obligated too do so the school can advertise the games... Its highway robbery... you have adults... FUCKING ADULTS, getting paid in basically company store money... its absurd... and doesn't make since. Its even more bullshit that a player cant have his own monetized content like YT or whatever... Its a racket really. NCAA is basically an indentured minor league.

  • Tweet
    TweetVit më parë

    This is Californias way to get athletes to come to USC

  • ezzy wachsstock
    ezzy wachsstockVit më parë

    You missed part of the Deeestroying story. He did demonetize his videos. But UCF told him he still couldn’t have the channel. Then he chose ALthe over football

  • raggamuffin
    raggamuffinVit më parë

    post the ed video u soke about i wanna know the story

  • TheStapleGunKid
    TheStapleGunKidVit më parë

    The first sensible thing California has done in a long time. While I don't think college athletes should get a salary from the college, I don't see any reason why they shouldn't be able to make money on their own.

  • Nick E
    Nick EVit më parë

    Could the NCAA be like "ok, you can pay them, but all future playoffs,bowl games,championships are forfeited" I could see the NCAA doing that.

  • Javier Lopez
    Javier LopezVit më parë

    So if all the states eventually allow players to earn money for their image, then NCAA video game would come back yes?

  • The Artist BoneZ
    The Artist BoneZVit më parë

    Yeah pay them why not .

  • Derrick Nichols
    Derrick NicholsVit më parë

    Blue Chips looks like a different movie now!!

  • Gabriel
    GabrielVit më parë

    This is going to be too much responsibility for the ncaa

  • Gabriel


    Vit më parë

    I really think the NCAA will lose all competitiveness for tv deals. They really are just college students. The 4 year limit and age gaps are too much to compete with.

  • Gabriel


    Vit më parë

    Why pay someone who already has to pay the school to run the programs?

  • Gabriel


    Vit më parë

    The players, the colleges, and the ncaa could all sue each other freely now

  • Gabriel


    Vit më parë

    They should profit directly and that really just means the NCAA will force them to sue. The numbers will still probably be low. The market value of the team or likeness is lost when it is removed from its place.

  • Gabriel


    Vit më parë

    The players union. They are part of the ncaa and no longer hold the players individual interests above the rest. I dont know how well they will represent themselves in court.

  • Librarian 2020
    Librarian 2020Vit më parë

    Think this is great. Athletes are finally profiting. If they had an academic scholarship they could work to make a little scratch. Athletes especially at high level programs have no time to do that. The school and coaches make millions of dollars and the athletes who generate millions never saw a dime and if they tried to creatively do so they would be disciplined. This a step in the right direction. It’s crazy that a kid who could generate a school tons of money but is too broke to afford food. Like the kid from Baylor you did a video on that was kicked off the team for someone giving him a place to stay. Thanks for the video. Been binging your videos for the past few hours amazing content.

  • General Pendant
    General PendantVit më parë

    This is sick the California mayor is a genius still!!! The man is basically turning college football into a mini nfl or legit farming system !! When you look at it he is encouraging other states to govern the law to be on even playing field .... Now imagine if ever state does this??? It will be like high powered owners offering contracts of value to certain athletes it will book down to which school has enough budget to designate to sports and which doesn't. Ya the athelete capitalize off their name but ultimately you need to be in a winning program. You can be amazing on a shit team but you need pieces for the team to win !!?!! Ultimately you have to look good inorder to boost your brand

  • noel cook
    noel cookVit më parë

    To everyone what's the cost of getting degree they get paid.ed obannon five years at ucla and not get a degree yet. You see 1 billion ncaa contract.well divide that by 135 schools plus all sports woman and men sports so that is not lot of money

  • Oh My
    Oh MyVit më parë

    Boosters, Alumni getting all that money. What they should do is start a junior NFL League to take the place of college football, for instance putting these colleges out of business. The University of Alabama in just one game can pay for the whole teams college education (i.e. t.v. revenues, stadium ticket sales , etc.) & they still have the nerve to complain about their school's budget (Cover up). I Don't really care about the players but all these boosters schools alumni getting all this free money. Hell you can build several houses in just one game, bowl game throw a couple of white women to cheer for them these pkayers good to go !

  • Paris Hall
    Paris HallVit më parë

    That’s what’s up think of all the athletes that go to these schools with a promise to go pro then they get hurt

  • Abdur Raqeeb Anwarullah-Lewis
    Abdur Raqeeb Anwarullah-LewisVit më parë

    Wow my boi was getting sponsored by these protein companies and colleges turned him down because of that this is Game changer for sure

  • Env sparkyt
    Env sparkytVit më parë

    No 2K need to make a college football game

  • Brian Vinson
    Brian VinsonVit më parë

    Lol there goes the SEC

  • Gerg Smith
    Gerg SmithVit më parë

    so basically everyone is going to play for syracuse

  • Ronnie Chandler
    Ronnie ChandlerVit më parë

    And california has never fucked anything up?

  • Isaac MWHZ
    Isaac MWHZVit më parë

    I dont even watch football but i enjoy watching your videos n listening to how you explain the stories

  • Josh garcia
    Josh garciaVit më parë

    I am willing to bet recruiting this year will be unbalanced tremendously

  • Arca Jeth
    Arca JethVit më parë

    I can see grade requirements being enforced and players being fined for it... I can see the colleges charging athletes for their extremely expensive educations that other people have to pay for and a massive decrease in scholarships available to non athlete students.. This is going to blow up the entire system and end the NCAA.. Semipro teams will pop up and pay these athletes peanuts like they do in minor league baseball and they will no longer have free eduction..

  • Arca Jeth
    Arca JethVit më parë

    If they pay the athletes, they will get sanctioned by the NCAA.. This really doesnt change a damned thing, just another symbolic californian law.

  • Bryce Hilt
    Bryce HiltVit më parë

    I dislike this idea, like Tebow said, “Its not about who makes the most money on the team, Its about us, we as the team and not about me”. Its changing the culture about college sports and it’s going to be a few steps from being a professional sport in general.

  • John Aiken
    John AikenVit më parë

    Let the NCAA and professional sports pay for their own minor leagues and dump sports in college. Why should taxpayers pay for stadiums in colleges when that money can go for medical equipment, science and technology equipment. College is for education and not for sports.

  • Sleuth
    SleuthVit më parë

    RIP all other sports not football or basketball

  • Mxtr0
    Mxtr0Vit më parë

    What’s the best you use for your background music?

  • Mxtr0


    Vit më parë


  • Greg Stewart
    Greg StewartVit më parë

    UCLA, Cal, & USC will all soon be relevant again!! 🙌🙌 sometimes we need chaos to correct an injustice!

  • Dustyrabit Dustyrabit
    Dustyrabit DustyrabitVit më parë

    How is this the end of the ncaa people are still going to pay to go to games

  • rob13589
    rob13589Vit më parë

    You're supposed to learn how to operate as an adult in high school bro not College. You learn how to be a man or a woman in high school and you take your career to the next level through college. Unfortunately most men today in America fall short even passed College. We tend to pamper our kids

  • rob13589
    rob13589Vit më parë

    LeBron is a liar. He would have made the same choice. You're not going to make the same paycheck and college as you will the pros. He can talk all he wants but we all know the truth

  • Terry
    TerryVit më parë

    How are they going to pay the less popular sports or schools? And would Title 9 be a problem? But new NCAA 20 sounds soooo right

    SNEAKY PHANTOMVit më parë

    I agree and disagree on the bill, the reason to it bc you gotta realize there gonna be few bad apples gonna take advantage on the bill, if college sport departments assemble some kind of financial guidance like what the NFL has to be smart with there money, but on the bright side it'll help College Athletes with financial problems have some kind of stepping stool to succeed.

  • Ben Simons
    Ben SimonsVit më parë

    Bout time

  • K Dub
    K DubVit më parë

    This is all good but the NCAA ain't about to go down w/o a fight. They will find a loophole . Wait for it

  • GreaterGood510
    GreaterGood510Vit më parë

    They will get very little like most Interns.

    THE LEGEND 1Vit më parë

    Hey don't forget my boy Ryan Trahan dropping out of A&M Cross country and track cause he had a wonderful ALthe channel and using his channel to promote his company

  • xLilPuddinTater
    xLilPuddinTaterVit më parë

    People overlook the fact that now kids have another reason to not apply themselves academically and instead focus solely on sports and athletics. These kids devote their entire lives to playing for a college team, do bare minimum to keep a passing grade so they can continue playing and get paid and then 90% of them are fucked when they don't go pro. No one thinks long term

  • Rusty Chain
    Rusty ChainVit më parë

    What are they gonna do when the taxman decides that their $100,000 a year scholarship is part of their income and they owe taxes on it?

  • Victor Q
    Victor QVit më parë

    Them getting paid just might be what saves NCAA football. Before the XFL starts offering HS players crazy money to play for them and forget about college

  • michael hammond
    michael hammondVit më parë

    They'll never win the NCAA's national championship but hey...they're getting paid. My school can afford to hire some ex nfl'rs and beat other teams asses into the ground, can't wait, it'll be madness, best part is wanna be schools will get smoked in competition....but hey....they'll get paid.

  • Rice hXc
    Rice hXcVit më parë

    No hate on the players. It's good for them. Gavin Newsom is an absolute joke and Cali is a dumpster fire. Cali and Newsom also need to stop pushing their bullshit on the rest of the country.

  • William Hunter
    William HunterVit më parë

    I believe the players should but I’m a realist as well and I know what universities will do if this was enforced nationally, they would pass that off on the students by raising rates like crazy, and it’s already overpriced as it is.

  • Christian Rodriguez
    Christian RodriguezVit më parë

    I was wondering what all happened with the Robert Kraft Story and thought it would be kind of funny if you did a video on it lol. Obviously it would be important to point out that it's not just money that got him out of being in trouble from the massage scandal but his attorneys and him simply understanding basic common knowledge of what his constitutional rights as an American citizen are that actually got him out of trouble. Anyway, no worries if it's not a video but, I'm sure I'm not the only one who wonders how the Patriots and the ownership just keeps having things slid under the rug lol.

  • wnxdafriz
    wnxdafrizVit më parë

    the question is who decides on how much money the college student can make? i don't have an issue with the idea that student athletes shouldn't be paid... the problem is not all student athletes have a free ride.... in order to be a student athlete (at least in a division 1 school) you are forced to not play any type of recreational sport.. if you do get money and you get injured you can lose any money that the college offered you (in my sister's case.. i don't think anything could have been done if she had but she actually got nothing for playing for her school for the two years she did... the fact she wasn't even offered anything after putting all the hours for training, following restrictions in doing any recreational sport, and so on she got offered nothing...) due to the colleges having to pay ncaa fees to be a part of the NCAA in any division... it should be mandatory that all student athletes are given free room and board, tuition, healthcare, and (for some reason based on other athlete stories...) food also it needs to be prohibited from colleges preventing any student athlete from being able to have any type of employment while attending university (some colleges apparently prevent student-athlete from having part time jobs....) after the athletes finish college or no longer play for the university - royalties must be paid to license their likeness

  • Deins Alleine
    Deins AlleineVit më parë

    The entire history of the United States is based on exploitation; with people constantly trying to "get theirs" and "one up" each other, a constant state of competition where there is a diminishing sense of 'community'. When you make everything about money like they do in the U.S. you are left with a soulless society eventually cannibalizing itself as it is now. That's why Americans are always on edge ready to attack (even neighbors, friends and family) and are never at ease. I feel sorry for Americans because you are truly devoid of any purpose in life, in which you slave away in essence for meager pay used to consume meaningless entertainment (college & professional sports, brainless Hollywood movies, etc.). Truly a sad existence.

  • Piyachon Yuenyong
    Piyachon YuenyongVit më parë

    Well, at least if School can't pay them. they can do a part time job to gain money in their free time or off-season.

  • Steven Tige
    Steven TigeVit më parë

    I know it's never going to be the same because it's going to be better

  • oBioHaz
    oBioHazVit më parë

    "finally getting paid" *laugh in California*


    Athletecoin will disrupt the NCAA

  • Joel Creel
    Joel CreelVit më parë

    I enjoy your videos and KTO's, you two should collaborate more.

  • Fernando Reyes-Guzman
    Fernando Reyes-GuzmanVit më parë

    yeah who cares about education. i supposed hard work and to earn a secure future doesn’t matter because now the school just has to pay and not offer free education . i predict manny colleges will cancel their sport programs and only those schools funded by the elite will monopolize the best athletes minimizing the opportunities for many youth to get an education through spots programs. If an individual cant manage their money or don’t know how, then why don’t they take a course in finance ? This is very dumb a better approach would be to divide earnings from the ncaa in an account for the athletes so they can have a good start after graduation. Blackman your need for immediate satisfaction is very self destructed.I can see many blowing away everything and not even making it to pro . Broke and no education.

  • 308328928
    308328928Vit më parë

    and they can free food too?

  • A W
    A WVit më parë

    USC finna be in the playoffs

  • yung Baked beans
    yung Baked beansVit më parë

    Jokes on Cali cos u already know the NCAA is gon enact some rule to nullify this

  • BlewGrass Boy
    BlewGrass BoyVit më parë

    All 5 🌟 verbal to California schools 2021 n beyond u can always decommit

  • Matt Doucette
    Matt DoucetteVit më parë

    They'll just cut out California... NCAA is too big and too powerful to bow down.

  • Bittrio
    BittrioVit më parë

    Pay these dudes in bitcoin!

  • Jeffrey Baker
    Jeffrey BakerVit më parë

    FlemLo, Thank you for explaining the potential impact on the second tier and lower athlete. My original take on the law was, "So what? A few high profile athletes start getting rich in college before they get rich in the pros. Nobody is going to pay the 2nd string right tackle at Iowa St. for his autographed picture, yet he may be in much more financial pain than say "Johnny Football" as an example. The potentially rich get richer, why am I supposed to care about that?" While there may be some unintended consequences, your comments have educated me as to how this will help Joe Pretty-Good-But-Not-Going-To-The-NBA and that is a real positive.. NCAA did this to itself by being far too constrictive in their rules (you can't have a monetized You Tube channel? No paid youth coaching jobs? Didn't realize just how insane the rules are.) Well done.

  • TOHL
    TOHLVit më parë

    I'm torn between this, on one hand you could consider playing a sport for a college a job and when you work for a university you get compensated. On the other hand, these A+ athletes already get all college costs waived due to scholarships, not sending the players into 10's of thousands into debt, whether or not they excel enough to play at the professional level. At the end of the day, there is more intrinsic value in someone getting a degree in the STEM field or what have you than players going to school, relying only on the sport to be their livelihood and make it big, only to not be part of the fraction of players that go on to play at the highest level. Just my opinion.

  • eric t
    eric tVit më parë

    I say pay the collegiate athletes and end their scholarships, making them pay their own way

  • T. Rizbone
    T. RizboneVit më parë

    Nobody will really care who wins the NCAA National Championships, because all of the star athletes will be in California, hence that is where all of the attention will be focused. The rest of the country just needs to get with the program. It is a new day in collegiate athletics.

  • Nunya Damn Bidness
    Nunya Damn BidnessVit më parë

    Lol they were already getting paid!

  • Harpua71
    Harpua71Vit më parë

    Cali may allow it but NCAA still says no.

  • Diamonddogusa
    DiamonddogusaVit më parë

    If we're going to paid college athletes, than fine, pay them. But its not governments place to set the rules. It's bad enough that government messes with baseball.

  • mrwallstreet1
    mrwallstreet1Vit më parë

    Point of order point of water LOL the law does not actually going into effect until 2023 privilege

  • Ivan Escalante
    Ivan EscalanteVit më parë

    Tim Tebow’s corny ass was like, I didn’t make a dime off my top selling jersey, “Nor did I want to” Ok, wtf does that have to do with those that do??? That’s your dumbass

  • Yen Nguyen
    Yen NguyenVit më parë

    Will this destroy female teams sports? Since more male players will get paid and colleges less. Thus they cut un profitable and unwatchable programs like Women's soccer and others? The whining from the Femtards would be awesome.

  • Steven E.
    Steven E.Vit më parë

    Worst thing that could happen to college sports. Say goodbye to the term "Student Athlete".

  • Dwaine Price
    Dwaine PriceVit më parë

    Ed O’Bannon changed the game when he sued the NCAA, and EA Sports. You STILL have Idiots that say, “ What about Free Tuition?? That’s getting paid “. LOL. Nothing to do with the school. These athletes will get paid on Who they are. The Name their parents gave them. A Autograph will Not Get them thrown out of school!!!!

  • TheEagleGod
    TheEagleGodVit më parë

    The would make a game if it spreads because they wouldnt profit because only people in California would buy it

  • Michael Brown
    Michael BrownVit më parë

    California is a desperate shit hole. Everything they "legislate" has been bad for the average person living there. Now they are fucking over collegiate sports? Is there no place these scum politicians won't go to make a buck? Either the NCAA will ban California or College sports are over as we have known it. It's not a "pro" league. College is not a place to learn about sports. It's supposed to be an intellectual learning community, not a "semi-pro" sports business. Can you tell I don't agree?

  • kevin hillhouse
    kevin hillhouseVit më parë

    Paying these immature athletes just adds to the lack of respect of authority that the worthless liberals have flung on this society. NCAA is doomed.

  • AWOL_Soldier VR
    AWOL_Soldier VRVit më parë

    Great, now athletes can screw up their career before it even starts.

  • The Observer Melanin
    The Observer MelaninVit më parë

    Division 1 should pay the athletes a salary. They are making them a lot of Money

  • Jason Brown
    Jason BrownVit më parë

    Dominoes are about to fall

  • EdmacZ
    EdmacZVit më parë

    Get paid to play college sports. Good. No more scholarships. They can pay their way like everyone else. Knowing how expensive and how tough it is to live in Cali, they’ll be out on the street and in debt soon. The state will just take all of their money through their high taxes. California is one of most heavily taxed states in the country, housing is ridiculously expensive. California just played the student athletes for suckers, and they don’t even know it yet. See you on the street. If you think there won’t be any big consequences and the student athletes have won from this, you’re on some bad shit.

  • That don't Hurt
    That don't HurtVit më parë

    To think that the balance of players getting paid in Cali and the ncaa prob won’t exist props to dat governer