What Happened to Ryan Broyles? (How to NEVER Go BROKE!)


The Odds say Ryan Broyles should have gone broke.
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  • Derrick Nichols

    Derrick Nichols

    Muaj më parë

    It was Smart for him 2 stay for his Sr. Season. I remember that draft also.

  • Gerald Merritt

    Gerald Merritt

    Muaj më parë

    Please do a Video on Matt Jones, Quarterback from Arkansas. I've been asking for years

  • DDog 177

    DDog 177

    2 muaj më parë

    Man scape man scape

  • DDog 177

    DDog 177

    2 muaj më parë

    Man man scapeeeeeeee!!!!!!!

  • DDog 177

    DDog 177

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  • Flip Tactics
    Flip Tactics21 orë më parë

    1,000th comment

  • Roddy Federer
    Roddy FedererDitë më parë

    This should have Zero Dislikes 😨 How can you be a hater after a story like that

  • Majesty Jay
    Majesty Jay5 ditë më parë

    I seen that book on a youtube add

  • John Ryan
    John Ryan6 ditë më parë

    Being abundant and rich is a state of mind. It results in having more resources than others. This is due to better work ethic and grittiness.

  • The Wolfpackattack1
    The Wolfpackattack18 ditë më parë

    Do a story on Trace Mcsorley and how he became a fan favorite from tik tok

  • carlos alvarado
    carlos alvarado8 ditë më parë

    103 dislikes? What’s not to like about this story? Smh

  • Tyler Cook
    Tyler Cook20 ditë më parë

    You have awesome videos. Keep up the good work.

  • yur boi Finn
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  • Matthew Familia
    Matthew Familia25 ditë më parë

    Rich dad poor dad: only buy things that make you money(assets), your home should NEVER be your largest investment, always seek the advice of people who have done what you want to do before you do it, treat you income from a job as if it will disappear tomorrow(because it can)

  • Matthew Familia
    Matthew Familia25 ditë më parë

    Quite a few professional athletes come from areas that would be considered to be poor....what makes us think that their athletic prowess Gives them any type of financial Aptitude....As a matter of fact they are often so gifted with focus that they truly don’t have the time or spare mental energy to educate themselves about complex matters that will not even effect them for a while...The biggest shame of it all is that it would take absolutely nothing for the NFL or individual franchisees to have staff members whose sole job is to educate and advise financial matters of their players, But they will never do that because that would raise the likelihood of early retirement

  • D W
    D W28 ditë më parë

    Great work

  • Jeffrey Smith
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  • Some Dude
    Some DudeMuaj më parë

    You need a PLUTO channel!

  • Nick Harris
    Nick HarrisMuaj më parë

    Bruh $100 wasn’t filling up even a lawn mower in 2007 lol

  • Chris AnWatchMeWork
    Chris AnWatchMeWorkMuaj më parë

    Erbody needs to read "Rich dad Poor dad" it was amazing an makes u look at money very differently!!! Great work Flemlo!!

  • Enoch Escalera
    Enoch EscaleraMuaj më parë

    Rich Dad Poor Dad is just a funnel to guru seminars and all that other bullshit

  • Da real Hayduan
    Da real HayduanMuaj më parë

    also a lot healthier than a 10 year nfl player that made just as much as him

  • Phew
    PhewMuaj më parë

    We supposed to feel sorry for dudes going broke after spending millions. 😂

  • Gerald Merritt
    Gerald MerrittMuaj më parë

    Matt Jones from Arkansas QB please I've been asking for years

  • K37
    K37Muaj më parë

    Cant believe I missed this vid. Flemlo deserves far more subs, always great, well researched stuff. Keep it up guy

  • Michael Kirker
    Michael KirkerMuaj më parë

    I would love more Finance talks. Finances and Football. Plenty of young men are growing up knowing a post route and not what the term equity means.

  • 12jmlnv7
    12jmlnv7Muaj më parë

    Good story. And the book author is Robert Kiyosaki. He also has a ALthe podcast that reiterates that book along with his other books. Basically he go over the four quadrants of E/employee SB/special business BB/big business and I/investor. And the tax structure for each one of them and why employees pay the most and investors and big businesses pay the least. He's more for going into debt but only doing so smartly. But you have to do so as big business or investor. If you want to save money,get into stocks,mutual funds,401ks. Then Robert Kiyosaki isn't for you. His financial advice isn't slow and steady.That's Dave Ramsey. Definitely worth looking into.

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha OmegaMuaj më parë

    Man I love your show!

  • Yo Santana
    Yo Santana2 muaj më parë

    What happened to him was the Ravens great organization but they don’t get there receivers involved much.

  • Anthony Santos
    Anthony Santos2 muaj më parë

    Bro your voice and your style is awesome as hell. I been subscribed since you were doing NCAA videos(which were fire) but you have become a legit documentarian that I thoroughly enjoyed watching

  • Desiree Durant
    Desiree Durant2 muaj më parë

    Flem ... inspiring vid bro... good ISHH!!!

  • Truth is Treason
    Truth is Treason2 muaj më parë

    It’s sad to see how many players in the NBA and NFL go broke, financially illiterate men playing a child’s game it’s sad.

  • Robert Cherry
    Robert Cherry2 muaj më parë

    Do Junior Bridgmon.

  • Robert Cherry
    Robert Cherry2 muaj më parë

    How can I never have to work again?... That's real. FTR, the Cash flow quadrant philosophy makes sense. There's a gang of them at Half Priced Books. And reading at the library is free.

  • Justin Pettit
    Justin Pettit2 muaj më parë

    As a Lions fan what happened to him was injuries coming out of college. He didn't get on the field right away. When he did he had a productive game Thanksgiving vs Houston but he didn't last long before injury (outside of Calvin something either injury or mental health related happened to all their WRs in 2012 Burleson, Titus Young as well as Broyles) Then he just still couldn't stay healthy even past that rookie season. I think his college injuries just ruined him. He was gonna be good. Speaking of Titus. Have u did a video on him?

  • German Shepherd Ranch
    German Shepherd Ranch2 muaj më parë

    Boomer Sooner. I’m glad he made right with his life.

  • Patrick Baker
    Patrick Baker2 muaj më parë

    Hey waiting on you new season love your videos this one is the best one yet

  • PB42189
    PB421892 muaj më parë

    dependin on where u live 60k a year was crazy back then

  • Thad L McMullen
    Thad L McMullen2 muaj më parë

    Great video Flemlo Raps!

  • Mitch Fearing
    Mitch Fearing2 muaj më parë

    Bro, you need some "Queue the Wayne" T shirts

  • charles hall
    charles hall2 muaj më parë

    That's a real gangster right there smart with his bread not like these people that blow through Tyson money

  • AttackBattalion212
    AttackBattalion2122 muaj më parë

    Knew it was real estate, you need money to make more money tho

  • Whatutalkn Boutwillis
    Whatutalkn Boutwillis2 muaj më parë

    Great message!

  • laserleftfoot ttt
    laserleftfoot ttt2 muaj më parë

    How can I get Flem Lo to make a vid about my first two college roommates. They spent the whole semester laying around the dorm room in their underwear sadly recalling that they didn't make 1000 years in their High School senior year, and about their blown out knees. Ridiculous!

  • Yuatja Warrior City Hunter
    Yuatja Warrior City Hunter2 muaj më parë

    Smart young man!!

  • Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!
    Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!2 muaj më parë

    Cue da Wayne!

  • Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!
    Here's Tha Thang Skeiuup!2 muaj më parë

    Cue da Wayne!

  • Robin Abernathy
    Robin Abernathy2 muaj më parë

    Rich dad poor dad is a decent book, but it's nothing groundbreaking in terms of what's inside. I like "think and grow rich better".

  • bryan campo
    bryan campo2 muaj më parë

    The book is actually on my nightstand as I watch this video...its given me perspective on things.

  • Romeo Acoba
    Romeo Acoba2 muaj më parë

    Rich Dad poor dad changed my life listen to that book multiple times a year to ground myself because I always get cocky whenever I grow my trading account and it always Knocks me back a few pegs and resets my mind set

  • Rock Fresh
    Rock Fresh2 muaj më parë


  • Jr
    Jr2 muaj më parë

    What happened to Jake Delhomme

  • Dylan Bandi
    Dylan Bandi2 muaj më parë

    Hearing you say he bought a house for 19k in 2012.. and now its valued at 80k makes me sick to my stomach. Up in Canada, that house would be 350k minimum

  • Jiggmandre
    Jiggmandre2 muaj më parë

    Yoo frfr Marshawn Lynch and Ryan Broyles should be a guru for players on saving your “chicken”

  • Jonathan Morris
    Jonathan Morris3 muaj më parë

    Loved this video bro! Please tell him thank you! Also I have read that book and it really is transformative in the way we look at wealth.

  • charles allen
    charles allen3 muaj më parë

    i dont know what you're talking about man. sixty thousand dollars a year is a hell of a lot more money than most people make.

  • yankeesuperstar
    yankeesuperstar3 muaj më parë

    Those rich dad books should be taught at the public schools

  • The REAL Thief
    The REAL Thief3 muaj më parë

    Good to hear he has done well...As a Lions fan, he was one I was excited for when they drafted him...VERY happy to see him doing well! Shout out to Ryan.

  • Stanley Malbrough
    Stanley Malbrough3 muaj më parë

    Aye bruh.... Appreciate the Manscaped promo every video😂😂😂 I finally got it yeah... My ol lady approves

  • iloveyoumadhuri
    iloveyoumadhuri3 muaj më parë

    One day, Flemlo Raps needs a "Where are They Now" story about Alfred Morris, a player who, like Broyles, lived below his means with his 1991 Mazda.

  • Jay McNeil
    Jay McNeil3 muaj më parë

    Great vid, book author first name is Robert

  • Dusty Rhodes
    Dusty Rhodes3 muaj më parë

    I always just watch for the stories but i was thinking if a highschool player watched this dude theyd learn alot about trying to go far in football

  • MrBusItDown
    MrBusItDown3 muaj më parë

    ... ball toner u say?🤔

  • Vaughan Sealey
    Vaughan Sealey3 muaj më parë

    Good to see such a important message being spread!

  • Holden Fisher
    Holden Fisher3 muaj më parë

    Do Miles Austin

  • Asap Wock Cola
    Asap Wock Cola3 muaj më parë

    Long story short, Real Estate.

  • Billy the Kid Balboa
    Billy the Kid Balboa3 muaj më parë

    In madden 25. Love having ryan broyals and t young on the lions... Still couldnt have a solid franchise cuz of the suh and stafford contracts

  • Tony Becker
    Tony Becker3 muaj më parë

    Bro Kentwan Balmer check him out they said Mel Kiper supposedly was paid to hype his draft stock. Who was and What happened to Kentwan Balmer?

  • Drew
    Drew3 muaj më parë

    Dog your content is thorough and really dope, love all your videos! Tryna be like Ryan one day I see a lot of myself in him. Got invested in real estate young and just started playing the stock market. Hustlers don’t stop they keep goin!!! 🤘🏻

  • K M
    K M3 muaj më parë

    I enjoy your videos. I find the content and your writing top notch with one exception. I can't watch them when you damn my God when you say GD. I understand that you may or may not be a religious man yourself and I respect that. I also understand that you may not mean the term GD in any way disrespectful. I also understand that you are free to say what you want. I'm simply informing you why I can not longer watch your videos in hopes that you can be more aware of this issue and potentially improve through this.

  • R Street
    R Street3 muaj më parë

    Good story

  • Darren Manning
    Darren Manning3 muaj më parë

    Rich dad poor dad is mind altering! I love that book!

  • guerro327
    guerro3273 muaj më parë

    This guy is a true role model. Great story.

  • Big cuzzo Ewood
    Big cuzzo Ewood3 muaj më parë

    What happened to Carolina Panther's DeShaun Foster? What happened to Larry Johnson Kansas City chiefs?

  • Big cuzzo Ewood
    Big cuzzo Ewood3 muaj më parë

    Dope vid fam

  • Da Mobb
    Da Mobb3 muaj më parë

    i take the line from chad johnson "money looks good coming in than going out".

  • Todd Brothers
    Todd Brothers4 muaj më parë

    Boomer fuckin Sooner

  • Curtis Blyden
    Curtis Blyden4 muaj më parë

    Can you do some stories on nba players?

  • Curtis Blyden
    Curtis Blyden4 muaj më parë

    Just bought my copy of rich dad, poor dad!

  • Shalance Brooks
    Shalance Brooks4 muaj më parë

    He was a great receiver at Oklahoma I thought he wouldve been a superstar in the leage

  • 228allday
    228allday4 muaj më parë

    Totally forgot about dude. Those Late 2000s early 2010s Oklahoma teams was fun to watch. Austin Box, Sam Bradford, samaji Peron, Ryan Broyles, Jermaine Gresham, Gerald McCoy

  • Lee Coleman
    Lee Coleman4 muaj më parë

    Thank you , safe be . Take care and family . Honestly , I wish you had .... I thinking long term ( the struggles with the Rooney Rule ) .amen

  • Brooks S
    Brooks S4 muaj më parë

    I'm glad to see one of these guys came out better on the other side of his pro career. Also the first time I have seen a happy ending video. Well, on youtube.

  • Eric Brown
    Eric Brown4 muaj më parë

    Great story

  • Derrick Brown
    Derrick Brown4 muaj më parë

    Allen I have been watching your videos and I'm sorry I didn't sub earlier but you have a fan in me. Love your work and your style. God bless you and keep churning those vids out.

  • Ethan R
    Ethan R4 muaj më parë

    What happened to Roy Williams?

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    Levi Simmons4 muaj më parë

    New subscriber. I like the thought you put into your videos

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    Nate Burleson4 muaj më parë

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    Damn that was a classy manscaped ad

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    Kevin Ryan4 muaj më parë

    Yo, love how you tell a story homie. It’s an art form. PS: great story, props to him, and it’s a really good book to read as well!!!!!!

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    Eli Roman4 muaj më parë

    The real question is where is FlemLo getting that crispy fade

    BNGMOB4 muaj më parë

    Sooner legend!!!!!

  • Kyle Delong
    Kyle Delong4 muaj më parë

    3:11 that picture took place at my high school and the lions players played the local fire department

  • Keyes Vang
    Keyes Vang4 muaj më parë

    How did I know he ended up investing. Lmao. Should have saw it coming.

  • Mike Stone
    Mike Stone4 muaj më parë

    He used to visit my mother in law at a restaurant in Belleville michigan called Mike’s kitchen. She used to wait on him and said how much of a humble man he was, she had no clue who he was but i about shit my pants when i heard she waited for him every time he came in. I loved him when he played for the Lions and I am glad to see he is doing well!

  • Mufasa Fashaw
    Mufasa Fashaw4 muaj më parë

    Thank you for this channel

  • Explicit Gentleman
    Explicit Gentleman4 muaj më parë

    Awesome story!! That was a great book he referred also!!💯

  • Stephen Waters
    Stephen Waters4 muaj më parë

    Fantastic video! Now go buy a copy of Rich Dad Poor Dad, I read it over 20 years ago and it had the same impact on my life.

  • Vladimir Massillon
    Vladimir Massillon4 muaj më parë

    My investment strategy is to become a drug dealer and call myself femlotraps

  • Axt3r
    Axt3r4 muaj më parë

    Looked up his name and saw the he was drafted to the XFL in the '5th round' but he decided to not play. Interesting that there was no mention of it.

  • TickNation
    TickNation4 muaj më parë

    Thanks for this one Flem, as a lifelong Detroit Lions fan I always wondered what happened to Broyles. One of the biggest what ifs as a Lions fan is what if Calvin Johnson and a healthy Ryan Broyles seen the field together for 3-5 years? Glad to see he is doing alright 🙏 would love to see what happened to my boy Joey Harrington though!

  • Golden State21
    Golden State214 muaj më parë

    Good Shit Bro.. Can u do 1 on Reuben Foster please?? Dude was a SAVAGE at Alabama, but fell off in the League.

  • M E
    M E4 muaj më parë

    man sometimes i take it as a blessing that i didnt make it big because i would have never learned to survive being broke or never would have discovered that fire burning inside to keep pushing

  • Benjamin Maggard
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    Ya balls will thank you😂😂 you should be the spokesperson for @Manscaped

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