The Cincinnati Bengals are EVOLVING! (2020 NFL Draft Review)


It's an exciting time to be a Cincinnati Bengals fan
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  • FlemLo Raps
    FlemLo Raps6 muaj më parë

    Thumbnail courtesy of : @tommydrawslines - check him out on instagram

  • David Hardy

    David Hardy

    3 muaj më parë

    Joe Barrow, Payton Manning number 2 ???

  • Joe Burrow

    Joe Burrow

    4 muaj më parë

    I gotta question are you actually from cincy

  • Carlito Brigagante

    Carlito Brigagante

    5 muaj më parë

    No bullshit I'd love to just sit down and talk with FlemLo about football his Knowledge is not just about his team but all teams and that's why I watch all his stuff.

  • Louis York

    Louis York

    5 muaj më parë

    I’m new here so maybe I missed it but a Tim Couch video would make me happy. Js

  • Notorious B.U.G.

    Notorious B.U.G.

    5 muaj më parë

    Hey Flem what do you think about Any Dalton signing with my Cowboys?

  • ducc764
    ducc76413 ditë më parë

    Burrow will be a monster. Believe this

  • ducc764
    ducc76413 ditë më parë

    As a bears fan, shoot me

  • Austin Kingbird
    Austin Kingbird14 ditë më parë

    You should do a what if typa thing with Bengals team that had Chad “OchoCinco” Johnson and Terrell Owens on the same team. I think about that all the time if it was earlier in their career what they could’ve done together.

  • theworldisnotenough
    theworldisnotenough22 ditë më parë

    I lived in Southern Ohio and rooted for the Bengals while there, it does not bring me joy to write this. Did the owner change? Nope? Okay same results. The correlation between a winning franchise and the ownership is unmistakable. The Rooneys and Maras don't keep winning on accident. The Eagles didn't luck into a Superbowl, since Jeff Lurie's ownership the Eagles have been to the playoffs 15 times, their Superbowl win was predictable. Mike Brown is not a winner, therefore the Bengals will not win. Take it from a fan of the team formerly known as the San Diego Chargers. I watched Dean "Stereotypical fuckwit son of a rich man" Spanos blowup a team that went 14-2 because he did not like the coach bringing in his son to run the defense. Dean "Stereotypical fuckwit son of a rich man" Spanos spent years begging for a stadium while putting a shitty product on the field and shitting on LaDanian Tomlinson. Losers cannot win. Bang-gals fans should hope for new ownership.

  • MP 81,16,18 CATS
    MP 81,16,18 CATS23 ditë më parë

    Tee Higgins was underrated. I watched his whole career. He’s a steal for you guys.

  • MP 81,16,18 CATS
    MP 81,16,18 CATS23 ditë më parë

    I’ve got to watch Burrow play this year as a Bengal. He looks great but please don’t let him get hurt. Teeeeee is looking good too.

  • MP 81,16,18 CATS
    MP 81,16,18 CATS23 ditë më parë

    Mainstream media are wrong a lot and never seem to own it. They are clickbait whores.

  • Hayden Demmitt
    Hayden Demmitt25 ditë më parë

    Man I hope we got it this year🤞🤞

  • Cash Cow856
    Cash Cow85626 ditë më parë

    Does AJ still got it?? Don’t mean to bug you bro I just respect your opinion

  • Sir_Nat_13
    Sir_Nat_1328 ditë më parë

    I’m not a bengals fan but this can be like Roddy White and Julio Jones. AJ Green just has to be on board on passing the torch and helping Higgins grow in the NFL.

    THE JFK XPMuaj më parë

    He really want tee Higgins and AJ to be roddy wight and Julio Jones

  • Tim Mcneal
    Tim McnealMuaj më parë

    Being a bengals fan myself, this is a no brainer subscribe for me. Im glad I found your channel

  • Person Reanimation
    Person ReanimationMuaj më parë

    Came back to watch this again. It feels really good to see my Cards starting to come back into form as well man.

  • Tevin Franklin
    Tevin FranklinMuaj më parë

    Bruh I just gotta know what made you a Bengals fan

  • Kenden Byrd
    Kenden ByrdMuaj më parë

    Imagine if the Steelers had flemlo 😨😨

  • iam JL
    iam JLMuaj më parë

    Bruh that shirt clean af!! Where did you get it? Or is it custom?

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck JonesMuaj më parë

    Nice to see a video on your team dude

  • Joshua dixon
    Joshua dixonMuaj më parë

    WHO DEY!!!!! All dey

  • gnggnng ggn no tntf
    gnggnng ggn no tntfMuaj më parë

    If he right the division would be stack with the brown bangles ravens steel

  • James Avery
    James Avery2 muaj më parë

    Evolving into WHAT????? They are losers who enjoy a good loss.

  • It’s Tarvog
    It’s Tarvog2 muaj më parë

    Who deyyyyyyy go bengals!!!

  • Rick Mann
    Rick Mann2 muaj më parë

    Please consider Thad Moss going to Cincinnati. He and Joe Burrow have excellent chemistry. Washington just released him!

  • Cooper Smith
    Cooper Smith2 muaj më parë

    only if you actually had coaches lmfao

  • Bryan Mathis
    Bryan Mathis2 muaj më parë

    The same was said about Carson, lets get game reps .

  • Garrett Meyer
    Garrett Meyer2 muaj më parë

    Burrow is going to be a Superbowl MVP one day. I can tell you as an LSU fan that man has nothing but ice in his veins. Dude EATS high pressure situations on and off the field.

  • Greg Gillings
    Greg Gillings2 muaj më parë

    Josh Bynes looks like Jadeveon Clowneys identical twin.

  • Ryan Townsend
    Ryan Townsend2 muaj më parë

    Why dont you do more videos on r team tho man?!?!?

  • Johnathan Dukes
    Johnathan Dukes2 muaj më parë

    I think a sleeper player for y’all is McKenzie Alexander. that was a top CB in high school and college. And it’s time he shines in the NFL I think people forgot how good he was a Clemson he only gave up 2 TD’s In 3 years and on one of them he fall down

  • kyle hanscom
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  • Diamond Way
    Diamond Way2 muaj më parë

    I amti

  • Diamond Way

    Diamond Way

    2 muaj më parë

    I am to

  • jordan Aldaco
    jordan Aldaco2 muaj më parë

    I'm sorry Dalton would kill burrow easily its not even close that man was fire and still is and his best reciever was aj green who was a top three reciever but after like 2 years he was not that good and the Bengals might have messed up

  • Dylan Burke
    Dylan Burke2 muaj më parë

    dude flemo where u get that shirt bro, need to flex on the boys in the warehouse lmk big pimpin!

  • Caden Napier
    Caden Napier3 muaj më parë

    I wanna see lamar vs burrow in the playoffs

  • carsonc29
    carsonc293 muaj më parë

    it all hinges on Burrow...if he has a Baker Mayfield type of rookie season, Cincy has a chance at a 7-8 win season..if he flounders, they are looking at another top 5 pick

  • Bruce Lafone
    Bruce Lafone3 muaj më parë

    The best part of this video is that you talk about “us” and “we” even if the decisions were made poorly. That and you acknowledge the fact that these players are now Bengals and you will support them 100%. Much respect, liked and subscribed!!!

  • Bruce Lafone

    Bruce Lafone

    3 muaj më parë

    Worst part was Josh Jones comment at the end. There is a reason he was passed up 200+ times.

  • Bruce Lafone
    Bruce Lafone3 muaj më parë

    Awesome video! Thanks for this and believing in a New Dey ahhhhhhhh Who Dey!

  • Ac Asaph
    Ac Asaph3 muaj më parë

    Great video fam!

  • Terrance Akerson
    Terrance Akerson3 muaj më parë

    A little info on the cornerbacks y'all signed from Minnesota, Alexander is the better corner than Waynes. Waynes thinks he's better than he is, gets burnt a lot, misses tackles. Alexander is a solid tackler but doesn't have great hip movement allowing space between him and the receiver, will get beat by great receivers but he has gotten better every year. Y'all spent way too much on Waynes

    MONEY TIME3 muaj më parë

    I really love those white tiger alternative uniforms 🔥

  • Triple Ds
    Triple Ds3 muaj më parë

    Coming all the way from Maryland, been a fan since I was 6!! WHO DEY!!

  • Brian Kunkemoeller
    Brian Kunkemoeller3 muaj më parë

    Its hard for Bengals nation to find coverage on our guys. You’re very knowledgeable and well spoken and thanks for feeding me some much needed Bengals talk

  • lukastic L.F.
    lukastic L.F.3 muaj më parë

    Go Steelers!

  • Cowboys are Goated
    Cowboys are Goated3 muaj më parë

    I feel like the bengals are gonna go the same record as the cards cuz they not really different like they both have a pretty good defense and they have young qbs and veteran wrs with Larry fitz and a.j. Green and they have young wrs that will learn off of them with Kirk and tee Higgins so yeah I think they are gonna be around the same record but cards probably gonna have a lower one cuz there in a tougher division

  • WintersLair
    WintersLair3 muaj më parë

    Your offence is great, but defence is a who knows. But with the new playoff spot, you might sneak into a spot. That is probably the toughest division tho.

  • young low
    young low3 muaj më parë

    As u Can See By My profile Pic Been A Die Hard Bengal🐅Lifer Since The BooDey Bungle Days in the 90's... An I love Ya videos broski keep it up🙌🏽🙌🏽💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾🗣🗣‼️..Dalton was the weak link holdin us back for an 5-7Yr period when From top to bottom talent wise we were at the very least in the top 3 Of the NFL...I Down talked Mr Brown When he was doing a horribleJob(Deserved it)He's been doin A WAYYYYY better These past 2 years by hiring a Young HC an also stepping out of his own way an lettin others have a louder voice 🗣💪🏾..So we have to clap an Give him his credit...I can see a Playoff Win Real real soon

  • Sosa DiBiase
    Sosa DiBiase3 muaj më parë

    No Jacob Eason No Evolution.

  • Ashton Debose
    Ashton Debose3 muaj më parë

    They gone win more than 2 games this season I’ll say they’ll win about 6 or 7 games IF COVID-19 don’t ruin the season

  • Hunter Sebastian
    Hunter Sebastian3 muaj më parë

    Who Dey Nation

  • Daryl Barbro
    Daryl Barbro3 muaj më parë

    The last time the Bengals won a playoff game Tom Brady was in the 7th grade. Camp hasn’t even started and the Bengals are already mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. This whole thing is joke...

  • Rajontmg 22
    Rajontmg 223 muaj më parë

    Some ppl hateing on the Bengals

  • Epicnoid2000
    Epicnoid20003 muaj më parë

    Bengals r gonna screw up as usual cuz it’s just the bengals and u guys messed up MULTIPLE playoff chances

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright3 muaj më parë

    Bengals Nation let those network pundits and everyone else sleep on us. LET EM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright3 muaj më parë

    The Bengals are my second favorite team and my AFC team. I only have two favorite teams one from the AFC & one from the NFC.

  • Anthony Wright
    Anthony Wright3 muaj më parë

    Our Bengals will go 11-5 this season and this is why. QB Joe Burrow being selected number one overall has come to a team where the cupboard is not bare on offense or defense.

  • Brendan Richardson
    Brendan Richardson3 muaj më parë

    flemlo do you think the 49ers are gonna have a rams like season

  • LavishShawn
    LavishShawn3 muaj më parë

    Hopefully he can bring out the talent in John and Tee Higgins some good talent right there and Joe Mixon is in the backfield I might have to bandwagon because I’m a LSU Fan 😂

  • Jb berry
    Jb berry3 muaj më parë

    Go Bengals

  • Justin Myers
    Justin Myers3 muaj më parë

    I'm not a pro scout or anything...but Burrow might have the most inate pocket awareness/whole field vision I've ever seen at the college level.

  • Justin Myers
    Justin Myers3 muaj më parë

    Not that I'm a Bengals fan (even though Cincy only about 45min further down the road than my Colts from where I grew up) always liked them as much or more than most othet AFC teams. And I LOOOOOVVVVEEE me some Burrow. Would like to see yall get back to prominance in the North.

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama3 muaj më parë

    Is it bandwagon yet to become a Bengals fan

  • Michael Avril
    Michael Avril3 muaj më parë

    At the end of the day it all comes down to coaching. You get young talent the coaching has to develop it and of course the vets have to coach as well.

  • bill jenkins
    bill jenkins3 muaj më parë

    As a saints fan i will miss Von Bell paying for us. I wish him a great season. tough and smart player.

  • Ya boy CJM
    Ya boy CJM3 muaj më parë

    The Bills and Cardinals really set the blueprint for how to rebuild

  • Imjust HereJustSayin
    Imjust HereJustSayin3 muaj më parë

    Can I get a “CUE THE WAYNE” please sir

  • Fame Moab
    Fame Moab3 muaj më parë

    bro imma miss dj reader man...

  • Dylan Collins
    Dylan Collins3 muaj më parë

    as a bengals fan, i was praying to god justin jefferson would somehow be available for our pick in the first round, but i was still stoked about higgins. One thing i find interesting is that if we have a top 3 pick next year, it seems likely that penei sewell out of Oregon will be available, but say Green isn’t the same or we give up on Jamarr Chase a solid pick? I mean, the synergy between Joe Burrow and Chase would most likely be instant. But the only doubts that i have about it would be that the o-line would still suck, Sewell is probably one of the best o-line prospects in a long time, and that between Higgins, Green, and Chase it seems like there would be too much of a battle for that WR1 position and Higgins might feel frustrated with the organization for wasting his potential. Overall it’s just a crazy thought and one that i’d really like to see the limits of, but Sewell seems like a stud pick as a well as a safer one for the organization. Plus, who knows next year we might not even pick in the top 5 🤷‍♂️

  • Chris Tian
    Chris Tian3 muaj më parë

    Hopefully burrow won't be like another manziel. So much promise but so much disappointment.

  • Dan Turner
    Dan Turner3 muaj më parë

    All that money and they still don’t have a indoor practice facility 😭🤧

  • Jordan Hutton

    Jordan Hutton

    3 muaj më parë

    Mike Brown is the worst owner in sports

  • John Florio
    John Florio3 muaj më parë

    This is extremely high quality commentary!

  • IMK Productions
    IMK Productions4 muaj më parë

    The main part of the Bengals draft that I love was the focus on LBs. 12:48

  • Andrew Lemon
    Andrew Lemon4 muaj më parë


  • miguel lopez
    miguel lopez4 muaj më parë

    Who dey!! 🐅

  • Phillip.Whitlock
    Phillip.Whitlock4 muaj më parë

    The bengals also have Tyler Boyd right? He is great too

  • Lord Yoda
    Lord Yoda4 muaj më parë

    Maaaaaan the city bout to be lit

  • TMLFan 778
    TMLFan 7784 muaj më parë

    If the Cubs can win the World Series, if the Blues can win the Stanley Cup, if the Raptors can win the Larry O Brien, then y’all can win a playoff game.

  • Keith Reese
    Keith Reese4 muaj më parë

    They're gonna follow the mold of Redman and AJ took a wr qb back to back

  • Kenneth Bush
    Kenneth Bush4 muaj më parë

    Who Dey New Dey I've been a fan for 20 years. I'm hoping this year is our year. I say this every year but I have a good feeling about this next year. I can't wait for the season to start

  • Nino Sanders
    Nino Sanders4 muaj më parë

    FlemLo, I'm feeling you man, I've been a Bengal fan since 1968 when Paul Brown brought them to Cincy. I've seen it all, I'm amazed at the 'insight' on the players that you display, you are really knowledgable about the team. You covered the Joe Burrow era to the MAX, just remember, a lot of good teams in the NFL that win & make the Playoffs, don't have a tremendous Offensive Line, they have a 'functional' Offensive Line, and I believe we have that, WHO DEY Focus!

  • Michael Lawrence
    Michael Lawrence4 muaj më parë

    You earned yourself a new sub haha. WHO DEY!

    ALF RAYDOUGH4 muaj më parë

    No they’re not as long as Mike Brown and the Brown Klan owns the Bengals. I live in Cincinnati and I been going to Indianapolis two hours away for years to support the Colts.

  • vm brister
    vm brister4 muaj më parë

    Joey B is gonna make y'all proud! LSU and Saints fan, but Bengals are AFC so buying my Bengals merch... GO BENGALS!!!

  • Banyon Cortz
    Banyon Cortz4 muaj më parë

    Can't wait to see Joe Burrow against the Cheifs this preseason.

  • Nick Chance
    Nick Chance4 muaj më parë

    i used to have that same shirt mate!

  • Keenen Mayfield
    Keenen Mayfield4 muaj më parë

    While people talking 5-11 isn't bad knowing what's been happening in the past 4 years.

  • Carlton Thomas
    Carlton Thomas4 muaj më parë

    Joe Burrow to lead the Cincinnati Bengals to a rematch against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54. Going out on a limb, I'm liking what I see. The let me down every year but with a new younger Bengals team I'm feeling good.

  • Matthew Hartford
    Matthew Hartford4 muaj më parë


  • Nequil Hill
    Nequil Hill4 muaj më parë

    That offensive line is going to get him smoked.

  • trm
    trm4 muaj më parë

    I love flemlo's channel. One of the finest story tellers on the web.thanks bra.

  • TG5455
    TG54554 muaj më parë

    The sports media were trying their hardest to stop Joe from going to the Bengals and pull an Eli but it failed and now he's in a Bengals jersey. It's up to Joe if he wants to go to the Bengals, not the media.

  • Kell McCartney
    Kell McCartney4 muaj më parë

    I live in Wichita in chiefs country and I can tell you I've never been more excited to see my Bengals just rip this season to shreds like a true tiger would gonna be a great year cause Joe reminds me alot of maholms and we all saw what he did in year 2

  • Kell McCartney

    Kell McCartney

    4 muaj më parë

    Granted it's only year one for Joe but you get the gest.

  • Russell Magee
    Russell Magee4 muaj më parë

    I thought you made an XFL video.

  • Greg Mast
    Greg Mast4 muaj më parë

    Well done! I’m excited for this season

  • Luke Straub
    Luke Straub4 muaj më parë

    Went to high school with Markus Bailey the 7th round pick so glad to see him on my favorite team too!

  • SeekerofTruth
    SeekerofTruth4 muaj më parë

    Other issues the Bengals have is that same Mike Brown who has not kept up with the game, the team has the smallest scouting department in the NFL by far, and has practically no analytics department, which is inexcusable in today’s NFL. Plus, you have no idea if Taylor is a good coach.

  • Matthias Lenox
    Matthias Lenox4 muaj më parë

    Been an LSU fan my whole life, have an LSU Burrow Jersey, May I join the bengals bandwagon?

  • Devlin Carden
    Devlin Carden5 muaj më parë

    I don’t really have a favorite nfl team. I just kind of watch my favorite college players so I’m excited to see joe burrow in the nfl and I’m from oak ridge so I grew up watching tee destroy other teams 😂

  • Louis York
    Louis York5 muaj më parë

    Kinda made me tear up a lil when he talking bout T getting to play with his idol 🥺

  • GeorgeLennon100
    GeorgeLennon1005 muaj më parë

    Cincy is definitely a better team with Burrow. The O line needs to protect him so he grows into the offense. He has the weapons around him and I see Cincy at the very least making the playoffs as Flemlo states. Lets hope they make that step with Burrow.

  • Jamale Ervin
    Jamale Ervin5 muaj më parë

    I'm a big big big cincinnati bengal fan can't wait to start this year and at least win some games let's get it bengal I'm 👀 a 8-8 or 9-7 record .