Josh Gordon Suspension, Why the Cowboys Under Achieve, No NFL Draft for Chase Young, & More


Today we're talking the Dallas Cowboys, Josh Gordon, Chase Young, Jarvis Landry, & the XFL
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  • Harry Mills
    Harry MillsDitë më parë

    Bustin' players for weed is gettin' real old. PEDs is another matter.

  • Fruit Meister
    Fruit Meister20 ditë më parë

    @flemloraps why are u a bengals fan if u grew up in a Dallas household?

  • MrBuliths
    MrBuliths2 muaj më parë

    I get your frustration but dont waste energy on a team that's not going to do shit.. until they prove me wrong..and Im sure everybody else.. no worries

  • MrBuliths
    MrBuliths2 muaj më parë

    Browns will never make it to the Superbowl.. someone PLEASE explain to me.. how the Browns who have not a winning season in EVER.. decided they was going to make it to the Superbowl.. 1.. Baker Mayfield will be a LOT better when he start throwing the ball to ALL AVAILABLE RECIEVERS ON THE FIELD PERIOD!! they have or had(in my opinion bc he going to figure out how to bounce).. OBJ.. how you not throw him the ball.. he was throwing Josh the ball and he was only there for a half a second. 2nd.. STOP with this Fantasy of being better than they are.. They are not.. and they have lots of work to do.. just cut it out like Cowboys fan just STOP every year.. .3rd.. Pay some money get a better coach.. just pay the money.. what's funny is this is coming from an a casual fan ... what i saw on tv for last few years.. media hyped up Cowboys & Browns same thing no superbowl.. and lastly since Baker Mayfield showed to have better production than Jonny and other qb Colt Mccoy etc.. Sadly Tyrod Taylor didn't really get an EARNEST chance at qb. he should have went else where..

  • MrBuliths
    MrBuliths2 muaj më parë

    Everybody taking shots at Dak but he STILL better than Romo.. RB is problem too..just watch you'll see

  • MrBuliths
    MrBuliths2 muaj më parë

    Hell with garbage as Cowboys poll & media hype them up EVERY YEAR to do the same thing.. nothing..1st it's coach then another coach.. but really it was the qb & him not trying healthy Romo I mean.. then half is the owner he NEEDS to KEEP his in the office & let the staff he hired run the team.. & just watch STOP INTERFERING.. take the all the extra cameras and other distractions out & JUST PLAY FOOTBALL.. They will get rid of RB bc he ant stay out of trouble .. & they shit on Dak even though in my opinion Dan is way better Romo.. that franchise is a hot mess. But ALL they need to do is JUST PLAY FOOTBALL.. no cameras no hard knocks or any other distraction.. for 1 SEASON & see how they do. And the world will see what the problems really are...until I'm putting them in Bucs category garBAGE

  • MrBuliths
    MrBuliths2 muaj më parë

    He needs rehab if he want it... past that he can't play ball after the browns released & he came back to get suspended again .. It's over for sports. He has to focus on getting better

  • Landon Pontiff
    Landon Pontiff3 muaj më parë

    U need more subs

  • Willie Molina
    Willie Molina6 muaj më parë

    Man Flemlo im addicted to these shows bro love them keepum coming

  • Gerald Woodard III
    Gerald Woodard III7 muaj më parë

    do altee tenpenny

  • Prxnce Sid
    Prxnce Sid8 muaj më parë

    Watch out for Josh Crockett on the Renegades

  • Random
    Random9 muaj më parë

    Josh is 28, I think he will get another chance,. but only one

  • The Brotherhood of Sleep
    The Brotherhood of Sleep9 muaj më parë

    More football is always nice. The NFL had a stranglehold on the sport, time for a change.

  • Chris Blackman
    Chris Blackman9 muaj më parë

    *decor, not "decorum"

  • Beau Bloomer
    Beau Bloomer9 muaj më parë

    I enjoy the femlo 5

  • Sentinel creed
    Sentinel creed9 muaj më parë

    cowboys fan here, happy that we got rid of Garrett and brought in McCarthy, dudes had a year off and done nothing but studied film😂he’s ready to go again, Dallas has a good front office and better depth than Green Bay ever had, all we need is a coach and now we got one. McCarthy has a long track record and solid win to loss ratio, not saying we a lock for the Super Bowl next year or whatever, but I’m just saying things gonna be looking up and up

  • Ben Lewis
    Ben Lewis9 muaj më parë

    This show is sick. Make it stick

  • Them_Eyes
    Them_Eyes9 muaj më parë

    How you feel about Dallas Cowboys hiring mike mccarthy? Maybe we got somebody to drive that truck

  • phatymcdaddy
    phatymcdaddy9 muaj më parë

    I'm pretty sure joe mixon keeps his mouth shut so he stays out of the spotlight after almost taking a lady's head off in college

  • SmithN' Wesson
    SmithN' Wesson9 muaj më parë

    Josh Gordon is a damn fool. He had sooooo much potential. Could have been a 4 or 5 time pro bowler if he just stopped smoking

  • Abriel Hudson
    Abriel Hudson10 muaj më parë

    Please keep it going

  • D1ce Gam1ng and Sports
    D1ce Gam1ng and Sports10 muaj më parë

    Love this series

  • Tommeshia Chandler
    Tommeshia Chandler10 muaj më parë

    Women watch you too babe 😀✌

  • Keith Wood
    Keith Wood10 muaj më parë

    I'm digging it! Hope you keep the series going!

  • Mathew McKenzie
    Mathew McKenzie10 muaj më parë

    Great idea bro

  • Jace Helf
    Jace Helf10 muaj më parë

    The Josh Gordon suspension is sad. it just goes to show how bad drugs are. Josh Gordon was showing potential with the 'Hawks. He could have a career there. It's just sad.

  • 2x2
    2x210 muaj më parë

    U prolly nvr gonna experience winning a playoff game 😂

  • Cameron Asencio
    Cameron Asencio10 muaj më parë

    Yo flem I been a subscriber for a cool minute now bro I just wanted to say keep doin ya thing I watch everything u drop bro

  • Horror Fan 4-Life
    Horror Fan 4-Life10 muaj më parë

    Obj was a great move to make on Madden but not irl. You cant add a immature wr diva to a young team with a immature qb diva. That ain't gonna work. Also making Kitchens head coach was a dumb decision.

  • Horror Fan 4-Life
    Horror Fan 4-Life10 muaj më parë

    Brother yall been in the AFC North basement for awhile now.

  • Horror Fan 4-Life
    Horror Fan 4-Life10 muaj më parë

    Zeke needs to run about 25x a game..let Pollard get about 10-15 carries... have Dak throw about 25 attempts and run more option plays...use his legs more often

  • Chris wolcott
    Chris wolcott10 muaj më parë

    The cowboys underachieve because Jason Garret is a trash coach

  • Michael Perry Sr
    Michael Perry Sr10 muaj më parë

    Obj was acting like that yesterday when they played my ravens

  • Jared Coleman
    Jared Coleman10 muaj më parë

    Keep it going Flem

  • Kaleb Pacheco
    Kaleb Pacheco10 muaj më parë

    Exactly what I've been waiting to hear. Garret need to get the hell out of my city bruh

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 8810 muaj më parë

    Congrats on locking up that 1st round draft pick. Now go get y'alls home grown big Joe Burrow.

  • Ryno Art 88
    Ryno Art 8810 muaj më parë

    All this happening bc Josh Gordan got drafted to the Browns. 😅

  • James Kunkle
    James Kunkle10 muaj më parë

    Loved it keep doing it

  • Raheem Millner
    Raheem Millner10 muaj më parë

    You can’t abuse or be addicted to marijuana. The substance isn’t the issue the issue is the root of trigger for abuse. In 10,000 years of the use of marijuana no one has overdosed or developed life threatening disease associated from usage. The issues Josh Gordon is experiencing is what is triggering the addiction and it’s more then one plant that’s the issue.

  • Tim Lettiero
    Tim Lettiero10 muaj më parë

    The problem with the Cowboys is coaching, the players don’t wanna play for a coach who punts on 4th and 1 and tells Tavon Austin not to run the ball back. Theres some many things that JG has done wrong I could write a 10 page paper about it but to keep it short, exactly like Flem said he’s not fit to coach a high school team let alone the highest grossing sports team in the world. Our playcalling is garbage, our positional coaches are trash and it’s embarrassing being a cowboys fan at this current state. I don’t need a Sean McVay or a genius playcaller, I need a leader and a true champion as coach, someone who knows wtf they’re doing cuz I’m dead tired of being mediocre. This team has SOOOOO much talent and genuinely has one of the most talented rosters and he is wasting it and that pisses me off the most, these players deserve so much more.

  • Horror Fan 4-Life

    Horror Fan 4-Life

    10 muaj më parë

    Man I feel the same way I'm 41 and I've been a fan since 1990. It's been hard to stay loyal to this team when JG has gotten about 5 or 6 years longer than he deserved. He should have been fired a long time ago. We need a new coach asap. I cant watch another year of Coach Clap

  • Tim Lettiero

    Tim Lettiero

    10 muaj më parë

    Jasper Goggans that’s false because we’ve won a lot under Jones. I agree with the fact that he needs to be casted out more but he knows what he’s doing

  • Ryno Art 88

    Ryno Art 88

    10 muaj më parë

    Mike McCarthy out there for ya 😂

  • Jasper Goggans

    Jasper Goggans

    10 muaj më parë

    Its doesn't matter who coaches the cowboys because of Jerry Jones. He cant just be a owner and sit back and watch. He wants it his way so basically hes Garrett's coach.... so I honestly believe until Jones learns hes the owner and not a dam coach cowboys will not have a great coaching staff.

  • Ares Langer
    Ares Langer10 muaj më parë


  • Obo Giant
    Obo Giant10 muaj më parë

    I fw it keep it up

  • Darryl ROOK
    Darryl ROOK10 muaj më parë

    Love the take on the Cowboys. I’m a big cowboys fan and pretty much been saying to people for a few years what you said in this video right on point lol Garrett should drive a Tacoma and not this Ferrari. Also I think Trent Richardson deserves a shot in the XFL I definitely think he’s hungry and got plenty game left from I’ve seen but only time will tell what happens there. Respect FlemLo ✊🏾

  • Fabletown Savage
    Fabletown Savage10 muaj më parë

    Josh Gordon XFL?

  • izaak Smith
    izaak Smith10 muaj më parë

    What happened to Jeremy Hill? Make that your next what happened to video. Like so he can see

  • Brandon Laws
    Brandon Laws10 muaj më parë

    When should Eli and the Giants made piece and split?

  • Aaron Polston
    Aaron Polston10 muaj më parë

    Here's one for the next one. Is Jameis "Crab Man" Winston done in Tampa after an interception riddled season? When he's on, there's something there, but the interceptions ruined what could have been a great season for Tampa Bay; currently a 7 game winner despite the turnovers

  • slangnocturno
    slangnocturno10 muaj më parë

    I wouldn't say Josh Gordon hasn't been productive this season especially in Seattle.Pete Carroll's offense has only used him sparingly but has performed well within his limited opportunities.

  • Evan Berry
    Evan Berry10 muaj më parë

    Is Jamis Winston holding the Buccaneers back from the playoffs. Ps you have a great way of telling the facts and it all makes sense. You make so much sense in your videos.

  • Andre Mckinney
    Andre Mckinney10 muaj më parë

    Ohio proved years ago that they don't give a shit about black players and were even willing to put effort into destroying a players life. Can anyone say Maurice Clarett, how fast we forget. The only thing a Black player should be doing at the schools is doing what is best for them and putting themselves in the best position to make as much money as they can. As far as the cowboys in my opinion even if they play to their strengths they will under achieve because they have a owner that is also the General Manager and simply does not understand how to put together a champion caliber football organization. The coaches simply don't have what it takes to bring out the best in the players and the owner General Manager has no clue what type of coach to hire for the type of team he wants to have. Garrett is passive and jerry jones wants a dominant culture for his team. lmao stupid of jerry as a General Manager the entire organization conflicts itself. Just my 2 cents

  • Claude Williams
    Claude Williams10 muaj më parë

    Two questions for the next episode. 1. Do you think that this is the one magic season for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens or do you think this is a long time powerhouse? 2. We haven't seen them in action, but who is your XFL favorite to win the championship?

  • Shelly Long
    Shelly Long10 muaj më parë

    I think that's it for Josh. Man!!! such a terrible waste of talent.

  • David Sobilo
    David Sobilo10 muaj më parë

    Anything you do is must watch! You are an excellent top notch ALther who does things professionally and you know what you are talking about. Fantastic research as well. A+++

  • Mohamad El Madhoun
    Mohamad El Madhoun10 muaj më parë

    Plz Do I video on the afc championship game last between the chiefs vs patriots because the chiefs got robbed like saints

  • Sonny Richardson
    Sonny Richardson10 muaj më parë

    Please keep this going. I love it. U need to be on TV bro

  • James Teeples
    James Teeples10 muaj më parë

    Josh should go to rehab for a year it takes time to fix your problems trust me I've done it

  • James Teeples
    James Teeples10 muaj më parë

    U should do interviews on ur subjects

  • Edric Lamar Kirkman
    Edric Lamar Kirkman10 muaj më parë

    Good stuff Flem!!! Keep doin ya thang man! Been watching since 2017. I hope they get u on tv soon my G til then “Q The Wayne”

  • Yahdig.solid _LeonHard
    Yahdig.solid _LeonHard10 muaj më parë

    The Cowboys underachieve cuz aint no dogs n that locker room no more ! They got rid of Dez, Dez wuz a dog !! Dak aint no dog !!!

  • Huey Hustad
    Huey Hustad10 muaj më parë

    Love this type of stuff

  • jared Banton
    jared Banton10 muaj më parë

    Do more historical content Make a video about Mike alstott or Mel Blount or Mike ditka

  • shinglesshingles
    shinglesshingles10 muaj më parë

    Shoutout to u for being a real Bengals fan. Never see y'all around.

  • John Goodson
    John Goodson10 muaj më parë

    What do you have/coming on AB?

  • SuperZeusJuic3
    SuperZeusJuic310 muaj më parë

    dope content bro keep it up! 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

  • Josh S.
    Josh S.10 muaj më parë

    Keep the series going

  • Evan Cornell
    Evan Cornell10 muaj më parë

    You didn't have to take that Toyota Tacoma shot at me bruh.

  • Christopher Miller
    Christopher Miller10 muaj më parë

    More please

  • Matthew Maney
    Matthew Maney10 muaj më parë

    Thanks for starting the series flemlo! I like the concepts of bringing in new stories every week

  • Grande Hefhey
    Grande Hefhey10 muaj më parë

    U should do a story on Anthony vontoure played corner back for Washington huskies nfl talented died in police custody a week short of his 23 birthday had biopolar. Very interesting

  • Khai Ky-Yeith
    Khai Ky-Yeith10 muaj më parë

    Seahawks gonna stick with Josh Gordon soooo

  • Ramel Childs
    Ramel Childs10 muaj më parë

    FlemLo 5 should be the 3rd and 5th segments being fan questions/topics. Makes it so you can do the content you want while including fans through to the end.

  • Casey Faehnrich
    Casey Faehnrich10 muaj më parë

    Thanks for what you do man....I work at a warehouse, i run a loud a** machine that helps build prehung doors for newer homes....your vids just help me get through my day in general and I actually am entertained by them as well!! All of you keep doing your thing, you have a lifelong fan in me!! Thanks again...p.s burfict has made a couple appearances on your vids...he makes me sick...just sayin...I'm aware that you all dont idolize the guy or anything..just adding that in there remembering soem of your previous vids...Im not saying this cuz I think you all like this guy...just mentioning it lol ..take care. .keep on keeping on

  • E to tha D
    E to tha D10 muaj më parë

    Good stuff. Nice to hear about what's happening right now. I'd like to see these at least once a week 👍

  • Fo Nickel Boy
    Fo Nickel Boy10 muaj më parë

    Bro all of our Old ass Daddy's love the Cowboys, that's all I heard about growing up was Roger Staubach, and Tony Dorsett! Peace Flem!

  • Austin Winchester
    Austin Winchester10 muaj më parë

    Talk about if you think we'll see Cam Newton in a Panthers jersey again.

  • Brittanie Lane
    Brittanie Lane10 muaj më parë

    I like this it’s pretty dope.

  • djdeac
    djdeac10 muaj më parë

    Manziel, Richardson, Gordon...I mean, what team would draft all of them?! Landry wasn't a "problem" last year before Kitchens got the HC job. I was pro-Kitchens last year, I will freely admit but damn, the wins and advances they have made have been despite him, not because of him. The mood in NE Ohio is worse than during the 0-16 debacle in 2016 ( to be fair, the Cavs winning it all and the Indians a game from winning it all helped). I appreciate this new format and your nuanced and thoughtful takes. Keep 'em coming!

  • Sat Fierce
    Sat Fierce10 muaj më parë

    Browns stuff is fake news

  • Sat Fierce
    Sat Fierce10 muaj më parë

    Browns stuff is fake news

  • Andrew Smart
    Andrew Smart10 muaj më parë

    there ain't nothing wrong with a little bit of weed

  • Jay Orleans
    Jay Orleans10 muaj më parë

    I'm glad I found this channel..keep it up

  • Nathan Hosey
    Nathan Hosey10 muaj më parë

    I'm all for this piece to continue. So long as you rag on the Browns in every episode. lol

  • Patrick Thorpe
    Patrick Thorpe10 muaj më parë

    Love the series bro keep it up!

  • Racer Z
    Racer Z10 muaj më parë

    Love the format! Keep it coming!

  • LunaPlays
    LunaPlays10 muaj më parë

    why is weed even on "substance abuse" ITS A DAMN PLANT BRUH.

  • Ethan Ray
    Ethan Ray10 muaj më parë

    Nah jarvis ain’t bout that

  • Cloud.
    Cloud.10 muaj më parë

    This is dope. Keep these coming

  • xraysjb
    xraysjb10 muaj më parë

    Josh Gordon has wasted years of his career and millions of dollars. Only a drug addict act like this. No team can trust him after this. He will be broke on that TV show where Alex Rodriguez teaches ex stars how to make money.

  • 700Arawn
    700Arawn10 muaj më parë

    Another epic video brutha. Especially cause my Cowboys was in it. Keep up the good work. ✊🏾

  • xraysjb
    xraysjb10 muaj më parë

    The FlemLo 5 was good. I will be waiting for the 2nd edition.

  • Phil
    Phil10 muaj më parë

    I like the Flemlo5 idea. It especially is great during the football season when there is a lot of content to cover. Big fan of this channel!

  • Larry Love
    Larry Love10 muaj më parë

    Another Good Video Pimp N

  • Mr. J
    Mr. J10 muaj më parë

    It doesn’t surprise me, but I’m still sad as a Hawks fan

  • Miles Kelley
    Miles Kelley10 muaj më parë

    FlemLo... I would like to see you make this a weekly segment. At least during the season anyway. I mean, offseason maybe do it once a month util it gets closer to the draft. I could see this being 2 points from the NFL, 2 points from college and one bonus point that is either Last Chance U related, XFL related or maybe just some Bengals talk. Or however you wanna do it, but definitely keep the segment and keep it more often.

  • Clear of Conflict
    Clear of Conflict10 muaj më parë

    Maybe josh Gordon goes to the XFL in that second draft?

  • Devon Postel
    Devon Postel10 muaj më parë


  • Sims2 Serious
    Sims2 Serious10 muaj më parë

    Yo flemlo we have the exact same frames lol

  • Mike Oxbig
    Mike Oxbig10 muaj më parë

    That like to dislike ratio tho 😍😍😍

  • D K
    D K10 muaj më parë

    I went to my dad's side and was a Cowboys fan.. why you choose the Bengals big homie lol .. Its dope calling Pops to talk shit abt yalls team

  • Mrstud lol
    Mrstud lol10 muaj më parë

    I almost jumped the gun I like the top 5 but I was like what we need the wayne but then the Wayne hit me lol.

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