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paying my respects

paying my respects


  • Shifeng Song
    Shifeng Song3 orë më parë

    Young man, I am 58yrs. old. Of all the broadcasters, storytellers, etc. I have seen, you are up there with the best of them. Straight to the heart of a story, all facts no fiction, and an obvious enjoyment for what you're doing. Great work. Would love to see you on The Herd.

  • M W
    M W3 orë më parë

    Eagles only signed him so that the Giants COULDN'T.

  • M W
    M W3 orë më parë

    For the life of me, I will never understand why fans (I guess that answers my own question) expect a corner to "travel." It disrupts the rest of the integrity of your defense. The only time it works is when your pass rush is so good that it doesn't matter. Otherwise, all you end up doing is creating a hole elsewhere and the QB will go the other way by default.

  • Life Good
    Life Good4 orë më parë

    But you good bro life is good

  • Life Good
    Life Good4 orë më parë

    U have a excuse for everything for yourself

  • Life Good
    Life Good4 orë më parë

    Life good

  • Life Good
    Life Good4 orë më parë

    EASTSIDE Lancaster California

  • tizzle
    tizzle5 orë më parë

    He is not a bust I repeat he is not a bust o line and quarterback is trash come to Tennessee please

  • DivineMizE
    DivineMizE5 orë më parë

    Gonna be a scout for the Panthers. Would rather see him as a defensive coach teaching them how to turn his film watching skills into great plays. Beast.

  • Bobster XXX
    Bobster XXX6 orë më parë

    Cam Newton is an ignorant clown. He doesn't study film because it eats into his clown acting time.

  • realnealvatn
    realnealvatn6 orë më parë

    did his pops sharpen his teeth ? also the bully ting is blown out of proportion i think who gonna bully that dude

  • Luke Wilhelm
    Luke Wilhelm6 orë më parë

    Less go bengals

  • Luke Wilhelm
    Luke Wilhelm6 orë më parë

    I have that condition my left knee grew crooked. But it isn’t that bad

  • Samuel Guarino
    Samuel Guarino7 orë më parë

    So I pulled up this video to say this. I just got back home after a 15 hour drive I been gone 8 days and I'm sitting out on my front porch chillin and there's a dam chicken sittin here with me letting me pet him and shit. I dont have a dam chicken but his name is Dexter McCluckser.

  • Yianni Douris
    Yianni Douris7 orë më parë

    Jesus loves you

  • Yianni Douris
    Yianni Douris7 orë më parë

    Jesus is king and our savior

  • Felix Millan
    Felix Millan7 orë më parë

    What ever happened to Jack Thompson (the throwin Samoan) and Dexter Manley??

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield7 orë më parë

    Back then everyone was on HGH. Sounded like his coaching staff was way too involved in his personal life. You can't tell a persons to make a girl leave their house that just sounds strange. He could easily lose the weight cutting weight is much easier than gaining.

  • Brandon Robinson
    Brandon Robinson7 orë më parë

    Hey man, much much respect for how you came about this. As a former Police Officer AND Soldier, I dont argee with his message or how he when about it. While there are some incidents that are cause for concern, there are several that were blown up and people aren't in those shoes to make those split second decisions

  • Horror Fiend
    Horror Fiend7 orë më parë

    The best that I seen was Texas vs USC and FSU vs Auburn.

  • Horror Fiend
    Horror Fiend7 orë më parë

    I'm not judging the guy but what's up with that hair dye....blonde with black spots?!!

  • Aureola
    Aureola2 orë më parë

    It’s the Hawaiian islands lol

  • A Channel
    A Channel8 orë më parë

    In Texas you have to notify people 24 hours before you commit a crime otherwise your breaking the law. Oh wait......... well still better not steal that horse, they'll shoot you.

  • Matt Baker
    Matt Baker8 orë më parë

    Because he made a ton of money and the NFL is trash.

  • ImTheCrew
    ImTheCrew8 orë më parë

    Between 2001- 2003 ... Arkansas had THREE games that went 6+ overtime’s. They won both of their 7 over time games (2001, and 2003) then in 2002 they lost to the Vols in 6 overtime’s! (Jason Witten scored the winning touchdown, I was at this game - GO VOLS!)

  • ImTheCrew
    ImTheCrew8 orë më parë

    Just finished up video, he mentioned this- sorry. Lol

  • Maurice Heape
    Maurice Heape8 orë më parë

    I love in Ohio and josh has a daily talk show with his wife

  • Will Marshall
    Will Marshall8 orë më parë

    Great job!

  • Roy Bryant
    Roy Bryant9 orë më parë

    Hines Ward is a brother, he ain't no Asian.

  • sebastian mills
    sebastian mills9 orë më parë

    I subed my g good video my bro

  • jr jr
    jr jr9 orë më parë

    Ok is it me or does this look like the gamplay/presentation went down /

  • Deftones Kindasuck
    Deftones Kindasuck9 orë më parë

    2 concussions that we know about in 2013 and 2014. He seemed to decline after the second one.

  • Broadnax - AETHLEROS Broadnax - AETHLEROS
    Broadnax - AETHLEROS Broadnax - AETHLEROS9 orë më parë

    Zero sympathy... Dislike

  • Ariq17
    Ariq1710 orë më parë

    And this cat is now in prison, sad.

  • Deftones Kindasuck
    Deftones Kindasuck10 orë më parë

    He had two concussions in 2014. Maybe he has CTE. Head injuries ain't no joke.

  • Jap Powerful
    Jap Powerful10 orë më parë

    I’m so glad you blurred the injury.

  • Youngboy Fan08
    Youngboy Fan0810 orë më parë

    Good thing the Bengals didn’t draft Deshaun Watson because he a bust

  • William Mills
    William Mills10 orë më parë

    262 lbs of crazy!

  • Brandon Folkner
    Brandon Folkner11 orë më parë

    Flemlo, I'm happy for u man.

  • Southwest Goon
    Southwest Goon12 orë më parë

    Yu from the natti??

  • OLD G
    OLD G12 orë më parë

    DAAAYUM Hilarious story at the end.. Awesome as always 👏 ✌ Old G

  • Cyberdemon Mike
    Cyberdemon Mike12 orë më parë

    This is God revenge against Vince for that match at backlash 2006 lmao 🤣

  • Han Solo
    Han Solo13 orë më parë

    Great talent wasted in Detroit, again.

  • Jaekwon Hines
    Jaekwon Hines13 orë më parë

    Can you do a what happened video on TJ Houshmandzadeh

  • Dante adger
    Dante adger13 orë më parë

    Whats the girl name.....??

  • OLD G
    OLD G13 orë më parë

    Once again you've out done yourself.. Excellent work ... Luke was incredible.. Continued good health .. ✌

  • Bryce G
    Bryce G13 orë më parë

    I sense a movie

  • Binaashkaa
    Binaashkaa13 orë më parë

    Fuck it! I do my own thing and honestly don’t give a fuck. Cutler

  • David Whitfield
    David Whitfield14 orë më parë

    I completely relate to him life isn't all about football he did it right he has a degree he will be fine. No you can actually lose a lot of muscle weight when gaining weight muscle weighs more than fat so it makes sense he only gained a few pounds. I think people should of left him alone and let him be what he was a power back.

  • Travis Dean
    Travis Dean14 orë më parë

    Lol that was Kyler Murray on the Hail Mary almost like he did to Hopkins against the Bills

  • Philip R. Garza
    Philip R. Garza14 orë më parë

    Garret went the race card cause that's all he had as a defense =/

  • Robert M
    Robert M14 orë më parë

    If he brought in his own cameras then they could spin the footage to make him look better than he did.

  • Judas Chavez
    Judas Chavez15 orë më parë

    I've been a Dallas Cowboys fan for the past 33 years so yeah I remember him very well.

  • OLD G
    OLD G15 orë më parë

    As always, fantastic work... ✌ Old G

  • MZNFL & More
    MZNFL & More15 orë më parë

    Baker did good first year bad second year and he is doing good this year

  • Francisco Vasquez
    Francisco Vasquez16 orë më parë

    One of the greatest story's on earth that's shows grit and we should share with our children

  • OLD G
    OLD G16 orë më parë

    Well said. Totally enjoy your insight and approach to life... Right on.. ✌

  • TripleB Iso
    TripleB Iso16 orë më parë

    fuck the woman who ended his pro career

  • JP Cherry
    JP Cherry16 orë më parë

    On encouraging people: Dude, it's a numbers game. And no matter how hard you work, there is 95 + percent of the population who will still not be competitive at the professional level. You have to be incredibly gifted to begin with, and then put in unbelievable amounts of work. It's not a goal that you can necessarily achieve by willpower.

  • Aaron Rhodes
    Aaron Rhodes16 orë më parë

    Do Doug Baldwin, I never understood why he got released

  • Fba Guy
    Fba Guy18 orë më parë


  • J Calloway
    J Calloway18 orë më parë

    I think I see a video like this on Zeke coming in 2022 💡

  • Trump Nation
    Trump Nation18 orë më parë

    Romo was actually a really good QB but yet had all haters and crybabies because of some bad calls by coaches or bad plays by the receivers he had and he was blamed lol it was annoying or should say THE most annoying shit hearing cowgirl fans crying like bitches and talking shit about the player that was getting them anywhere in the league. Bledsoe wasn’t doing a damn thing for them until romo filled in and won. Hate cowgirl fans and bengals fans and I’m a 100% fullest bengals fan but I hate my own teams fans there crybaby bitches also hence why we got burrow over Dalton the dumbest shit once again 💯

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi18 orë më parë

    See I feel bad when people make jokes about him because he seems like such a nice guy

  • Shota Toriumi
    Shota Toriumi18 orë më parë

    Thank you for talking about men’s mental health. You hits the facts of the problem head on. It’s 2020 and time for us to admit we’re human and sometimes we need help. I retired from a career with a high suicide rate and I’m tired of losing friends. Big shout out for bringing it up to your platform.

  • StevieCzykPN
    StevieCzykPN18 orë më parë

    Wait so why doesn’t he watch?...

  • Kyle Burke
    Kyle Burke18 orë më parë

    She deserves a sentence for defamation and falsifying information. She ruins his life, she should have hers ruined.

  • T. CROWN 321
    T. CROWN 32118 orë më parë

    Shout-out to a good Agent !$$$$$

  • T. CROWN 321
    T. CROWN 32118 orë më parë

    Had he played smarter it's probably safe to say Bob would have played 10yrs a True Baller gone but not forgotten.Salute to Bob Sanders Thanks Flemlo

  • Luke Quido Ramire
    Luke Quido Ramire18 orë më parë

    The non athletic people in nfl were the most athletic in the state... just think about that

  • Big Z Money
    Big Z Money19 orë më parë

    Prestine Auction is a scam. There’s so much added fees attached. Kavile and Kaiser are the worst owners I’ve ever seen at a company. Don’t use Prestine

  • Joshua Manuel
    Joshua Manuel19 orë më parë

    He got his paper. He got his bling. What more can he ask for. He got what other players chase their whole career...

  • Stacks Edwards
    Stacks Edwards19 orë më parë

    I played backyard football with this man dude was beast

  • Adam Valenzuela
    Adam Valenzuela19 orë më parë

    FlemLo talking about mental health two years ago! Ahead of the game. Like to see a team try that with Brady like the cowboys did to Dez.

  • T. CROWN 321
    T. CROWN 32119 orë më parë

    Special guy I remember watching him do it big on defense.Imagine if Bob another top guy played defense together on a good team an won a Chip

  • DickDastardly
    DickDastardly19 orë më parë

    Sad. All the man had to do was put the fried fuckin chicken down 5 outta 7 days of the week and he couldn’t even do that. No sympathy. None. And he don’t deserve any, man had no business being a professional athlete when he could get a handle on the most fundamental aspect of being an athlete, BEING ATHLETIC AND STAYING IN SHAPE.

  • Sean Reade
    Sean Reade19 orë më parë

    Love your videos.

  • dobbytheelf
    dobbytheelf19 orë më parë

    big respect for a man who will go against the popular opinion to tell the real story

  • Ed McCaffrey
    Ed McCaffrey19 orë më parë

    Yo Flemlo, you da man for always putting together phenomenal vids, informative, educational, and well explained. I enjoy all your videos, roll on bruh!

  • fibonacci
    fibonacci20 orë më parë

    I don't go for the "it may be a bad rule but you got to follow the rules" outlook. The fact is martavis was smoking every day, not causing any trouble, and scoring TDs each game as a rookie. Then the nfl and the rest of the world tried to convince him that he had a problem. He didn't have a problem. The nfl has the problem. Cannabis laws are the problem. Even if he was legitimately depressed, cannabis helps some people with anxiety and depression. Martavis was one of the most talented wrs ever and I can't stand that his label will forever be "wasted talent." He was a victim.