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paying my respects

paying my respects


  • Davey Crocket
    Davey Crocket7 orë më parë

    Total ridiculous and unfair title to this video. More like The comeback kid. It's easy to call him a bust when his name is up there with all those Hall of famers. We are all arrogant and full of ourselves in our younger years. Drugs change you mentally and physically. So after he got clean he stepped up and proved himself. How you call that a bust is beyond me.

  • The World is a Stage
    The World is a Stage8 orë më parë

    Thats 15 pounds but no 20 year old man who has already gained his “newbie gains” is gaining 15 pounds of pure lean muscle - out of that 15 pounds, 7 of it is maybe pure lean muscle and even thats a lot

  • no bev pp
    no bev pp8 orë më parë

    me waiting for ncaa 21 to come out...

  • Levi DeVine
    Levi DeVine8 orë më parë

    Imagine the raiders got him and paired his speed with ruggs, renfrow and Waller

  • jewsco
    jewsco8 orë më parë

    He also had a different offensive coordinator almost every year of his career . If he had the patriot system backing him up he would have won too

  • Eddie Mac
    Eddie Mac8 orë më parë


  • Tony Rogers
    Tony Rogers8 orë më parë

    He spent money he didn’t have to visits all these D1 schools on an whim and he wasn’t even d1 eligible. There’s a fine line between a go getter and a complete moron.

  • Angel Rivera
    Angel Rivera8 orë më parë

    Calvin Johnson was a phenomenal athletic . One of the best I’ve ever seen , but most of all , He’s a phenomenal person . Much respect to you Calvin Johnson !

  • Kyle Kort
    Kyle Kort8 orë më parë

    I wouldnt mind have him on the Packers. Rodgers busts out a mean hard count and free play, Ross uses that speed to jet down field.

  • Ohioan4Life 42
    Ohioan4Life 428 orë më parë

    Doing great works brother... I came across your ALthe and am hooked. You bring light onto the darkness. Thank you.

  • B5420 Metal Junkie
    B5420 Metal Junkie8 orë më parë

    Being a Colts fan I was upset with how other fans treated it. The man didn't want to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair cause of a shitty offensive line. I don't blame him.

  • Sarbjit Singh
    Sarbjit Singh8 orë më parë

    Heath over career and Money. Can’t blame him.

  • Rico Mercado
    Rico Mercado8 orë më parë

    There is a movie that was made about his sister Molly Bloom called Molly's Game. It came out in 2017 it has Idris Elba. Pretty good movie! You should check it out!

  • nick carwell
    nick carwell8 orë më parë

    John Ross to the Cheifs and the fast get even faster with Hill, Hardman, and then Ross

  • Steve Van Hise
    Steve Van Hise8 orë më parë

    I don't even watch football, but I watch this dudes videos because he always got some good shit to say.

  • Jeffrey Smith
    Jeffrey Smith8 orë më parë

    Never disobey your corporate slavemasters.

  • The Modern Day Gamer
    The Modern Day Gamer8 orë më parë

    One of the best Possession receivers of all time. Throw him the ball he will catch it and he won’t be mad if you don’t throw it to him either.

  • Bones TheLegend
    Bones TheLegend8 orë më parë

    So...did he make it? Any updates??

  • Jeremy Banks
    Jeremy Banks8 orë më parë


  • Sand
    Sand9 orë më parë

    I’m an adolescent psychiatric nurse. Most people would not believe how common this level of child abuse is. It’s so heartbreaking.

  • Ohioan4Life 42
    Ohioan4Life 429 orë më parë

    They need to let these guys who play with emotion, play with emotion And maybe things wouldn't escalate off field. The emotion is what drives them and makes them great. The NFL and NCAA, which I get, do to much in these guys lives that push them instead of dealing with real problems.

  • Trey Don’tMiss
    Trey Don’tMiss9 orë më parë

    Great vid flem! Have you ever considered making a video on fellow bengal Joe Mixon. He is criminally underrated and has an INSANE story to go along with it

  • Jason c
    Jason c9 orë më parë

    Jake's a good dude!

  • mark torres
    mark torres9 orë më parë

    FLOYD I know you know who your real father is he will never abandon you nor for sake you praise his name in the good times and the bad times as men its important to keep your fleshly desires under controll God bless you son

  • Brandon Soler
    Brandon Soler9 orë më parë

    I love his meme on Facebook

  • Othenticate
    Othenticate9 orë më parë

    Are we scared to share the burden of our troubles or are we scared to show weakness and that we actually need help?

  • Xan Hteps
    Xan Hteps10 orë më parë

    Ive been right about many many players entering the draft. Ive never been so wrong about a player since Taylor Mays. Well maybe I was more wrong about Marcus Vick..

  • Kappalott Tv
    Kappalott Tv10 orë më parë

    Flemlo yhu should make a vid on what happened to Corey Coleman he was a first round wide out that just disappeared

  • Gabe Germaine
    Gabe Germaine10 orë më parë

    The Cowboys probably won't resign Michael Gallup for next season. I think he'd fit right in with the Cowboys WR corp in 2021💯 He can still play💯

  • Matthew Bowers
    Matthew Bowers10 orë më parë

    How tf did they do his neck tats then?

  • Ethan Elliott
    Ethan Elliott10 orë më parë

    Fuck that qb

  • ch0sen0neaus
    ch0sen0neaus10 orë më parë

    Come to Washington we need somebody besides terry mclauren

  • Wrongness Maximus
    Wrongness Maximus10 orë më parë

    He just played this to have a narrative for the Heisman. Or if you gay, just own it. He set up a lie, believed his own lie, seemed surprised that he was telling himself a lie. This was the funniest show ever.

  • Justyn belcherr
    Justyn belcherr10 orë më parë

    “Don’t care”

  • Not Me Not Me
    Not Me Not Me10 orë më parë

    10:11 There JUCOs selling kids false hopes and dreams. Many won’t happen.

  • SF Money
    SF Money11 orë më parë

    This is my cousin I just felt like searching him up to see what comes I didn’t even know you made a vid on him

  • Dennis Smathers
    Dennis Smathers11 orë më parë

    I’m watching this late. But two or three things that gonna piss you off. Hoping being up 21-0 counts there. HORRIBLE PLAYCALLING ON BOTH SIDES OF THE ROCK

  • Neeko Peeko
    Neeko Peeko11 orë më parë

    Why am I just finding this dude? FlemLo Rocks!

  • Skunk Ape
    Skunk Ape11 orë më parë

    I'm from Florida, and almost got heated about the Florida kid joke, but nah, that's totally some shit we do down here. 🤣😂

  • David Aboud
    David Aboud11 orë më parë

    I think he needs some one with same skill sets as him he's fast I think if he could land with the chiefs or even work out with tyrek hill or even sammy watkins it would help him and his career becuase at one point people though sammy was done in buffalo now he been a cheif for few years and it did him great I think cheifs or saint sean payton or Andy reid would be good coaches for him I don't think they'd allow him to waste his talents and skill sets on the bench like Bengals head coach did and has he's wasted talent on the Bengals roaster it's time to trade for something good for your team or let him walk and get nothing in return

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones11 orë më parë

    All that talent and down the drain.

  • Rodolfo Contreras
    Rodolfo Contreras11 orë më parë

    I came across this channel by chance but i like it.

  • Skunk Ape
    Skunk Ape12 orë më parë

    Did Pete Carroll ruin... Yes, yes he did. That man is a cancer to football.

  • Cliff Niiranen
    Cliff Niiranen12 orë më parë

    Great vid. Lions are trash when it comes to taking care of the guys when they leave.

  • Mr Spacely
    Mr Spacely12 orë më parë

    Come to Az! Workin behind fitz and then dhop.. If wants confidence and he can watch them work day to day..that i think will blossom those skills he has and confidence

  • anthony wapow
    anthony wapow12 orë më parë

    College ball is more better than the NFL. I said it. Only reason why NFL is good is because you get paid

  • Cliff Niiranen
    Cliff Niiranen12 orë më parë

    My Steelers are perfect, they have done this with several rbs. Some guys need to go to another team period.

  • Carlito Brigagante
    Carlito Brigagante12 orë më parë

    Are we talking about how bad our teams choices are? I'm a Cardinals fan the list could be very long for me lol. One I was talking about with a buddy today. We trade Josh Rosen that we just used a #10 pick on and draft Andy Isabella when DK was still on the board DK DHop Fitz and Kirk 😍😍😍 talk about talent

  • Cliff Niiranen
    Cliff Niiranen12 orë më parë

    He would be a fantastic Steeler, then he could see Bengals for the next decade. 🤙

  • Quique
    Quique13 orë më parë

    What I like the most is he not only admitted to his mistake but owned them which is incredibly hard to do & for that I can't help but admire.

  • Caitlyn Jordan
    Caitlyn Jordan13 orë më parë

    Patriots could take him

  • Andrewpruitt2k
    Andrewpruitt2k13 orë më parë

    I think it’s a change of scenery thats needed for him because bengals just aren’t good fit he has injury problems on that team it’s just time for a new change

  • Kyle Snyder
    Kyle Snyder13 orë më parë

    PACKERS-Makes BY FAR the most sense of the contending teams. The Packers missed Tyler Ervin...TYLER FUCKING ERVIN and they had to change their entire scheme(Matt LaFleur did concede this was an enormous oversight by the coaching staff. But he's our WR'er/HB kinda hybrid who usually put in motion pre-snap, they put the ball in his hands at or near the LOS, he runs a Jet-Sweep or a fake, then a wheel route(VERY difficult to cover for a Safety or a LB'er and it'd be impossible if it was Ross). And Ross isn't fragile, he's 200 pounds. He can carry the ball from time to time. I think he goes to the Packers for a 6th or 7th round pick(nobody will give up much for him).

  • Miami Mozzy Cichlids and More
    Miami Mozzy Cichlids and More13 orë më parë

    Have you done a “what happened to Kevin Smith” episode yet? I want to see one on him if you haven’t already. I searched it but no luck

    SALAS13 orë më parë

    Honestly, I think John Ross could be better literally anywhere else.

  • Brett Boggs
    Brett Boggs14 orë më parë

    Green Bay drop a 5th on this man now. I know we got mvs but this guy is a different animal. You put him in the right situation and he could flourish. And if he fails you’re out of a low pick oh well

  • Alberto Suarez
    Alberto Suarez14 orë më parë

    Why do we need to censor the word "rape"?!

  • The Flying Buttfloss
    The Flying Buttfloss14 orë më parë

    Zach Taylor will turn out to be one of the best coaches the Bengals have ever had. I have respected him since he played for my beloved Huskers. The man took some brutal hits, he always got up, when others didn't. Never count him out.

  • Aaron Costello
    Aaron Costello14 orë më parë

    Loved watching Jimmy when he was with my Seahawks. Had his jersey, and was bummed when he left. I knew he'd had a rough childhood...but I had no idea it was that bad. Jimmy's mom: "What will you give me for this 11-year-old kid? Group home: "Nothing." Jimmy's mom: "Deal! Where do I sign?" Daaaaamn....I can't even imagine.

  • pitts business
    pitts business15 orë më parë

    Yoo I actually watched the Ad. This dude has the gift because I hate ads. He’s definitely doing what he supposed to! Salute Brotha ✊🏾 Respect

  • Donald Hausenfluck
    Donald Hausenfluck15 orë më parë

    Wtf for real

  • jason smith
    jason smith15 orë më parë

    If he had just finished the game-Id agree with you 100%.But im not gonna kill him over it, or think ages with time.

  • Matthew Howard
    Matthew Howard15 orë më parë

    He should take a page out of Bells book and go to KC.

  • william bryant
    william bryant15 orë më parë

    He just signed with da bears 🐻.

  • The Flying Buttfloss
    The Flying Buttfloss15 orë më parë

    I've been watching you for a few years, you sure have come a long way. And I'm just judging that on your office. You always have a positive message and the message about men needing to pull each other up....hit. Thank you for what you do.

  • Omar Vazquez
    Omar Vazquez15 orë më parë

    Can you do a video on what happened to Terrell Smith safety from Colorado?

  • Cartoonz Oz
    Cartoonz Oz15 orë më parë

    I think it’s a case of he’s too fast for his own good lol. Sometimes players are so fast that it’s too hard to do anything else 😂

  • Rene Chavez
    Rene Chavez15 orë më parë

    I think a talent like Ross should be picked up by the cardinals. With veteran leaders like Larry Fitzgerald and Deandre Hopkins they both can give me that mentoring to get through the mental aspect of the game. I wish the cardinals would trade for him!

  • Deming Ingles
    Deming Ingles16 orë më parë

    Man, an unbiased bengal fan like me! S/o from LA just earned a new sub!

  • C Griff
    C Griff16 orë më parë

    The saints sean payton loves deep ballers

  • Raymond Laney
    Raymond Laney16 orë më parë

    He should be a CB. I think he could be huge in that position

  • ghanjahman
    ghanjahman16 orë më parë

    Come to Dallas bro!!!!

  • Dalilinator 14
    Dalilinator 1416 orë më parë

    Flemlo def my favorite youtuber

  • Bo Trip
    Bo Trip16 orë më parë

    Miss this guy in the league.

  • Lee Cee
    Lee Cee16 orë më parë

    Flemo needs an Emmy great Jonu

  • Marcus Watson
    Marcus Watson16 orë më parë

    He will definitely stick in the league for awhile. He will be injured all the time but will always recover and will always be fast af.

  • Hugo Next Up
    Hugo Next Up16 orë më parë

    CMC only got payed to be the face of the franchise I believe I mean look at the panthers at the start of the season we had no leadership or anything really he is one of the best in the league but I believe that production can always be done by other backs without paying nearly as much Look at how mike Davis has been playing while CMC is out